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  1. That's about as intelligent as saying "i like heating with wood, i think it's brought a fair amount of good life to billions of people on earth". It's not exactly untrue - but would have been a stupid reason not to upgrade to coal, the forests of europe were being depleated. And it would have been a stupid reason not to upgrade from coal to oil. And it would be beyond re-tarded to use it as a reason not to move from oil to the next power generation. the fact that we still have some of a dwindling resource does not mean it's not a dwindling resource. And the fact that natural gas is cleaner than coal doesn't change the fact that something like nuclear is cleaner than natural gas. It's really not complicated. I'm sure as a kid you liked pooping in your diapers - but as new and better ways become available we upgrade. well... i would hope you did anyway
  2. It can't be overboard if it doesn't happen can it. If it makes the parents feel at ease then that'a a great thing - if as you claim it's not even imaginable a teacher would do that then it's totally common sense to put the law in to make sure parents know the teachers support them. If no teachers do it - what's the hesitation?
  3. Can't see excessive carbon Monoxide either. Kills thousands every year. Like i said, don't be silly. Just because you can't see something in the air doesnt' mean it can't harm people. We can produce all kinds of things without fossil fuels. We have hydro power, we have nuclear power we have solar and wind in limited quantities. So lets try to keep it sane. The problem is that right now the tech isn't there to move away from fossil fuels entirely. That day will almost certainly come. In the meantime we can do what the tech does allow for practically. And continue to develop the future tech that will allow us to do away with fossil fuels. It's that simple. Those who say we should stop using fossil fuels today are !diots - we can't. Not from a practical point of view. Those who claim we can never get off of oil or that there's no reason to ever are equally silly.
  4. Teachers do apperently Then it won't matter if we have a law then will it. I mean - nobody is impacted if it doesn't happen. Are they. So might as well have the law.
  5. You guys put biden up and you feel you've got any grounds to say that to the trump people?
  6. You're kidding right? You've never heard of Pierre Polievre? So have canada arrest him, or make peace with the fact he's outside of your influence. Then this is unacceptable. There's no two ways. It's just that simple. IF that's your position as a country you declare war on that country that harbours terrorists. Get it? Then we should treat it as an act of hostility appropriately, sever all ties with india, and look at retaliation. Geez - were you this quick to sell us out to the chnese when then influenced our elections?
  7. Don't be silly. Excesive carbon in the air isn't healthy. And neither are the pollutants that go along with it, If we can produce our power without creating those things it's better. we should do that. Right now we don't have the tech to do that economically nor do we have the political will globally, As that changes, we should look at switching. Of course climate change is real. It has been real since the very first day. It will be real if humans all die tomorrow. I'm sure we play a role But hyping it up that we're all going to die tomorrow is beyond assinine, and pretending it doesn't exist at all is equally so. It does, it makes sense to switch to cleaner power as those options become available down the road, and to reduce pollution in general, and to adapt to the changing climate in the meantime. Lets keep it in perspective.
  8. So what? IF they did it here i'd complain. Also - they went to war with those countries or entered into armed conflict and declared their intents. No it isn't. And pretending he wasn't a citizen doesn't make it better. That makes you a terrorist. Where are you right now exactly?
  9. It is common for people to make the mistake of thinking that because conservatives prefer less or fairly minimal gov't interference in things that some how they're libertarians, who want NO gov't interference in ANYTHING.
  10. So - some people think that PP is a terrorist. You can actually find that out there. So you're fine if some other country decides to bump him off? Here's the thing dude - either soverignty exists or it doesn't. You say it doesn't - that other people should be allowed to come to our country and break our laws and kill our people. you cannot say it exists and then say that's ok. Sorry. Either we have sovereignty or we don't. It's like being 'sort of' pregnant - you are or you aren't. if we do have it then anyone who does that needs to be bombed in retaliation. If we don't then we don't, but don't whine when other people decide to flock here and such because they don't recognize our rights to our own country. You can't have it both ways. it's just that simple.
