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  1. Well I'm sorry for that on my part. I'm trying to be more civil. Especially to you as we're really not that different. I accept your opinion on things these days. There are bigger things afoot. So here's to us...in the fishing boat together. Another beer?
  2. Bill C 11 will of course limit what you can watch. You might have only the MSM approved by the Canadian govt. I wonder how people will respond to that. They really weren't asked about it.
  3. Eyeball, I'm no war monger and you know it. I don't think you're one either. I am a history guy though. These folks eventually stormed Berlin together during WW2. Brothers in arms and all that. Not an American or Brit in sight until the clean-up was on. I realize that Ukrainian nationalism is a thing. But for centuries...literally...both were just parts of some bigger thing. Princes of Kiev...Princes of Muscovy...Vikings...Mongols, etc. Struggling for dominion or freedom alike. I notice Wikipedia now claims Khrushchev was a Russian. Well, his village of birth is inside Russia now...heh. Retroactive Russian.
  4. It would seem he was one of the Ukraine gas biggies. The plot thickens.
  5. As a contextual reminder. Nikita Khrushchev was Ukrainian.
  6. So far all they are doing is punishing regular Russians who I am sure would love to go back to normal. Russia wasn't full of street demonstrations calling for war with the Ukraine. Putin is KGB. Isn't there some James Bond CIA agent that can do the needed actions?
  7. Unlikely. If it has happened it was well before any current events. Months ago.
  8. Yes...PET & Maggie also separated. I think it's important if it more than mere rumor. My mind would certainly be on something else other than the job.
  9. The powers that be are very good at demonizing an entire people as monsters. I thought it was Putin and his cronies that we were all angry with. Not the Russian people who are not happy about this war if the demonstrations are any indication. Demonstrations they KNOW will be put down violently...and were. So why destroy their bank accounts? Surely there is a better way that these generals and leaders could do things. They're paid enough to think of ways...
  10. I accept your surrender. Let's see if it becomes 'news'. But them's the rumors...mother.
  11. It's a factor. Unstable marriages equal unstable people. Sorry that you'd rather it remain unheard....but I really do not care about your feelings that way.
  12. I wonder if we'll ever learn why Sophie left Justin? Apparently the lack of a divorce is just to put on a face to Canada that all is fine at the PM's cottage. Normally this might be news. Maybe she supported a trucker.
  13. It's Official: They Lied
  14. She, no doubt, experienced things differently.
  15. From the maligned Buffalo Chronicle https://buffalochronicle.com/2019/10/19/trudeaus-west-grey-accusor-was-much-younger-than-first-thought/
  16. I agree. Regular Canadians aren't used to being attacked by their government for holding an opinion that differs from the government. Better get used to it? I hope not. Tolerating opposing views is democratic. Anything else is something else. Not democracy. Not freedom.
  17. Canadians generally are middle of the road. The truckers are just truckers. Not a lot of time for politics. Which is why their journey to Ottawa simply to be heard was amazing. Some gave all they had just to get there. And there's nothing wrong with being a Christian and a trucker. There were plenty of other faiths at Ottawa's big party...Muslims too. And plenty of Sikhs...Jimmy.
  18. Odd fellow that Jimmy. He's fine with Red China.
  19. Democrats calling for defunding the police. Mark Dice.


    1. DogOnPorch


      I see a bus coming and it's heading right for the Progressives.


  20. Slippery slope. Do we ban history? Lots of Confederate flags at Gettysburg.
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