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  1. How about you? Were you one of those that favoured abortions right up to birth or partial birth ? Imprisoning and executing? Where is your evidence that anyone was going to be imprisoned and executed? Or is this your usual hyperbole? There is kind of an execution happening here though.
  2. Some fool wants assisted suicide because of the fear of climate change.
  3. It seems to be the usual stuff coming from the left. Canada is having a dramatic rise in hate crimes, more racism. Canada is rife with systemic racism blah blah blah. If Canada is really like this, could anyone explain why so many people of colour want to come and live here? Why would anyone want to live in a horrible , racist country like Canada? The same question could be applied to the US situation. Isn't this just about empowering the rapidly growing grievance industry?
  4. This is where the left wants to go. NO LIMITS on abortion. It was certainly heading in that direction. This SC decision gives the choice to states but opponents simply can't comprehend this simple fact. Videos: Democrats Saying They Support Abortions Without ANY Limits – Summit News
  5. I'm probably the only person that hasn't seen either Top Gun movie but the new one just surpassed 1 billion dollars already. How does that compare to one of the latest woke offering to moviegoers?
  6. The woke agenda is finally being admitted to now but they call it by another name. Video of Biden Adviser Defending 'Liberal World Order' Viewed Over 1M Times (msn.com) They use the word liberal but it means we will keep losing freedom. Everything will keep getting more expensive. Free speech will be lost. Common sense is out the window with these bloody woke zealots.
  7. I would say they're both fanatical and woke. Do you think their acts of vandalism are funny?
  8. Maybe it's more about the EPA having too much power? The only huge projects that are pretty much guaranteed to be built these days are mostly useless things like wind and solar farms.
  9. And now the left is already reacting in their usual way. No surprise here, and there will be no condemnation or criminal charges either. Climate activists slash dozens of SUV tires in NYC, say 'major cities' across US to be hit next | Fox News
  10. Meanwhile we get a glimpse of Democratic fundraising strategy and some thinly veiled threats. Ok not veiled at all. And the Dems want Trump in jail?
  11. Interesting video on gun myths. Please note what the jailbirds say.
  12. Why not just keep letting the states decide. There's a great point in this video in that some state laws are sort of experimental in that they may work or not and other states can take note.
  13. This is what the Democrats were proposing. Backlash builds after Dems vote to legalize abortion up to birth (msn.com)
  14. You don't see the irony of people having to move because of bad policies they supported in their blue state? Making it unaffordable and then spreading the misery by voting for progressives again in the red state? Ok got it.🙄
  15. For anyone and everyone that is upset about Roe v Wade being overturned, what were you content with? Even in California there were some limitations for abortions. Were any limits reasonable to you? First trimester? Second? Did you want the limit right up to the moment of birth? Or perhaps even beyond that? I ask this question because many opponents of this recent decision are making very strong claims like the US is going back to the dark ages and so on. It seems there are more restrictions on abortion in Europe as compared to the US yet it doesn't seem to be as contentious an issue over there.
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