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  1. More of the woke agenda from Team Biden: US Department of State celebrates 'International Pronoun Day' | The Post Millennial
  2. I didn't recall Baldwin's accusations against Cheney years ago with respect to that shooting incident. Now it seems that those accusations are being glossed over. Alec Baldwin's Name Removed From Article Calling Dick Cheney Terrorist for Shooting Accident After Baldwin Shoots, Kills Woman on Set - The Dissenter (disntr.com)
  3. On the surface it seems like that cop was justified in that shooting so perhaps wrongfully should be replaced by justified. Nobody should get any satisfaction from Baldwin's situation either. A life was lost and that's tragic.
  4. I recall a funny but pretty accurate comment on Merkel by Alex Jones. He said something to the effect that Merkel was "like a reverse Hitler" in that she invited outsiders to invade Germany. Same thing happening here, more foolish policies from the lefties.
  5. m) I think most media outlets are pretty left leaning but they don't admit it. LILLEY: Let's talk about CBC and their very obvious bias | Toronto Sun Seems to me that any stories that are harmful to the Liberals don't last very long in the news cycle. Debate moderator Rosemary Barton looks pretty pleased to get a selfie with HRH Justin Trudeau. A federal judge confirmed the CBC is a sham, by Candace Malcolm - Puget Sound Radio And some stories, as I mentioned before, the CBC has little choice but to cover but not for too long if it goes against the Liberal narrative. Apart from Rex Murphy ,formerly of the CBC, how many others in the CBC today can you name that would be of the conservative mindset?
  6. Even the CBC sometimes has to report on stories that don't help their friends in the Liberal party. I am certain that when they do report on it they do it with great reluctance.
  7. Here's a new story about a recent school shooting. Pretty serious one would think but he got released pretty quickly.
  8. More transgender insanity, this from the UK. Women prisoners who misgender transgender inmates may face punishment: UK justice minister | The Post Millennial
  9. You do have some kind of electronic device made with rare earth minerals on the inside and it's wrapped in plastic which comes from the petroleum industry. A lot of BC's electricity comes from hydroelectric but I suppose you are opposed to that because it does have some impact on the environment. What other things do you want modern society to give up?
  10. Morons? Clearly you're having a difficult time making your point without resorting to insults. I still think FOX is head and shoulders above CNN and the rest. FOX has some less than stellar personalities(Cavuto, Chris Wallace) but most of their shows are pretty well done. As I have pointed out before, they do have Democratic contributors as well. CNN is probably the worst of the worst overall.
  11. When it comes to nuclear power, I am ALL IN! Unfortunately, the radical environmentalists that apparently seem to hold way too much influence in this country will not allow more nuclear energy. I still firmly want to have a strong oil and gas industry in this country because we need it.
  12. So you want to keep Alberta oil in the ground? I'm curious how you feel about the oil that Canada imports from places like Saudi Arabia. You don't like Canadian oil but do you also want a total ban on all foreign oil imports as well? If so, please explain what daily life will be like without oil. I like heat in the winter, how about you? What replaces the energy from oil and gas? I see that one of your interests is "fighting economic growth" so I can't wait to hear your answer. (I hope you're not going to suggest we live as the Indians once did, teepees and wigwams!)🤔
  13. I've never heard of this site before. You apparently don't think much of it so are you saying the story is false and that these files were not deleted?
  14. I think around half of americans have lost their minds. How has it ever come to this? I think one major reason is the level of hard left indoctrination in universities and colleges by ultra-radical tenured professors. I watch the videos from Campus Reform on Youtube and I can't believe just how dim and uninformed so many of these students are. These kids are getting fed crazy ideas at an even earlier age now. Critical thinking is in short supply.
  15. It's not a stretch to say FOX has a conservative slant but I find they simply report the news more fairly. And for you to not mention how utterly dismal CNN, MSNBC and the rest of the MSM are is astonishing. Brian Stelter of CNN is sadly typical of how the MSM carry water for the Democrats. Maybe it's why their ratings are lower than FOX?
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