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  1. No, those are the same thing entirely. What is different about them? There you go. You're learning the rest of that paragraph was basically useless filler. Everyone should have the same right to speak as everyone else. Why must you always lie to try to make a point? She had the floor - she was speaking, they STOPPED HER FROM SPEAKING and threw her out. They violated her rights. And then they defamed her. Trying to pretend that my problem is somehow with the "process" is beyond ignorant. Don't be a tool. If you can't argue my ACTUAL points there's no point in bringing up fake ones you made up.
  2. It hasn't happened. no vindication, sorry And your carbon tax didnt' fix climate change either. You were warned about that. And now you've pissed away the opportunity. No luck required. Well that's easily changed - we'll get the guy who ruined your airbnb on the line and have him screw you over for this as well
  3. https://financialpost.com/news/canadians-think-short-changed-carbon-tax-rebates A quarter of respondents said they did not get a rebate and 34 per cent said they were paying more in carbon tax than they were getting back. Another 17 per cent said they were satisfied with the rebate and 24 per cent were unsure what they were getting. The Liberal government should be most concerned about how lower-income Canadians view the rebate, the pollster said. An analysis by the Parliamentary Budget Office found lower-income Canadians are “nearly guaranteed” to get back more than they pay, yet the poll found they are just as uncertain about benefiting from the rebate as higher-income Canadians. The last thing the liberals want is for people to be actually looking at what they spend and what they get back. That's NOT what they want to see happen. And this is just what people pay directly - i doubt even 2 percent really understand how much carbon tax is burned in to the cost of the things they buy. And surprise surprise - it didn't save the planet.
  4. https://nationalpost.com/news/politics/poilievre-releases-housing-hell-documentary Sure - justin trudeau is terrible blah blah - we all know that. The interesting thing here is how Pierre has done this and how it's being reacted to around the internet and water coolers. This isn't exactly the FIRST time that political candidates have done a 'documentary' type video to sell their brand, and not the first time we've seen youtube and twitter releases etc. But - this is getting to be a seriously polished phenomenon. He's taking it to new levels and it's working,. People are eating this up. this sort of simple video is getting watched a HELL of a lot and it's a fascinating new trend in political adverts. You can tell they're working to perfect this. They are looking at which models work best, what people will watch and how long, where to release it. And youtube is free so come the election this is very very low cost advertising for them. They are getting scary good at this and it's very very effective. it will be very interesting to see if the libs can counter this for the next election or not, and how much of a role this will play. Interesting thing - if they produce and put the videos up before the election starts - and THEN promote the hell out of them on social media after the election starts, with youtube being free i believe they could get tonnes of highly effective advertising blasted all over the internet without it counting towards their election spending. Going to be interesting to watch.
  5. LOL - sure kid ROFLMAO!!! Sure kid Get a good sleep tonight, you'll be fine in the morning
  6. I assume you're talking to the mirror And as i noted earlier - its easy to see when you believe you've lost an argument and you look stupid. You fire off a few insults and then crybaby in the corner for a bit 20 years ago is not today, 20 years from now is not today. Pretty simple concepts. Next time read and think before you post, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble. You remind me of a calvin and hobbs cartoon - calvin says "It's not easy being a super genious" and hobbs says "isn't the button and zipper of your pants supposed to be on the front when you wear them?" Try harder next time super genius
  7. That doesn't seem to stop you. People don't lie and post fake quotes to "go with the flow' of the discussion. LOL - sure kid
  8. Of course you can't - you're not a supporter of free speech, you're far on the left. (i know, i know...) A - stop making me repeat myself and B - no, it's observation. You frequently talk about silencing people you don't like, "chuds" etc should not be allowed to talk etc etc, and anyone who doesn't agree with your views tends to fall into that category. So call it the balance of probabilities based on past experience I would bet that most would agree that either we let all people talk or we don't and they might cancel you. Most would be angry such a group even wished to address the teachers and such and they might hate them a great deal but you look at some of the nutbars who've been allowed to speak at conservative conventions and such and it's not so hard to believe. They might need a moment's calming down but in the end most would get it. The more tricky part would be holding them back from jumping them as they left the building after they exercise their right to speak and knee-capping them, but i'm sure with a little logic, a little reason, a little rope...... Where did that happen specifically? You're welcome, thanks for yours as well, enjoy what's left of the weekend.
  9. Nope. I doubt it severely. If you and others like you really thought that you'd have never backed the liberals or the carbon tax. So we know you're not serious about it But hey - i'm sure if you vote for justin a few more times he'll solve it for sure I tell you what - if 2100 rolls around and on that day we see people storming north by the billion i'll owe you a beer.
