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  1. The digital IDs are a tool for government control and compliance as are so called 15 minute cities . OTTAWA — The federal government has presented a new health-care funding offer that would see Ottawa shift $196 billion to the provinces and territories over the next 10 years in exchange for commitments to massively upgrade health-care data collection and digital medical records https://ca.news.yahoo.com/trudeau-present-health-care-offer-090000116.html
  2. Muckraking by the Star, but Tory broke the rules
  3. That’s a wrap for the EA inquiry.  IMO the government has failed to prove the need for it but will not pay a price.  There will be no consequences, not even for lying under oath.

  4. I gave up on mine 3 years ago as it quit working and couldn't find anyone to update it.
  5. I would say that's the end game, or, we give it all back then pay exorbitant rent.
  6. Why do women keep impregnating each other like this



    1. sharkman


      Huh, can you throw me a bone on this one?

    2. OftenWrong


      Sure, sharkman. When in prison, keep yer soap on a rope!   ;) 

  7. PP is pulling big crowds as he appeals to the worker bees, he is more of a libertarian but other than the crypto currency thing I like him. The Case for Poilievre. Why Poilievre is right choice for… | by Regan P. Watts | Apr, 2022 | Medium
  8. So what's with the hysteria and  who lines up at a LCBO for hours to pick up a rapid test kit showing no symptoms? 

    And, if these test kits where manufactured months ago, how can they detect the new variant? 

  9. The CBSA has confirmed that unvaccinated migrants can cross into Canada at illegal border crossings like Roxham Road.

    Meanwhile, as of today, unvaccinated Canadians can no longer board trains or planes.  This makes no sense.


  10. Maybe CNN is reforming because of the ownership change. We should all be worried about the utter lack of integrity exhibited by news media companies. John Malone Wants CNN to Evolve 'Back to Actual Journalism' (mediaite.com)
  11. Lee Valley Tools is having a supply problem, Not looking good all the way round for the winter and purchasing goods.ca.news.yahoo.com/lee-valley-warns-customers-delays-133836557.htmlCanadian retailer Lee Valley Tools has a bleak warning for anyone looking to get their hands on high-end garden shears, brass escutcheons or crokinole boards any time soon: good luck.
  12. It's not racist to question why people choose to live on unsustainable reserves where they have to be supported by the rest of Canada. How can they ever become self sustaining and independent if they continue to live there, and how can their children not suffer depression from living in such a place.
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