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  1. Oooops...forgot Tito. Davorjanka Paunović.
  2. Clara Petacci. Olga Lepeshinskaya. Samira Shahbandar.
  3. Fascism makes sense to a disturbing number of Canadians. But if we check our history, the Natives and Japanese in particular can tell us Canada is a hair's width away from locking people up at the best of times as well as the worst.
  4. Trump-dity Trump-dity Trump Trump Trump.
  5. CBC has decided to tackle the problem by limiting posts in support of the truckers.
  6. For sure...the Eva Braun effect. But the reality is that we're all being led down the garden path to a place not advertised in the concentration camp brochure.
  7. It must be sexual if you think about it: actually wanting strong voices to order you around.
  8. Govern me harder, Daddy. ....came the cry from the Left.
  9. You WILL own nothing AND be happy. Remember that.
  10. Knowing history is important to understanding the world today...which is why it isn't taught...lol. For example...your last post...Palestine was Judaea Samaria while historical Jesus lived. It was change by the Romans (Hadrian) to Syria Palaestina at the end of the Jewish-Roman Wars...well after the J-man's death. A sort of punishment after Hadrian expelled them from their homes. The Romans were like that...
  11. Meh, many pretend it is the stuff of science fiction....man made viruses...and that villainy would never exist on a global scale. Both proven incorrect by history.
  12. Live now...show your support
  13. Fucking cites...nobody cares or looks...but it's used as a bludgeon. "The sky is blue." "Cite!!!!" "Uhhhhh...." "Not true!!! Not true!!! Not true!!!"
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