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  1. Why do women keep impregnating each other like this



    1. sharkman


      Huh, can you throw me a bone on this one?

    2. OftenWrong


      Sure, sharkman. When in prison, keep yer soap on a rope!   ;) 

  2. PP is pulling big crowds as he appeals to the worker bees, he is more of a libertarian but other than the crypto currency thing I like him. The Case for Poilievre. Why Poilievre is right choice for… | by Regan P. Watts | Apr, 2022 | Medium
  3. So what's with the hysteria and  who lines up at a LCBO for hours to pick up a rapid test kit showing no symptoms? 

    And, if these test kits where manufactured months ago, how can they detect the new variant? 

  4. The CBSA has confirmed that unvaccinated migrants can cross into Canada at illegal border crossings like Roxham Road.

    Meanwhile, as of today, unvaccinated Canadians can no longer board trains or planes.  This makes no sense.


  5. Maybe CNN is reforming because of the ownership change. We should all be worried about the utter lack of integrity exhibited by news media companies. John Malone Wants CNN to Evolve 'Back to Actual Journalism' (mediaite.com)
  6. Lee Valley Tools is having a supply problem, Not looking good all the way round for the winter and purchasing goods.ca.news.yahoo.com/lee-valley-warns-customers-delays-133836557.htmlCanadian retailer Lee Valley Tools has a bleak warning for anyone looking to get their hands on high-end garden shears, brass escutcheons or crokinole boards any time soon: good luck.
  7. It's not racist to question why people choose to live on unsustainable reserves where they have to be supported by the rest of Canada. How can they ever become self sustaining and independent if they continue to live there, and how can their children not suffer depression from living in such a place.
  8. There are two topics that haven’t been mentioned so far in this election which are:   the Winnipeg Lab Breach & The Pandemic Response and Spending Reports. They were due to come out shortly after this election was coincidentally called.

    Would Trudeau go to this length to coverup more corruption ?

    1. OftenWrong


      Winnipeg lab breach, you say? "Quick, look over there!"


  9. The Canadian Labour Congress is attacking O'Toole with a lie which is a problem because many or most believe them without checking. According to them Hidden in Conservative platform: An attack on public pensions and EI | Canadian Labour Congress This is an outright lie. Gig workers do not pay into CPP now because they are contract workers, the CPC is helping them. The Conservative Party is promising to create tax-free savings accounts that provide gig workers with access to the Canada Pension Plan and employment insurance benefits. While out on the federal election campaign trail on Thursday, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole said the coronavirus pandemic has demonstrated the need for these accounts because gig workers currently can’t pay into the CPP and don’t qualify for EI benefits. “What this program does is it actually creates an employee savings account,” Hoback said, “and every time they work for a company, no matter who they are, the company will make their portion of contributions for EI and Canada Pension, and the employees can contribute to that account.” Hoback backs Conservative party promise for gig workers | battlefordsNOW
  10. Yup, and they don't explain what this use it or lose it really means, and how these fears of Trudeau's dictatorial tendencies are not conspiracy theories. Lately this is nothing but a thinly veiled attempt to impose socialism on us, we should all be equally poor. What's in your wallet.
  11. What does this mean, we have no property rights, use it or lose it? Is this, we will expropriate your property so we can jam in some high density housing. Live in a nice area with a double severed lot, own a piece of land you are waiting to build on, nope, we will take it ? This is expropriation taken from the Russian Bolshevik revolution of 1917. If the government officials like your property and you don’t want to sell it they can deem it 'not used properly' so can take it away from you. https://liberal.ca/housing/give-cities-the-tools-to-speed-up-housing-construction/ [i]We will also work with municipalities within this program to identify vacant or underused property that should be converted to housing on the principle of use it or lose it – that core urban land should be available for new housing, not left vacant as an unproductive investment property.[/i]
  12. Loud anti vaxxers aside, IMO people are leaving because of his narcistic arrogance in calling an unnecessary election during Covid Finally caught on to his lies and broken promises People are walking up to the fact that Trudeau is dishonest and cannot/will not tell the truth His poor handling of the Afghan situation IMO he is also lagging because people are now hearing O'Toole and his platform more clearly and like what they hear and see. I believe he will try to form a coalition government with Singh, how long that lasts, who knows.
  13. The liberals announced they will now refer to COVID-19 as our "viral brothers".

  14. I'm not getting too excited, it's too early, I'm still betting on a Liberal minority.
  15. This video of Marc Garneau is painful to watch. He wants to wait and see if the Taliban are going to run a peaceful government and he thinks Canada has done great job responding to the crisis. To quote Jen Gerson on Twitter, "the moral nothingness of these people"... https://fb.watch/7toA32Ks-t/
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