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Canadians FEAR Trump...Big Time

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That's not the way the US system works. The people who wrote their Constitution did so in a way that was intended to prevent a strong man from excercising too much power. It seems many Americans want a Putin.

Americans have done it before...see FDR. Did Canadians fear FDR too ?

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Skipped the last few pages, as it was nothing different from the first page.

So again, the real question is, .. I mean since Canada and stuff does not really matter to Americans..... why do American's fear Trump? Americans are gonna have to deal with him more than us insignificant Canadians.

Must hurt to have a sharp hook in the mouth. Some people are simply suckers to take the bait.

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Republicans are Americans first, Republicans next.

A nice sentiment. Any evidence? My observation has been that most members of any ideology, movement, or even political party are usually much more invested in their ideology/movement/party identity than they are in a national identity.

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That's not the way the US system works. The people who wrote their Constitution did so in a way that was intended to prevent a strong man from excercising too much power. It seems many Americans want a Putin.

Clearly. A lot of Canadians do too and the same sentiment is on the rise in Europe. All as predicted when the same disgruntled right wingers were so eager to push down this path.

As I've often said conservatism is a direction not a destination and it's like a runaway effect now. Everything has drifted/shifted rightward, even communism. Apparently there's only 80 people who run China from Beijing, home to the largest concentration of billionaires on the planet. It sure as Hell wasn't lefties who allowed that to happen. And Trudeau apparently admires China for the efficiency with which it's "accomplished" this.

It's phenomenal how eagerly humanity has walked into this, with eyes wide open.

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And yet, polled Canadians FEAR Trump. Of course it doesn't matter what Canadians think about Trump, but it certainly matters to them!

Which Canadians? I've never met a single one. Most Canadians I know see Trump as a laughing stock and the GOP as a joke for even considering him. And like you said, it doesn't matter what Canadians think. He may end up your head of state, not ours.
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Then get out more...."The poll, sponsored by the newspapers Le Journal de Montréal and Le Devoir and reported in the U.S. by Politico"


Sweet push poll. "Trump might actually win! Does that worry you or not?" Being concerned or apprehensive as the French word "inquiet" means is not the same as being fearful or scared, "effrayé". Maybe politico could find a better translator next time.

Original article: http://www.journaldemontreal.com/2016/02/08/trump-deteste-par-les-canadiens

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The Canadian media is the problem. They want to try and portray Donald Trump as a bogeyman. I do not fear him, and there should not be any fear from Trump being elected President. Surely, when we see what Clinton and Bush have done to America, can Trump be any worse? Trump calls it as he sees it, and says what many Americans have had on their minds for years but were denied from saying anything and kept out of the loop by the mainstream corporate establishment media. If you want bad, put in Hillary. Apparently, the woman has in indictment against her. The rumor is that she could be in jail in a years time. But besides that? Go, Trump, go.

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Hey, taxme, I agree with u and last night debate was very funny and entertaining! Trump had the clowns on both sides of him out of control! Trump has life experience and business experience which others don't have except, for the governor of Ohio.

If clowns and entertainment are all you figure is required of someone to sit in the WH, then I suspect the republican party would welcome you with open arms. oh wait...2/3 of the party don't want anything to do with Trump, so scratch that idea.

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High school basketball fans started chanting "Trump, Trump, Trump" at minorities on the opposing team. His name is now synonymous with White Power.

Even if the megalomaniac is just using the typical Republican strategy of racism to gain political support and doesn't actually believe the message or intend to intern and deport minorities or build walls, it is still dangerous. He is using the age old Republican Southern Strategy on steroids to gain the white, Christian right vote and it is having the effect of condoning racism and that is despicable. Those that continue to support Trump and anyone that uses racism for political gain are the lowest of the low. Leaders are supposed to lead, not do or say anything to gain power.

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I am not disagreeing with you and speaking as someone who had been hoping for a Republican in the whitehouse I would say I would prefer Clinton, warts and all, over Trump for the reasons eloquently stated by segnosaur above. His presidency would be a disaster for the US and a disaster for the world.

Agreed, segnosaur's post was very well written.

I also find your take surprising about Clinton vs. Trump. Out of curiosity, which would be your preference between Sanders and Trump?

The reason I ask is because you say that you think Trump would be a disaster "for the US and the world", whereas think what you want of Sanders' policies, it's it's difficult to argue that he'd be a disaster for the world.

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