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  1. Actually you're the one being thin skinned and insecure by whining about being called a name What are you in kindergarten? Do i need to send a note to your mommy about how the other kids won't play nice with you? You "Other posters here are thin skinned and insecure!" Also you "Why do people insult me?" Dude - if you lie, if you're dishonest, if you behave like a sack o crud - people will treat you appropriately. So if you're getting your panties in a knot and crybabying about being called names - try NOT doing that and see if it helps. Oh crap. I made Eyeball cry again. Sigh. You're such a delicate little flower.
  2. I have a dozen reports about townhouses on my desk right now. Not ONE of them - not one - even comes close to having the capacity to provide for everyone to have a cat 2 charger. Not even close. So if you're telling me that your townhouse has the capacity for everyone to have a charger and run their dryer and stove all at the same time - i'll call you a liar to your face right this second. And if you're trying to just say ONE person could pull it off when we're talking about everyone switching to EV's then you're being dishonest. If you have to lie to make your point - you don't have a point.
  3. You have got to be kidding. Welp - there goes your credibility out the window Nothing on earth that moves does so without creating noise. It's just the way of things. A gigantic propeller spinning in the wind on a giant poll is going to produce a LOT of noise and vibration (which is noise). Go take a pinwheel out into the wind and see if you can hear it when it spins. Try making a silent one. Wind turbines produce about 80 db of noise each - EACH - and in clusters are so loud that health canada did research into how much they affect humans that they're near. In water that sounds travels a LONG way and a few dozen of them would be quite a racket.
  4. Right. You'd never see voting in a democracy. got it. As to the rest of your childish blather.... Obviously i'm not explaining this in a way you can understand, so i've put some of your previous posts into an AI and asked it to translate for me. perhaps this will be more clear: Because we can!! What? Humbold dinosaurs flee ever westward! Roust! Roust! (preeeble!) Who knows?!? There. That should be more clear to you. You have absolutely zero idea of what politics are or what you're saying. Say hi to that infinite number of monkeys banging out crap in your brain.
  5. Sure - you're the center of the universe we get it Technically true actually but most of us don't mean it the way you do. Awww muffin!!!!! Did youw wittle fewwings get hurt again? You go tell your mommy i said you could have a cookie and a nap.
  6. The point is if you could put that power into that battery at a higher rate you woudln't need to have it in the home. We don't store fuel for our cars in the home right? The problem right now is that no current battery can be charged that fast. They blow up. And of course you'll melt the electrics trying to run that much power through even if you could. But tech like quantum charging and such could eliminate that problem and what takes 40 minutes now could go down to more like 4. So now we're back to 'power' stations (instead of gas stations) and life would look very much like it does now. Especially if that battery tech could allow for super 'capacitor' storage so we don't have to run enough power to charge at full blast to the charge station. It's a ways off. But whether it's that tech or something else i'm pretty sure they'll crack the energy problem eventually. But - not today
  7. Translation - Blah blah blah blah reason why it's ok i was wrong blah blah. Not everywhere . Sorry. And lots of places were lower and for a shorter time. Period. I have quite clearly. Even broken it down - .5-1 percent due to carbon tax, 1 - 2 percent due to trudeau's other money policies and spending, and that's before we get into anything to do with productivity or the like. AND - that is before we even take into account the immigration issue. Which is a LARGE driver of inflation. I see you're back to your usual sealioning. "REPOST THE INFO YOU"VE POSTED BEFORE AND IF YOU DO I"LL MAKE YOU REPOST IT AGAIN TILL I"M RIGHT!!!!!" lol!! Well you're nothing if not predictable. Hey how about this - if you disagree, post your own math and research to show the actual effect on inflation? If you think i'm wrong - then show what the real numbers are In the meantime - having proven that Trudeau's policies have substantially contributed to inflation previosuly, here's some proof regarding immigration's effect that you can deny i ever provided later. https://financialpost.com/news/economy/immigration-impact-bank-of-canada-inflation' https://financialpost.com/pmn/business-pmn/bmo-sees-immigration-to-canada-boosting-inflation-in-short-term Need more? Because there's more. Trudeau is still flooring the gas while the BoC is trying to stomp on the breaks. Trudeau is responsible for a significant portion of our inflation/interest shock problem and will continue to be. Sorry that the truth doesn't favvor your beloved leader.
  8. You bring it on yourself. Be honest and direct when you disagree and people will treat you with respect even if they disagree. Act like a complete lying a-hole and what you're doing is disrespecting others, and don't be surprised if they disrespect you right back. You don't get to be an ignorant dishonest pr*ck to others and then demand they treat YOU as you'd prefer. Right Hydro-boy?
