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  1. I have no issue with hearing the other side and having a healthy back and forth conversation with some good natured jabs here and there. But you're the one primarily dishing out insults. This site would be boring without opposing viewpoints.
  2. If you compare the biggest players in the cable news game, FOX is on one side and on the left there is CNN, MSNBC, NBC, CBS, ABC. I have probably forgotten some but perhaps the total viewers on the left leaning stations outnumber that of the right.
  3. I'm certain that the actual amount of viewers even for top rated FOX is much lower than it was many years ago for news anchors like Walter Cronkite . There is just so much more choice for people now, even youtubers with tiny budgets can get enough views that rival giant networks like CNN.
  4. I do admit that FOX has no left leaning host's at this time( Chris Wallace seemed kind of left) they do have regular contributors that are Democrats. At the end of the day we all have the choice of changing the channel. Quite frankly I think the majority of FOX host's are just way better than the competition.
  5. It's 11am......gonna go and watch Media Buzz.....on FOX!😁
  6. The irony of it all, CNN spent years demonizing Trump but the fact is they need him for ratings. They need a boogeyman. As far as bang for the buck goes, CNN is extremely poor value but even with a paltry amount of viewers they must at least serve the purpose of a tax write off for their parent company?
  7. I don't get to see all of the programs on FOX because I'm normally at work during the week but in my humble opinion FOX is just so much better than the competition. Yes they do have a lot of opinion shows with a conservative slant but perhaps the biggest reason for that is because most of the competition is the polar opposite. And quite frankly, none of the host's on the competing shows come across as very intelligent. Think Don Lemon, Brian Stelter, Rachel Maddow. They remind of of AOC behind a mask. My favourite FOX shows, The Five, Watters World(last night was the last show, he's moving into the weekday 7pm slot I believe) , Tucker Carlson, Judge Jeanine, Hannity, Gutfeld. The only FOX personality I didn't care for was Chris Wallace(huge ego).Most of the host's on FOX are just really enjoyable to watch. I think Bret Baier is the best news anchor on tv. How can anyone watch MediaBuzz with Howard Kurtz and not admit this host is totally fair and balanced in his coverage of all stories? Was there anyone on CNN that was truly fair and balanced and not openly hostile to Republicans? Even their crime coverage is terrible, as in "SUV plows into parade killing some." They couldn't bring themselves to come out and talk about the driver who happened to be black. I think there may have been a time when CNN was pretty good many years ago but oh how they have gone steadily downhill since then.
  8. Humour, like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And I find WestCanMan's post very funny😂. You might want to tone it down a bit in here with regards to your nasty insults and not make yourself look so childish.
  9. The theory is Republican appointed judges should decide cases according to the Constitution while Democratic appointed judges will decide cases with a progressive slant and reinterpreting the Constitution to fit the progressive narrative.
  10. I should have worded it more clearly. I was thinking about the Democrats wanting to expand the SC from nine to thirteen.
  11. "We Failed": Danish Newspaper Apologizes For Publishing Official COVID Narratives Without Questioning Them - Europe Reloaded Every station is bombarding us with covid all the time. It's the new climate change😒
  12. If Biden does stack the supreme court, will all those judges simply be Democratic lackeys?
  13. So the Dems just passed some new federal voting rights laws. The most incredibly idiotic part is as follows: "As The Daily Mail reports, the Freedom to Vote Act and John Lewis Voting Rights bill were snuck into an unrelated NASA bill and passed by the House. Both of these seek to strip states' independence to control their own laws as concerns voting and would prohibit any state from passing a law that required voters to verify their identity before casting a ballot." NO VERIFICATION OF VOTER IDENTITY . In what universe can this possibly make sense?? The Dems want the hundreds of thousands streaming across the open southern border to be able to forever tip the balance in elections.
  14. Those of us who are more moderate and/or conservative are aware that there are politicians on both sides of the aisle that engage in this practice. It may not be illegal but it's certainly not ethical either. What's wrong with calling it out? Sen. Hawley introduces new bill to ban insider trading in Congress | The Post Millennial There is also a similar bill being proposed by some Democrats. As The Daily Wire reports, members of Congress and their immediate families exchanged over $630 million in stocks in 2021. Outrage over this statistic was compounded by a recent comment by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who when asked about the issue cited America's free market and said members of Congress "should be able to participate in that."
  15. Didn't the Democratic appointed judges toe the line as well? Biden is likely to start the process of stacking the supreme court though. What prevents the Republicans from doing the same thing next time they win the White House? The covid death toll under Biden has surpassed that of Trump. It’s Official: More Americans Dead From COVID Under Biden Than Trump (freebeacon.com) More people will have died from COVID under Biden than Trump (msn.com)
  16. Sorry, but the biggest single reason Cubans are poor is because of communism. The Cubans can deal with any other dictatorship they want. They were a small communist dictatorship that was heavily dependent on the much larger communist USSR and when they collapsed life became that much more difficult in Cuba.
  17. Yes Cuba had a corrupt government before Castro but the fact is communist governments can't be voted out. I have mixed feelings on normalizing relations with Cuba.
  18. The Great Epstein Cover-up, Part I - Ann Coulter
  19. It's not really Cuba bashing so much as it is communist bashing. There are so many ex Cubans there that had to live under communism and hated it. Your link mentions some latinos like Trump's message like being pro-growth, entrepreneurial. Nothing wrong with that message.
  20. What if she does run...and wins...and greatly surpasses even Joe Biden's "record" number of ballots? 😮
  21. Here's a prominent leftist showing us her knowledge of the efficacy of vaccines. Warning, strange sound effects. I'm guessing she has full immunity from being censored from spreading misinformation on covid.
  22. This woman just won't go away! She just doesn't come across as likeable in any way.
  23. Any thoughts why Trump increased his share of the Hispanic vote in 2020?
  24. Sometimes things may be legal but also highly unethical. In this particular case Nancy Pelosi plays a huge role in making rules that affect the big corporations. If you bothered to read or watch the link you would know more about it and perhaps understand what she's doing doesn't pass the smell test. I don't claim to be a rocket scientist but I have enough common sense that someone with your mindset and intellect can't brainwash me😉 I'll keep an open mind , but not to nonsense.
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