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  1. Biden administration sets up an FBI snitch line against parents objecting to critical race theory.  

  2. Attorney General Garland just agreed that, despite the letter from the National School Boards Association, he does not see any basis for using the Patriot Act against parents in school board meetings.  Welcome to Biden’s America!

    1. Cannucklehead
    2. BubberMiley


      Shady's just regurgitating talking points from his blogs without a clue what he's talking about again. It's embarrassing when he gets this way. It's all emotional rage with no context. :lol:

  3. Biden administration flying illegal immigrants to various parts of the country in the middle of the night.

  4. Trudeau sure is taking his sweet time.
  5. It won’t help wages but it will help with home values. For people paying property taxes and people buying or renting.
  6. O’Toole had some good ideas. But even temporarily banning foreign home buying, and slowing immigration to allow supply to catch up to demand.
  7. Property taxes are killing people these days. Homes have skyrocketed in value, without much accompanying wage increases.
  8. America under Joe Biden. A time warp to the 1970s. But no mean tweets! 🤣
  9. A new Quinnipiac University pollreleased Tuesday shows that Joe Biden’s favorability rating has dipped below that of Donald Trump’s.

    1. sharkman


      Well, well, well.  Let’s see the media activists spin this one…

    2. betsy


      It has been in the 30's for quite sometime.   Of course, they don't say that on mainstream media.

  10. New York City declares racism a public health crisis.  

  11. That was with a much lower vaccination rate. Masks are a big deal, especially when you have to wear one at work all day. As the vaccination rate in Ontario approaches 90%, masks should be done away with in most circumstances.
  12. I’m sorry this upsets you. But forcing people to put chemicals into their bodies without their consent is a complete abomination. You should be ashamed of yourself.
  13. Sorry @Charles Anthony but forcing somebody to inject chemicals into their body without their consent is fascist.  I’m sorry if that upsets you.

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    2. Charles Anthony

      Charles Anthony

      I am sorry but if you follow the forum rules and guidelines, you will be left alone to write whatever you want. 

    3. OftenWrong


      Do we have to be double-vaccinated?


    4. Charles Anthony
  14. The Biden administration says they welcome the stiff competition from new Chinese nuclear supersonic missiles.

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    2. BubberMiley


      It doesn't matter what the rest of the sentence was? Spoken like a chronic liar with no credibility. :lol:

    3. Shady


      It only matters to Xi stooges.

    4. BubberMiley


      Obviously not. You just said you don't think the truth matters, and we know how you are a proponent of the Xi virus.

  15. Driving isn’t a right. But by all means, wear a seat belt when you drive. And get vaccinated, that way you won’t have to worry about whether somebody else is or not. You’ll have a greater chance of dying in a car accident, with or without a seat belt than dying of covid once you’ve been vaccinated. Do any of you Branch Covidians ever look at the data? Or is getting vaccinated your sacrament of baptism and not up for discussion?
  16. Libtards pre-2020: Health care is a right! Libtards post-2020: You’ll get health care as long as you make the life choices I approve of! These people are more disgusting than child molesters.
  17. I’m a conservative not a Republican, but from what I’ve seen the chant started spontaneously at college football games and grew from there. Until the NBC sports person started the let’s go Brandon version of it. Btw, there is a great new Let’s go Brandon song on ITunes that’s blowing up! I think you’ll see it played at the convention in 2024 as well as hear the chant by the crowd. I think it’s hilarious! 😂
  18. The 1996 Canadian National Report on Immunization found that immunization could not be made mandatory because of protections in the Canadian Constitution.

    1. BubberMiley


      Exactly. So quit lying by saying people are being forced to be vaccinated. 

    2. Boges


      Does is also say that a company has to employ someone who's not vaccinated when a company makes being vaccinated a requirement? 

    3. Cannucklehead


      Unless a student has a valid exemption, children in Ontario who attend primary or secondary school must be immunized against diphtheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps rubella, meningitis, whooping cough and chickenpox. 

  19. Backlog for Manitoba medical procedures swells to 130,000 cases.  This is what happens when you prioritize covid over everything else.  

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    2. OftenWrong


      Saturday night in Winnipeg.

    3. Aristides


      Send all those people on ventilators home. They aren't really sick.

    4. Boges


      Just to be clear. You advocate for sending deathly ill COVID-19 patients home? 

  20. Delta Airlines CEO says the company will be dropping its COVID-19 vaccine mandate

  21. Just filled up for $1.48.  Trudeau’s an asshole.

    1. Cannucklehead




      I didn't know Trudeau was PM of the world.  Wow, good for him.  🙂

    2. Shady


      You obviously don’t know anything about the carbon tax increases in Canada.  

    3. dialamah


      yeah, 8.8 cents per liter.  If not for that, gas would only be $1.54/ltr!  

      Shell tells us where the money goes:

      • 40 - 55 per cent is crude oil costs (the raw material for making gasoline and diesel fuel)
      • 25 - 35 per cent is federal, provincial and municipal taxes and the GST
      • 10 - 25 per cent is the refiner's margin (the difference between what it costs to buy crude oil and the price refined gasoline sells for in the wholesale market which, in turn, is influenced by supply and demand)
      • 4 - 6 per cent is the marketing (or retail) margin that covers retail stations’ expenses and profits.
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