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  1. Amazing how far you'll go to justify your support of the Nazis. I also doubt you're going to be sleeping outside tonight. Nice warm bed with the heat still on...am I right? Of course I am.
  2. Trudeau is lying as fast as he can at the POEC.

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      Castro’s bastard…

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      One of his biggest lies:  I didn't call anyone names ...    his nose will grow

  3. Yet there you are supporting actual modern day Nazis and their germ labs.
  4. Got to love the let's use tanks on the protesters stuff coming out. How Red China of Trudeau and his fascist friends.
  5. Do you, like Trudeau does, admire Communist China for their basic dictatorship? Trudeau wants what they have here in my country. You'll support it.
  6. You do follow all the authoritarian's rules, right? And will continue to do so. You should be fine as a non-freedom lover in the new world order.
  7. You've made your choice to support the Nazis and their money laundry.
  8. Ever heard of a Gesundheitspaß ??? No? You have a good sleep. I'm sure they'd never target you...a good German who follows all their rules.
  9. Ukraine from space at night. Either the Ukrainians are very good at getting their blackout-curtain all pulled or the Russians have succeeded in destroying Ukraine's power grid. Which do you think is the most likely, there?
  10. Ukraine uses the S-300. With Russia, the S-400 has replaced it putting their remaining S-300s into reserve units. Everything we hear about Ukraine and S-300s comes FROM Ukraine. So when the Ukrainians say that the Russians are now using a surface to air missile (with a small 150kg warhead....and relatively short range) as an ad hoc ballistic missile by simply attaching a 'GPS unit', it sets off my BS detector, alright. The S-300 requires multiple support vehicles just to shoot. The SAM itself is very expensive per round. Why do that when one has plenty...thousands...of dirt cheap reserve Scuds just waiting to be fueled-up and launched? Those have HUGE warheads and very long range. Ukraine is shooting-off the S-300s in this fight. Lots of them. They have aircraft to shoot down. Russia...not so much if any at this point. The Ukrainian air force is essentially non-existent. A tiny fraction of all the S-300s being fired will actually hit a Russian aircraft. The rest will impact onto Ukrainian territory...or Polish as we've seen. S-300s impacting onto civilian targets we can assume is the problem here...bad for moral when your own forces are killing the civilians they're supposed to be protecting. So invent an outwardly plausible story about the Russians doing the shooting...only a few missile junkies like DOP will go "Huh??? No way!" I'll believe it...literally...when I see it in action. ATM all we have is Ukraine claiming it...and they want money.
  11. https://news.yahoo.com/zelensky-nationalizes-tv-news-restricts-173820471.html
  12. Plenty of Europeans also got caught-up in the slave trade. Indentured servitude as it was euphemistically called. The cane fields of the West Indies didn't give a rat's rear about skin colour. One was here to serve...cut that sugar cane faster. Perhaps you'll earn freedom before you die of malaria. But likely not.
  13. Slavery existed among native tribes before any colonist got involved.
  14. McKenzie Intelligence Services is quite real. And they're very pro-war and very pro-NATO...and pro-Nazi it would appear. Just like yourself.
  15. The S-300 isn't in active service with the Russians, that's why...nutjob. And if they're going to pull them out of reserve storage due to "lack of ballistic missiles", they're going to haul out the Scuds first...which are actual surface to surface ballistic missiles. But you have your pro-Nazi agenda to support...so keep blaming Russia for the Nazi's mistakes. I expect nothing less from you.
  16. Because Joe Biden is the Big Guy. You might not like it, but the house of cards you're betting your life on is about to fall.
  17. I doubt any squirming that you do around here is going to prevent the Biden family's corruption from seeing proper daylight.
  18. It's important for everybody that the extent of the Biden family's corruption become know...that's why.
  19. Word going around is that Trudeau associate Brian Fox was the fellow holding the Nazi flag at the Freedom Protest.
  20. And it's going right for you? Talk about warped. You're free to buy some of Trudeau's junk Ukraine war bonds if you really want to throw your money at Nazi laundromats.
  21. Can't trust SFA coming out of our media and officials. And one might wonder why I view NATO as the Fourth Reich.
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