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  1. Never in my 60 yrs have i seen my country so divided or so full of hate. It was never this bad under anyone else. We're screwed.
  2. I meant for our Military. It seems The Feds have to start over on that purchase again. You know like the ships and planes we need.
  3. And we can't even buy a handgun. Sad.
  4. On the WMDs, I think they knew Saddam had them because america sold them to him. And I think he shipped it all off to Iran, before the invasion.
  5. Just like my elders that put their childhoods on hold to go to war. Twice.
  6. Small group. His numbers will go up anyways.lol
  7. People fight this every step if the way, then bitch because we are still dealing with it. The earth is sick.over population, countries going backwards instead of forward because of religion. Countries and militaries been playing with this crap for yrs. Lets go back to the start. I believe this did start in china and the timeline with that and the 2 chinese scientists being kicked out of the country, and we are not allowed to know. Something smell fishy. And doug ford is getting it left right and centre and where is trudeau? Media running interference for him?
  8. Occam's razor? We are polluted, over populated, to many countries/military playing around with this crap. Seems the problem is not enough people died. But now just starting to understand the "long covid" How much future health dollars will be spent on long term heart and lung problems?
  9. Everyone. No matter what you call it.
  10. This proves Trudeau supporters are just as bad or worse then Trump supporters. The same people that crucified Trump ( which he needed to be) but yet look the other way with Trudeau. There is very little difference between the 2. And that is scary.
  11. Tired of the experts. Nobody know the full story and if this new one turns out to be mild then good. Maybe we will turn the corner. Hosp numbers i would like to see , is deaths caused by delays due to the unvaccinated taking up the beds. How many cancer treatments had to be cancelled and so on?
  12. Or go to a empty parking lot and find out what the vehicle will and will not do.
  13. I work in a small town, live in the country. Most have done their duty. We are almost normal. Even with curbside most small businesses made it thru up to this point.Great local support made the difference.
  14. Learns from his mistake, unlike the one federal leader with nice hair, we all know. Lol
  15. I hear people talk about health issues as a reason to not vax. I know a few. But how many people in old age homes that some probably have every health issue going are fine today after receiving the vax? How many people in this thread almost died from it?
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