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  1. Or acted faster,could have been less deaths.
  2. That's his job. He wasn't in any danger. Lol
  3. If Trudeau only sat down with them at the start,instead of insulting them and slamming the door in their face. This could have easily be avoided. Lack of leadership at the top.
  4. The 416, not the rest of us. But what I want to know,can we use this act when our trains get blocked again?
  5. What they can do ,is start filling cabinet position on merit, not gender or skin colour. Best person gets the job.
  6. We do have stories of vets being pushed that way.
  7. Like I said I have worked hard, and doing well. These people need to STFU and get back to work. Not my.fault they want everything up front. What was sad was the new employees who hardly have spent anytime in the work force, screaming for more. And I would love to see how many actually wanted to strike.
  8. Because they don't care, it's all about them. I and many others are happy to have leadership again in this province.
  9. Yes mike they did. It was a joke. They are all jokes. Why protest and whine about having it so tough in front of retail people ,that have been struggling to stay afloat. Do you understand what "poor optics" is? Or you think this action by so-called education workers is just fine?
  10. Business investments in Canada are plunging, but going up in the states.
  11. Why not? It would have been easier to get where I am now. And having a OMERS Pension is like winning a lottery. But the sad part. They didn't protest in front of schools,they did it on main street, using up parking spots for the merchants, even using a parking lot of a small grocery store, for the whole day. Playing music and eating pizza. Showed their true arrogance. It's all about them, but yet carrying signs that's its about the students. Big joke.
  12. I live a comfortable life. Country setting along a river. Amazing what you can do with hard work and living within your means. Without benefits. But when I hear the NDP saying these people need to work 2 - 3 jobs to get by, I just laugh.
  13. I know many that work those jobs, I will trade my retail job for their better pay , benefits and a OMERS pension. I like many, are tired of the constant whining and greed. For the union to ask for what they did, KNEW Ford would say no. They are just looking for a fight and hopefully get the Libs back in power, so they can get whatever they want.
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