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  1. Sure like climate change. It's just a scam.
  2. Yup, crazy assed religion works both ways. Apparently there can't be a proper end of days without an Israel full of Israelis for Christ to convert.
  3. You might as well, you're aligned with enough other people who do. It's like I said to another poster, hard-boiled supporters of Israel are all over the map when it comes to justifying their support.
  4. Yes but we're talking about lands and territories that were forcibly granted through some putatively legal process by a bunch of nations, including us, who had no business doing so but since we did it anyway we should be held responsible for our actions. That said, I suppose the consequences of our folly are now rubbing that responsibility in our noses really really hard anyway aren't they? Just think of it the way you do with Gazans and Hamas, its what we voted for. How long would it have taken you to give up? One year, five, ten or 75 years...a couple of days maybe?
  5. I'd say they were rightly pissed off. According to Israels staunchest ally they'd be called patriots. Amongst the parts and parcels that go into apartheid and colonization is to characterize resistance as terrorism. What do you call Irgun Lehi, Haganah and Palmach that participated in attacks against Palestinians before Israel was created? Ironically enough they were regarded as patriots afterwards. 20 years ago...maybe it was free then, who really knows, but if you want to stand all this the death and destruction on a merit like that...it's as pathetic as Israelis pissing and moaning over all the human shields its being forced to kill.
  6. What bridge? And did Hamas run the decision to blow it up past Palestinians before doing so? I highly doubt it as evidenced by the fact thousands of ordinary Palestinians and especially Gazans still showed up to work the morning of Oct 7th like it was any other morning. There is far better reason to believe Hamas was listening to Iran, Russia and China telling it what to do and when. I'm also willing to bet Iranians and its been suggested ISIS participated in the attacks and very likely committed most the atrocities because their excessive brutality was a calculated tactic designed to create exactly what's happened, a great deal of instability in the region and political divisiveness amongst the populations of Israel's allies. I base this sense of things on the general tone and mood of the times we live in and I think this op ed captures the economic and geopolitical reasons behind the attacks of Oct 7. Terry Newman is an author with two decades of political and business experience across the Middle East. This is who lit the match in the Middle East — and who poured the fuel https://www.euronews.com/2024/04/30/this-is-who-lit-the-match-in-the-middle-east-and-who-poured-the-fuel Then there's John Bolton's take to consider. The real problem, of course, is Tehran. Until a sane government, even if not Jeffersonian democracy, replaces the mullahs, there will be no peace and security for anyone in the Middle East. This is a hard truth for many to swallow because it inevitably requires regime change in Iran. Yet, inarguably, that is what Iran’s people want. Not since the 1979 Islamic Revolution itself has the regime been so weak and threatened. Success for Iran in the current conflict, after facing down Israel, America and the West generally, will only strengthen the ayatollahs’ rule. That’s why Winston Churchill’s World War II admonition to Britain applies today to Israel: “without victory, there is no survival.” https://thehill.com/opinion/international/4407277-oct-7-was-the-opening-attack-in-irans-ring-of-fire-war-against-israel/#:~:text=The real problem,is no survival.”
  7. You seem to be asserting that Palestinians celebrated the creation of Israel and greeted their new neighbours with flowers and donated their homes and farms to them out of the goodness of their hearts. Do you really think that's what happened?
  8. They gave the green light to just move in and take over. They even had a plan Canada helped design on how to make it look and feel all ethical and moral. Making it legal was the easy part. Excuse me? I've said those were crimes against humanity that should be prosecuted against the perpetrators. I've also pointed out that because Palestine is not allowed to exist as a state there is no one with whom to have the sort of treaties and agreements in place that allow for civilized ways of dealing with trans-border criminality. Instead we have the slaughter of thousands of innocent people and of course the creation of the next and probably even more hate-filled resistance. As for you along with everyone else who can't seem to put on a simple pair pf shoes, you act as if everything was rainbows and lollipops and sugar-water long since under the bridge on Oct 6th.
  9. The Balfour Declaration and subsequent declarations of the UN and League of Nations. Reminder, we're still talking about 1948 not Oct 7.
  10. You would have said the same thing about Palestinians on the day Israel was created, long long before Hamas was even a concept?
  11. Yes, they chose not to submit to their dispossession, displacement and subjugation. Apparently even if they killed your family in the process you would have bowed your head in submission.
  12. That's funny, when you talk about Neville Chamberlain that way the first thing that comes to my mind is Ukraine and you.
  13. Palestinians were all terrorists right from the get go in 1948? There never was such a thing as an innocent Palestinian? This question about shoes is really throwing you guys for a loop. You just can't do it.
  14. Much of it is their responsibility however, and Britains too. Intergenerational trauma applies to countries just like it does to families and even individuals. So does responsibility.
  15. And there are lots of decent people, notwithstanding you, who don't think like Israelis.
  16. I think they're coming to the realization that there's a pattern to the resistance to their protests - it's almost entirely right wing in nature with little to no variance between issues. I can't think of many issues these days that don't automatically default to right/left hatred. I don't necessarily see this as as bad thing because I think this divisiveness needs to come to a head so we can bury our hatchets in it, so to speak. Maybe literally if that's what it takes to get past it.
  17. I bet you never put yourself in a Palestinian's shoes either. So what if it had been you in 1948, you would have just submitted and let yourself be pushed around? Bullshit.
  18. Fu ck off, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Israel is in the bible and 1st Nations aren't, ergo...
  19. Yup, you people are all over the map. You never seem to take the time to put a cogent consistent argument together, you're not working with any set of common facts or history and you apparently just nod, wink and like one anothers posts and points simply for the sake of disagreeing.
  20. I doubt it, I have no idea what you're babbling about.
  21. Sure, along with a lot of cold calculating reasoning by the usual suspects.
  22. Yes it's always hilarious listening to you people sneer about these rights due to an ancient 150 year old claim while jumping up and down about a 4000 year old land claim like it happened yesterday or on Oct 7th or something.
  23. So where do Hunter's laptop and Steele's dossier fit in.
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