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  1. That's a popular belief, but the evidence and research says otherwise. The evidence was overwhelmingly in favor of the idea that had Paul Martin not successfully pulled off his coup and ditched correction that correction would have won the next election with the majority. People were fairly sick of Justin after his first term but didn't want to move because Justin convinced them that the evil conservatives would come eat their babies. Sheer and Aaron were not good campaigners and Trudeau ate their Lunch. Poilievre is a very good campaigner and is slaughtering Trudeau But as we've seen provincially people are willing to stay with one government for a long long time. But that government does have to give them what they are looking for, and some of that is the correct lies. The voters do not want people to be honest, they want to be told the lies they want to hear. But they also expect results and if they don't get some results then there's a problem. But they won't switch unless there is someone that they perceive as being a better choice. Honestly, if voters took politics seriously and held the leaders to account for what they have promised and what they have achieved and punished the hell out of them when they don't keep their word or behave corruptly or fail to achieve things that they have promised that they would etc then we would get much better leadership.
  2. Or better yet why it matters. Whatever you call them Israel is a real thing and is not going anywhere. Which means the people in the area have a choice. They can choose to live in peace and find a way to get along so that everybody has as much of what they want as they can, or they can choose violence and die which is currently their program. Arguing about labels and names at the end of the day is just trying to come up with an excuse for why they're choosing violence. It doesn't matter. Choose peace or choose violence that's where we're at. They chose violence and how's that working out?
  3. Very true - i remember some 'street polls' that noted that very thing back in 2015-16. People basically said 'we know he's a questionable person and that he lies, we don't care. We just want to shake the system up". Like - a lot of people. In many ways akin to the story book antihero he is something of an anti-president. And yet things ran fairly well. Now the dems have gone a little too far and the mood of the audience is turning against them. That's why they cannot win by trying to claim trump is evil. People have already accepted that he is a villain, but now he is the antihero villain who will save the day. If Megamind had had orange hair, he would have been trump
  4. Being a colonist or settler is absolutely NOT relative to the length of time it's been since someone else settled the same area. Sorry. Once they're done settling - they're not settlers, they're settled. And once they're not a colony they're not colonials. Canada has niether settlers nor colonials any more and its quite arguable that the israelis are past that point as well. Maybe you could agrgue those 'settling' in the west bank are but israel is a thing, it's not a 'settlement' and it's not a colony.
  5. Dude - shop somewhere else. Or order from amazon. Buy a frikkin' freezer and stock up once in a while when stuff is on sale. And the last thing your addled brain needs is more sugar so leave the candy and donuts alone ffs. Plant a garden, harvest your own veggies. A winter garden is easy and gives you greens all year round. God, to listen to you whine you'd think there was one supermarket in all of canada. THere's ethiopans reading this saying "that dude sounds like he's got it rough for food". Learn to frikkin feed yourself! It's NOT hard!
  6. You will have the mark of the fool because you are neither righteous or right. Satan loves people like you. You worship people who literally rape and mutilate women and kill babies for fun.
  7. Yes - it makes PERFECT sense if you drop acid first.
  8. So now of course the question is which way will things bounce? Back towards the moderates? Or will the supreme leader maintain his control and put in another hard liner.
  9. Well looks like it's official. Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, supreme leader's protege, dies at 63 in helicopter crash (msn.com) Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, a hard-line protege of the country's supreme leader who helped oversee the mass executions of thousands in 1988 and later led the country as it enriched uranium near weapons-grade levels, launched a major attack on Israel and experienced mass protests, has died. He was 63. Raisi's death, along with the foreign minister and other officials in a helicopter crash Sunday in northwestern Iran, came as Iran struggles with internal dissent and its relations with the wider world. A cleric first, Raisi once kissed the Quran, the Islamic holy book, before the United Nations and spoke more like a preacher than a statesman when addressing the world. Raisi, who lost a presidential election to the relatively moderate incumbent Hassan Rouhani in 2017, came to power four years later in a vote carefully managed by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei to clear any major opposition candidate.
  10. But they did say that. And i've defended what he's said in every single post What he said very clearly is that he thinks many women there will be looking forward to being a mother and a wife. He said he is sure some will choose the corporate route but that life as a mother and a wife can be the most fulfilling life for many people. He noted that his own wife has found it extremely fulfilling There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of that. But you hate that he's telling the truth. You can't refute what he said so you add a whole bunch of things he didn't say. To cover your tracks you attempt to accuse someone else of the same thing that you yourself have done. This is very simple what he actually said is that it's okay to be a mother and a wife, and in fact Many women find it to be an extremely rewarding and fulfilling thing to do. That's it. So either you can explain what's wrong with that statement without adding on any additional things that he didn't say, or you are being dishonest and simply don't like the idea of women making their own choice and choosing something other than having a career. Which would make you the misogynist
  11. True - you and hamas both say slaughtering mutilating and raping women and burning children isn't a crime. But it kinda is.