  11. They state their intent and declare war. And they hardly do it 'all the time'. If india wants to say 'turn him over or we'll declare war' then fair beans. But just sneaking over and killing canadian citizens is not the same as going after bin laden or hussein after clearly stating intentions to do so and clearing it with the UN,
  12. There's no doubt he was a slimeball and probaby shouldn't have been a citizen But he was. And the accusation is that the indian gov't deliberately sent someone onto our soil and killed a citizen. That CANNOT be tolerated. I dont' care if the guy was the biggest dink in the world. You let that happen and you have no right to call yourself a country any more
  13. How about national NeuroDivergent month? Kids with ADD, Dyslexics, or who are on the Autism spectrum all have horrific challenges and face serious prejudices. They're real too aren't they? And that right there is the problem. When you take one group and say "this group is special" - what you're really saying is "these other groups are not". There's just no denying that. And it breeds resentment, it makes the others feel excluded, and pretty quick it has divided kids, not brought them together.
  14. The right is MUCH better. But the right is getting fed up. But there IS a center. The so called "Far right" is barely right of center. Most will listen to reasonable compromise. Informing parents of whats' going on with their kids to, say, age 16 would be a reasonable compromise. Allowing books that have characters who have two mommies or two daddies but not books in elementary schools that have actual pictures of guys sucking other guys weiners (yes - that's a thing, i posted it) would be a reasonable compromise But - if you even try to open a dialogue about that you're a nazi-bigot-transphobe-deplorable. If LGBT people had stopped there - there wouldn't be a problem. But they are VASTLY beyond that point So there's a problem. Now there's a backlash. The LGBT people should have listened and realized that they were going way too far with this stuff. Kids being kicked out of school permanently for saying that there's two genders. THat's not ok. Kids being sent home if they don't want to participate in Pride day celebrations against their religious principles - not just accepting but being forced to participate - that's not ok. Etc etc. This has nothing to do with there not being a center. The LGBT community simply wasn't interested in equality, and now there's push back and it's going to set them back a long way
  15. I'm thinking trudeau thought he could somehow hold it all together long enough to get to the next election and then make a bunch of claims about how he'll fix it. But - he's making those claims now and the actions he's taking will have no effect, and things will get worse. to even begin to make a dint hes' got to substantially cut back on immigration and temp students (like - in the neighborhood of a 30-50 percent reduction from current) AND hes' got to cut total gov't spending by about 3.5 percent - and instead he's increasing it. But reducing immigration and cutting spending is like giving superman a kryptonite smoothie - he's not going to be able to stomach it.
  16. Well what you're saying then is canadian sovereignty doesn't exist, and we're just going to fundamentally disagree on that. So i guess we'll leave it there.
  17. Only a loser leftie would find that 'funny' Right wingers are perfectly happy to accept some people have different views and thats fine. It's a total left wing myth that just because republicans like promoting family values that some how that means they want all gays dead or something, That's not how it works. . But its very telling that you think that's how it SHOULD work because that IS what dems thik of those who disagree with them.
  18. Nope. Different burden of proof. We're not looking to arrest india or put the leader of india in jail. It's not the same thing at all. The burden falls down to "clear and convincing' evidence or possibly even the balance of probabilities. I've just been made aware of something - apperenty the same global reporter who broke the china story had this one ready to go and advised the PM's office and was asked to wait 24 hours before reporting on it. If so - trudeau didn't have a choice in the timing, he got 'caught' hiding the info again and his hand was forced. And yes we look like chumps. No. Period. If you accept that - you're accepting that corruption and things like SNC are perfectly acceptable. And they're not. A man who only "believes" in peoples rights or a country's sovereignty when it's convenient is a scumbag. Or a liberal.' But i shouldn't repeat myself LOL - hey, we're better than that even if the person in question WAS a smearstain. We actually do believe in that stuff. We don't pretend believe just when it's convenient.
  19. I'm always up for it - and we did with Harper. "China - Don't you DARE invite the dalai lama to your country or we won't trade with you!" Harper - "Eff you, i'm having him around for tea thursday. AND i'm putting out the good biscuits" The fact trudeau has been lazy in the past is no reason not to do the right things now.
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