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  1. I think you'll have a tough time selling farmers in rural manitoba as being 'upper class' They were all pretty poor. Possibly. I played soccer and baseball. Well - if we're being fair if you take away the competition it's not a sport, it's just a hobby. Well... it's a nice thought but in my experience what actually happens is as the kids age they add complexity and such that drives costs through the roof. Golf for example. Hit the ball with the stick. Lots of kids play with cheap hand me down clubs to start. By the time you're an adult you want the mega-titanium-space-age-super-designed-electro-static-vibrainium clubs and nothing else will do
  2. Oh god kid - if you're asking me to explain why YOU are that messed up i'm afraid i'll have to refer you to a professional. It does seem to be your thing tho. I mean - you're never on here adding to the conversation in a useful way. And seriously - how childish do you have to be to complain about how many posts someone has? Or how long their replies are? Hell you're SO obsessed that you're even making little drawings about it LOLOL - man, talk about living rent free in your head this is what it's like with you - "HE WASN"T SEALIONONG - I"M OFFENDED" - yes he was. " YOU POST A LOT AND I"M OFFENDED". That's not a normal thing to think. "I MADE A DRAWING TO PROVE IT!!!!! " ok, i'll hang it on the fridge. LOL - and you still couldn't even address the argument I'll hang your little picture on the fridge. Well done - i'm sure the teacher gave you a star come back when you've got something above kindergarten level to contibute ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!
  3. Well we do have justin, he's pretty close to a just stop oil nutjob If canada wants to have an impact on the world stage for climate change they have to focus on developing tech that is so good others will just want to use it instead of carbon based energy. Then we'd have teh ability to affect other country's output by giving them better choices. But that's basically it - other than that we should be focused on adaptation.
  4. Especially considering that little trick the CBC pulled with the 'fake email' that they apologized for AFTER the election. And she didnt "BAAARELY" win. It was a solid win. Notley really ran a moderately bad campaign. And - how the HELL they showed up in teh same outfit to the debates... i mean it's normal for a conservative to wear blue but what the hell were YOU thinking notley? It was like watching a couple of flight attendants debate politics. There's rumours that notley is considering a leadership run after the next federal election if jaggers doesn't perform well (which he won't).
  5. Well and the left is trying to position it as 'anti trans' - but in reality most people won't see it that way ' Don't mutilate children" and 'parents have a right to know what's happening with their kids' is not radical, and polling suggests most people are fine with those ideas.
  6. Oh look - the master of sealioning showed up to defend sealioning Of course it was sealioning. I'm sure it would appear that way to the average m0ron, but not really. However - if he felt that way then he can attack the argument - not pretend i hadn't actually made one. Riiiiight - because that's what i said isn't' it. !diot. Typical leftie - gotta lie and obscure the argument to try to make it fit your echo chamber. When the left attacks all white males who do not agree with them as being [insert extremely long list of evil things here] and looks to cancel or attack anyone who disagrees then people who are susceptible tend to feel attacked, isolated, and they turn to more radical thinking of those who seem to be 'on their side', and immerse themselves in that culture. It severs any empathy, there's no gounds for discussion, there's no 'alternate view' - you have made them the enemy and they now see you as the enemy. And in extreme examples you get this shite. So - when talking about heated rhetoric and the like and the role it plays in events like this - as i CORRECTLY pointed out the soluton NEEDS to start with the left. As long as you're demonizing all those who disagree then this is what will happen one way or another. Sure he did. but as usually you've got nothing to add to the discussion, and all you bring is being 'professionally offended' on behalf of someone else. You're pathetic.
  7. I might buy that in the us - but there's nowhere in canada that this is really true. Community centers are everywhere and accessable by about everyone. My grandfather's teeny tiny town in manitoba managed to save up enough to build a nice curling/hockey rink. Every public school has sports teams. Right at the moment i get that things are tight and a lot more parents are finding it hard to even afford the gas to take the kids to games and such, but that's a very recent phenomenon.
  8. Trudeau is thinking about life during and after politics. He wants to get invited to all the good parties and be the 'hero who punched climate change in the face' by carbon tax! and shutting down oil production!!! Simple things that simple rich !diots and people of power will praise him for because they're supposed to without thinking about it. And he'll want those sweet sweet talking tours. That alone is worth millions to him. People will pay big bucks to go listen He's not thinking about how to fairly or realistically fight climate change.
