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  1. Happy New Year !!   🎉

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      Army Guy

      happy new year ,

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      happy new year, BC. We have missed you here at MLW

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      Maybe you guys can book a hotel room together.  :rolleyes:

  2. Yes, and to that end: This would be all well and good were it not for Canadian government funding of the CBC as a Crown Corporation with the "national public broadcaster" mission and responsibility. It is not the first time that the CBC has been accused of obvious bias in the never ending dirt farm war that is Israel vs. Palestine. The CBC repeatedly takes refuge in "corrections" offered after publishing biased reports, disinformation, and outright falsehoods...err..."mistakes".
  3. Agreed...this dynamic has developed far too quickly for groups/societies to adapt objectively. The short term solution to offensive speech use to be more free speech, but now social media platforms have raised the stakes and competition for views/minds on a much larger scale, regardless of the message. I became aware of Dr. Jordan Peterson several years ago only because of the very narrow context of human psychology, but he blew up on social media and the associated platform algorithms push more of his content to me in a reinforcing feedback loop (e.g. YouTube). Peterson has become self sustaining, using nuclear reactor parlance.
  4. Read the contract....reduced rights. Peterson did not join the army, but there is an army of people going after him because of his views and popularity.
  5. Indeed....do views expressed on social media platforms invite greater scrutiny and professional ramifications than for more traditional media, like print or film ? Is that the true nature of Peterson's transgression and punishment ...being a popular force online instead of with a book ?
  6. That's the irony of this situation. To retain professional membership, Peterson is being compelled by the court to complete mandated "training" for views that have no more righteous sanction than Peterson's.
  7. Would Jordan Peterson even be a pop culture thing outside of his profession were it not for social media ? Regardless of his views, a "diversity" of ideas and perspectives is far more valuable than a steady diet of only leftist/feminist/Marxist doctrine.
  8. Congratulations to India for the successful soft landing at Moon's south pole with Chandrayaan-3.

  9. Just another skirmish in the cancel culture war. The College of Psychologists is free to exercise membership requirements and constraints, but this court ruling only serves to heighten Jordan Peterson's prominence in the social media space. Had Peterson's "freedom of expression" views leaned far more to the left, he would be getting a medal instead.
  10. There are many fields in science and engineering....theoretical and practical. R&D push beyond limits and rules by design. "Rules of thumb" are born of application experience. Depends on the application...the underlying algorithms use processing (math), large data sets (experience), and learned error correction.
  11. Depends on the discipline and application. Engineers are constrained by more practical considerations than are scientists. Engineering methods are born from experience/experiment in the real world as well.
  12. Engineering is applied science, with extra margin for safety, reliability, etc. Also, scientists usually don't get sued.
  13. Not a tangent at all....do you agree that Trump "Jethros" have the right to their beliefs and actions within constitutional and legal frameworks ? Will you defend their right to do so even when faced with "progressive" pressure to denounce and cancel them ? Separation of church and state does not mean no religion/symbols in the public space, government, personal beliefs by legislators, etc. It simply means: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof” Don't believe me ? Try to cancel Christmas Day as a national holiday.
  14. No, I have not misunderstood. Anyone who believes in equal rights for all should also protect the civil rights of those they do not agree with. This means that free speech, gun rights, religion, etc. are to be protected. Why don't the Trump haters ever stand up for the opposition's rights even while vehemently disagreeing...a la Voltaire ? Nothing special about Catholicism or Biden's belief system, but they are protected just like many others.
  15. Can't have it both ways....religious freedom applies to all...gun rights apply to all...free speech applies to all...etc., etc. This is going back to the founding tenets of the U.S. republic. Individual rights over the government collectivists. This ain't Canada ! The U.S. Constitution is going to be a problem then...backed up by the U.S. Supreme Court. Change the Constitution....
  16. Sure...that's the ideal...but has never been the reality. Anybody who thinks Trump is the devil incarnate has a very poor understanding of U.S. history, going back to the very beginning. Jackson, Lincoln, Wilson, FDR, and others have all left their marks. Donald Trump was just another U.S. president. As for "nearly destroying us", I can easily remember bigger and bloodier problems in the 60's and 70's (e.g. Vietnam War, Cold War, Civil Rights, Misery Index, etc.). Just because social media can amplify individual and group voices does not change the U.S. story arc that repeats itself just as it always has.
  17. No...this has never been true in practice...not politically...not socially, and especially not economically. Democrats were the party of slavery...and the GOP was founded by abolitionists. Roles and policies have morphed over the years, but some truths remain self evident. "Live and let live" applies to guns, free speech, association, religion, etc. The elitists want to forget that part, but the Jethros won't let them.
  18. This is the story of America...it is problems and conflicts that built a nation and keep the sizzle going. It starts with the U.S. Constitution, and it cuts both ways. The elitists can hate Jethro all they want, but Jethro doesn't care.
  19. True, but it is also a reflection of the mindset and group think of the Jethro haters. "Jethros" help to build America, and are still relevant today in many sectors. The urban elitists think they are superior, because it is very important to them to do so.
  20. Lots of people voted for Bill Clinton too, morals and ethics be damned. Morals and ethics usually take a back seat to "just win baby" for entrenched political parties in the USA, Canada, and most other nations. Trump rallied several factions and special interest groups to his cause and agenda to disrupt the current system. Guns, god, right-to-lifers, business, strong borders, isolationism, etc. brought many voters to his side. Repeatedly and so easily attacking Trump's base only made him stronger, and probably cost Hillary Clinton the 2016 election.
  21. Actually, Trump's support was and continues to be far more diverse than just the narrow "deplorables" demographic. Has to be because Trump got 74 million votes in the 2020 election (47%). Religion also plays a large role in Trump nation: https://www.pewresearch.org/short-reads/2021/08/30/most-white-americans-who-regularly-attend-worship-services-voted-for-trump-in-2020/
  22. Canada chokes on "woke", just like many other social justice labels routinely imported from the USA (BLM, #MeToo, Allyship, and Affirmative Action).


    1. I am Groot

      I am Groot

      All caused by the sewer which is American culture today.

    2. OftenWrong


      Poillievre has it right, and this article is just an attempt to obfuscate the criticisms leveled at our most un-prime minister.

    3. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      According to our PM we have no distinct culture, so we are forced to borrow from others , the fact we do borrow most US culture is a compliment to the US, "we want to be just like big brother" and for us we are just to lazy to invent our own... 

  23. Okay, but Fox News can still deduct the settlement to offset taxes and there may be some insurance too. Not as big a hit after all.
  24. Doesn't matter what I think...precedence in jury awards and the appeals process often reduces the amount considerably. What's so special about Trump and Carroll...politics and wealth ? The large Fox News judgement for Dominion will likely be reduced as well. Carroll's more serious claim of rape/sexual assault was not sustained in the end.
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