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  1. LOL - well i think castro was a goon so probably in the minds of the leftist i am
  2. The american gov't stated they were going after bin laden and got the UN to buy into it. It's like the difference between declaring war and just bombing a country at random. And I would hope you'd argue Canadians held themselves to a higher standard than pakistan.
  3. ROFLMAO - sorry to tell you but i literally gave an argument with facts - this would go faster if you'd stop being stupid. And? So was coal in it's day. So was wood in it's day. The fact that it's the best we've got right now does not make it good. Oh really. You're of the opinion that they're infinite and will never possibly run out. no evidence that their isn't an endless supply Sure kid, There's an infinite supply of oil, the world will never run out HAHAHA - well glad you were here to show us what a 'factual' argument looks like And i note you couldn't address any of my other points. Fossil fuels suck. They're dirty, we damage the planet harvesting them, they are a finite resource, they create a lot of pollution. Those are undisputable facts. They're the best we have right now for many things but that will change and as it does we'll transition . That's pretty simple. Hey - i hear that the bible is one of the most printed books in history, maybe we could burn all of those for energy, should last a long time! LOL!!
  4. Still falls within the two gender concept 😮 It just means the 'slider' for both genders is pushed to zero, And honestly - it's probably not true. Are they claiming they have no empathy at all? Empathy is seen as a female trait. etc etc. that's my problem with it. Now - if someone says 'mentally i see myself as being a different sex/gender than i am physically' - that's nice and easy to get your head around. And fine, lets deal with that and what do you need from me sort of thing, But 'non binary' sounds more like a spoiled teen who's having identity issues and basically wants to say "you don't understand what it's like!" - which is what every teen for the last 150 years has felt and told their parents. Which leads me to think, there are so many different people out there that it's not right to teach the acceptance of any one group in schools - if we're going to teach something in school its that everyone is different and even tho that's the case and whether or not you AGREE with their differences you should respect and accept them. Be it muslim, gay, christian, trans, dyslexic, single parent, two parent, etc etc. As long as they're not irish.
  5. So - no evidence whatsoever. The indian gov't says he 'met' with the guy who started it. And might have been helping with planning with no specifics, no evidence. our gov't says the truckers were funded by the americans and backed by the russians. Sooo.... A group who wants to seem powerful but isn't. The cops say they weren't involved. But either way there's no evidence this guy had anything to do with that, In fact you haven't presented ANY evidence he's any kind of leader of this org. Even the Indian gov't hasn't, other than to say they believe he met with the leaders once. Did he CLAIM to be a leader? Did others say he was introduced as a leader? Do they have any real evidence? No? - hhmmm. Sometimes it's just easiest to brand political dissidents you don't like as 'terrorists' or 'extremists'. Do you think we should ask the indian gov't to kill the current leader of the bloc ? He must be fair game in your mind. I'm sure the indian gov't doesn't like that idea but that's not an acceptable reason to kill him on canadian soil. By bowing down and sucking their weenies? And saying "sure - do whatever you like in our country, we're your humble servants'? I prefer canada to be sovereign. Other way around. You're selling out Canada's own legitimate interest because you don't like one m0r0n. You're a pretty cheap date, doesn't take much to get you to throw our rights as a country into the garbage bin. Next time trudeau wants to force a vaccine down everyone's throat we'll just have to tell you that India wants you to and i'm sure you'll be all right with it Either you have sovereignty or you don't. It's really that simple. Don't throw it away so lightly.
  6. I honestly don't know the answer to that. Which is odd considering i know everything as everyone is aware (nyuck nyuck nyuck). It's a curious question I'll have to read up on that more.
  7. ???? What the hell is wrong with you today? Have you been dating myata or something?!!?
  8. In a way. I doubt it'd actually split the right. But some blue libs and red tories who don't feel comfortable with the libs or the CPC but who were accessible to those parties depending on the circumstances might feel they have another choice and become inaccessible. But to be honest - i've been hearing what these guys have been muttering since the leadership race and all they are is SLIGHTLY more center liberals. And the liberals is where they'll tend to pull from vote wise. But really - i don't think they'll have much influence either way.
  9. The problem is 'non binary' doesn't really have a definable meaning when it comes to gender. It's just become a 'term' which means 'Not primarily stereotypically male or female', and frankly EVERYONE is made up of a blend of female and male traits - and those traits are defined differently over time at whim. There really are only two genders - and people are a blend of those traits. So discussing it gets to be a little difficult when you present it as if somehow this group of people is completely different and seperate than that group.
  10. Well there's probably at least some substance to it, there was an investigation already on going and the police were clearly worried before this happened that the indian gov't might try something based on the reported advice and such they gave him (wear a bp vest, stay out of public site, etc) And the guy was in the middle of organizing a mock referendum that would have been embarrassing to India. So it's at least a plausible charge. But he's going to have to release a little actual evidence pretty quick, especially if he wants support from any of our allies.
  11. They'll have an even harder time of it than the people's party did. It's not hard to 'field candidates' if you've got the money, you can put anyone down and their home address as the riding office, but even then i doubt they'll scare up enough interest. They'll probably focus on Ontario
  12. God you spend a lot of time thinking about other men's asses. Not that there's anything wrong with that - we're not here to judge.
