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Canadians FEAR Trump...Big Time

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I really want to believe that you know the difference between dealing with terrorists (ISIL) and trying to make policy or oust political leaders (Syria) in the middle east.

Maybe you don't!

Well if you think you know all about it, I'm sure there are many waiting with baited breath to find out your ideas. How would Trump get rid of Asad for starters? I'll get the popcorn.

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Uh-oh...looks likes the Canadian "hate speech" police are also very very afraid of Donald Trump...want to ban him from entering Canada.

Hard to do if he is the President of the United States !


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British lawmakers debate banning Donald Trump from UK for 'hate speech' ... no worries, the Canadian petition (with all those "name withheld" entries) stands at a paltray 18K

Scottish freelance journalist and activist Suzanne Kelly launched a petition last month to block the former reality TV star from British shores, which led to the debate. The petition accuses the 69-year-old of "hate speech" for calling for a travel ban on Muslims entering the United States. It has received more than 574,000 signatures.
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I'm skeptical whether anything Trump has said would meet the legal threshold for "hate speech" in Canada.

As a self-interested Canadian, I think Trump worries me most in the field... he seems to favor protectionism.

If I were an American, the idea of Ted Cruz's hardcore social conservatism in the White House would be more worrying to me than anything Trump brings to the table.


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So what ? That's always been the case...what's so different about Trump ? The Canadian FEAR is irrational given even the actions of the sitting president (Obama)...the darling of Canada even as he shuts you guys down.

Canadians fears Donald Trump doesn't matter at all. A,ericans will choose who,ever they want. The real question is why are so many Americans afraid of a Trump presidency?
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And yet candidate Clinton has/will make identical decisions...but no FEAR ?

What they should be fearful of is that Trump's opponents will have no choice but to move in the same direction the electorate is leading so they can keep up.

Of course when Trump fails to deliver the next Trump will be worse. Sorta like ISIS is worse than Al Qaeda.

We're witnessing effects here not causes. The time for dealing with causes is long past us now.

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Keep in mind that not everyone who is against Trump is for Trudeau. I voted conservative in the last election. I consider Trudeau to be an idiot.

I voted for Mulcair because there's virtually no difference whatsoever between the Liberals and Conservatives once they're in power.
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I find it ironic that so many of us (Canadians) criticize the U.S. for interfering in other nations governments and yet here we are presuming to tel Americans how they should vote.

c'mon it's not like we're overthrowing their government, funneling arms to the opposition and installing a dictator in the White House.
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So what ? That's always been the case...what's so different about Trump ?

Trump demonstrates no sense of restraint whatsoever. He's an undisciplined and reckless blowhard, and more than a little bit of a fool. That's not the kind of loose cannon most of us want to counter the cunning Chinese and vicious Russians.

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