  9. For those with intelligence, words have meaning. I'm not surprised you need that explained to you . Yes - we have a multiparty democracy here. There are multiple parties. You can vote for them. That's pretty much the definition. Any ordinary person can help pick the leader of any party, they can participate in the policy making of that party, they can donate exactly the same amount as a 'rich' person to that party because of the caps, and even if they're not eligible to vote they can volunteer during an election and help their candidate and party win. Further - MANY times new parties have been created and done well. Which shows that unlike the US there's no barrier to a new party starting up if there's people who are interested in different options. Maybe you best leave this kind of conversation to the adults. Or read a book first.
  10. Yes. You can't expect us to keep paying attention if you don't. So he was right and you're upset about it you say Dude - it's exactly what you and others sound like. There's nothing"dramatic' about noting that as you well know. It's all about your own selfishness and ideology with a very thin veil of "but what's best for me is what's best for everybody so i'm REALLY doing it for everyone else when you think about it". Like i've noted - you care SOOOOOOOOO much about it ... but completely forgive the libs for the fact they made promises for going on 40 years now and not once have they ever even tried to hit a target. Kinda tells us you're not serious
  11. I think it'll get there. The battery problem is about the biggest and they're working on very impressive solutions for that, they'll crack it eventually. lighter higher capacity batteries that can be charged radically quicker (like 10 times faster) are already on the drawing boards out there, and they'll eventually crack the tech. That elimiates SO many problems - "Gas" stations become viable again where you stop for 5 or 10 mins and you're powered up for the next 700 k or so, which means we don't have to re-do the power grid to every single building and home.
  12. Nope. not everywhere. Japan didn't. for example. But it wasn't just globally traded items that rose. At all. Nor was there suddenly demand for many of the things that went up. What happened is that hundreds of billions of dollars that were not earned got dumped into the economy. And that ALWAYS spikes the hell out of inflation. Now - i'll grant you that while we overspent on covid there was no chance we weren't going to spend SOMETHING. And some things like cars were going to spike. But no where near this much. And most of his spending wasn't even on covid relief. I've shown the math before with various stories and other facts - the low end says he's responsible directly for 1.5 percent of the inflation increase and the higher end put it at 3 and it's probably closer to 3.5 on the high end. So we were at 2, which is appropriate, and we jumped up 6 more - 2 -3 percent of which is his fault. And that never goes away - so any inflation today is on TOP of that excess. And to combat that the BoC has had to raise interest rates and KEEPS having to do so because trudeau keeps dumping money into the economy. So yea - you can't blame the whole 8 percent on him. But you absolutely CAN blame the fact it went over 6 on him AND the fact interest rates have had to go as high as they did because of him. And we've already had that talk.
  13. Exactly. Simping to them doesnt' work. Ignoring them also doesn't work. Harper's approach worked - hard nosed and what the hell... invite the dalia lama over once in a while just to say "eff you and your one china policy", Do business but always let them know you're prepared to not do business. It works better than getting called little potato.
  14. Naaaaaaaaaayy (dont look at me like that - SOMEONE was going to say it... ) Yeah. Well there it is. The tech is coming - it's just not there yet to be a viable wide scale replacement for ICE.
  15. that is not accurate. It IS true that all they promised was "an end to FPTP". This will be the last election with FPTP they claimed However- they had a majority. They didn't need ANY support from any other party. At all. Further, they had a mandate. They had everything they needed to proceed. What really happened is that they discovered people wanted PR - and not instant run off. Instant run off is what the libs wanted to do - because instant run off would basically guarantee the libs would always win every election. Think about it - instant run off is where you pick your first and then second choice and so on. Well everyone who's conservative will put liberal as their second choice (or nothing which means they're out of the game after the first round) and everyone who's an ndp supporter would do the same. So unless one of the other parties gets 50 percent or more in the first 'ballot' the liberals would always win. The public didnt' want that, the other parties both said PR is better - and they were concerned about a public backlash and that eventually it would switch to PR which RADICALLY does not favor the libs. So they canned it. That's what happened - they were hoping to bring in a cheat system and the public didn't want it.
