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  1. Most of the countries in the world do not recognize a marriage between two males and/or two females. Boy, are they third world!!!!!
  2. Say what we want, write what we want, draw what we want, read what we want, see what we want, meet who we want, go where we want, die when we want... - that is why I continue to live here and pride in being Canadian!
  3. How can somebody who is supposed to be "freedom loving" deny another persons freedom to wear what they want or smoke what they want?
  4. Years ago, General (and later Secretary of State) Colin Powell shared his experienced views on war: The Powell Doctrine states that a list of questions all have to be answered affirmatively before military action is taken by the United States: Is a vital national security interest threatened? Do we have a clear attainable objective? Have the risks and costs been fully and frankly analyzed? Have all other non-violent policy means been fully exhausted? Is there a plausible exit strategy to avoid endless entanglement? Have the consequences of our action been fully considered? Is the action supported by the American people? Do we have genuine broad international support? If the North American nations had taken that wise advice there would be no conflict to-day in the Middle East.
  5. There was a time if somebody declared "Moderation in the protection of liberty is no virtue; extremism in the defense of freedom is no vice." they buried their chances of election. How things have changed.
  6. I believe it is a mistake to have allowed a debate to have such influence on an election. It is similar to a verbal job interview where people are coached by professionals to look as good as possible - having nothing to do with the qualifications for the job. The better debater will not necessarily be the best person for the job. In fact, the personalities who do change the world for the better are usually the quiet ones who work in the background, are smart negotiators and especially people who can choose effective consultants and advisers. The evolution of the Hollywood style of campaigning gives the Obamas leverage over the Powells and results in the prioritization of presentation and quantity over quality. The Americans have TV'd themselves into the House of Bush, House of Clinton and the House of Kennedy taking turns ruling over their land.
  7. I wonder how long it would take, how many people it would take and how much it would cost to "screen" the 330,000 people who immigrated into Canada this year? I guess if the question was "Do you believe in Canadian values" then 330,000 yes's would not take long and all the racists on this board would be happy.
  8. I hope not. He is one of the few interviewers I have seen and heard who uses a 100 word question for a 10 word answer. "Is Canada doing enough ..." to shut him up? NO!
  9. Why would anybody name a thread "Liberalism is a mental disorder" and then expect any serious discussion?
  10. I will have to take your word for it because I have given up reading the RR (Rue Rants) a while ago. I suspect that some of the world leaders attending this funeral have also not read the history of the Suez canal.
  11. Anyone still think Afghanistan was worth it?: Taliban Peace Deal
  12. So Shimon Peres, who many consider to be a war criminal, is being buried and the Canadian government officials are attending. This "settlements everywhere" proponent started the faulty policy that Israel continues to follow: Peres Shimon was also instrumental in Israel stealing the technology for the nuclear bombs from the USA. I can see the Israelis trying to honor Shimon but have no idea why any other nation should.
  13. The futility of Canadian involvement in Afghanistan continues to be in the news. After costing Canadians $billions, the current Afghan government is signing "surrender" with their previous enemies while giving them amnesty for previous acts: Afghan Capitulation I wonder if any of the family members and friends of the 158 Canadian sacrificed in that fiasco are prepared to extend amnesties to their killers? And we are still in the Middle East repeating our stupid mistakes!!
  14. What about the $30 Trillion that the boomers are leaving the Milennials? $ 30,000,000,000,000
  15. On line "polls" mean nothing. You can vote as often as you want and there is no accountability of who, what you are. There is software available that will vote on online polls for as many times as you want. I would suggest that a poll of inmates of penal institutions would indicate that the majority disagree with mandatory minimal sentences. There a tens of millions of dollars being spent on this election. I can guarantee that each campaign has hundreds of supporters monitoring and manipulating anonymous on-line commentary.