  9. Sorry kid - you're just too stupid for this conversation. I'll send you a note when we're back to talking about lego.
  10. Nonsense. We attacked their gov's. And only the ones who were hostile. South africa for example was very much in league with the nazis at the time and we left them alone. So no - we didn't go after them world wide. We went after specific countries who attacked us. And what about japan? It wasn't nazi OR facist and they were on the list too, Gasp .. could it be that it WASN'T because they were NAZIS that we went to war?!?!!? Could it be that they invaded countries we considered allies!?!?!? Naaaaaawwww.... And the nazi's were in power for over a decade before anyone did anything. In fact they gave hitler land. I'm afraid it's you who needs to look at history. The nazi's gained power by saying "anyone who isn't a member of our party is the enemy". You're doing the same thing. How are you different from the nazis?
  11. Ahhhh - so everyone who doesn't agree with you is FACIST And everyone who isn't a facist is a communist Living in your mind must be like living in a camper trailer. Oh - and you're drooling again. Stop trying to think so hard, you'll give yourself a injury.
  12. And everyone who disagrees with the far left is a nazi. We know. That's how your little game goes and how you justify all the violence the left causes. The nazis were on the left of the political spectrum btw. They were still what's known as democratic socialists today. You're going to wind up punching yourself at this rate
  13. Yeah, that was all pretty much bullshit. 50 years ago people hadn't started misusing the name 'neocon' That took off in the 90's and such when lefty losers decided it sounded nicely evil. it doesn't mean what you think it does, sorry. It's just a term for conservatives who used to be liberals and realized they couldn't reach their goals on the left wing side of the fence. So there was no neocon/military complex in the 70's . You've obviously watched a few too many cheezy movies and gotten confused
  14. When you lie. When you pretend that someone hasn't explained something and ask them to repeat it ad nausium. when you behave as a dishonest player, then you are failing utterly to show the slightest bit of respect for anyone. You're insulting them. And you do these things fairly regularly. So you're really in no place to suggest anything of the kind. Are you. IF you want to see others behave more respectfully then you go first. But don't bother putting up fake pleas for decency after you act like a sealioning jackass one post before.
  15. I explained that above.You claimed you never heard anything like that. And yeah - they do. So - this is you sealioning is it? "please repeat what you've already said because i pretend not to understand so i can ask you to repoeat it again - whereupon i'll ask you to repeat it again". That's pretty pathetic. I guess that's your way of saying you know i had a point without saying it.
  16. Nope. I mean politicians on both sides when it comes to other countries THe republicans care when it's about the us - the dems wish democracy would go away everywhere. Oh shit, i've broken his brain again Awww little guy? Did you fall asleep and have another nightmare that trump was president again and all your lies had come to nothing? There there - remember it'll only be for four years - then... DeSantis! ROFLMAO!!!!
  17. Sorry - but these guys are mostly wrong. The us isn't interested much in 'democracy' in the ukraine. Until very recently it's been a cesspool in that regards. Which is why the us did not intervene during the last conflict in 2014. The reasons that they are getting involved now are a little complex - but it boils down to the ukraine is a huge food resource they'd like to be within the western sphere of influence, ukraine makes a great buffer to the Nato states AND it makes a great 'listening post' and military post to keep russia bottled up, and most of all the ukrainians are completely depleating the russian military might and weakening them tremendously, and without the loss of a single US life THis will radically reduce russia's ability to intervene elsewhere around the world. Big side benefit that a lot of weapons that havent' been tested much in real combat are getting serous workouts and they're learning for the next round of improvements and upgrades from real world combat situations. That's very valuable And till recently it's mostly just been gear that needed to be retired soon anyway. As far as wars go - this is cheap as hell and the benefits are pretty large. The russian tank force has been severely depleted, it's "regular" soldiers are pretty much shot up, it's lost several major naval vessels that it simply cannot replace right now, it's ammunition supplies are gone and it's using everything coming off the line, it's losing prestige in other countries that may have been vassal states, and it's economy is taking a beating and it's debt is mounting. And it's still backsliding at the moment. That's why.
