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  1. Like everything political, it depends on who's ox gets gored.
  2. I have no idea how Children's Aid works but I'd be surprised if it operated based on race or ethnicity. So it seems there is a difference.
  3. As I understand it, the term genocide was first coined by Polish lawyer Raphael Lempkin in 1943/44. I agree. And if the prohibition did happen to exist at the time we probably wouldn't have done it. In hindsight, I get the sense that the government (and churches) at the time felt they were doing nothing wrong. As the world goes on we learn from our mistakes, and the only way to do that is by admitting to them.
  4. The 10 Patterns of Genocide by The Lempkin Institute For Genocide Prevention Gender-neutral mass murder Mass murder of battle-aged men and atrocities against women and chlldren Sex-selective mass murder (gendercide) to prevent specific groups from reproducing Mass rape Gross human rights violations and mass cultural destruction (including the re-education of children) Man-made famine (genocide by attrition) Environmental Despoliation Appropriation of biological resources Denial and/or prevention of identity (creating conditions preventing communal identity development Direct killing of women and killing of men through work Can anyone deny that #5 and #9 don't apply to Canada? Certainly not the worst of the worst but genocide all the same regardless of intent.
  5. Open borders and the welfare state cannot co-exist without serious detriment to the welfare state. Open borders reduces jobs, wages, and thus living standards, to those of us who can least deal with all the social upheaval. Not long ago the great socialist Bernie Sanders was dead set against open borders for those very reasons. Now he's all for it. If the idea is to create a fairer world, a world where wealth was distributed more equally amongst nations, then perhaps this is the way to do it. The wealthy don't care as they own property and mansions all over the world. They can choose to live wherever they want.
  6. Can we at least all agree that Biden isn't fit to run a lemonade stand? Don't americans have the right to know who's running their country because it ain't Joe. Joe's just the fall guy.
  7. Gold is no different than anything else. It will go to 'zero' when there's absolutely no demand for it. It has behaved as a currency and store of wealth for the last 2500 years which is good enough for me and most central banks. Be honest now, if you had to choose between bitcoin not backed by anything other than what get rich quick enthusiasts were willing to pay for it, or a gold backed crypto issued by the Perth Mint and backed by the Australian government.... which would it be? If you chose bitcoin it wouldn't surprise me because i have to believe most people are in the crypto game to make a killing. You can win big and you can lose big. I don't know enough to answer your other questions as the details provided in most cases are at best rather sketchy.
  8. There are cryptocurrencies that are backed by physical gold unlike bitcoin which is backed by nothing and is the reason for the wild price fluctuations. Those cryptocurrencies backed by gold (or some other stable underlying asset) are sometimes referred to as 'stablecoins'. A gold backed cryptocurrency utilizing blockchain technology is worthy of serious consideration. Why gold in particular? Mainly because the price of gold is priced according to the USD, interest rates, inflation, supply and demand, and world geo-politics. In effect, a gold backed cryptocurrency would become a derivative of the underlying gold asset. Russia has plans for a ruble gold backed stablecoin, and China for its own yuan gold backed digital currency. For those who claim 'you can't eat gold' well i have news for you. In 2008 Zimbabwe with hyperinflation running rampant, gold was the only means to buy bread. 1 loaf of bread was had for .1 g of gold panned by Zimbabweans from nearby rivers. Today in Venezuela where the socialists have turned the bolivar into a national laughingstock, gold along with currencies such as the USD and peso are routinely accepted as barter for goods and services.
  9. Even with all the funding in world, mental illness issues are not going to be resolved overnight. Stricter background checks are not going to prevent anyone from acquiring a firearm if they're determined to get their hands on one. So what other alternatives are there to protect kids in school from mass shootings other than making a school's front door the front line of defense? What's more important.... children's safety or optics?
  10. Better background checks and controls might help, but let's not forget there are over 400 million privately owned firearms in circulation and a wide open southern border where a T-72 tank could be easily smuggled in. If I was a parent i'd like to see one school entrance for entering and exiting along with the hiring of armed ex-police or military to monitor the one entrance. Arming teachers might not be a good idea. Let's keep the number of guns in the schools to a minimum.
  11. So let me get this straight now. This 'Celsius' is not allowing holders of bitcoin to withdrawal (cash in) their bitcoin for real money? Unregulated and not backed by the CIDC? How is this not a ponzi scheme??
  12. If people don't feel safe where they live it's going to take a lot for big government to 'convince' them to give up their guns. This is where democrats have it all backwards.
  13. You can't blame low turnout for the results when the polling was so accurate. For myself it was a first for mail in voting.
  14. Is it true you and jbander are among the last 8 or 9 misguided souls still watching CNN? I could almost swear on it.
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