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  1. Nobody said you couldn't - you said he offered proportional representation and you're wrong. He didn't at all. All he said is it wouldn't be first past the post. He never mentioned what system he'd want. And you still haven't mentioned why you brought this up. How does trudeau not mentioning what model his electoral reform would take somehow make the seperatists in quebec fakers? Try to pay attention if possible. As folks here will tell you I have fairly limited patience for nonsense or stupidity. You've made a number of insulting and ridiculous statements that you don't seem to be able to back up. I'm living in a fantasy world if I think that Quebec might actually want to separate just because they say they want to separate and no one will vote for the separatist party unless they promise to separate. Think about that and realize how stupid it is Then you go on about Trudeau promising proportional representation. He absolutely did not. He never said that once. He said he was going to cancel first pass the post and that's it. He wanted a version of single transferable vote because that would benefit the liberals and when he absolutely couldn't sell it and that fell apart because people wanted something closer to proportional representation then he canceled the whole thing claiming people seemed to have changed their minds and didn't really want reform. So either start telling the truth or start making sense at the very least. Or quit wasting my time. If you're too dumb to say something that you can back up with either facts or reason then you're just going to wind up getting insulted and looking stupid
  2. So my mom, who in your weird fantasy, lives upstairs from me has never met me. Wow You really suck at this. Obviously. Well - that humour might be a bit over your head, admittedly it didn't involve a fart joke so you might not get it Awwwww Still butt hurt i take it little guy
  3. Hogwash. I asked for that quote showing he outlined a system during the election. Know why you didn't post it? it doesn't exist. You're just making crap up to suit your whims but he absolutely did not. All he guaranteed was that it was the 'last first-past-the-post" election. No, you claimed that both the politician and the people supporting this particular one meant something entirely other than what they said. I said i wasn't convinced of that. Then you went off like a fool about how that's because i don't understand and i'm having some sort of fantasy etc etc. Then you brought this up and still haven't explained wny. You mean people won't vote for them unless they really actually do want to separate. Yet you argue that it's a 'fantasy' to suggest that people want them to separate. You see where your credibility here is taking a hit?
  4. Has he been convicted of that? Do you have any proof that a judge has said that that's true? So in other You have no proof The Russians say you did. Trust me. The FBI will have the proof. Any day now. We promise. AAnnnnnyy minute now... just give us another 4 years and we'll have it..
  5. THIS OPINION Is useless WITHOUT FACTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Although if we're being fair robosmith is useless whether he has facts or not
  6. But they are not. Their legal antics over the last year or so are seen by many people as being an attempt to use the courts to interfere with the political process. Recently the supreme court ruled that the judges who tried to keep trump from the ballots or behaving against the interest of democracy. Frequently the democrats say that trump was illegitimately elected, and they created fake dossiers to try and smear him early on and then spent years claiming he was a Russian agent when the proof suggests otherwise. I cannot imagine why you would think that the democrats are in any way shape or form credible in any fashion on the question of protecting democracy. They are literally using any anti-democratic tactic to get the votes and to repress others. And have done so for years and now people have no faith in them
  7. How? How is admitting a truth from history somehow giving approval to people doing something similar in the future. If I say the Nazi started world war II does that somehow make it that I'm advocating someone starts a war in the future? You're getting to that magical point where you start blathering like a fool. Make sense.
  8. Right, because that's made the police 100% accountable 🙄🙄🙄 And unless they're going to wear it 24 hours a day then there are going to have conversations that don't get recorded It is without a doubt the most 1diotic idea.
  9. No that is literally the opposite of what I said. I'm starting to think that you're simply not intellectually capable of having this conversation. It requires the ability to read at least high school graduate level English. Judo had every intention of changing the voting system. The people voting for him had every intention of him changing the voting system. He had a specific system in mind, he thought he could sell that and make it work, it turned out to be extremely wildly unpopular and a different system was favored that would hurt the liberals. So he walked away. Had he done what he wanted it would have made sure that the liberals were elected about 90% of the time. But he couldn't And what does this have to do with your claim that politicians and voters somehow say the opposite of what they want as you contend is the case in Quebec?
  10. no he didn't. Show me a single bit of election advertising or statements from him saying he meant proportional representation. He made zero mention of a particular model. He said he'd decide on that later. Right off the bat you have to be less than honest to try to make your point. He really couldn't. how you set up committees is based on representation in the house. Otherwise you could just set up committees without any of the opposition and have them vote however you like. you are not doing well so far. Did you have a point to any of this. You asked a question I answered it honestly, and now you have demonstrated that you have no knowledge or understanding of what history occurred or how parliament works Is there A reason that you brought this up other than to prove your an incompetent boob? Because it's not obvious that you do.
