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  1. CDC chief overrules advisory panel, okays boosters for people based on job risk.  THAT’S NOT SCIENCE!

  2. I don’t really care all that much. I used to watch it a bit, but the programming wasn’t all that great.
  3. It wasn’t a basic cable channel like CBC, CTV etc are.
  4. News media has never really been not biased. It could be more balanced though. That’s why Fox News is so important in the United States. It provides a little balance to the rest of the mainstream media.
  5. The 2021 Trudeau Liberals: The least popular Canadian government ever elected

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    2. Shady


      It’s absolutely ridiculous that a party needs to win an election with 5+ points of the popular vote just to win a MINORITY government.

    3. Boges


      Elections Canada is a non-partisan organization that uses the Census to dictate ridings based on population distribution. What you're proposing is very partisan. 

      Now I'll concede that they over value Quebec and the East Coast, but that's not why the Liberals won the election. 

      If the CPC won the Suburban Toronto Ridings that DoFo was able to win, the CPC would have won. 

      Stephen Harper won those ridings. That's the only way for a Conservative to win. O'Toole was shut out. 

    4. Shady


      I get your point but something needs to be done.  Because people are going to start losing faith in the system, feeling like their votes don’t count for anything.  If it was conservatives winning this way, people would be saying that this system is systematic racism and/or part of white supremacy.

  6. It’s really simple. Doctors aren’t slaves. That’s why a right to an abortion makes no sense, along with the science based reasons. Regardless this is thread drift and doesn’t belong in this topic discussion. Btw, at various points in history, courts ruled that involuntary sterilization was legal. Your crutch is relying on decisions from the 1960s and 70s based on outstayed science and outdated reason. But that’s for a different discussion.
  7. See my update edited post. Hopefully you’ll understand the difference between a right and privilege. Regardless, with up to date science, it would be interesting to see how the courts considered an unborn baby with a beating heart.
  8. Yes, that’s based on 40 year old science. Regardless, rights require nothing from anybody else, as you have no right to other people’s money or labour. If all of a sudden doctors refused to preform abortions the government couldn’t force them to because it’s a “right”.
  9. Legal doesn’t mean it’s a right or that it’s right. Slavery used to be legal as well. You still don’t understand the difference between a privilege and a right.
  10. There’s no right to somebody else killing your unborn child. There’s also no right to having other people pay for it. You have no right to other people’s labour and/or money. A right is something that can be exercised without requiring anything from anybody else. Otherwise, that’s called a privilege.
  11. Biden administration bans the use of horses at the border, after the false whipping story.

    1. Infidel Dog

      Infidel Dog

      These guys and their media, eh?

      Don't know the difference between reins and a whip.

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