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  1. Myths About BC Energy Consumption. And yet Horgan and co expect the whole province to go electric.
  2. You could concentrate on things that will work, not fantasies about how Canada can bend the world to its will.
  3. Solar has limited value in a northern country with short winter days that are often cloudy.
  4. Sure it is, she had to make a deal with her own MP's. The vote was between her own MP's, not the Commons. The Liberals had a big majority when Chretien got bounced by Martin.
  5. Do you really think they would care? Asia is their market, not us.
  6. Technically a PM can be replaced by caucus without an election. That's pretty much what happened when Martin took over from Chretien.
  7. Now that Trump has basically admitted political interference in Meng's arrest, one wonders if the US extradition request will still hold water. I can just see his sane advisors (if he has any left) telling him to STF up.
  8. The present abomination in the White House makes the question a lot harder than it should be.
  9. I think the question was which person would you trust more, not which country. I'll stick with my answer.
  10. Neither. You would have to be really desperate to put your trust in either one.
  11. Exactly, we are trying to act according to the rule of law and he makes it about him as usual. Fucking asshole.
  12. Trump says he would step in if it was to help with a trade deal. Proof positive that he threw Canada under the bus to put leverage on the Chinese. Fuck off Individual 1, you are the last person we would want help from. Trump says he might help.
  13. Ah, the Armada, Blenheim and Vitoria were fun too.
  14. Here are some I expect we extradite far more because we are seen as safe place to run to.
  15. More like Dunkirk. Britain is getting out of Europe but leaving all its weapons.
  16. No surprise here. The only question was who they would pick and will there be more.
  17. So we boycot some Asian or Middle Eastern country. What do they get from us that they can’t get from somewhere like Australia or Indonesia or each other? Trade is competitive.
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