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  1. Yadda yadda yadda the loser on everything speaks. or yaps i should say. You're literally replying to it. Soooo..... It's right there in the BC regs. I can't help it if you find your own stupidity inconvenient. Or that I speak when I know what I'm talking about whereas you speak out of your ass. As I said this is far from the first time we've had an island that was populated with fallow or sitka deer in the mid-1900s because people thought it would be fun and now they are out of control. All they needed to do was open up the hunt entirely and it would have been over. Hell, if they really wanted to get it done fast a bounty of $50 a deer Would have had people flocking there. As much as it upsets your delicate fragile ego to learn that your beloved liberals have effed up again, every hunter in British Columbia knows that this could have been handled easily and cheaply locally.
  2. Yes, but that really doesn't solve the problem. You could work out a contract of some sort saying that in order to get that they promise to work as a GP for a certain. Of time or something but it would still be fairly limited and difficult to enforce. They can specialize after they graduate just as easily. What they need to do is rework the GP model so that general practitioners get what they want, which is basically more Equitable pay, more time to spend with their clients and better working conditions. And maybe don't shoot them in the leg by canceling their right to A capital gains tax exemption for their business when they retire. Being a GP right now is fairly miserable and most provinces and the pay is low. It's a complete misery in the smaller towns in areas for a variety of reasons. They get 15 minutes to spend with a client and then they have to kick him out the door and for most of their stuff that's just not enough time. And these are people that can go to the states or any other country in the world and be working in a short time and making more money. So it's no wonder nobody can find a doctor
  3. Yeah, it's always a bad thing when the prosecution has to try to convince the jury that they don't have to believe their star witness. I feel like the prosecution just didn't handle as well. Maybe it's just how it plays out in the media but it really feels like this trial has now become less about did trump commit a crime and more along the lines of is stormy a skank and is cohen a liar. And that's really not the case that they wanted to be fighting. I guess we'll find out soon, but honestly there's so much grounds for appeal here that I suspect it will be a while before it's over
  4. Yeah - it's reaction rather than reason. And unfortunately that can have a very heavy price tag for the economy She's telling you the truth Herbie. The fact that you don't want to deal with the issues that have been raised regarding these vehicles is what discredits you from being able to offer alternatives. Nobody's going to trust anything you come up with if you can't even admit to the problems of the stuff we have.
  5. Really. Point to me where it says that in the bc hunting regs. It is not open, it's restricted. The bag limit and seasons are still in place and always have been. Why must you lie? Absolute truth. Sorry but you have once again chosen to prove your stupidity despite being told by someone who is a hunter living in that part of the world whats going on with hunters in that part of the world. That's the point. The federal gov't could not change the hunting regs to create opportunity for hunters in bc to solve this problem. They want to be the ones who deal with it so they went out and hired people to do it rather than work with the province to solve the issue. I know you put in a lot of work to defend your beloved liberals, but "gov't pays millions for foreigners to shoot animals from a helecopter needlessly" is not 'slow news'. Sorry.
  6. No, like the one where you insisted that nobody talked about Dairy products till I posted all of the examples of people talking about dairy products Or the one where you couldn't figure out that 50% of 100% was 50% and went on for about 100 pages insisting that wasn't true Or the one where you posted information proving that it was dangerous for people under the age of 40 to take the covid vaccine while simultaneously claiming that no such thing was true Or the one where you insisted that the old lady should be allowed to die instead of getting medical treatment because having Caught and recovered from covid was not the same as getting the shots and then we posted the letters from numerous doctors saying in fact it was the same and they had measured the antibodies in her blood. And did you notice how I very first post after that said that you were right and that I made a mistake Whereas you go on forever looking like a loser constantly And you even seem to keep a folder of clips of what i've said hoping to use it later Kid, I am almost never wrong. When I am I admit it. You are almost never right. And apparently I'm the one living rent-free in your head considering you keep a folder of things about me and follow me around desperately trying to convince me you're not a complete fool
  7. No it wasn't. Not even a little bit. The local indigenous hunters were involved and they killed almost as many as helicopter boys did despite the fact there aren't that many of them but they didn't involve the rest of the provinces hunters, they didn't remove the bag limits, none of that. Do not speak on that what you do not know. I am very familiar with this kind of thing in bc and those deer and it is an absolute truth that this could have been handled for free or close to by the hunters. The problem is that that the hunters are a provincial matter and the FEDS wanted to handle this themselves. So instead of the inexpensive way which would have worked fine they chose a complicated and expensive way instead so that they could say it was them who did it.
  8. I think you may have misread that - I think he's saying that having the government handle liquor distribution is a waste of the taxpayers money. I could see how you'd read it the way you did but I'm pretty sure he was agreeing with you
  9. Wow! You'd think by now you'd be good at it by this point then...... (nyuck nyuck nyuck!! Oh come on, you can't expect me to ignore a set up like THAT!!!)
  10. Good lord, i completely forgot you were an uncultured yank LOL It's a daytime soap opera that has been running in england since 1960 without a break and in fact a few years back they increased the number of episodes per week. It's basically as much a part of their cultural legend and identity now as lonbows, the queen and bad teeth. Quite popular in Canada as well. The point being repetition may not be good or entertaining to some - but for many it seems almost irresistible.