  10. Yep - ya did Again So - a liar about being a liar Very efficient. And once again you prove to everyone you're a liar, and yet you get so mad when it gets pointed out Is there ANYBODY on the left who isn't a sack of crap anymore? ANYONE who believes in honesty? You guys must have ONE stashed away somewhere - probably with a gag.....
  11. Oh noes!!! Did someone type too much and melt your brain again? LOL - quick, find out how often he posts Still haven't learned how to debate honestly i see. Quick - if i have 100 percent of something and i take away 50 percent - what percent do i have left?
  12. Oh - and bonus points for your stupidity - At no time did i say we were closer now than we were before - and the quote YOU JUST POSTED said we're at leaset 20 years AWAY from it. Seperation would become viable as we APPROACHED that. So it's got nothing to do with the past. So you not only lied about what i said - even if you had been correct it woudln't actually mean what you said it did. LOL - so much for your genius IQ
  13. No, that's not what i wrote, not in relation to that poll. I wrote what i previously said i did - here it is again: "Alberta was polling close to wanting to split before harper got elected and believe it or not BC was polling even higher for it. " That's what i wrote. That other 1diot replied: And I can post the sky is orange and hope some people believe it's true. He quoted what i said specifically. I replied to that specific post and said I look things up - and posted the poll. In other words - now i've got a post to refer to when I call you a liar in the future and you pretend your not. And everyone can see it. You think people can't read? What a piece of sh*t human you are. You are so literally devoid of self esteem that having made a complete fool of yourself you feel the need to LIE just to try to salvage your ego ON THE INTERNET. You're such a sad person that even here where no one knows who you are you crumble and debase yourself because you can't cope with being an eff up. I can only imagine what you're like in real life. Please offer my condolences to your parents.
  14. They'll finally have something legitimate to complain about. THey'll hate that.
  15. ROFLMAO - well it's a little early in the day but i guess we might as well get your freak out over with So it turned out yet again you were wrong and now you're having a hissy fit There you go folks- that's the left wing brain when exposed to facts So painfully horrible that in the states it actually made TRUMP look like a good choice and may very well do so again
  16. Yes - You Let Them Speak. Assuming it's related to the schools you let them speak and share whatever they want to. Then you consider it and in their case probably point out what they want is illegal and also oh hell no and thank you very much and F*ck off - but you listen to them first and then you make that determination. Why is this so hard for you? YOU DON"T GET TO SILENCE PEOPLE JUST BECAUSE YOU DON"T LIKE THEM. And you pretend to be a " conservative "?? You know - a lot of people feel the same way about the transgender lobbies as you seem to about nambla - so if they're on the board is it ok to tell them they can't speak? You couldn't be much further to the left. Cancel culture is a terrible way to run democracy
  17. Is that where you feel your brain might be broken? And? Did you think that mean that 'conservatives' and 'progressives' existed in the past? I think the damage may extend beyond your amygdala. If it turns out people who like jackson pollock paintings have greater fear and threat matter that would NOT mean that Jackson pollock existed 3000 years ago. Do you have ANY gray matter? Sometimes i wonder.
  18. I'm genuinely worried about what will happen with your mental health if trump wins the next election. Which is a very real possibility it's worth noting.
  19. It is according to you. Honestly if you can't be bothered to read what you write i'm not sure why the rest of us should bother.
  20. As i recall it was you who brought up the 13 year olds, apparently all meeting at a friends place to watch double penetration porn. Said it happened to you all the time when you were a kid
  21. IF they REAAAAAALLY feel that strongly, they should ALL do it at the same time! Well they burn babies to death, they burn themselves to death. At least they're equal-opportunity psychopaths. They may be absolutely bat crap crazy but at least they're consistent.
  22. Yes, the voices in his head give him regular briefings.
  23. Alright - lets see your cite. Prove the left wing consideres them to be white. You will very quickly find the opposite is true. Don't be so quick to look uneducated. My education isn't at issue here. The loonie left like yourself is what we're discussing. Sorry - forgot you need everything explained slowly. So - first off, i didn't say Caucasian. I said white. I should have realized you'd be too slow to follow that. So your rambling about caucasians is just more proof of your literacy issues. Now back to the issue at hand. I didn't say they WEREN'T white - i said the left considers that they're not white for the purposes of how they're treated (intersectional coalition) Here's some proof https://www.npr.org/2022/02/17/1079181478/us-census-middle-eastern-white-north-african-mena You are beyond stupid. You may not always agree with me but you should know by now that if i say something it's PROBABLY got some serious facts backing it up. So be cautions and check twice before you say my facts are wrong, or you'll wind up looking as stupid as you do now.
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