  16. Let us not allow the insult mongers to take over a thread that has potential for some serious and meaningful dialogue. Boomers and Milenials are not two warring camps looking to blame each other for anything. There are as many different views among the older generation as there are in a younger generation. I am a member of the older (plus 70) generation by survival, not choice. I do not envy those in the younger generations. My time as a young adult had far fewer temptations, far fewer expectations for the future and far fewer choices to make for the future. You got a good job and you were probably safe for your working life. I believe the milennials have two challenges; The expectation that they will do better and have more than the previous generation and there is no longer such a thing as job guarantee. The first is expected because that is the case for every generation. The second is the realization that there will never be an end to learning, adapting and keeping up with the technologies if they are to stay employed and an asset to their employer. The ability through the new technologies to be on the job and accessible 24/7 has made that an expected requirement for most upper end employment. That leaves very little down time. I would suggest that as to philosophy of life and work, those in their 40's and 50's have far more experience and knowledge than do those in their 20's. I also suggest that those in their 70's have far more experience and knowledge then those in their 50's and younger. I speak only for myself and certainly not for any age group. I believe that wisdom is the combination of intelligence, education and experience. Milenials most certainly have the intelligence and education but still lack the experience of boomers. My views are based on personal observation of many others. Some of them live successful and happy lives, some live not very successful or very happy lives yet many others did not live long enough to find out. My personal view is that we all have the same basic ability as children – it is the subsequent choices that one makes that will dictate your future. It is still the choice of any individual as to the extent of their education. Some have it easier than others but everyone has the opportunity for a University Degree or College Degree or College Specialist. The amount of money you spend, what you spend it on and how much you save or invest is a choice. The person you choose as a girlfriend, boyfriend or spouse is a choice. The kind of career you desire is a choice as is the amount of effort you choose to put into that selection. I have found that in the vast majority of life changing choices that one makes, the easier choice is not the most fruitful one. I do remember those with whom I started high school in the 1950's. I had the opportunity top keep track of most of them through most of the years and am privy to some of the choices that they made and the subsequent results. For that reason I believe I have a good idea of what it takes for success and happiness. I will repeat: If you have developed a good work ethic, sought out an education, are honest and have self discipline then you have the basic building blocks. Understand that you are not entitled to anything except minimal social assistance if/when you hit bottom. Life sucks. You will encounter many people whose are not very nice, have distasteful views and may temporarily be your supervisors. Your sense of positive self worth, self discipline will carry you through the bumps. There is no good or bad if you choose to compare the old against the young. Both groups contain lots of different personalities. There are fewer stupid, selfish, antagonistic, belligerent and angry people in the older group – The Darwin Awards and retaliatory actions have filtered out a number of them before they have had the opportunity to reach a ripe old age. I already suspect that a few of the antagonistic posters on this board will end up taking themselves out of the gene pool. "Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art." - Stanislaw Jerzy Lec PS And as to the legacy us boomers will leave: Boomer Legacy
  17. I agree fully. China has 400 times the population of Canada. One could assume that they have many more murderers, con men or just plain criminals who have fled their country - some of whom have ended up in Canada. Attempting to try them here without the cooperation and full disclosure from the Chinese is meaningless. So we would be stuck with them. There is a misconception that all those who flee China are political prisoners - they are not.
  18. Career paths are entirely different from 30-40 years ago, and career paths were entirely different from 30-40 years before then and career paths were entirely different 30-40 years before that and ... Many things change in the workplace - except for what employers are looking for. In most cases, what University program the potential applicant has attained is secondary to their ability to adapt and retrain. In my parents generation, most people would stay in one career for their complete working cycle. In my generation, we have gone through at least 2 careers (I have gone through 3). The typical milennial can expect 3 or more careers as technology changes workplace efficiency and processes. I believe the milennials have two challenges; The expectation that they will do better and have more than the previous generation and there is no longer such a thing as job guarantee. The first is expected because that is the case for every generation. The second is the realization that there will never be an end to learning, adapting and keeping up with the technologies if they are to stay employed and an asset to their employer. Some members of every generation have blamed external forces and change on their failures - some members of every generation use their individual failures as lessons on what to change and adapt to become leaders in their fields. It really is not very complicated.
  19. So here is another ignorant senior spouting crap on a Sunday morning: Yes, I have more "boomer" advice for you. You are not entitled. You are not special. You are in world competition for jobs. The good news is that things really have not changed that much. Any individual who is ambitious, has developed a positive work ethic, is prepared to learn and listen, and is tolerant of others can achieve any rational goal that they set. The losers are the ones who blame their parents, bad breaks, ethnicity or any other outside influence for their personal disappointments. Everyone will have challenges. Everyone will find themselves in a position to do the right thing or the easy thing. Everyone will run into superiors with poor management skills. Everyone will have unforeseen setbacks through no fault of their own. It is how you handle them. You go through life looking for excuses for your shortcomings and you will certainly find them. Successful and happy seniors are not lucky - they earned their success.
  20. Ground jetting is too dangerous for me. Here is me trying my new toy out at the cottage: New Flyer Will be using it to cross the Atlantic Ocean next year.
  21. “The children now love luxury. They have bad manners, contempt for authority; they show disrespect for elders and love chatter in place of exercise.” ― Socrates
  22. There is a reason that the USA has not only survived but became the most powerful nation on earth. When they were forming their constitution, these folks were pretty bright and spent a long time in anticipating possible problems of the future. They built in a series of checks and balances to try to make sure the system could withstand many different tests - and it did. Personally, I feel that Trump is an aberration, buffoon, snake salesman and shallow in knowledge and morals. I had the same attitude towards Rob Ford in Toronto and was correct in that case too. I trust that the American constitution is set up in a way that no one part of government has enough power to bring down the system. The presidency is the most vulnerable part to allowing the wrong person to wield that power but there are other checks and balances even if a crackpot is elected. I trust their system.
  23. Tried one for a while. Not a good idea. Had to get someone to create a series of gears for different conditions and the turning radius will put you into an oncoming lane. Carrier only has room for a 12 pack.
  24. Some interesting stats about moving expenses at: Moving Expenses This fall within the guidelines?
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