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  1. It's not my preference although I am sick of Quebec using the threat of separation for their own benefit. In their case it has worked tremendously in their favour. And I understand why the western provinces are frustrated too. The Liberal attitude has always been "screw the west, we'll take the rest!" Unity is something of a problem when the whole country primarily revolves around Ontario and Quebec.
  2. Be careful what you wish for. If they go that means fewer people to carry the financial load in this country. Those would be the people that subsidize Quebec and Atlantic Canada. Just saying.
  3. Islamic dictatorships or communist dictatorships? No thanks to either one. Given what you're posting in this forum it seems the Atlantic provinces aren't spending enough of those equalization payments in the education system. Think I'll take a break and tune in to FOX News😋
  4. Different news organizations put different perspectives on the same stories. I happen to think FOX and the Post Millennial etc do a much better job of it. I accept that there is a leftist point of view on just about everything( usually crazy or misguided😉) just as there is a conservative viewpoint. The CBC isn't entirely bad, Marketplace is a really good show, and then there is....ummm...uhhhh. Well they do have one good show.🤔
  5. I have watched a bit of CPAC over the last couple of weeks. It seemed to me they concentrated mostly on the GTA and Quebec but that's not unexpected in this country. I do not watch CBC, CTV or Global News and I got sick of the Ottawa Citizen and the now similar Sun chain. I get news stories from The Post Millennial and Candace Malcolm that you are unlikely to see from the usual big names in the business. Rebel News too although I'm not a subscriber.
  6. We don't know to this day whether it came from one of those disease breeding wet markets or the disease breeding Wuhan lab. China was certainly not open and transparent with the rest of the world while this thing was rapidly spreading but that's par for the course for a Communist country.
  7. So now we must wait for the Liberals to release their complete platform. Things they didn't want Canadians to know about during the election. Like C-36 and C-10 for instance. There was also recent speculation about whether they will implement huge tax hikes on most Canadians in order to actually pay for this massive debt load. And yes, debt get's paid by Canadians that actually work, it is categorically NOT carried "by government" alone contrary to what Justin Trudeau has publicly stated.
  8. How much does Alberta get in equalization payments? The oil and gas sector has generated enormous wealth over the years, much of it ends up in Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. A big part of the reason Quebec has that much praised affordable daycare program to name one. Oil pipelines can still provide lot's of jobs and energy security by the way. Do you actually walk the walk and live your life 100% free of any benefits from the petroleum industry?
  9. Alberta has good reason to complain. What reason does Quebec have?
  10. Any thoughts as to the deficits under Trudeau? Massively larger deficits and debt actually. Have emissions dropped under Trudeau?
  11. I think it's fair to say the whiniest province in Canada is Quebec. All that bitching has paid huge dividends though, and will continue to do so.
  12. Can you be specific and name the things that heartless Harper did during that time that you didn't like? And your attitude falls squarely into the typical leftist mindset in that you think Canada only revolves around the east while ignoring the contributions of the west.
  13. There will be another election in 2 years or less. Canada will be even more socialist by then but you should be pleased now since there is very little difference between the Liberals and the NDP. The current Conservative party is also left of centre. If you are somewhere on the east coast of Canada I hope you are very thankful for the decades of massive financial support from the western(oil and gas)provinces.
  14. It should be remembered that Trudeau initially tried to get a vaccine deal with...China. Yes that China, the country that unleashed Covid on the world and has yet to pay any price. The massive giveaway of "free" money most certainly helped him as most of his fan base fall for his lines and have little to no understanding about where governments actually get their money. Trudeau: "WE TOOK ON DEBT SO CANADIANS DIDN'T HAVE TO" - ProudToBeCanadian You should realize by now that Justin Trudeau does not have to deliver on any of his promises. History proves that all he needs to do is preen for the cameras and keep breaking celebrity records for selfies. The bar has never been set lower in this country for a politician.
  15. Liberals winning, no surprise. We are in for more mismanagement and overall incompetence with this dismal so-called leader. More government overreach over our daily lives. I had a feeling back in 2015 that Trudeau might be near unbeatable mainly because of his name and his growing fan base. The blackface, repeated ethics violations and other scandals haven't seriously hurt him. I think this speaks volumes about the average low information Liberal supporter. As an Ontario resident my heart goes out to the Western provinces which will continue to get royally screwed by the Liberals, business as usual.
  16. Right now I would guess that Trudeau is still going to win even if the Conservatives have a slight lead. But no matter what the polls say I will always go out and cast my vote even knowing the Libs are a sure thing to win. I wouldn't rule out a majority for Trudeau but another minority is a huge slap in the face for this narcissist.
  17. As bad as some of these protesters may be I don't think they're as bad as Antifa and BLM just yet. And if they do sink down to that level then I hope the law comes down hard on them. I don't like them blocking access to hospitals any more than I like environmentalists blocking pipelines or traffic.
  18. In other news it looks like Trudeau is gaining in the polls now. When the election was called I guessed an easy majority for him and he still might get it if he can continue to scare lefty voters from the NDP and Greens. Another minority will be considered a huge failure. He's just as polarizing as his old man. Image really does go a long way with many Canadians.
  19. In a country like Canada, if anyone or any party comes out against high levels of immigration or multiculturalism it will not be well received by most in the media. This is putting it mildly too. People are afraid to even have the discussion for fear of repercussions. Woke is the new religion.
  20. I often have this discussion with one of my coworkers . He says all politicians and political parties are the same. I believe that while all politicians will screw us over, some will screw us more than others. I vote for for the candidate/party that will not screw over the country as much as the others. Not by any stretch of the imagination is the Conservative Party ideal but I know they are by far the lesser of the two evils as opposed to having(God forbid!) an NDP government. Pick the best of the worst.
  21. Did anybody in here try the CBC Vote Compass? Not that I totally trust the results given what's been alleged in the past lol. For the record they pegged me in between the PPC and the CPC. How I rated the party leaders from top to bottom: Bernier,Paul,O'Toole, Singh and Trudeau. This is mainly because I believe Bernier and Paul are genuinely sincere in their beliefs while the rest of the pack are more likely to tell only specific things to specific groups of voters. For instance Justin Trudeau would dare not mention abortion or the LGBTQ stuff in a riding with many Muslim Canadians.
  22. The Jody Wilson-Raybould story is rearing it's head again. It certainly calls Trudeau's character or lack thereof into question. What's not in question is that during this affair Trudeau violated conflict or interest rules again by his actions against Wilson-Raybould. ‘I did not want her to lie’: Trudeau rejects Wilson-Raybould’s claims about SNC-Lavalin talk - National | Globalnews.ca
  23. WATCH: Joe Biden refers to his black advisor as a 'boy' | The Post Millennial Ummm... could this not be considered racist? Gosh, I wonder why the media isn't all over Biden for this one?😉
  24. Why do Asian Americans tend to do so well, even better than whites? One would think that in a country like the US that you claim is full of systemic racism that Asians could not possibly do better than the "white ruling class".
  25. Is there anyone more woke than Trudeau in Canada? I think not. Trouble is, this mindset is going to get worse and worse in this country as time goes on.
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