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  1. Well i have had AZ & Pfizer, and have not turned into a zombie (yet) and still despise the LPC. All is good.
  2. They weren't in 1917 in England. That, social distancing and washing hands work well. But when they announced the war ended, people went out into streets to celebrate, i imagine many masks came off, and they had a major break out. Then their is the asians that have been wearing them long before covid. Are they all living in fear?
  3. Fords right. And about time he said it. Now he needs to call out the lazy white trash.
  4. No its not funny. Look at what freedum gets you in Alberta, sask, Florida. Todays problem is people that... A- will not sacrifice anything for anyone. B- Have no clue to what the difference is between rights and privileges. You're all weak and spoiled and your future looks very grim because of it.
  5. When something as bad as this, even the CBC knows it cant cover this up
  6. Started oil producing back in the 1850s? Or we can go back to whale hunting. And who is ready to give up their phones? Lol
  7. Oil is in most products we use from the moment we get up to going back to bed.
  8. Look at the pics from space on mining to make batteries for cars. Or the massive cement plant in quebec which i have read is worse then the oil sands. To many dirty trucks on the roads. Pipelines will help. Want to cut down on ocean tanker traffic, use our own oil. Get rid of cruise liners. Dirtiest ship out there. In other words we need a well thought out plan, not shut everything down and tax the shit out of people.
  9. Canadian oil sands are world leaders in wetland reclamation. I can show you pics of the changes, but the MSM doesn't like to talk about that. We have the most regulated oil industry in the world. A buddy surveyed in the oil sands, when he got there the night sky was bright orange with the oil companies burning the scrub brush, what is the nain growth there. Today those bright night skies are gone now. It grinded up now. But lets ignore coal burning around the world and how it is growing in Asia, and just focus on our oil sands. Something fishy about that.
  10. Cougar, Canada disappeared today, It would not make one difference in CO2 levels. We are cutting our throats for nothing. Oil is going nowhere. The " Tars sands" are just a easy target , while the rest of the world keeps pumping. And Asia's addiction to coal is actually hurting alot more then Alberta's Ethical Oil. And if we could sell more NG to Asia, it would help them get off coal.
  11. Gun issue is not going away. Cant fight it. The old cons are dying off. Younger people want more for less. Old canada is gone. But what we need is competent, common sense gov. Changing O'Toe now, would be a bad idea. O'Toe did a pretty good job considering... Just a couple major blunders. I think things are going to get worse under Trudeau and who knows what the next scandal, boondoggle will be.
  12. And you have no understanding what a neanderthal is. But we have done all we can and the time for crying is over. Many people over time have suffered even whites. But no one has done what canada has done fir the native pop. And if this constant complaining doesn't change, any good will you have now will be gone.
  13. No its when one party tries to hold the gov accountable.
  14. Nor I or anyone I know.
  15. And make sure everyone can vote in the next election. Lol We're doomed.
  16. He wasnt elected by the nation. He just won more seats. And Trudeau and gang have just put off the troubles for another 18 months. There is some serious shit coming because of this keystone gov. I think we will find out this is one of the dirtiest Govs ever.
  17. Happened under his watch. Either he knew or has no idea what is going on under his nose. He needs to step down.
  18. Actually he did lose. And we with him.
  19. Otoole did well. From a unknown and 15 pts back to keeping it a minority. The party needs to get back to centre which he tried to do. But you don't change a party in 36 days.
  20. Unfortunately the majority of canadians have no idea what goes outside their daily lives. So sad, we once had a great strong and proud nation.
  21. I am sure after trudeau gets back in, the chinese will sell us some stuff. Lol
  22. Sad when Canada can no longer be trusted by our allies. He has ruined this country for good.
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