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  1. So who do I need to talk to to get unsuspended around here?

    Hahahah, just kidding, don't give a fuck.

    1. BubberMiley


      You can have my account if you like. 

  2. This place still a shithole?

    1. scribblet


      Only if you insist on making it so.

    2. OftenWrong


      It never was a shithole.

  3. And I mean delete my account. I don't want it disabled, DELETE it now.
  4. You'd get pissed it if merging two different threads ruined yours. DELETE MY ACCOUNT I AM FUCKING DONE HERE.
  5. You counted on me to fix your shit? Make me a mod then. Go fuck yourself. I am out of here.
  6. Charles, you still need to answer for this. Locking the other thread won't hide the fact that you merged two threads in error. Go ahead and lock this one too. I'll make another, and another and another, until you correct the issue or give a formal apology to ALL of MLW for your 'intuition'.
  7. CHARLES, the threads are still merged, locking the other thread won't solve the issue. Do what is right and fix your mistakes.

  8. Next time he says..'stay on topic'..... let's remember that threads have been locked for going off the rails and he derailed two threads by merging them. Because he felt like it. No other reason than that. No logic behind it, no reasoning, just for the hell of it calling it 'intuition'. Charles your intuition sucks. I am going to keep going till you ban me or give us all an apology for fucking up.
  9. And Charles A did it out of spite more than anything from what I can tell. He did not like your thread so instead of locking it or addressing the OP, he smashed it into another thread of a completely different topic. And then tells you , that YOU are wrong. What a joke.
  10. You merged TWO DIFFERENT threads. This shows you cannot moderate at all, and depend on people like me to do your work for you? Go fuck yourself.
  11. From Charle's DM , this is his response to me when I asked why the threads were merged. Calling you out Charles. Had enough of this. This is not how you moderate.
  12. Threads are still merged, you have not fixed anything Charles. Even though you said you separated them.
  13. What forum rule allows you to merge two threads of very different topics , together? Is there any repercussion for you for messing up? Or will forum members continue to pay for your moderation?
  14. You fucked up, you got caught, now you are acting like a baby both on here and in DMs.. We need new moderation on this board.
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