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  1. What really sticks out is that you're always rubber and everyone else is glue.
  2. I lived downtown in TO in a number of places, some not too far from Regent Park, long before any of the gangs you mentioned were on the radar. White kids were enough of a threat to keep you on your toes too, anywhere I moved it seemed. It was little different when I migrated to a little fishing village thousands of miles away. There was always someone who was determined to pick a fight over little to nothing. Maybe it was the pony-tail. I always got along well with the native guys it seemed - if anything I'd be fighting back to back with them against some red-necked dick-heads.
  3. In our system they'd probably be more comparable to a virtue signaller or a loser.
  4. In the meantime it appears about half of America believes the Red Dawn has taken over the nation. How was that possible without anyone having to fire a single shot?
  5. Save your explanations, they're not worth shit because they always look like this. I know, I just don't believe these claims of their extreme intelligence, or yours for that matter. No it definitely has more to do with power than ideology and that said, $10 bucks also says Elizabeth May would never do it.
  6. Recently? It's been a celebration of collectivist Nirvana since day one Take food replicators for example. Free stuff? WTF is that all about?
  7. I think he's more of a follower who is overestimating the intelligence of a base that couldn't be led anywhere even if it wanted to be. So instead of campaigning like the NDP and governing like conservatives Liberals will have to hang their shingle on being Liberal?
  8. The erosion of any human freedom and fundamental right around the planet that could be linked to 9/11 and terrorism was embraced, cheered on and encouraged by the very same people who've cried like babies over having to wear a face diaper. Certainly in terms of deaths. If Americans had taken COVID as seriously as they did 9/11 I suspect the death toll might have been kept down in the low hundreds and perhaps even just tens of thousands of deaths. I mean contrast the immediate reaction to 9/11 in terms of banning flights into America to the so-called banning in reaction to COVID. I'll grant that America had valid reason to believe the attack it was under on 9/11 might be bigger than it was or even military in nature. So given that what are we to make of all the hooey about COVID being a potential bioweapon? I suspect half the Middle East would still be glowing blue at night if a million Americans had died on 9/11. Yeah well, Democrats have always been and still are to the right of Canada's more serious conservative parties. Extra-legal drone attacks and assassinations all increased on Obama's watch.
  9. Who are you talking about when you say them? I'm talking about us the governed and them the governments. You still seem to be stuck talking about partisans and their parties.
  10. I've suggested a fix but many seem to believe too much transparency is a bad thing and that prying the lid off the secrecy that covers the governance of the public's domain would constitute an attack on free speech. Such is the silliness of partisan protectionism of political parties.
  11. All governments gravitate around their own center. The only division worth worrying about is the one between the governed and their governments. I've been discussing this for decades to little more than the sounds of crickets from partisans of all stripes. Virtually no one but a partisan trusts governments anymore but no one seems to be able to get past their sense that we're all powerless to make them more trustworthy. I remind again we're talking about 338 parliamentarians versus 38 million Canadians. Yup. Powerless to a Tee.
  12. This seems to be the solution for right-wingers who have been trying to establish a conservative legitimacy based on paranoia about commies under every bed since the 1950's.
  13. It seems I'm assuming the role of 'conservative mentor' in my family. I think it might have something to do with being the best papa in the world. I've got a sweatshirt that says so too. Front AND back.
  14. So...like you, I know this is all a bunch of hooey. But since I'm only pretending to buy it and you actually do... What's your motivation?
  15. No. For proof you'd need to show the step by step process and physical means by which leftists coordinate, plan and work in tandem i.e. meetings, emails, short wave radio, smoke signals, telepathy etc.
  16. Well maybe you can pass legislation that requires masked people sit at the back of busses use separate water fountains and that sort of thing.
  17. As human I say the very same thing about our species.
  18. Is that what the little looney toon in your head is telling you to say? I highly doubt Justin Trudeau could pull the sort of strings you imagine he has access to so he can have someone arrested let alone given 25 to life. I'll grant that PM's can influence the law however, like Pierre Trudeau did to have Michael Trudeau's pot charge dropped. One of the things Justin Trudeau did that I disagreed with was when he said the law would remain in effect and people should still expect to be charged with a criminal offence until legalization of pot was formalized. What was particularly telling of Trudeau's out of touch character was that he said this right around the same time he recounted the story about his brother and that he was thankful his father could use his influence to spare his brother a criminal record. I thought Trudeau's utter tone deafness was pretty vile. It reinforced why I never voted for him in the first place. Imagine how vile I think someone is who would suggest I'm fine with Trudeau?
  19. The Neo-Marxist infection you speak of is a fantastical creation of conservatives/Republicans that you're nurturing yourself right now. The connection is the Republican Party's irrational reaction to communism. The irrationality that it nurtures creates the conditions for violence either by its own hand, by that of its supporters and naturally enough by people who've had their fill of it. No it isn't. You wouldn't have to beat up on the world if it would only stop making you so angry and fearful.
  20. And yet you people are apparently perfectly willing to continue doing nothing about it. Are you waiting until it's worse than the Khmer Rouge in the 70's or something?
  21. I'm hoping to find something in between that and the ones who believe our PM is the F├╝hrer.
  22. Yes, in reaction to the threat of communism. I've never said anything against having a negative reaction to communism but the cruel indifferent manner of that reaction is an entirely different matter. Our's was as violent as it was inhumane when all it did was create and empower dictators who emulated the very attributes we found most egregious and disgusting about communists - especially where human rights are involved. We became disgusting ourselves and even more so I figure because as Shining Beacons for liberty and democracy around the world we should have known better than to behave this way. Like I said Republicans clearly started America down this dark geopolitical road against alleged commies in Iran and elsewhere around the world while pursuing a similarly poisonous path domestically. Commies have always been at the heart of Republican fears - its their dominant cultural outlook now. EVERYTHING that isn't with them or strays from the path by even a smidge is by default a commie or some variant thereof. And that's pretty much all there is to the connection to ANITFA and BLM today. You were expecting something even more shallow, why?
  23. It's correct to describe the right wing as a direction. It's not a place. Are you still allowed to bad mouth the government 7 days a week and twice on Sunday? How do you explain that given the depth and breadth of the autocratic dictatorship you believe Canada has become? You're the best argument there is for dispelling your own hooey.
  24. And the violence America reacted with was every bit as unprincipled as anything they were afraid of. If you expect to be taken seriously as a Shiny Beacon you better act like one. AFAIC the act of overthrowing Iran under Eisenhower was a seminal moment that gave birth to an America that is the antithesis of everything it stands for. The rest of history since then has been...well deserved karma for all intents and purposes. America's allies got it coming too for not speaking up against it.
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