  16. Greater density allows much lower costs of service delivery ... IF... the infrastructure for it was put in place initially or can be upgraded. If so - then you need fewer hospitals per person which means fewer specialized machines - it's easier to provide water and sewer (if it was put in place), it's easier for mass transit, it's much much better for the city from a property tax point of view because you have a hell of a lot more units paying property taxes, It's easier to do 'mixed' or the so called 15 minute communities. BUT. if the area wasn't set up for it - if the sewer system and road system etc wasn't built with that in mind ... it's a severe problem. And it's MORE money per sq foot to build tall. And there is the 'rat' phenomenon where people crammed into smaller areas can get a little more hostile. And things like protests (honk honk!) tend to affect a much larger number of people so those areas attract them. There are other issues as well. So there comes a point where the returns on increasing density no longer outweigh the disadvantages. It's wise to build out new areas in teh burbs etc. with much higher future density in mind. And to look at which areas can be 'densified' effectively now. But it's not going to solve our problems. It's DEFINITELY not going to lower housing costs.
  17. Yes - Pretty much in that order at this point. It's possible you were confused before. I find that Justin Beiber is a good place to start.
  18. So are you admitting you can't answer the question about why density is a big part of the solution? LOL - Spanky! C'mon bud, step it up As to Canada there are quite a number of unique issues. First - for the last 10 years we've been slowing down building in relation to population growth significantly - and it wasn't great before that. This is due to a number of factors but what it boils down to is that the way the system is designed at this point, it seriously punishes developers from building enough homes in advance of need. Construction will ALWAYS trail need . That's not the way it is in most countries. And that creates problem number 2 - we're SEVERELY behind in the number of homes we need. While other countries kept up we are at the bottom of the list in homes to population, so at this point just to get back to where others are and get on solid footing we need about 1 million MORE homes than we usually build AND we need to increase the number of homes we build. The liberals knew this was an issue in 2015 - they ran on fixing it, it was part of their platform. It's been noted that since 2016 we've built 100 thousand homes per year FEWER than the MINIMUM amount needed to keep the problem from getting worse. We also have challenges that are unique to canada for municiple provincial federal roles that must be addressed. But the number one issue is that in the last half decade immigration has gone bonkers and is about to go mega-bonkers. Canada has always had a world leading immigration rate but trueau is sending that skyward. So we- unlike most others - were not building enough homes already. NOW we're radically increasing the number of homes we need. That is a uniquely Canadian issue. There are other unique to canada factors but that should start you off. I'm very disappointed you chickened out over defending the density thing
  19. Ahhhhhh - no. Sorry. It may affect energy and therefore inflation in parts of europe but the war has pretty limited effects here at home. The carbon tax hurts inflation more than the war does.
  20. Why do you feel the need to lie about that? Where has he said he's going to raise taxes? And that' certainly not the only way to raise revenues. Just because liberals aren't bright enough to figure it out doesn't mean everyone else can't.
  21. It's actually an interesting question. It's often been brought up with regards to the ndp - its clear the supporters of the ndp aren't in it to win it, they want to be a disruptive voice even back when there weren't minority govts as much. But they do make an impact, and therefore they do play a role in the political process. Other parties do alter their behavior as a result. I'd say they're more than just vote suckers. But it depends how you look at it.
  22. yes - that's what you said. And i've explained why it's wrong. The learning process started years ago with other cases that failed. This one will also fail. That's not a learning process. If anything it's most likely to entrench that failure and prevent other similar cases from being allowed. It's arguably worth if for the publicity i suppose - they've made the papers. But there's no learning. The jokes about you pretty much write themselves after that No, kids survived by learning how to behave and care for themselves from their parents. And in those parts of history where they had to be responsible for themselves while still children they had miserable horrible lives and died early. I think you watched one too many Star Trek original series episodes. If you want to do something good for the kids then let them participate in the parties. They don't have to be of voting age to participate in an election as a volunteer or to participate in the youth section (most parties have one) or to speak out on policy etc. The biggest problem we have today is that the world is run by those who show up and most people don't show up. Teach them to show up, and to study the issues. Of course - if they actually learn to think for themselves there's a good chance they'll turn out conservative
  23. That would suit your intelligence level. Two parties - one makes things better and one makes things worse and you want to go with the one that makes thinks worse because 'visible'. Sigh. We had 4 billion years of evolution to work with and we got you. It breaks my heart.
  24. So when it doesn't work you critisize and when it does work you... also critisize. Have you considered the possibility that the problem here is that you're just an arsehole? We always do. And sorry - it's going to be PP and it's likely going to be a majority - and he'll likely be in for about 8 years. And if you wanna talk about "undoing some laws... " heh heh.... But there's nothing he can do that will stop a future gov't from reducing accountability. That requires people like you to punish gov'ts who remove accountability rather than those who add accountability. Unfortunately... well, see the aforementioned problem here
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