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  1. Unloading an Atlas missile from a C-133 Cargomaster. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Douglas_C-133_Cargomaster Last flight to the museum.
  2. Kamala in Korea

    FEMA don't Forgetcha

    Biden can Remember?

    Gas bubbly Baltic

    Ukraine Laundry tickee

    My bat soup Runneth over...


  3. Wouldn't you prefer a nice game of chess? No!!! Total thermonuclear war!!! Fine...
  4. I'm not sure how this is all supposed to work-out while we continue to add billions of people to the population. I'm sure folks have all sorts of cool ideas. 🙂
  5. I'm going to bet that if one is willing to go through with the effort to post a picture and their story, they're also keen to vote Justin out.
  6. Well, let's get you inside a transmitter hut and you can test that theory. 😄
  7. This video shows typical modern windmill construction and static discharge is not something they worry too much about. Likely due to the materials used...fiberglass and aluminum alloy. They need serious anchoring, though. Tour the inside... Very light construction up top.
  8. Nope...he was just a little too careless. Rubber soles are essential around a 10,000 Watt radio tower and he wasn't wearing the right boots.
  9. You surely do not think that Twitter users are denied the right to vote.
  10. Power-line towers, too...electric substations...etc. The sign says KEEP AWAY for a reason.
  11. I'm betting that none of us willingly live near either radio towers or large windmills.
  12. On a typical 500'-1000' radio tower, the wind passing through the structure builds a constant static charge that needs to go somewhere. It's not insignificant as I mentioned re: your finger. Regular lightning strikes as well. We'd dig trenches radiating out from the tower site and then run a heavy gauge wire and bury it. Grounded! I'm not up on windmill installs, but they'd also build a constant static charge as they operate. How much I'm not sure about but it's likely dealt with in the same fashion. You can live next to one if you wish...but I'd avoid them, myself. It's a lot of juice you're dealing with...your l'il pink body.
  13. Humans shouldn't live anywhere near a radio tower...give them space. I'll assume windmills are capable of the same sorts of things seeing the static they'd build-up spinning all the time. But perhaps they're less susceptible than an exposed tubular steel tower.
  14. Not sure about windmills, but in my yoot I worked near AM and FM radio towers on a fairly regular basis. You could feel the power going through you...let's just say. An incident I recall was one strapping East Indian engineer fellow casually waving his hand towards the thick copper static discharge channel on a 1000 foot tower...a discharge leapt over 6 feet and struck him on the index finger. Knocked him flying. Lost the finger. Normally the channel sends the static straight into the ground...but I guess the flux just happened to be right....or wrong...depending.
  15. Do the Democrats need a full-on war with Russia by November? Will World War III give them the boost they need in the polls? If you start digging now, you might have an appropriate shelter made in two weeks that could at least protect you from the shock wave of a one megaton H-Bomb. Radiation? Well...pray that the air-burst was set to the proper altitude...
  16. Ignore them, then. You've nothing to fear.
  17. The current lot seem to all smell like a Swiss ski chalet.
  18. Seeing too, that upon checking, your article posted came from Sept 19th and it is now the 27th...with many new #trudeaumustgo posts coming every minute by the looks...that's a lot of people and it continues to grow. Ignore them. That's a plan....
  19. Political parties come and go...you Dixiecrat. Or is that a Whig? My point stands.
  20. What is true is that the political rainbow when viewed from altitude is actually a halo. When one goes too far in either direction, one bumps into Stalin and Hitler having tea while discussing how to chop-up Poland.
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