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  1. Do NOT encourage him to learn how to reproduce!! The hell's the matter with you?!!?
  2. That is still not the same as deciding TO have NON life saving surgery. There are a lot of things they cannot consent to. And that would be a reasonable argument - but at the end of the day that person is going to die either way. Choosing not to have a medical proceedure that's torture is not the same thing. You're looking for an equivalency here were one doesn't really exist. Children for example can't arbitrarily decide which parent they want to live with. They would first have to apply for what is essentially a 'divorce' from the parent they didn't want to and that's not guaranteed to succeed at all. What you're talking about here is an operation that they 'want', but that they will live just fine without until they're older. However - if they have it they will be permanently altered and damaged. Even hormones are too far. They can make that decision when they're older - it's not like cancer.
  3. Sure they did. Grooming is why he read them that book. It wasn't because he really liked the font
  4. Of course it is. This is no different than misgendering people with their preferred pronouns - which you lefties consider to be a sin on par with rape Don't you believe people should have the right to choose how they identify? Careful - your hypocrisy is showing
  5. That in and of itself is a judgement. What the judge said is that it does harm to parents to deny them information about their kids, and it does harm to kids to violate their privacy and rat them out to their parents, and of the two the greater harm is definitely to the kids not the parents so the injunction is passed. Future judges may rule that the law IS constitutional - but this ruling does set precedent. which means the province is breaking out the notwithstanding clause and moving forward that'll likely be automatic with all these laws and you're going to see setting aside 'gay' and 'trans' rights under the charter more normalized. They should not have pushed this.
  6. I don't know that there will be or should be. Cancer treatments aren't life altering, they're life saving. And you're not likely to permanently alter your body form an abortion either. I know you won't like this and don't take it the wrong way - but this would be more like a kid consenting to sex with an adult. They just can't. Pedophilia orgs often argue along the same lines. "let children make their own choice' etc. But the damage is permanent and severe. This isn't a 'morality' issue like abortion, this is a permanent change to a person that could very easily screw up the rest of their lives both physically and emotionally and they're just children. Some things there can be little compromise on. I would say ZERO hormones or ANY treatments for anyone under 16 by law, and 16-18 if two doctors agree that the kid really needs it for health reasons.. After 18 - it's their call as it should be. That's about the closest we can come to a compromise i think.
  7. My parents wouldn't have cared less either way. It's you left wing freaks who spend all their time worrying about your parents. Is that why you attack gay people so much, you feel that's how your parents would have reacted? Well - at least we can put to bed the idea that the left wing welcomes gays - they clearly don't. You always see the left making fun of gays, you really don't see that from the right nearly as much. And there would have been no need to stay in the closet with my parrents wheras lefties live in perpetual fear of their parents it seems. well - left wing culture IS steeped in hatred. I guess it's natural.
  8. That you admitted i was right? Sure - not sure why YOU"RE happy about it but i'm happy you're happy Ahhh still with the homophobic insults - LOL always a class act, you lefties
  9. Where the hell are you that it's frosty this morning? So - lets clarify a few points. 1 - i'm very pro choice when it comes to maid. I think people of sound mind who make the decision to end their lives should have that choice - what in the world do we own if not our own life. I put my dog down when he was sick and suffering rather than let it draw out and i'd want the same for me. So this isn't an 'anti' maid' issue 2 - no god. Here's the thing. My point was that if you say that it should be avaliable to all who want it AND you say that it should not be abused THEN you have to agree to a mechanism to prevent abuse while allowing people to access it reasonably, otherwise we can't have it and you're just talking about fairy tales. So my question to you was assuming it's something we want to implement in canada and not shut down, then what mechanism do you feel adequaltely gives access without allowing for abuses? Some sort of board or panel? That drags it out but tends to eliminate individual abuses especially if they're recorded. Simply a law saying 'don't pressure anyone'? Problem is that unlike the abortion thing the person isnt' around to testify after. It's hard for me to answer on your behalf because you made a strong statement regarding access and i don't know how much infringement your personal views will tolerate - but i don't think we will be able to continue with MAID if that question doesn't get answered.
  10. Oh - and i forgot - the obligatory left wing homophobic remark LOL For a group who claims to respect gays, the left is CONSTANTLY using them as a perjorative. "I"m going to call you gay, that means you're icky". I would think that if you believed half of what you say, if i really WAS gay and struggling with coming out you'd have some sympathy. But - instead you treat it like gay people are losers. THey're the object of jokes. They're not real people or anything. So full of hatred. No wonder the population is turning against you.
  11. No, that's just a lie the left tell themselves to distract from the fact they're guilty of what they're accused of. Radical left 101 - ALWAYS accuse others of doing what you do. "Every accusation is a confession!!!!" Right -as long as you say that you can't be accused of anything How childish. Here's how they used to say that when i was young enough to be as stupid as you and your friends are: "i'm rubber, you're glue - whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you" Nyaaaaaaaaah! Sometimes it gives me a headache just trying to think down to your level.
