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  1. Not blaming him for that, just the liberal view that a criminal is a victim too.
  2. 300,000. But remember in Trudeau land a criminal is a victim to.
  3. No I don't. War sucks. But when Hamas broke the cease fire Oct 7th, they new Israel would come after them. Now Israel is not humting women and kids like Hamas did Oct 7th. Israel has done alot for peace, including giving them 98% of their demands, but Arafat said no. If only he said yes, what it could be like today. Also the only country that protects the gay population, where hamas and others would wipe them out. And hamas doesn't care about the babies or they wouldn't use them as shields.
  4. Seems now that the IDF opened corridors, and hamas stop the people. And the proof is there that hamas are using hosps as command centre's. Hamas doesn't care about the Palestinians, they just want to kill jews. It's sad that so many people support hamas, they are pure evil. Israel has done everything to have peace, but Arafat said no to every deal. And hamas after slaughtering the leaders of the Palestinian authority, will never ever talk peace.
  5. Israel has bent over so many times for peace, only to be told no. Hamas by their own words, only mission is not to govern, but to kill every jew. What more is it going to take.
  6. Is it racist to see how our tax dollars are being spent?
  7. NDP is done. Nothing but a bunch of activists. They are no longer the party of the worker, they've lost that to the Cons. I watched some of their convention, it was sad. Seemed so unorganized. To much hate in that party.
  8. We don't have the infrastructure for all electric cars. And if we produce less oil, it will to expensive to make anything out of it.
  9. Mcguinty resigned because of the teachers. The ornge heli scandal?
  10. Jag will prop Trudeau up till the last minute. They both know they are going to be out of a job.lol
  11. The only reason for the gov funding of the media was to keep the TO STAR afloat.
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