  13. Ahem. https://globalnews.ca/news/8989888/diagolon-explainer-jeremy-mackenzie-pierre-poilievre/ Says who. Where's the proof. Where is there even any evidence of that? Because there is zero evidence. And india's beef with him was at the tie he was organizing a referendum. THink about that. He was organizing a political vote ... and they killed him, There's your 'terrorism'. Yeah yeah - all your reason s why you're happy to sell out canada. You are every bit as bad as those who forced vaccines on people becuase THEY thought it was a great idea and that alone justified violating people's rights and sovereignty. You're no better than justin turning a blind eye to the chinese buying elections because it benefited him. Either canada has sovereignty and our people have rights or we don't. You're willing to sell ours cheap just like the libs were in the pandemic or with the chinese. I believe our sovereignty is worth something. I think it matters even when you don't like the other guy. And if there's evidence of a crime then you arrest the person and if there isn't then you don't get to kill him on the side
  14. I doubt it'll be the right/center vote they're after. They'll go for the left center for sure. That's where there's the most room at the moment and where ontario lives. I suspect they're going to try to wedge in as the new liberal party basically. Close to the center but just to the left and block out justin from centrist voters while giving those who think justin's too far left but the CPC is to the right a place to go That'll be the theory. Historically parties in the middle of two strong parties tend to get squeezed out
  15. Snicker I was curious about that after you said it, but it turned out to be a little more difficult than i thought to get a clear picture of that. First off - we DO produce a LOT. But it would seem that we tend to sell it to other places, and we do so in it's raw form rather than as value added goods. Looking at some of these numbers i would say your guess of 80 percent is high, but there's no doubt that the actual percent is going to be substantial. https://www.fcc-fac.ca/en/knowledge/economics/2022-food-industry-report.html So, at the end of the day it's still a gov't problem and certainly affected by global forces - even where we do grow enough of our own food we tend to sell it to the highest bidder outside of canada and then buy products from others Interestingly - the grocery items that are going up the fastest are ones we tend to make here. Beef, chicken etc
  16. Wait.... isn't that literally what insurrectionists do? I mean it's basically their only job.
  17. If you look closely at that tough syrup bottle it specifically warns you not to drink more than a tablespoon a day How the hell do you get your shoes tied up each day? I assume you have a helper, someone who can get the hockey helmet on for you as well....
  18. Nobody needs fully automatic flush toilets
  19. It's mostly made up of old times deadbeats and losers, like charest. I really doubt it'll get off the ground and i doubt it would appeal to many if it did. The libs are likely to go down VERY hard in the next election, and they'll know precisely why - they drifted too far to the left and that was kind of a fad, and now that voters have had a taste of what life on the left is like (no home, no lights , no motorcar, not a single luxury) they're not going to be interested. So - after they lose the liberal party will miraculously attempt to move back to the center as if they never left. The cpc will and does have at least one foot in the center, contrary to the opinion of the radical left who sees anyone right of castro as a nazi. So a "centrist" party would be squeezed badly in between both and they'd quickly find that all their policies already existed on one side or the other, and there'd be no distinguishing them. Fringe parties work when they're on the fringe. Not when they're mimicking mainstream.
  20. Yes. This word is coming up a lot today but it's an issue of sovereignty. Either we are a soverign nation or we're not, Deport the people who don't qualify. It's that simple. Sure - i'm certain they'll be disappointed and sure canada is a great place and it would be awesome for eveyrone to have somewhere like this to live, but at the end of the day we have the right to build our country as we want and share it with whom we choose. And starting off by breaking the law is not acceptable.
  21. Sigh. not, they're not. they're bad for everything we use them for. They're just better than our other choices right now, and when a better choice comes along we'll switch to it. There is if you have a brain. They're expensive to mine. We trash sections of the earth to do so. They're a finite resource. They create pollution. etc etc. So what i said is that they're what we have now and as soon as we can we'll swtich. What you said was 'Waaaaahhhh but i liiiiikke them". And all that proves is you're not very bright.
  22. You mean he was inciting violence and organizing a revolt. Sorry - everyone's got their own perspective. This is a very simple thing. We have sovereignty and we don't let others kill our citizens on our own soil.. or we don't. Now - are you with the liberal types who believe in no soverignty and open borders etc or do you believe canada is a sovereign nation with the right to self determination and to say what is and is not lawful in it's borders. There simply is no in between
  23. I forgot about your reading comprehension problems. You were the one who said you liked fossil fuels. Do you need me to go cut and paste your quote? Hell kid - if you can't be bothered to remember your own words i don't know why you'd think anyone else would.
  24. That's literally exactly what i said. Which means what i said was actually intelligent, and it's your reply that needs a little 'smart' added to it before it's useable And yet you complicate it. It really IS very simple. Oil and gas are far from ideal. Mankind will create a better source of energy as we always do and we should move to that as soon as possible, it has nothing to do with "liking' fossil fuels, I'm sure there were plenty of !diots who really liked coal and didn't want to move from that either. As we come up with cleaner, better tech we'll switch to it. THat's what i said. Yeash.
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