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  1. Delayed for another month.

    Let's see............... how Legault will handle the shortage of healthcare staff, if ever they really enforce that stupid mandate!


    1. TreeBeard


      Shortage of healthcare workers equals more unvaccinated dying in hospital hallways.  Is that what you’re cheering for?

    2. betsy



      Who's creating the unnecessary shortage?

    3. TreeBeard


      Unvaccinated people getting sick and filling up ICUs is causing the strain on the medical system. 

  2. Farell might not meet the requirement: black, transgender, indigenous.
  3. What covid restrictions would still affect that today? So....they'd rather be unemployed? At a time when prices are going through the roof? They're still collecting CERB?
  4. But it isn't happening only in the UK. Shortages of drivers is being cited in the USA. We've got shortages of manpower too in some sectors. I'm reading about some bare shelves at Target (I don't know if it's Canada or USA) at another forum.
  5. I don't understand. They're panicking in UK over gas. Their government said, it's due to shortage of drivers. Empty shelves, gasoline shortages and sky-high energy prices? Britain is facing a ‘difficult winter’ https://www.cnbc.com/2021/09/24/empty-shelves-and-gasoline-shortages-uk-facing-a-difficult-winter.html Even the USA faces the same problem. Empty Shelves Plague Grocery Stores as Supply and Staff Shortages Continue https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/empty-shelves-plague-grocery-stores-as-supply-and-staff-shortages-continue/vp-AAN4y73 Why is there a shortage of workers? Meatpacking company in Canada is asking for permission to hire temporary migrants to fill the vacancies. And even now, some products are not available (like other diet colas)!
  6. What exactly did he say? How is that even comparable to scaring voters of dying like what's happening in Alberta?
  7. @Michael Hardner It is a scare tactic when you try to scare voters that voting for O'Toole will end up resulting in the same thing that's happening in Alberta!
  8. Why? Scare tactics work! Especially with Covid and what's happening in Alberta. O'Toole's campaign should've been ready at every dirt thrown at them. That should've been anticipated! They got snagged with gun issues and evasion hurts. With a fractured Conservative Party, I think we're in for a very long, continuous Liberal rule.
  9. At least, Taliban sister has been resoundedly booted out!

  10. Well I don't have cable but just the basics - so I'm doomed to leftist channels! CPAC isn't as bad as CTV and CBC. But it has a lot of French (and I'm not bilingual)!
  11. That's good. Go out and vote. I already did - advance polling.
  12. All polls indicate a very tight race. And, Bloc and PPC, and the bust of the Green Party can play a surprising upset. The Blocs are surging in Quebec (which could be a spoiler for Trudeau). Singh might be able to hold on to his supporters. And it's a three-way race in BC! PPC supporters could swing to O'Toole at the last minute....or, they can really spoil it for the Conservatives. They also say that voters who are anti-Trudeau could just go for the PPC or Green as a protest vote! Pollsters are all watching to see what will happen. They're not counting anything out. They say it's all about the turn-out of voters who will actually vote! Go out and vote!
  13. All polls indicate a very tight race. And, Bloc and PPC, and the bust of the Green Party can play a surprising upset. Go out and vote!
  14. All polls indicate a very tight race!

    GO OUT and VOTE!


  15. Hope isn't always based on what's deemed as, "realistic."
  16. I feel so sorry for Anamie Paul.

      The venom within that Green party is wrecking the whole party.  Why on earth would a former Green Party leader endorse Trudeau's plan?   Dimwit fool!

    Trudeau never even met the previous target!


    Anamie Paul should create her own party - much like Bernier did with the PPC.  


    1. BubberMiley


      In the future, everyone will lead their own party and it will be glorious.

  17. Well - let me get a big, fat disappointment if you are correct. But right now, hope is still alive.
  18. Go out and vote!

  19. I still urge Canadians to go out and vote! It's too close to call. PPC supporters can still do a last-minute strategic vote! I also heard the disabled people are voting for Singh because they've been left out by Trudeau during the CERB. Many young people are also going for Singh. It ain't over til the fat lady sings!
  20. We might have Trudeau back again. <sigh>
  21. Now, Obama's wading in and coming to the aid of Justin.

    1. scribblet


      Election interference

  22. We have to spend big! There's no getting around that! It's a matter of how we'll spend - frivolously? Or, practically?
  23. Fraser Institute News Release: Canada drops out of top 10 countries in annual economic freedom report https://au.finance.yahoo.com/news/fraser-institute-news-release-canada-090000250.html
  24. Hahahaha Yesterday, it was Chretien.  Now, it's MULRONEY!!!  He's rallying in Quebec for O'Toole!

    With Legault also endorsing him - how will O'Toole fare in Quebec?

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    2. Shady


      That’s how effing terrible Trudeau is.  He’s essentially destroyed all the hard work Chrétien and Martin did to cut spending and pay down the debt.

    3. betsy


      Mulroney quoted from a Fraser Institute report that ranked Canada down to 14 with regards to economy.  We're no longer among the top 10.  It started sliding down in 2016.  We know why.



    4. OftenWrong


      Mulroney, the kiss of death.

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