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  1. So what....ditto Lincoln...FDR...Nixon...Clinton. None were ever indicted for their "crimes". Why such a focus on Trump after 240+ years ? Politics...that's why.
  2. But some were intended...the ICC has gone after others for far less. MUST GET TRUMP....some way...some how. So deep is the hatred for this man, even people in other countries (e.g. Canada) relish the idea of him being indicted on any charge, no matter how trivial. Why does Donald Trump still live rent free in so many Canadian minds ?
  3. Wrong...President Obama ramped up drone attacks in A-stan and the Middle East...killing over 4,000 civilians in the process. No big deal compared to Trump violating campaign finance laws.
  4. They are not secret crimes...which makes this singular focus on Trump so remarkably biased. For instance, do you know how JFK interfered in a Canadian federal election against PM John Diefenbaker in 1963 ? Or how about LBJ and the Gulf of Tonkin resolution ? JFK - Bay of Pigs...Harding - Teapot Dome....Clinton - Sexual Assault...Nixon - Watergate...Reagan - Iran Contra....Biden - Sexual Assault...Bush - WMD...Obama - War Crimes...the list is quite long.
  5. No...no one has been as blatant about advertising and capitalizing on their "law breaking" for political gain. Many U.S. presidents have done things in and out of office that rival anything Trump has done...you just don't know about it.
  6. Of course they were deliberate...same as with any U.S. president, especially during the Cold War. American politics is dirty business, because so much is at stake. It's not like "boring" Canada...most Americans do not stay up late to see which party won the Canadian federal election....hell...most can't even name the major Canadian political parties. History will eventually judge Trump in the context of all U.S. political and presidential history, not just the heated emotions of the past few years. Many Democrats/leftists wanted to deny the 2016 election outcome, including a few in the U.S. House wishing to not certify..."NOT MY PRESIDENT !!!"
  7. See "1994 Crime Bill", Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, "super predators", et al. You want Trump's ass...fine...go for it. But don't be so naive to think that Trump is the only bad guy in such matters.
  8. That's fine....most Americans know even less about the Canadian government and its history. Trump is just another flawed U.S. president, just like many before him. He is loud, uncouth, provocative, and unapologetic...but still loved by a large minority of American voters. President Trump's foreign and domestic policies were not all bad, and some were very good...and continued by the Biden administration, same as with other presidents (e.g. Bush > Obama). Politically, I do not think Trump is a viable path forward for the GOP in the long term, but he commands so much attention (even in Canada), that he is hard to ignore. He understands the power of media like no other...even more than Reagan did. I have been watching Donald Trump's antics since the mid 1970's...he is like the Energizer Bunny (don't know if that reference means anything north of the border).
  9. Not true....and completely ignores well documented U.S. presidential history. This is caused by the hate filled tunnel vision that focuses just on TRUMP. Trump even has Canadians riled up...in a foreign country !
  10. That's a wonderful concept, but is not very realistic. State and federal prosecutors do not even have the time/resources to reach such a goal even if they wanted to...and they don't. This is hardball American politics...pure and simple. They really, really, really, HATE Trump, and want to bring him down by any means necessary.
  11. I am not the only one saying that....over 240 years of presidential precedence has been derailed for political purposes. Trump, just like many previous presidents, has done shady/illegal things, before, during, and after office. Why is Trump the only one to be indicted ? That's fine by me...have a big juicy trial to give Trump even more attention than he would have received...even in Canada. The system is specifically set up to let the rich and powerful "break laws"...happens on a daily basis.
  12. Doesn't matter...this indictment opens up another level in political warfare on both sides. Whatever remaining sanctity that the judicial system had (and it wasn't that much), is now extinguished going forward. Maybe we can charge Jimmy Carter before he dies in hospice !
  13. Sorry, but even Trump gets due process under the law, regardless of Mao or Stalin. The indictment is certainly politically motivated at several levels, but only serves to give Trump more free media attention....even in Canada.
  14. Trump has been indicted...will be arraigned on Tuesday. He is presumed not guilty until convicted at trial.
  15. No worries...the last civil war was a principal reason for the Dominion of Canada to exist in 1867. Conflict is the American way...born of conflict...thrived in conflict...never resting. Donald Trump is just another chapter in a very long story.
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