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  1. Has nothing to do with intelligence or morons, as U.S. presidents do not "run" the United States...it is far more complicated than that. President Obama largely continued and even doubled down on many Bush era policies (foreign and domestic). Such are the vagaries of U.S. federal (and state) politics, economics, and culture...far more dynamic than any single president can hope to totally control. President Bush had the highest job approval rating (+90%) following the 9/11 attacks...no other president has even come close to that. Romney, Gore, and Kerry made serious political mistakes and did not understand how the presidential election game is played, right down to simple electoral college math.
  2. Canada begs U.S. courts to save Enbridge Line 5 from Gov. Whitmer's shutdown decision.


  3. Nope...not going to happen. Canada is not going to "sink" a Russian submarine in the Arctic during peacetime, even if it could do so. U.S. and Russian submarines have operated with impunity in the "Canadian" Arctic for decades with Canada granting permission for passage after the fact, because that is all it can do. Canada cannot run with the big dogs...and never will. That's OK.
  4. Agreed, but Australian decisions about NATO/SEATO/ANZUS were informed by a very sour experience during WW1/WW2 with expeditionary forces that died far away with little return commitment to Australia in time of need (vs. Japan). The U.S. filled that void, albeit for self interest, as is the case today. More so than Canada, Australia participated in Asian theatre conflicts including the Vietnam War. U.S. administrations see Australia and the UK as more reliable military allies for political and practical reasons. Canada has long struggled with the real and perceived relationship with the United States for foreign and domestic policies...a balancing act that some PMs have managed well while others have bungled it badly (like Trudeau).
  5. True....some will obsess over these foreign sources while ignoring domestic (Canadian) reality, including opening the borders to more travel. Doesn't matter...America's CDC, FDA, Dr. Fauci, VAERS, etc. are far better ammunition in the battle here.
  6. You are the one looking to another country (USA) for COVID fears and data...instead of your own.
  7. The people of Alabama...or any other U.S. state...do not need to constantly reassure themselves with such comparisons.
  8. Whatever happens in another country (United States) will not have any impact on the healthcare shortfalls that exist in Canada's "red" or "blue" provinces, where hospital/ICU capacities were already running low because of chronic issues. Alienating skilled nursing staff and other health care professionals with COVID segregation is not helping matters. The people of "red state" Alabama worry far more about their Crimsom Tide football team...not what is happening in Canada for COVID-19, where there isn't even an approved domestic vaccine yet.
  9. Mandatory vaccine/passport protest in Vancouver...there are many others...easy to find in Canada. "BEWARE of the BULLSHIT VARIANT" https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/vaccine-passport-protest-1.6161817
  10. Here are the Top 10 annual causes of death in Canada before 2020...so just add COVID-19 to the list. This is Canadian data...not USA or Americans...easy to find. https://www.finder.com/ca/what-are-the-top-10-causes-of-death-in-canada Rank Cause of death Total number of deaths 1 Cancer 80,152 2 Heart disease 52,541 3 Accidents 13,746 4 Cerebrovascular diseases 13,660 5 Chronic lower respiratory diseases 12,823 6 Diabetes 6,912 7 Flu and pneumonia 6,893 8 Alzheimer’s disease 6,166 9 Suicide 4,012 10 Kidney diseases 3,767
  11. Provincial and federal health officials in Canada have represented the vaccination protocols followed as "fully vaccinated" regardless of two dose delays, mixed vaccination types, and suspended product (e.g. AZ). Games Canada wants to play with data is up to Canada, but clearly there have been breakthrough deaths even if a very small number.
  12. Successfully developing and manufacturing COVID-19 vaccines in the U.S. and other nations apparently is not a Canadian thing.
  13. This is not about back then...use to have slavery too. Conservatism is not something you get to define on the fly just to suit personal ideology and biases.
  14. The entire premise of a U.S. as "world leader" has been eroding for many years, partially by design and otherwise because of 21st century realities. America's century was the 20th, and its traditional role and influence was waning long before Biden, Trump, Obama, etc. It's not just an emerging China, but also the inevitable changing world dynamics after the Cold War ended....no more binary, polarized West vs. Soviet Union/Russia and proxy nations so aligned. The U.S. can no longer afford to be the world police, and shouldn't do so even if it could.
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