  12. Ahhh - so you've realized biden is dirty and in trouble here so you're trying the 'whataboutism' game to distract Fair enough - guess that's one way to admit i was right without admitting it
  13. those who pretend to give a shit for virtue points are even worse. And that actually would be closer to what a sociopath is. As for the first nations - there's an old saying: "The best way to enslave a man is to provide for his every need. " Once you do that, pretty quick they can't survive without you. So if you REALLY actually gave a crap about the first nations you'd realize the kindest thing we could possibly do is cut them off and let them sink or swim on their own. Ignore ANY reference to 'Da Past" and demand they only talk about 'The Future" that they want to build for themselves. Then we can help as they start walking that path. Being professional victims is a one way ticket to slavery.
  14. Your opinion is useless. You didn't provide any evidence at all. So his is still better than yours. Is that because you know credible evidence doesn't exist? Are you having trouble finding it because it turns out that it's not true? This "Evidence'... is it in the room with you right now?
  15. Sigh ,First off, no, you didn't. But i'm glad you realized you were wrong, that's the first step. Second - whcih states have held a referendum on the issue of whether abortion is included in the constitution? That's the issue we were discussing - That's a weird thing for them to do. Double sigh. No. It was not. The decision was that abortion is not constitutionally protected. That's it. They don't "Decide' to leave it to the states. Beacuse it's not a consitutional issue it naturaly falls to the states, but the court doesn't decide that. God - its like you need your hand held through the entire thing. I"m actually right. But- as always you blame ME for you being wrong and have a hissy fit. You posted no evidence. Just your opinion. Which is pretty much all you post.
  16. exactly what i said it did. You'd have to be dumber than a rock not to get that or to think it was nothing. Ahhhhh... well ;... there you go i guess... First, that's not logic, that's contract language. ROFLMAO - hilarious you don't know the difference, Second, talk about pointless - there you go.' The left invents language to refer to people that the people themselves don't use. And the gov't chooses to use those words as well. It shows how out of touch they are nicely. And dude - that was a truly pathetic attempt at obfuscation. I get your intent was to try to rewrite what i said so that it seemed like i was saying something else, but all you managed to do is make yourself look desperate and confused again I hope the libs aren't PAYING you to stick up for them - i'm sure they'd want their money back with how bad you are at it, even tho it's obvious you're really putting in the effort to try ::)
  17. Tonnes for joe. That's what they just demonstrated at this hearing. This would go smoother if you paid attention. As noted - there's more than enough evidence to justify the investigation. There's actually more to justify this investigation than there was for Trump. We'll see what the investigations turn up.
  18. And a geneartion before that it was all about free love and nobody should be married and don't trust anyone over 30. And the left was all about free speech - now it's all about repressing free speech and de platforming. Sometimes change is good - some times not so much. I think if you're waiting for child mutilation to be normalized, that's probably not going to be a thing. As we can see there's already a lot of pushback and i suspect that'll get worse over time. After they're adults - my opinion about what they choose to do to their bodies could not matter less. But - as a society we have always protected our children and i don't think that's going away anytime soon. But at the end of the day - if there's one thing i know to be true in this world it's mess around with people's kids and you'll find out just how tough you are real fast. Teachers have to leave the raising of kids to the parents, and not keep them out of the loop. So post the stats that demonstrate they're wrong. Oh - wait, you can't.
  19. You got that backwards. And you absolutely did claim they coudln't. And i gave you a fair chance to prove me wrong, Butcha couldn't Everyone knows you're a liar kiddo. And its things like this that prove it to them
  20. Yep. Confirmed and stamped all right You're just a hate filled bigot who thinks they're justified in their hatred and bigotry. Let me let you in on a secret - ALL hate filled bigots feel they're justified in their hatred and bigotry. Slave owners felt they were doing the slaves a favor. Hitler had all kinds of reasons as to why the jews were terrible people, big long list. And now, lefties like you have your own reasons to justify your hatred and bigotry, just as they did. Think about the company you're in when you behave that way,.
  21. It's the very issue we're discussing. It's literally what this thread is about. This is a thread about passing laws, which you just complained about, requiring teachers to advise parents when their kids exhibit signs of a mental health issue. Because the teachers feel they're better equipped to deal with it than parents and parents don't need to know. Some teachers have gone so far as to help the kids look into medical treatments that can have a permanent effect on the child without telling the parents. This is not about 'kids being themselves'.
  22. Soooo --- you feel that trying to prevent doctors from pressuring war vets suffering from PTSD to kill themselves rather than giving them treatment is "controlling other people's choices"? Well - what can one expect from the group who brought nazi's to the parlimaent - of course YOU'D be fond of gassing people because they're inconvenient.
  23. You mean i don't like dishonest sacks of crap? Yeah - i'm pretty consistent that way. I guess it was optimistic of me to think you wouldn't be just as consistant at being one. But once again, your dishonesty and inability to cope with a simple question is somehow my fault. Typical.
  24. Yeah - because saying that parents should know about their children's medical issues is pretty far right wing. That's what hitler believed - kill the jews and parents have a right to know about their children's health. Get your head out of your pronoun. The sad thing here is that the far left edcuation system is forcing this to be a law instead of a simple policy. And all that's doing is driving anti-trans sentiment up. Which is also what you do when you claim people are somehow evil for their 's VERY LEGIT feelings that parents should be involved in raising their children and dismiss them like that. Gee - i can't imagine why people feel the need to demonstrate in the streets and tear down pride flags.
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