  11. Ahhh. So you're saying you're a witch. BURN HIM!! BUUUUUURN THE WITCH!!!!! -90 percent of voters (probably) Well that's the healthy (if not popular) way to look at things.
  12. It was utterly unnecessary. The province could easily have approached hunters, removed bag limits from that island as they have done with other ones, maybe set limits for a special tag to hunt the island so you didn't get too many people showing up and the problem would have been resolved. We've done this before it's not hard. Best to do it around the time of the rut because those males are extremely nocturnal otherwise but it really would have been no problem. But then the federal government wouldn't have been the ones to solve it and they don't want to miss a single opportunity to exercise their authority. This was exactly a make work project. It's money spent for no good reason. And why bringing people from other countries for that matter? There are a crap ton of excellent hunters and Shooters who would have been happy to do it here
  13. I'd say that you're stretching things a little there, i think you could say that those who are religious will TEND to be republican and republicans are LIKELY to vote for the republican candidate, if they vote at all. However i think in general it's pretty common to ignore the flaws in the politician when it comes to voting. I'm trying to remember past us candidates or presidents who had NO 'questionable' attributes. Regan MAYBE? but even then his mental health was a bit of a question mark. For sure the current trend towards tribalism causes many to overlook the deficiencies of a candidate to give excuses to why they're not considering "The other side". And that's not unique to America. I think regardless of their religious affiliations or anything else people have come to look at politics in the same way they look at sports, and they tend to root for what they perceive to be their home team. Not everyone, but many. Elections are one or lost based on the reaction of that mushy middle that could go one way or another.
  14. Excellent post. And it is compounded by the fact that not only are we investing heavily into unstable and new markets, we are at the same time abandoning tried and true highly profitable ones.
  15. I get the analogy and it's a fair point, but the difference is that the firefighters won't be the ones having to do the rebuilding, and the building doesn't start the moment that the fire is out. There's time to sit and think. That's not the case here. At some point there will literally be a moment where they transition from war to aftermath of war. There won't be a lot of time to sit and think. In addition they will be receiving tons of pressure from the international community. If they don't know what they want and what their intentions are, then when people start demanding they do something they may wind up having to agree to something that they don't want at all. Don't enter a negotiation without knowing what you want to get out of it, and the end of this war is going to be a negotiation for sure. So it is critical that they know what they want and have a plan that they can sell. I just don't think they're going to share that plan until we get there.
  16. There were a number of problems with that report as it turned out. They only considered 'permanent' residents, they took population figures from one year but doctors from the next, etc etc. and not all the doctors were actually active. They may still have their license but they could be retired already or semi retired. But the biggest issue which isn't addressed in that report (tho it's alluded to in the article) is that the vast majority of those doctors are specialists, and not family doctors or GP's as they've been known. There is far less money in being a GP than there is being a specialist doctor. So there's a horrible shortage of them and that's why people can't find one. Unfortunately that's a major block to health care because you can only see a specialist if referred by a GP as a rule. The problem will remain until the provinces make it more attractive to be a GP in Canada.
  17. ROFLMAO - well i certainly have enough of a brain to not dox myself online kiddo Put it this way - not digging ditches so we woudln't have worked together The problem there is "if". That one word makes the rest of your sentence and the next one meaningless You came her and said "AZZIES AND MURIKA HAVE LESS PER POP THAN WE DO SO WE BAD". That's it. That's the height of your logic. That doesn't fly for anyone with an education higher than grade 6. If you're going to make that case then you would have to explain WHY having LESS representation in the house of commons would deliver a financial savings AND not reduce services or voice for the people. And you'd have to make an argument for what WOULD be the most efficient number? THe us and austrailia have different representations - so which one is correct? They can't BOTH be right according to you Some kid in the US could be on a forum right now saying that Australia and Canada both have more representation than the US and therefore the US should have more senators and representatives. If you can't make a case then you're just talking out of your ass and that's fine but don't get mad if people point and laugh
  18. You could say the same thing about "Coronation Street" but it's been a fan favorite since 1960
  19. You hurt your brain trying to come up with a reply? Well you're pretty new to thinking, don't push yourself. it takes time to get good at it.
  20. LOL - this from the guy who, what is it, 3 times now posted proof that i was right himself by accident? ROFLMAO - what were you saying the other day about living rent free in people's heads ? The reason you wind up looking like an illiterate m0r0n every time we scrap is BECAUSE i do my research and only pipe up about things i know. Which is also why you are always reduced to insisting that the reason you're wrong is because my posts are long and because of my post count And if you spilled your drink it's probably because you didn't use two hands like your mommy told you to LOLOL!!!
  21. He's not on this forum supporting those people raping little boys. You ARE on this forum supporting terrorists burning little boys to death. Get mad all you like. It won't change the fact you're backing the wrong side.
  22. Those same countries all recognized nazi germany in the day. But you'd have been on the wrong side of history if you SUPPORTED the nazis. Just as you're on the wrong side of history here supporting the terrorists.
  23. You're free to give the gov't whatever money you feel you should. But the rest of us aren't excited about that You had 10 years to put forward alternatives that work and didn't make everyone poor. You did not. The price for that tends to be 'now nobody cares'.
  24. True, and if the shooter also happens to be a light skinned male hetero smoker who owns guns and a bible then we hit max crimeyness and somewhere in the world a leftist explodes.
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