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  1. I could have stated that much better. While not leaving, they are having a smaller presence in California, primarily because of the massive problem of theft. I believe California also has a very high level of taxation which doesn't help either. To be fair to California, I recently saw a disturbing video from someplace in British Columbia. Lots of homeless people on the street, open drug use. It was disgusting. So it can happen here in Canada too.
  2. All is not perfect in California and the same can be said for many other places. But one must ask, why are people and businesses leaving California? Businesses Are Fleeing California Along With Its Residents, And President Biden Should Pay Attention (forbes.com) Why some tech companies and billionaires are leaving California (cnbc.com) I know there are lots of beautiful places in California and the weather must be amazing, but I've also seen some truly shocking images of the utter filth in the streets. Not to mention the soft on crime policy. Some big chain stores are leaving because of that. They cannot stay in business if it's practically legal to steal. California Stores Closing Early As Unpunished Theft Explodes (thefederalist.com)
  3. Is there anyone here on the left side that truly believes that California is the model that the rest of the country should aspire to? The serious problems listed by reason10 are very real. The idea of reparations to blacks is a bad idea but it's not surprising that it may come to pass in a place like California.
  4. I'm curious as to what some of your favourite news sources are. Can you share? And again, you talk about my "programming" but you clearly only watch news sources that you feel are agreeing with your narrative. We rely on different sources and often come to totally different conclusions. I do not think that the government should be funding news agencies that will be covering them. It's a waste of taxpayer dollars.
  5. How does that not also apply to your favourite news sources like CTV, CBC or Global? The Social? True North is not on the public dime either.
  6. True North is one of the best news sources in Canada and this is another shameless plug for them by me.
  7. I don't see what the big deal is with this ASA. I do see Ottawa( the Liberals) using this as yet another example of not letting a crisis go to waste and demonizing Alberta yet again. And no, the ASA is not a crisis in any way,shape or form.
  8. Donald Trump was openly critical of European countries making energy deals with Putin. He said it made much more sense to let the US supply that energy instead of untrustworthy Putin. He was right.
  9. But you guys also hate natural gas too, don't you? I don't think anyone who disagrees with my points read a link I posted earlier. Three things Biden has done that increased gas prices | Washington Examiner Since taking office, Biden has taken too many steps to count to limit domestic production. These include halting federal permits for oil and gas drilling and leasing shortly after taking office and blocking drilling in a major oil-rich Alaskan region. To be clear, these decisions will mostly affect future production. But that does still significantly affect gas prices because companies factor in their expectations about the future into the decisions they make today. “Some say that new leases … would have taken time and would not yet be online, but even so, there is evidence that expectations of increased future supply has a beneficial impact on current prices and expectations of future supply drying up has a negative impact on current prices,” the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Ben Lieberman said. “At a day-to-day level, I am hearing from drillers that they are having a very hard time getting all the approvals they need from [the Environmental Protection Agency] and other agencies in order to produce on existing wells, and of course, new federal leasing has come to a halt,” Lieberman added. It’s just basic economics that when the government throttles future supply in an industry, that will lead to higher prices both now and in the future. Biden was warned by many critics at the time that this would happen, but he proceeded anyway.
  10. Why Biden energy policies have contributed to surging oil prices (nypost.com) How about these reasons? 25 Biden policies raising gas prices and other energy costs - Americans for Prosperity Three things Biden has done that increased gas prices | Washington Examiner When Biden says he will forbid drilling or any new leases that impacts the decisions oil companies make right now. There are reasons that oil prices skyrocketed when Biden took office, and also reasons why oil prices were much cheaper when Trump was running the show.
  11. I would want it a reasonable distance from my house as I really prefer open spaces. I sure would not want to see any wind turbines around either. People are complaining about price gouging by big oil companies and that's fair enough. It's also fair to ask why oil company price gouging wasn't an issue when Trump was President. It has to do with Biden's energy policy. He has repeatedly stated "no more drilling!" and he then has to go to the Saudi's begging for more oil production. Simply put, the regulatory and legislative agenda of the Biden administration has pushed to restrict and, where possible, eliminate drilling for oil and natural gas in the United States.
  12. In the Michael Schellenberger presentations I've seen so far, he does back up what he says with graphs and charts. If you claim he's merely an uneducated, unqualified "personality" then surely must have the same opinion of people like Al Gore and Greta Thunberg. The same could apply to Jennifer Granholm, US Energy Secretary. She has a Batchelor of Arts degree and a Juris Doctor from Harvard Law School. No degrees in science that I've seen. The world gets constantly lectured by woke politicians and brainless celebrities like DeCaprio about climate change. Schellenberger brings up accurate facts about wind and solar that we should all think about. They take up an enormous amount of land which does have an impact on wildlife and the environment. They cannot produce power on demand. There are valid unanswered questions about what happens to this equipment at the end of its life cycle. If you want the entire world to go all in with wind and solar, I can't begin to fathom how much resources will be consumed, how much wildlife will be displaced and/or face extinction. Wind and solar still require vast amounts of resources in the form of infrastructure and mining. Canada, the US and Mexico do have the capacity to support our own oil and gas needs without OPEC. Our political leaders just don't have the will. Nuclear is the way to go. Not perfect but way more reliable than depending on steady wind and sunshine. Schellenberger voted for Biden too.
  13. Don't take it from me, take it from Michael Schellenberger. I'm not entirely against wind and solar, I'm just not convinced they will solve all or most of our problems. Not to mention the problems that are created by wind and solar. There is a very interesting fact stated in this video regarding Germany and their rush to wind and solar. Had they invested the same amount in nuclear, they would be getting 100% of its energy for electricity from a zero-emission source.
  14. This article from Lorne Gunter sums it pretty well. There was no real threat from the convoy, it was only in the minds of some Liberals. GUNTER: Tardy Trudeau shows comtempt, again (msn.com)
  15. I'm pointing out that even with all the output from those wind farms there is still an energy crisis in the UK. I am all for domestic oil and gas production. I'll shrug off your latest insult just knowing you're the kind of person that wouldn't dare say it to anyone's face.
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