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  1. So can you provide a legal opinion on 18 months being unexpected? Or is that your non-legal opinion. Stop defending tyranny.
  2. 3 Trudeau Liberal ministers, unseated, failed to qualify for parliamentary pensions.  #GoodRiddance

    1. BubberMiley


      Nice you can find a bright side when you lose. Comes with practice.

  3. Biden’s current 37% approval rating among independents is his lowest to date (Gallup)

  4. Not at all. It’s expensive and it would probably be a long drawn out proceeding. How anyone can argue that covid is a surprise now is beyond me. There’s absolutely no reason that laws can’t be written and passed properly. None.
  5. That’s a fallacious argument. The absence of court proceedings doesn’t make the abuse of the emergency authorization moot. For one, it’s very expensive to take the government to court. Regardless, by definition, 18 months later doesn’t qualify as unexpected.
  6. No, it’s no longer unexpected. There no reason why laws can’t be passed properly.
  7. Not at all. It’s up to me as to whether I want to divulge private information. Not the government.
  8. Because it’s not an emergency anymore. An emergency by definition, is something unexpected. It’s been a year and a half. Covid is and has no longer been unexpected. It’s actually the opposite now. Pass laws properly!
  9. I can understand emergency measures at the beginning of covid, but it’s been a year and a half. Make law the constitutional way now. Edicts need to end. Covid isn’t a surprise anymore.
  10. Thanks to AstraZeneca, the covid virus isn’t new to my immune system now. I think it’s actually better protection.
  11. Most public health orders aren’t really law. They haven’t been debated on and voted on as per actual legislation. Most of them are decrees circumventing the proper process of making laws.
  12. Libtards prefer foreign oil profited by dictators and terrorists over Canadian oil profited by Canadians.
  13. Exactly. They won’t protest Saudi Arabia and they won’t protest China. They choose the easy and less relevant targets.
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