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  1. Not so much...the Democrat political base advocates modern day addiction to the government & social welfare state. Slavery by another name. Either way, people should vote the way they wish. Constitutional rights should be protected by all, regardless of the message.
  2. More Truth: Democratic Party was the party of slavery....Republicans were abolitionists. Regardless, Americans have the right to vote for any party of their choice...or not vote at all. Democrats are likely to lose some seats in Congress in November, and could lose control of the House and Senate. Happened to Trump, really happened to Obama, and many others before them. Gonna happen to Biden too.
  3. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled differently, overturning a lower court and affirming First Amendment rights for corporations, non-profits, and labour unions (among other groups). That is the U.S. political and judicial process, regardless of personal opinions about the outcome(s). "Elections have consequences" - President Barack Obama
  4. So what ? That is the political process in the United States. Clearly it has worked for the GOP. The U.S. Constitution can be an "inconvenient truth" that way.
  5. Demanding that America remain a world leader is still politicizing the move to alternative energy. About 80% of the world's economy was powered by fossil fuels as of 2019, hence the term "hydrocarbon economy". The United States (and allies) have a huge interest and investment in remaining the "leader" there as well.
  6. Clearly is is not a "loser party", holding more state legislature and governor offices than Democrats. The Democrats lost about 1,000 seats total to Republicans during the Obama presidency.
  7. In 2021, Republicans have full control of more state governments (23) compared to Democrats (15) and that includes more total population too. People vote for "right wing" candidates because they want to, the same reason that people vote for leftist "progressives". They are called elections for a reason..."this is what democracy looks like". https://www.atr.org/map/
  8. Sure...and the back pain for the teacher. When we were in shop class over 50 years ago, safety was not emphasized very much. There were big industrial woodworking machines, welding rigs, hazardous chemicals, compressed air, etc. "Shop Class" and the shop teachers were different...you expected to get hurt sooner or later. Just part of the deal.
  9. That's fine, but just goes with the territory for any civil rights activist, not just gender bending in public or private settings. This "guy" is pushing boundaries...same as many before him/her, with varied success for their cause. Methinks the student/educational environment aspect will be the biggest hurdle for any job action, but it is not a slam dunk either way. Maybe just another case of seeking litigation standing in the courts to break down LGBQT2SXYZ barriers.
  10. Fascinating story, but to be fair, anybody can buy large prosthetic breasts or nipples, even pierced ones. They are not cheap ! https://skinister.com/product/perks-prosthetic-nipples/ Should anybody be permitted to wear them...anywhere ? In the Great 21st Century Culture Wars, be careful what you wish for.
  11. Right...it only matters to you if it happens in another country...got it.
  12. Canada Trudeau calls overturn of Roe v. Wade 'horrific' ...great for politics in Canada too.
  13. OK...but the "rest of the world" still chooses America as #1 immigrant destination. Abortion politics will not impact that very much.
  14. Never should claim any such thing...and that includes other nations as well. This is just politics....
  15. OK...but several Canadian provinces have already done this for decades, particulary for easy access to abortions. Thousands of Canadian women sought abortions in the U.S. each year because of this.
  16. True....and the ironic part for this topic is that far more Canadian women have sought and received thousands of abortions in the United States because of various barriers to "abortion rights" access in several provinces.
  17. True...and this is where abortion as an inalienable right in the U.S. begins to break down. Health care professionals have enumerated rights that trump mandatory abortion services. Pharma developed safer abortifacients and morning after pills to provide another option, but some pharmacists refuse to dispense. Plan B is a prescription free "morning after" alternative. Abortion and gun rights...it never gets old !
  18. If the U.S. Supreme Court strikes down Roe v. Wade, it will only be correcting a self inflicted mistake, as unlimited access to abortion is most certainly not a constitutional right. Even health care is not a constitutional right, not even in Canada. As for the leak, suspect political motivations for mid-term elections....Democrats are sagging badly with Biden and need a rally cry. Roe v. Wade was also leaked...so not a big surprise: https://www.npr.org/2022/05/03/1096097236/roe-wade-original-ruling-leak Canadian women will still have abortion access in U.S. states that legalize (e.g. New York). Before tightened border access in the early 2000's, Canadians sought abortions in the U.S. by the thousands each year.
  19. Somewhere along the line, Americans lost sight of founding free speech principles, and I would hope that the Twitter acquisition by Musk will help restore some bedrock tenets in the private and public square: And yes, that includes hate speech...sorry Canada. Twitter will still have content limits for economic and legal reasons, but causing "progressive" meltdowns should not be one of them.
  20. Canada to buy F-35 JSF after all the Trudeau drama.   Suckers !

    1. sharkman


      That is so typical of the idiot Liberals at the helm…

    2. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      What once was a 9 bil investment, is now looking at 19 bil...had we bought them when the conservatives were in power we would have received all of them by now...but ya i guess they did not like the 9 bil price tag to cheap.....why can't we just fix the procurement process first....or can it be fixed...

  21. When I was a kid back in the 1960's, we played a world conquest board game called "Risk!". The board was basically a simplified political map of the world and I always wondered why the Ukraine was always depicted so oversized. Maybe 20th century world wars and Cold War just made it easier to map Ukraine in such a way. Turns out that Russian leaders have been jerking Ukraine's borders around going back to the Czars. Then it was Lenin, Stalin, and Khrushchev's turn to expand the borders for various important (Russian) reasons. So lets see how this latest trip down memory lane turns out.
  22. Cook more popcorn and watch Putin consolidate the Russian Federation objective. Ask NATO deadbeats if they are serious about defence spending yet.
  23. Nope again...NATO members agreed in 2014 (Wales Summit) to meet minimum defence spending levels as a percentage of GDP. Canada is still one of the deadbeats.
  24. Nope....Canada is doing far less because it cannot do more....purposely chose this path over many years. Nope again....Several U.S. presidents beyond Trump have consistently admonished deadbeat NATO members for their defence spending levels. Canada cares more about getting U.S. defence spending contracts (e.g. F-35 JSF) than investing in its own military.
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