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  1. I would say no because this entirely legitimate story was suppressed by big tech and the MSM in order to help Joe Biden. And the MSM and 50 so-called intelligence "experts" lied about the story. They knew it was legit, but they chose to lie about it. Had this story been allowed to circulate as it should have, it may very well have had some impact on the election.
  2. According to the video I watched (Scotty Kilmer) he was suggesting that it's more likely that EV's will be written off if they sustain any kind of damage to the batteries.
  3. This theory has been floating around for a long time. All the left-leaning news sources seem to be running it as if it were totally irrefutable. It depends what you read. Another source may cast doubt and point out inconsistencies in the theory. Pinkerton: Carter, Reagan, and American Hostages in Iran: NYT Goes Back to 1980 to Smear Republicans (breitbart.com) I wouldn't say this story is completely implausible but I'm not convinced it's 100% true right now either. Jimmy Carter is a good man but he was a failure as President.
  4. On the flip side, can you point to any evidence that suggests Justin Trudeau is competent? Or ethical?
  5. Nothing unreasonable there. Parents should be concerned if boys are using girls restrooms or locker rooms. And of course parental consent should be needed if the teachers decide to change a child's gender, pronouns or name. Good on Lauren Boebert.
  6. Another thing to consider about EV's is the insurance aspect and what happens when the car and the huge battery sustain damage. Here is what the insurance companies are doing: This Just Killed the Future of Electric Cars - YouTube Yes, the titles of many of these videos are misleading compared to the actual content. But the content of this short video gives us something else to think about with governments around the world pushing hard for EV's.
  7. It's not just in case someone tries to suppress information, it's already been happening. Lot's of stories and opinions have been suppressed/censored by big tech and their friends in the political world in order to benefit one side. I'm not a techie by any stretch of the imagination but I do think more people should use VPN's for their devices.
  8. The fact that this woman is a rock star among the left shows just how low they have set the bar. She is a highly divisive, ill-informed radical. What a disgrace!
  9. But on your own link, "Click to learn why Climate Change is caused by HUMANS" I find there is a YouTube video link that you posted. I don't have a problem with YouTube links on here. I have posted enough of them and have been introduced to some pretty good channels posted by others. As for the immigration topic. I'm on the side that thinks current immigration levels are too high given the housing and health care problems facing Canadians. Then there is the discussion about assimilation vs multiculturalism.
  10. More on the Chevy Bolt from Driving.ca: Chevy offering Bolt customers rebates to tamp out American lawsuits | Driving Chevy Bolt EV subject to Canadian class-action over batteries | Driving GM has cut the price a bit in the US but in Canada it's still a $40,000 car. I used to check out Driving.ca once a week or so in the past but I just lost interest in the site. Looking at it right now I can see I haven't missed much.
  11. I would place most of the blame for that on the media. They have not stopped attacking him since day one. All the while, they virtually ignore and/or censor any and all improprieties on the Democrat side of the aisle.
  12. It's pretty costly to subsidize this kind of business. Chris Selley: Canada's needless corporate welfare for Volkswagen just insults our intelligence (msn.com) In other news, Tesla is going to build a new plant in Mexico. Presumably the cost of labour is a big factor.
  13. SVB hired woke board obsessed with diversity, invested $5BN for 'healthier planet' | Daily Mail Online Silicon Valley Bank pushed 'woke' programs ahead of collapse (nypost.com) A head of risk management at Silicon Valley Bank spent considerable time spearheading multiple “woke” LGBTQ+ programs, including a “safe space” for coming-out stories, as the firm raced toward collapse. Jay Ersapah, the boss of financial risk management at SVB’s UK branch, launched initiatives such as the company’s first month-long Pride campaign and a new blog emphasizing mental health awareness for LGBTQ+ youth. It seems like they were too busy concentrating on woke initiatives and remained oblivious to the financial part of running a bank.
  14. It's not racist in any way and it's a sad attempt by Mary Ng and Trudeau to deflect attention. Clearly she does not want to offend China in any way.
  15. I think it's more accurate to say that Postmedia has much more loyalty to Trudeau and his Liberals since they have been on the government payroll. But I would agree that most of the newspapers in Canada are rags. I don't think Trudeau ever cared about the Chinese interference because he considered it to be helpful to the Liberals. He most certainly knew about it at the time.
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