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  1. Nonsense. "Many others have to also pay a price." Your words. The law applies to all religious symbols. Like I said, I don't like this law but it's not my top concern either. Muslims are treated far better in the western world than Christians in the Middle East. While there have been instances of attacks and bigotry here(inexcusable) they are certainly not comparable to the Middle East. Christians under fire in the Middle East |The Queens Village Republican Club Online (qvgop.org) Christianity in the Middle East - Wikipedia Could you explain why Muslims are flocking in HUGE numbers to live in the western democracies while at the same time virtually nobody is migrating to the Middle East? Why is that?
  2. More anti-Jewish sermons found in Canadian mosques (cjnews.com) WATCH: Canadian Imam Calls Muslim Jew-Hatred ‘Just, Logical’ (breitbart.com) It appears certain people can say these things without fear of being charged with hate speech.
  3. That particular case doesn't come across as bad parenting, it comes across as utter stupidity and over reach from the side of the law. She can believe she is anything or anybody(as children do) and you say the parent has no right to gently set the record straight when the time comes?
  4. Does society really gain anything with this culture of victimhood constantly thrown about? I can't change what's happened in the past nor am I responsible for any past sins like slavery or indigenous history. I do think people within some of these groups do it primarily because it can be very lucrative(BLM founders for one). You say the law in Quebec was implemented specifically for Muslims..but it's hidden in the language. Does it not say all religious symbols? Yet you interpret the law as being targeted against only Muslims. I personally don't care for this law but I'm not getting worked up over it either. I wouldn't really want to deal with someone wearing the niquab like they are forced to in Afghanistan for instance. Any other religious symbol, who cares? You mentioned attacks against Muslims and their places of worship. I think that's horrible. That sort of thing is widely condemned in western society. Christians under attack in the Muslim world doesn't get the same condemnation.
  5. They have, and they will continue to do so with Bill C-36. Opinion: Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act is back. And that’s not even the bad news - The Globe and Mail
  6. Of course. Along the lines of not yelling fire in a crowded theatre. Libel and slanderous statements are usually dealt with in court. I think the courts are the proper place to deal with these issues and not human rights tribunals.
  7. Apparently not many people are watching this network which seems to indicate a lack of demand. Yet they continue. GUNTER: As CBC ratings plummet, they ask for more taxpayer dollars | Toronto Sun
  8. Nothing. I happen to believe in free speech and the live and let live principle, as long as it doesn't infringe upon my own rights or those of anyone else. Canada is not like Saudi Arabia or Iran(lgbtq/Islam like oil and water). This constant victimhood thing has gone on too long in western society.
  9. We do have to be very careful not to offend certain identifiable groups here in Canada like the lgbtq etc etc or Muslims.
  10. It's pretty low when people working for any political party start interfering with the campaign of their rivals. They should be punished accordingly as well. I may end up being surprised if George Chahal faces actually faces serious consequences for his actions but I think that because of his political affiliation it's more likely he won't.
  11. It seems that those who voted for the Liberals did not do so because they like the Liberal stance on law and order. Or perhaps they did now that I think about it.🤔 Former Liberal MP to serve no jail time for stalking, assaulting his ex and her new boyfriend | The Post Millennial Nothing serious about that crime is there? Doug Ford bashes justice system after man accused of killing Toronto police officer granted bail | National Post This guy is charged with killing a cop by running him over, pretty horrific as are all murders. The rights of the accused come first never mind the victim. This is a pretty Liberal justice system.
  12. I think the fact that there is actual video and his team is not denying it is pretty solid proof. His excuse for doing it is pretty lame as well. If I had to bet on how this turns out, likely nothing more than a gentle slap on the wrist...behind closed doors. And it will quickly vanish from the news cycle. He won't be treated like Conservative Dean Del Mastro who overspent on his election campaign and tried to cover it up. The image of him in shackles was displayed prominently by the media. And it's highly unlikely George Chahal only did this on one person's doorstep and no others.
  13. There was actually a pretty big investigation into the robocall affair at that time. I remember virtually every day when I opened the Ottawa Citizen there it was, on the front page day after day for a very long time. I imagine it was the same for all the other big newspapers across the country. After all that constant coverage and investigation by reporters and Elections Canada, the evidence was not sufficient to provide reasonable grounds that an offense was committed. At the end of the day just one low level staffer was found guilty of one violation of the Elections Act. A dirty, underhanded thing to be sure, but only one person charged. I've said it before on here, the what isn't all that important, who(does it involve someone from the political left or right?) it concerns will determine how much time the story spends in the news cycle. Justin Trudeau is the perfect example with the blackface past and his problem with ethics violations. A conservative politician wouldn't be able to survive that, the media would be in constant attack mode. In other news, SNC Lavalin is making headlines again. BREAKING: RCMP charge SNC-Lavalin and two former executives with fraud, forgery, conspiracy | The Post Millennial The timing of the charges is convenient, right after the election is over.
  14. So this topic is titled Why Canadians re-elected a Liberal government. Now here is a young Liberal that got elected in Calgary. In fact the only Liberal. A good candidate for a cabinet position they say. A young Liberal and a person of colour, things that make him more appealing to the left. Oh wait! What's this? Voter, opponent shocked to see Calgary Liberal MP-elect replace election flyer on security video | CBC News He certainly has about the same amount of ethics as any typical Liberal. This won't hurt him either.
  15. It's more about what's coming down the pipe, namely the freedom to voice your opinion if it doesn't happen to be popular. Seems a lot of conservatives get blocked/banned already from Youtube, Facebook, Twitter. Trudeau Liberals' 'censorship czar' will make Canada's internet among 'most censored and surveilled': Advocacy group | The Post Millennial If you read the above link it does mention $70,000 fines or house arrest. Specifically promoting "detestation or vilification" and yes, "hurtful comments". All courtesy of Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government.
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