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  1. He can beat Trudeau. Only one that looked like a leader last night. But Aitchison also sounded good. Maybe a dark horse. At the start I was pushing for PP, but not now.
  2. After last night,I agree. His inner Trump was showing.
  3. That's all you got? Lol
  4. Harper scandal, Mike Duffy. On the front page for 3 yrs. Had people believing something evil had happened. LOL What a joke that was. Trudeau scandals, where do you start.
  5. Best military in the world. Because they can fight and win with whatever is given to them. But we need to rebuild it, now!
  6. I will admit this is alot better. One of the best in a while.
  7. Ford is the only choice. Time to move forward and get the province working again. I don't want to go back to the unions running the show.
  8. Tru Blu conservatism is dead. We just need to win. Charest I see gas a good chance at beating Trudeau. Debates are nothing to go by. I like PP myself, but if he doesn't tone it down some, people will turn on him. Party closest to the centre wins the next election. Imo.
  9. Trudeau should be forced to step down. His energy policies have destroyed our ability to help allies in these tough times. We should be shipping our ethical oil around the world. But we cant.
  10. Putin wants to relive the good times. Nothing to do with Hunter or Trump or anybody. Putin wants the USSR back. So simple.
  11. That was the sad how he hid and just throws out insults. He has so much contempt for most Canadians. But I haven't looked at the polls, but i doubt if it hurts him.
  12. As a con i am not for this at all. This does nothing.
  13. Unions have come out against the truckers. Time to go home.
  14. If we go hard right, I am done.
  15. Not good for the workers mental health and their poor work performance that will show up. It kills downtowns,( as you mentioned why) because many need workers spending money, like in ottawa that the market is dying because gov workers are home. And on work performance that can go south quickly. And when i am dealing with people, i want them up, shit ,showered and shaved, ready to work, not just dragging their hungover arse out of bed late and then get your work done. Nope. Oh and the ones staying at home , I hope they take pay cuts.
  16. #2. Is not good for society.
  17. Conservatism as we once knew it is dead. The Libs won. The country has changed to much. And if we do not change with the times, we will never win again. And IMO if these Cons that are leading the charge think its not, then they should try their luck with the PPC. We need to win the damn election first, then try and change the slide slowly. I am so sick and tired of constantly shooting ourselves in the foot.
  18. Never in my 60 yrs have i seen my country so divided or so full of hate. It was never this bad under anyone else. We're screwed.
  19. I meant for our Military. It seems The Feds have to start over on that purchase again. You know like the ships and planes we need.
  20. And we can't even buy a handgun. Sad.
  21. On the WMDs, I think they knew Saddam had them because america sold them to him. And I think he shipped it all off to Iran, before the invasion.
  22. Just like my elders that put their childhoods on hold to go to war. Twice.
  23. Small group. His numbers will go up anyways.lol
  24. People fight this every step if the way, then bitch because we are still dealing with it. The earth is sick.over population, countries going backwards instead of forward because of religion. Countries and militaries been playing with this crap for yrs. Lets go back to the start. I believe this did start in china and the timeline with that and the 2 chinese scientists being kicked out of the country, and we are not allowed to know. Something smell fishy. And doug ford is getting it left right and centre and where is trudeau? Media running interference for him?
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