  18. Uhhh - it's currently one of the more interesting fields of study in neuroscience and behavioral sciences and billions are spent on it because its so important . Frankly - the ants are looking at you and asking 'why the hell would anyone want to study THAT guy?"
  19. Beats voting for crooked hillary you know - the girl who covered up for her husband RAPING another girl? My what standards you must have.
  20. Its pervasive. It's everywhere. Hell - hillary used that language in her campaign and trudeau used it when talking about those who don't want to take the vaccine. And that was mainstrream media. Go back and read some of the media's comments about the truckers - 33 percent of Canadians sided with those guys and anyone who did was basically called a terrorist. Frankly when you claim you've never seen it - you lose all credibility entirely. we've talked about it here. Posters here use that langauge. Eyeball recently took a liking to it and stated calling all the conservatives the 'deplorables'. And people here and elsewhere DID INDEED say the non vaccinated should die, and WISHED it were so. Hell there was a story i shared here where a woman who was green lit for organ replacement was taken off the list at the last minute because she hadn't been vaxxed DESPITE providing medical proof from experts that she'd had covid and her immune count was higher than after a vaccine. People out and out said that she deserved it. She was getting what she deserved. She died of course - and the comments section in the papers still had people cheering it on. There was tonnes of it. And the rest is still there every day. A quick google search or two will fill your screen with examples. But like all liberals you have to lie and pretend otherwise in order to hide your own complicity at such things and your own "Sides" Spreading of hatred and culture war. Pathetic,
  21. Both of those statements are wrong. The nonsense you're spouting there is popular within the echo-chanbers of the left but it's demonstrably false. The democrats of the day were absolutely democrats. warts and all. But democrat supporters are forced to tell that lie because they simply can't cope with the truth, and the party's heritage is shameful for them. They ARE the party of slavery and the KKK after all, and yes - they were left wing. "stand up for farmer's rights", etc etc etc.
  22. Every major news agency pays for stories - one way or another. Honestly it often goes the other way around as well - "Do a story on me/my company and i'll buy advertising in that issue'. Sorry but that's just the way it is. And she's an 'expert' since she wrote that book. GIVE ME A BREAK - she wrote a book in 2021 all about trump and talking trash about him. She turned her work with him into money the FIRST chance she got and had been doing so since. Nobody "put her up" to it, she's been money grubbing since day one. You very clearly don't know anything about this or how any of this works.
  23. LOL - more like you participate in both and can't tell the difference anymore Actually i was just holding up a mirror. But my bird gets confused by those too so don't feel bad ROFLMAO!!!! Nobody mentioned fantasies. Wait ... are you saying your having fantasies again? We HAVE discussed this, I'm very flattered but i'm afraid i'm not interested, sorry to disappoint you
  24. So the person has psychotic fantasies and firmly believes that the democrats are out to get him.... but that's not a mental health issue in your opinion. For that to be remotely relevant you'd have to demonstrate that they did the job because they enjoyed it. Many of them were horrified. Not even in the same ball park. That is not accurate. I hear false claims like these all the time. So do you i'm sure. But neither of us (hopefully) feels compeled to shoot people up over it. But for the emotionally fragile who feel persecuted and isolated this kind of thing can be upsetting to the point where they feel hopeless and that there's no other solution. ANd then they make bad choices. Feeling that your situation is hopeless and it's someone else's fault are two of the hallmarks of mass killers of any stripe. So - who made them feel that way? Who says white males are garbage daily? Who tells people like him every day that slavery is their fault, theyr'e privlidged, that they must convert their children to a different sex or they're monsters, that they're deplorable, that they're the worst people on earth? Who says they're mysoginists and bigots who shoudn't be tolerated if they don't like the idea of getting an injection? Who literally says those people should die? That is where this starts. The rampant spreading of hatred and conflict from the left creates the opening for those who are mentally fragile or suseptable to flee to the extreme positions to feel protected, and this kind of thing happens.
  25. Drag? Not really, not traditionally at all, it's more been kidnapped and appropriated by the left these days but traditionally no. ... and when you say "you remember".... Yeah. That' is the fact.
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