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  1. No diesel fuel to till the land/harvest the crops . . . . oh, wait! no big deal, no fertilizer to make the crops grow. Typical CBC drivel . . . . oh, wait again, no big deal, turn on CBC and get all the smelly Liberal fertilizer fresh from the mouth of Justin Trudeau.
  2. The world knows and laughs at Trudeau's leadership. That's a given, and also a reflection of the laziness and stupidity of (some) the Canadian voter. Poilievre is untried. An unknown as yet. Yet you condemn Poilievere. What is your solution? Care to share?
  3. You couldn't even push your electric vehicle into your garage without petroleum based components.
  4. The serious question here is: Why was Trudeau re-elected with his history of parliamentary abuse, outright lying, overspending, and communistic leanings?
  5. Trudeau is the unpalatable choice. Poilievre is as yet an unknown. For some reason, eastern voters seem more tolerant of Trudeau's multiple failings on every political/ethical/personal level. Go figure.
  6. Do you honestly believe that Canada could sustain yet another term of that brain-dead Liberal bunch in Ottawa? This is a simple Yes/No question.
  7. Impressive! You dress up like a pirate, and strut around Surrey. Wish I could be you.
  8. So 'breeding age' . . . are you meaning when a young girl is old enough to conceive? You won the lottery, so are going to try to purchase her? You're a sick creep.
  9. Did you say that you'll be heading back to your birthplace/right Ontario soon? Like it's been said 'you can take the boy out of Ontario, but . . .' Have a safe trip.
  10. Has Quebec ever contributed anything to the rest of Canada? All transfer payments/government grants/equalization payments/cushy Canadian Govt. contracts/etc. should stop going to Quebec. Quebec is a parasite, a disgusting tapeworm that the country needs to sh!t out. Western Canada does not need Quebec in any form, and that goes for Ontario also.
  11. Hoping he'll do like his stepdad did and take a walk into a snowstorm, snowplow, or his admirers 'the snowflakes' . . .
  12. Do you promote terrorism . . . . showing those cabbage cutters and some scribblings to intimidate?
  13. Canada has tried to buy respect but with the present PM disrespected by virtually every world leader except the ones he's poured our tax $$ to (they just mock him and ask for more) . . . Trudeau has very little influence anywhere. He's Canada's embarrassment . . .
  14. Yours is a good humane thought but, the sad fact is that Canada isn't listened to, respected, or even acknowledged on the world stage anymore. Canada demanding . . . . has about as much influence as Panama demanding . . .
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