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  1. Actually he did lose. And we with him.
  2. Otoole did well. From a unknown and 15 pts back to keeping it a minority. The party needs to get back to centre which he tried to do. But you don't change a party in 36 days.
  3. Unfortunately the majority of canadians have no idea what goes outside their daily lives. So sad, we once had a great strong and proud nation.
  4. I am sure after trudeau gets back in, the chinese will sell us some stuff. Lol
  5. Sad when Canada can no longer be trusted by our allies. He has ruined this country for good.
  6. They don't understand. Just like the 1000's of jobs solar farms were to create in Ont.
  7. Key word us spending. Trudeau doesn't spend, he pisses it against the wall. Huge difference that Yz doesn't understand.
  8. IMO If someone cant see the difference, then they should not bother voting or even discussing it. Canada is teetering on the cliffs edge of a disaster and voting anyone but con this time is dangerous.
  9. Ok you love Trudeau. Then just go vote for him.
  10. I am at the point now, that i called my doctor to have mine removed. 😂
  11. Cleaner Gov working for the country. Not trying to build a post natural state or whatever Trudeau calls it.
  12. Cons will be a totally different gov. Get people in that have a idea of what to do. Run the country, not the world. Trudeau has been a colossal clusterfuck.
  13. Trudeau is screwed. Another minority he gets show the door.
  14. Gut feeling Trudeau will do alot worse then what the polls are saying.
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