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  1. Who was the man in charge that ended up arming the Taliban with billions in military hardware? Which man wanted to stop the Iran deal and who wanted to keep handing checks to the Ayatollah's? Are worldwide tensions demonstrably higher under Biden or not?
  2. It can't be argued that there are more wars and escalating tensions now under old Joe. It wasn't like this under Trump. Just sayin'.
  3. He is not wrong on the issue of affordability though. It's worse than ever now for young people. Granted, he's not the most eloquent speaker. And now Iran has reportedly launched drones against Israel. Biden supporters said all this wouldn't happen under the 'vastly experienced' Joe Biden. Conflicts are getting bigger.
  4. The steady, experienced hand of Joe Biden to lead the free world. He's always been in over his head as president, but to be fair, it is not him that is making the big decisions behind closed doors. That would be Obama's team.
  5. The military has a serious recruitment problem. I wonder why? https://obbc.ca/menstrual-products-now-in-mens-washrooms-at-canadian-military-bases-soon-at-all-federally-regulated-workplaces/
  6. Biden has a big advantage in that Trump can only appeal to male and female voters while Biden can gain the support of all the other genders out there who will never vote Republican.
  7. I think any reasonable person would assume those people are Democrats that are threatening to walk away from the plantation. They're not threatening that they won't support Donald Trump. IOW, they are putting pressure on their own party.
  8. If you read the article, Biden is trying to court them. He does want to win Michigan, and he's willing to go to great lengths to get their support. He couldn't care less what they were chanting. It doesn't bother him in the least that these people are on American soil.
  9. https://thefederalist.com/2024/04/08/joe-biden-is-now-chasing-the-death-to-america-voter/ It was Al-Quds Day last Friday. To celebrate the occasion, protesters in Dearborn, Michigan, chanted “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” while a speaker named Tarek Bazzi declared the United States — a place that’s afforded him the liberty to openly support rapists, murderers, and terrorists — one of the “rottenest countries” on the planet. “It’s the entire system that has to go,” he explained to cheers of, what I assume, were American citizens. As Seth Mandel notes, there’s Charlottesville every other day in America, and barely anyone on the left cares. Most progressives, let’s face it, either tacitly or openly support these days of rage. Biden, it should be noted, is a vacuous political zombie who has never met a position he hasn’t dropped for a vote. Today, he is surrounded by Obama-era advisers and Hamas sympathizers — though I repeat myself — who have long wanted the U.S. to be aligned with mullahs of Iran, as a counterbalance to colonialist Western capitalists of Israel. And now that Democrats like Chuck Schumer have sold out the Jews to the vultures for a few votes in Dearborn, nothing holds back progressive Democrats from normalizing the antisemitism that already infects the hard left.
  10. It's 100% certain that none of these 'Americans' are going to vote Republican. There is however, a sizable element within the Democrat party that is rather well aligned with the sentiments of the Michigan protesters.
  11. I pity the generations to come if this insanity isn't stopped soon. It's as though all common sense and ability to reason has gone out the window with these people.
  12. Meet some Democrat protestors in Michigan. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/michigan-protestors-chant-death-to-america-death-to-israel-at-rally/ss-BB1lgbzh?ocid=hpmsn&cvid=e2e22cbc10544f4b8ee116649ef1f72c&ei=14#image=2 There was a time when a protest like this could only be seen in countries like Iran and the like. Not any more.
  13. Is there any other modern parallel to Hamas with regards to their longstanding practice of using human shields? Hezbollah? Yeah, probably.
  14. That's according to Hamas, so I wouldn't put much trust in what they say. Hamas members typically do not wear military uniforms either by the way, so perhaps that's why they are counted as civilians?
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