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  1. He's polling ahead of Biden at the moment and has all but clinched the nomination for himself. What are you basing that on?
  2. I don't think any sectors are doing great. Even the movie making business seems to have slowed down. He spent from 2015 - 2019 talking about how he'd tax the rich and how his rich buddies all said they wouldn't mind, no big deal. That's going to scare people off. He started to increase the debt right away - that always scares the snickerdoodles out of business. He's stymied competition and that hurts because it locks people out. Etc etc. Without strong investment in business and the competition necessary to drive efficiency we tend to sink lower and lower.
  3. Then why did you bring it up? Are you once again trying to change the subject having realized you lost? Kinda looks that way.
  4. Nathan Cullen is an 1diot. He'd be the worst choice - as far as the ndp goes he'd be the 'lite' version of what they have now - All the incompetence and half the charisma of leading ndp federal party leaders. Charlie may not be the best campaigner - but he'd probably be a pretty good leader.
  5. At least Charlie is not afraid to get things done or to take a stand, even if the rest of the party isn't entirely on board. He'd be a good leader for the ndp.
  6. So we are REALLY in trouble. I don't think people get this yet. And it has nothing to do with the Pandemic. Businesses don't want to invest in Canada, and handing out corporate welfare OR cash to the public is not making it better. The answer isn't to hand over 13 billion in subsidies, it's to make Canada where business wants to be in the first place.
  7. https://www-ledevoir-com.translate.goog/opinion/chroniques/802045/chronique-declin-precedent-niveau-evie-canadiens?_x_tr_sl=auto&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=fr&_x_tr_pto=wapp Another study confirms this. The standard of living of Canadians is in constant decline. The situation is even worse than before the pandemic. The indicator comes from GDP and its variations per hour worked and per capita, from which we can make a nod to productivity and standard of living. On this basis, it is known and documented that productivity growth in Canada has lagged behind countries with so-called developed economies for decades. Particularly compared to the United States. “ What is new is that productivity has actually reversed itself over the last five years, has declined, taking real GDP per capita with it on a downward trajectory. » Douglas Porter, chief economist of BMO, even speaks of a sustained decline in recent years without precedent since the post-war period. The pandemic effect has little or nothing to do with it, with the economist noting close to normal growth in productivity in the United States during this atypical period. In fact, business sector productivity in Canada has seen an average annual decline of 0.3% over the past five years, compared to a gain of 1.7% south of the border. “GDP per hour worked is the fundamental element of the standard of living. “So the recent decline in productivity is clear evidence that Canadians on average are worse off than before the pandemic — it’s not just a perception,” he writes. In recent years, the emphasis has often been on the distribution of resources (read wealth) rather than their expansion (read creation), and on supporting short-term consumption rather than investment. long-term. What the pandemic has exacerbated. And the BMO economist broadens the thinking: “Rather than force-feeding capital spending through massive subsidies, policymakers should look at a fundamental question: why are businesses so reluctant to invest in Canada? »
  8. It gets even grayer than that. They'll report things like '70 percent of the casualties are women and children", without reporting that hamas uses women and teens to carry ammo and weapons and other supplies to the front lines. These are some of the worst people there are.
  9. You literally posted the wrong information. His lack of facts is better than your wrong facts. And the report still doesn't say what you think it said. Go actually read it, or if necessary get someone to read it to you.
  10. This isn't a complex question, and Jagmeet badly fumbles it. "how would you make homes more affordable". it just goes nowhere There have been some really strong and spectacular NDP leaders over the years, and this guy has far more power than most. And he's utterly useless. The next election could very well turn out to be a race to the bottom for the ndp and libs.