  11. ???????? Northwest territories is michael mcleod Yukon territory is brenden hanley Nunuvit is lori idlout. Who the F*ck told you they all share one mp!?!?? AHHH i didn't realize you were referring to yourself Because you'd have to be to think the territories all shared one mp
  12. Why on earth would they need to? They control immigration and all they need to do is slow that to a level that our developers can keep up with, and then incentivize our developers. Trudeau is going with the leftist route, that's why it's failing. The last thing we need is more leftist
  13. sigh. Yes, yes it is. It always has been. The fact that you would like to see more doesn't change the fact that it is in fact based on our population. Always has been
  14. Then stop voting for them We know what our gov't does we just don't do anything about it. Well.. you don't anyway, I agree with you there but people already have many more tools and don't use them. And you've been telling people that for decades right? you are a complete fraud on me accountability front. You don't want accountability, you want the ability to shame parties you don't like while minimizing accountability for parties you do like. You go so far as to blame harper for Justin's mistakes and crimes claiming that it's not Justin's fault it's harper for not passing laws that Justin can't override. Which is impossible. Then you failed to acknowledge that the very laws that harper passed is what Justin ran a foul of. We have a corrupt government now and you're not willing to do what it takes to get rid of them and in fact you're here every day defending them often unreasonably so. It's the same old tired worn out bullshit lines with you every single time. You are a complete hypocrite on this front What is it that the government is currently doing that you don't feel you know enough about as a voter to be able to deal with it. My guess is nothing but go ahead and prove me wrong
  15. Oh he absolutely did. Had he succeeded in getting the model that he wanted it would have guaranteed the liberal party would stay in power forever at least 90% of the time. He dropped it when it became clear nobody would be interested in that model. Furthermore I can guarantee that the people that voted for him for that reason wanted it. Which kind of proves that your assertion is incorrect. It turns out that politicians and the people that vote for their policies generally do want to see that kind of thing happen. There may be details that prevent it but that does not mean they are not going to try
  16. You would have to be a m0ron of epic proportions to claim that if a politician says I will do this thing and a bunch of people vote for him to do that thing that they have no interest in doing that thing. To call it a fantasy as childish. To pretend that somehow you know more about the intent of every single Quebec voter who is supporting that party is the ramblings of a lunatic. Quebec will have to accept that if they talk about leaving, and all the referendum about leaving, and elect politicians to talk about leaving, then people will assume that they want to leave. I have no doubt that they want to leave in such a way that they still have benefits within Canada, I doubt Canada would be interested in that for long.
  17. Soooo it takes longer than 15 minutes and you don't get a full charge, and you need a stage 3 to achieve that which means no charging at home or the like. So right off the bat we're talking about a vehicle that fails the criteria. And that's new out of the box. And that was some pretty generous criteria So it's also double the price. No, it isn't. The cost is too high. The charging is too long. The cost of replacing batteries is too expensive. You cannot extend the range by putting a fuel Can in the back Like you can with a truck or the like. It is far less efficient and easy for most people than an ice vehicle. I can recharge my ice vehicle and get 700 km in under 3 minutes. And that is a full charge. My ice vehicle is a nice little vehicle that cost me about $25,000 so half the price before tax. My ice vehicle is cheap and easy to maintain and if for some reason I need to replace the gas tank it's not that expensive. And if I need to extend the range of the vehicle I could just carry extra gas. Even if we had Stage 3 charging stations at every single gas station that exists right now, which there isn't, and even if we had the power grid capable of delivering the power necessary to each of those gas stations, which we don't, and even if we had the potential to generate that much energy, which we can't, it would still be a worse choice for most people. This is a simple fact. This isn't a debatable thing. It is far less convenient and far more problematic for a working mother to come home after driving to and from work having to grab the kids and run around and do some shopping and get them to their cub scouts or hockey games realize that she needs to get some electricity and is stuck for Half an hour to do it. Pretending that that's not the case is just a lie. The technology is not there. Honestly it's not even close yet. It will be useful to some people in certain niche markets and that's it. Until new technology is developed that can resolve the issues and allow truly quick charging, affordability, and better practicality than it will be nothing but a niche product I'm sorry, that's just the way it is
  18. So far this year they've broken new records for immigration. Old news current problem. But of course, your usual tactic of 'why are we talking about this'.
  19. Really? That seems pretty unlikely, which subjects are your Facebook feed full of that the federal government has absolutely no influence over that PP is saying justin should do some thing about?
  20. Anything's possible. However until proven otherwise you have to take them at their face value and if people vote for them you have to assume that those people are giving them a mandate. That's how politics works Sorry, I didn't realize that the particular of Quebec was that they were lying scud bags. How silly of me. There's no fantasy here. They say they want to separate. Unless they are 12-year-olds that you have to assume that they mean that. And they should be treated appropriately, they should no longer be given any preferential treatment and frankly I'd love to see a referendum for the rest of Canada about whether or not we should throw them out. Everybody is sick of their whining. If they want to continue to be treated with respect they better behave respectfully. Or get the hell out and we'll see how that goes for them. No but the facts do care about the facts. And the fact is this gentleman who is elected and is representing the people of his party and his constituency are making specific statements about their intent. That is a fact. Pretending it's not a fact might hurt your feelings but as noted the facts don't care about that and honestly neither do I.
  21. As long as it contributes to the story and it isn't gratuitous it's all good.
  22. Well time will tell but at the moment the PQ is leading in the polls. So people seem to like the smoke anyway. I do not believe that is accurate. At the end of the day you have to take them seriously. And if the people of Quebec say they want to separate and they have a referendum and Vote to leave then that is going to have severe ramifications. I would hope they'd be prepared for the consequences but to be perfectly blunt at that point I would guess that a government could very well get in that would treat them less well than they would hope. Frankly most western people I talk to would just rather see them go anyway they're sick of them.
  23. Sure, because a couple of people who managed to claim that they were the head of an impromptu thrown together ad hoc demonstration are pretty much exactly the same thing as the prime minister of a country. Once again, excuses for the liberals. Oh sure, the Prime Minister who is supposed to represent all people and was elected to do so did a terrible thing demeaning over a third of the population because a bunch of crazy truck drivers with a bouncy castle behaved in a way you disapprove of. That makes sense
  24. No NO - if you just vote "Justin" like you did last time then THIS time he'll get it right for sure!!!!
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