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  1. Pro-life group fire bombed by pro-abortionists.

    1. Michael Hardner

      Michael Hardner

      If you are pro-life then this response is entirely consistent.

      The extremists are ready to right.  

    2. sharkman


      Just wait until antifa gets rolling. Because we know the Biden administration will allow rioting, destruction of property and the attacks on citizens who happen to get in the way.  Good thing the Rittenhouse case illustrates that Americans can still defend themselves.

      BTW, it’s against the law to demonstrate around judges homes in Washington DC.

    3. betsy


      There goes...............law and order.

  2. Yes, Eyeball has not laid out in detail how his plan would work. Would an MP have to notify some agency if they're at a lunch with a lobbyist? Would they have to stream the conversation online or something so that the public can listen in? I just don't get the logistics of so-called in camera lobbying.
  3. Aren’t there already laws against corruption? Some people are caught, some aren’t. I still haven’t heard of any workable solution.
  4. You haven’t proposed how to enact any of this. Once again, how do you propose having the public listen in on conversations that take place in restaurants, bars, sporting events, coffee shops etc? Please provide details.
  5. But it’s unworkable. How do you propose the public listens in on conversations at bars, restaurants, sporting events etc?
  6. That’s completely unworkable. So you want the public invited to say a dinner between two people at a restaurant? Or somebody’s living room? Or at a bar? Or hockey game? Lobbying is just talking. You can’t ban talking or somebody advocating on behalf of their industry. Now, if money or goods changed hands, that would be illegal. Those laws already exist. The real solution is to make the government’s involvement, and impact on various industries much less significant.
  7. What’s not scientific about? Be specific.
  8. You don’t have to believe me. Just take a look at a 3D ultrasound. It’s quite something when they turn up the volume as well, and you can listen to the tiny heart beating. Sometimes you can even watch the unborn child sucking it’s thumb.
  9. If you’re going to continue to deny prenatal science, then there’s really no point in carrying on this conversation.
  10. An earthworm isn’t human. Humans don’t produce earthworms. According to the laws of genetics, humans produce other humans. You’re becoming unhinged. Take a deep breath and calm down.
  11. You’re still not making any sense or any substantive point regarding an unborn baby with a beating heart etc. Recognizing prenatal science is paramount to understanding the issue.
  12. You’re not making any sense again.
  13. Cowardice has nothing to do with somebody’s fundamental rights. It’s irrelevant. Either is caring, or pretending to care about human life. What I care about or pretend to care about is also irrelevant.
  14. Exactly. They pick and choose when medical privacy exists.
  15. You mean the 0.000000001% of abortions that constitute this example? I’m all for that exception. 99.9% of people are.
  16. You’re not making any sense. Unborn babies, with heartbeats, etc, that feel pain, are the issue. Super intrusive? You mean like the government forcing you to inject chemicals into your body? Then having to prove publicly that you had said chemicals injected into your body to go to the grocery store, or to keep your job. Get the eff outta here.
  17. How are real women going to die? What’s a real women anyways? Are there fake women? Are you referring to trans women or something?
  18. Abortion kills women every single day. Unborn women. Regardless, overturning Roe v Wade doesn’t ban abortion. Roe v Wade isn’t a law. Overturning it means that it will be regulated the same way other rights are regulated. Like speech, second amendment, etc. At least half of the country will see no change. A quarter more will see some change, but abortion will remain legal up to a certain point. Only a handful of states, but probably none, might ban abortion outright. Someone looking to have an abortion will just need to find a neighbouring state to have the procedure. Furthermore, Democrats had the chance to codify abortion into actual law several times and chose not to. There’s literally a bill that’s been sitting in committee for almost a year that Democrats have never brought to a vote. Instead, they’ve been lazy, and relied on a 50 year old abortion ruling that was based on privacy, not body autonomy. But it’s nice to see that medical privacy and body autonomy are once again a thing now! Funny how that worked.
  19. You might have a point if you’re side wasn’t the side insisting that men can get pregnant. 😂 Regardless, abortion has never been a constitutional right. It’s never been codified. There’s a process for that, but none of its supporters have ever attempted it. Instead they’ve relied on an outdated, badly decided court decisions.
  20. The “my body my choice” crowd is back, after completely ignoring it for the last 2 years for vaccines.  Utter scum.

    1. sharkman


      They have sowed to the wind, now they can reap the whirlwind.

    2. Aristides


      Funny how the anti vax crowd takes exactly the same position over abortion. 

    3. sharkman


      Yeah, my body my choice.  The baby gets to choose, because it’s his/her body.

  21. Complete nonsense. All this does is allow states to decide how abortion is regulated, similar to guns. Abortion law will NOT change at all in most states.
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