  11. The schools of fish? It's getting harder to follow you two in this conversation.
  12. Smith makes a good point that often goes missed by the public - the federal gov't is not 'above' the provinces. The provincial authority is NOT subject to or granted by federal authority, unlike for example a city which derrives its authority from the powers granted by the province. So you can't just give orders to the province willy nilly. There is some limitation there. We might yet see this balloon to a full on constitutional crisis - which would be a hilarious way to end the little potatoe's reign over canada
  13. No, that's not how it works even a little bit. like at all. Their rules would govern the order of business as stated, the chair had recognized her and she was allotted time to speak and was within that time. So that's all within their rules. Strike one. And there is no provision in roberts rules that says "should the chairman get tired of listening to the speaker they may violate their rights ". With a rule like that anyone could just forbid anyone at any meeting from talking, which is exactly what we have robert's rules to avoid. Strike two. Further, the chairman was explicit that he wasn't "tired" of listening to her but rather he felt he had the right to shut her up because of the topic being discussed. ANd as the judge has said - he was entirely wrong. So that's strike three - yer dumb. The council had followed proceedure and she was allowed to speak and was doing so when they unlawfully accused her of a human rights violation and denied her the right to speak which their rules call for. They then went on to defame her. And the judge has said that was wrong and the lawsuit may proceed so a judge also thinks you're an 1diot You're so far off base here it's not even funny. I usually find your rampant stupidity amusing as hell but this is just getting boring. Go have a cookie and a nap, we'll see if you can make more sense with a little rest and blood sugar.
  14. well OBVIOUSLY!!!! Sure they may have killed thousands of innocent civilians but they're not MONSTERS!
  15. Ummm, no. Your quote literally says it's not roberts rules. It's THEIR rules. And if something comes up where they don't have a rule - then roberts can be used Again - The rules and regulations contained within these bylaws and procedures shall be the rules and regulations for the order and dispatch of business The rules contained within. Why are you tripling down on your stupid? It's morning - you should be sane for at least another few hours. Didn't you get any sleep? Did looking like an 1diot during one of our conversations yet again wind up keeping you up all night? Sorry punkin - you were wrong, and thats what we've come to expect. Why don't you do your research BEFORE you say stupid things?
  16. Up to a point. I mean - i understand he used gasoline. Not very environmentally friendly was it. He should have just sat on a big electric hot plate.
  17. Yeah - but statistically that means they're due for a win right? That's how it works isn't it? No? .... my bad
  18. its.... literally... quoted.... from... what..... you..... posted....they're rules are. Sigh. Well - in fairness we're at the end of the day, you lasted longer than you usually do before having the complete melt down so, well done for making it that far. Get some sleep. Hope you don't have nightmares about school trustees throwing rulebooks at you
  19. I'm quite sure that many took advantage of what they believe is a loophole - get a student visa and go there and then apply for permanent. however - that's legal. I believe they thought they were LEGALLY exploiting a loop hole, and these "brokers" take their money, don't do anything and say 'You're in, Canada welcomes you". Then they find out all they've got is basically a visitors visa and can't apply for permanent residence, and are in a bit of a pickle. I think the gov't did the right thing here - granted them temp visas so they'd be able to sort things out and didn't ding them with the demerit for fraud.
  20. Ah, I see. Well, that's convenient. Also efficient. I used to have to go around insulting people individually one by one. Then i got Blasphemy, and now i can insult millions of people all at once! With my free time i got my ham radio license and learned how to divide by 0. Thanks blasphemy!! (sparkle!)
  21. I do know what rules. Its the rules and regulations contained within the bylaws and procedures which were the rules and regulations for the order and dispatch of business. We literally went over this like one reply ago. YOU posted it initially. How is it you get dumber as the night progresses? Are you solar powered or something?!!? I just don't get it.
  22. I confess - i'm utterly stunned there isn't. We apparently literally take their word for it that they're into a university - obviously we don't even ask which one considering a number of them were fake in these cases. They just put down Tuktoyaktuk technology terminus (brampton campus) and the feds are like "Sounds legit - waive him through". I get these kids were legit duped in most cases but they're kids - you expect them to be pretty easy to fool. Our gov't should be smarter than the kids.
  23. LOL - trump gets more votes - "COLLUSION!!!! DOSSIER!! INVESTIGATION!!! IMPEACH!!!!" Biden gets more votes - "well ... that's all that matters, i don't know why you guys don't get that"
  24. LOL - he was replying to me robodope I pointed out Correctly that you screwed up royally and obviously didn't read the article you posted. I reminded you that you should read the ARTICLE, not the HEADLINE. This is a chronic problem with you because you're not terribly bright or well read. He was saying "seriously" to that comment In other words.... Seriously, read the damn article and not just the headline and THINK about it. You can't just google for something that confirms your bias, see a headline and do a copy paste and think that's good enough, you'll look like an 1diot. Again. Or in your case more of 1diot.
  25. Oh i dare to think i'm smarter than a bot. Keep going - someday you can be too if you try
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