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  1. It's been a couple years since I have been on here due to the fact my late hubby died and life went on and this Trudeau thing has gotten to me and I need to give my 2 cents....First....if u r not a liberal, of course, u r going to come out and rant and if u r Liberal one has to really think what is being said. Myself, this is small stuff....I will judge him by his record on being the PM alone, not what he did 20 years ago and he has said his peace on that. I don't want the next debate to be about this....I want to know were all the parties stand on issues and for the other parties, by keeping this thing going we may end up hearing nothing else on debate night....
  2. Does anyone know IF there r replacement LETTERS for ones computer once they start to disappear from use???? I've got 6..T E A S D R
  3. I don't care who is on the Bill I just wish they would make them out of something that doesn't tear easily!!
  4. What I to do what hearing on talk radio is that Ford will get in and then we will have all hell break lose because he will have do MORE than Harris did and Ontarians aren't going to like it...so get ready of Harris-like government...will Ford go after the unions, like the teachers...anyone know if any contracts are up in Ford era coming? Ford like other leaders will do what HE thinks has to be done and will be judge on that. Personally, I really don't care who gets in..they all the same in the end. I'm going to prepare now for the worse and what ever happen won't hurt me as much if I didn't.
  5. Oh no Ford is in.....well, IF the GTA voters, vote for him than its on their heads and one would think they had enough with the bro. being a laughing stock of the world. Doug says he go to the border and say we r open for business.... wasn't he in the drug trade in the past? IF liberals who don't like what Wynn could switch over to the NDP, maybe we could get a minority or majority NDP. Doug also says he going to do this and do that and he better say HOW and how much its going to cost and when he comes to the debt...he seems the kind of leader that would hit working class pocket hard.
  6. That's a good question...who is really being misled? Why is there all of sudden r schools being targeted? After 9/11 and all the unanswered questions and the whistler blowers that have came out, one SHOULD ask questions. The teen said she heard shots while she was talking to the so called shooter, and she believe there was more than one shooter, so u think she was lying and why would she?
  7. Michael, how about if we let George speak with his own words...he admits he sold out the Jewish people in WW2 and took their property https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=George+Soros+Nazi+Collaborator&Form=VQFRVP
  8. First of all, apparently the Secret Service was at the school 2 weeks ago to talk to the teachers, if I were a parent I'd be asking why? Also here's a video, I hope the link works, of a senior female student who was talking to the accused while shooting was going on and news has report in the US in the last 45 days 18 shootings have happen in American schools. https://twitter.com/KHOUSportsMATT
  9. Another view is, since Mulroney has come forward for leader ship, did daddy help get ride of Brown...politics can get dirty.
  10. What's the opinion of a polygraph for everyone being accused as a guide line for a judge or jury to help ?
  11. I could take or leave Brown but as a person who has been accused of something IF they didn't so anything is going to be harder for women who r telling the truth and no one may believe them.....IF this turns out to be untrue, then she needs to pay big time.
  12. I like to hear "The Maple Leaf Forever" when raising the flag, but I also like O Canada. I also know someone would have a problem with some words in the Maple Leaf too.
  13. Apparently the DA in Florida is asking for a mental health examination after reading his case history...he may have been on drugs.
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