  12. Why would i have your mark? I should get into heaven free for opposing evil and terrorists. You have no soul so you wouldn't be able to join me of course.
  13. Nope. That's not how crime works. Those crimes were 100% the fault of Palestine and Gaza it was their choice they really really wanted to commit those crimes. Because they are evil. And you support them
  14. Where is Israel and Palestine has been at peace for most of that time and .......wait, hang on a minute....
  15. Nope. Doesn't sound like there's very many at all. Most of the people that Israel kills they do so lawfully and they had it coming. No crime at all. On the other hand, attacking another country without warning or declaration and slaughtering women and children in the most horrible fashion possible after raping and torturing them is it pretty serious crime. It is also a crime to hide behind civilian populations during times of war. Which means every death that has occurred during this war amongst the civilians is also the crime of Hamas and not Israel Gaza and A mass have the blood of tens if not hundreds of thousands on their hands. And seeing as you support the criminals, you don't really get a say in who else is a criminal. These criminals will be wiped from the face of the earth shortly.
  16. So slaughtering innocent children and women without warning is justice? Well seeing as a lot of women and children are dying now you must REALLY support israel then right? in fact you support injustice. You support hate. You support the slaughter of innocents. You support evil and those who would visit it upon the innocent without cause. Sorry kiddo, you are a terrible person
  17. He never said anything like that. And this is the point that's being made to you, you must lie and change what he said in order to make your point. If you actually use what he said then your point is completely invalid. He said that while many of them may be looking at going on to having a career and climbing the promotions ladder and such he was willing to bet that most of them were most looking forward to being a homemaker and a wife and the mother. He didn't say anything about wasting 4 years. He didn't say any of them shouldn't have a career. You had to add that in otherwise everything you have said is a lie. Which means everything you have said is a lie because it was never in there. And that is very demeaning to women. And the diabolical lie comes from people like you who have told women that they are not allowed to be Homemakers and wives and mothers. And that they will have lives of lesser value if they do.
  18. Still talking about Biden then I take it I do get bored talking about him and he certainly dead at this point How many live boards do you know by the way?
  19. Actually, although you'll probably be mildly missed at me for wandering off topic slightly, it depends a little on the definition of:Ize that you use. While taking over an area from the current inhabitants is one accepted definition, the establishment of a state or control over a region on behalf of a state is also valid, so even if the people have lived there before if they are expanding the nation of Israel it could be said to be:Izing the area or settling it on behalf of Israel even if the same people have lived there in the past. But it's kind of stupid. Very clearly that is an ethnic home for the hebrew people and to use the term in the way that is being used now is to suggest that they are some outside people that have never resided there in the past, rather than the same people who lived there who are creating a new nation. And that would be false
  20. Says the guy who supports the murder of children and women 🙂 why would I want your number on me?
  21. That's the verified truth, no exaggeration. So - you're fine with that behavior then. Won't speak against it? fair enough That's quite true. The crimes of Hamas are a million times worse. There really is no comparison. That kind of evil deserves to be wiped from the face of the earth. But at least you have made your position clear, that you are in support of the slaughter of innocents, women and children
  22. Yeah. Well like they say, the best argument against democracy is a 5 minute conversation with the average voter Elections matter and voting matters but it's hard to get people to get that into their heads sometimes. But for some reason they'll spend hours pouring over the stats looking at who'll win the stanley cup. Nothing wrong with sports of course but seriously, which 'win' is going to have a bigger impact on your life?
  23. So you don't think it's terrorism to attack without warning or declaration and rape and mutilate and kill women and burn babies alive? That's not terrorism in your mind?
  24. True, and of course the same is true for republicans. A significant hunk of voters on both sides of the fence have become so tribal that they just automatically vote for their party. The democrats could put a raven skunk in as their candidate and the democrat voters would vote for it. Of course, democrat voters argue that that's exactly what the republicans have already done But republicans will vote for the republican candidate This is interesting because that leaves the so-called mushy middle who are not really aligned and actually spend some time thinking about this one way or another. Cuz I understand it in most elections they represent about 20% of the people. So really, about 20% of the people actually are the only ones who make a decision about who will run the country.
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