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The Presidential Debate

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4 minutes ago, DogOnPorch said:


He's the one debating Trump...my point.

Trump is not allowing Biden to speak, so the moderator has to do something.  He did a good job just now ending the segment.  Credit where it's due.

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2 minutes ago, Infidel Dog said:

I thought it was fun.

Joe came on looking white and sickly. By the end he looked like a bleached ghost.

Yeah, I thought the same.  He looked even older than his years, and he didn't stand up to the bullying well. 

Trump was a lying clown.  I expected no less.

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I wasn't thinking I could call a winner because I was expecting a more organized debate and it wasn't that.

But I just heard the American, Latino, TV network, Telemundo did a poll and 66% thought Trump won.

It got me to thinking about the enthusiasm gap. I don't see any enthusiasm lag for Trump after the debate but I'm thinking...not outright winning and getting a bit steamrolled isn't going to get Biden voters to the polls. And I'm thinking Trump may have been right about the Bernie/AOC left getting discouraged by Biden's refusal to openly embrace their far left policies.

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4 minutes ago, Infidel Dog said:

For discerning viewers like you and me maybe, but my point is that doesn't affect the already high enthusiasm of Trump voters but it would be discouraging for Biden's. 

I'm thinking that makes Trump the winner.


OK, but I abandoned the television view early on because it was a farce, and retired to the garage with NPR radio instead so I could at least get something useful done at the same time (flaring and installing new nickel copper hydraulic brake lines). 

Both sides will claim victory...and Biden is just happy he did not have a bad senior moment.

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8 hours ago, Infidel Dog said:

I thought it was fun.

Joe came on looking white and sickly. By the end he looked like a bleached ghost.

He was running out of steam in the end - sometimes he could hardly get the whole sentence out - like he's running out of breath.  Likely the meds losing its effect.

He confused his son Beau with Hunter!  He went on and on praising the achievements of his son, until Trump asked him, "which son are you talking about?"  he answered, "Beau!"   "I'm not talking about Beau!" said Trump.

Lol, how can he mistake it for Beau when they're talking about the questionable $3 million? :lol:


Also the moderator had to remind Biden, "we're talking about taxes."


Trump handled himself pretty well, even when they both dumped on his tax issue.  He hammered Biden with Law and Order - which really will resonate among voters!

300+ judges plus 3 in the Supreme Court. Trump's legacy has been cemented, win or lose!  That's what I like about him first and foremost (because it could impact RvW).  He's already delivered what's been on my wish list.....plus more.  


Lol.   What's with Biden and that saccharine talking point aimed at viewers about racism?  Running along the lines of...."we're in this together!  Together we can fight this!"  Lol - it's like the talking point for Covid - such an abused line it's beginning to sound ridiculous!  GET REAL!

Trump looked like he's really angry at something.   Boy, I could almost see wisps of smoke coming out of his ears.



To those who are unbiased, overall - Trump came out sort of stubbornly unruly but quite robust (quick too)......and, Biden came out looking frail and weak.  Looking at Biden's weakness - to those concerned about the radical left in the Dem Party - Trump's warning to Biden sounds so realistic:  "They'll dominate you!  They'll overthrow you!"

You can easily see Biden being putty among the radical left!  That's a powerful imagery Trump had shown which is underscored by all the violence from left-wing protests happening all over the USA.



Biden may look like he'd make a wonderful grandfather.   But the people aren't looking for a granpa.   They want a strong leader in TODAY'S world.


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9 hours ago, bcsapper said:

Line of the night: " Do you want to change seats, sir?"

The biggest failure of the night was the moderator, IMO. He should have anticipated this. You don't open the debate the way he did, with these guys. You lay out the law right at the beginning, and then you enforce it.

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