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  1. What jab? That she must be proud of her country for killing people for committing a flag crime?? That's not a jab, that's the truth, that's nothing to be proud of. You have a poster discussing Turkey's barbaric nonsense on a board about US outlawing flag burning, but somehow you didn't consider that derailing a thread. Point out that KILLING people for committing a crime against a flag is barbaric and no wonder the country isn't allowed to sit with the civilized nations and that's somehow a 'jab' and derailing??? FFS. Thanks msj and cybercoma, I don't think this place is worth coming to anymore. Wouldn't want to upset Altai and all her glorious insight. Dead pets and hot Muslim athletes. Have at her...
  2. Last time I left the board for many years it was over the moderation, not the people. It may be time for another sabbatical.
  3. Personal jab eh? I mention that Turkey is an uncivilized country for killing people for flag crimes (on a thread about flag burning) and that is somehow a 'personal' jab? Because Altai is Turkey. What a joke.
  4. It was very much on-topic. A country that considers flag-burning a crime does not belong with the rest of civilized countries. I'm with poochy, you were way too trigger happy with that one. The person bringing Turkey into the conversation isn't derailing but the person who points out that the country that considers flag burning a crime is not fit to sit at the table with the grownups is derailing. SMH.
  5. Micro-aggression against Turkey, but not Altai. She was so proud of Turkey for killing people for committing flag crimes I was left scratching my head why on earth EU would not allow the country membership. Maybe it was deemed off-topic, but it was my way of saying that a country that regards flag burning as a crime doesn't get to sit at the table with the grownups. Still hoping I just clicked something incorrectly.
  6. I know they delete a lot, but let's wait for a response. I was on my phone so it totally could've been a glitch.
  7. I posted something this morning in the Flag Burning thread to Altai, but it disappeared. Out of curiosity, was it deleted or did I do something wrong on my phone? What I said was benign so I'm assuming it was a technical glitch but with this forum you never know...
  8. If anyone is pissed about it they're not gonna jump to CPC... are you stoked because a divided left is the only hope in hell there is for your guys?
  9. Maybe because so many people giving Trideau a free pass right now would have been furious if Harper had accomplished such an 'achievement'.
  10. Yeah this is not gonna fly well for them here at all. I hope it gets Christy Clark kicked out too. NDP should also cut ties with Notley. (ETA - that part is wishful thinking I know it can't happen) This was a bad day for Canada.
  11. I'm pretty far from what you'd call a Trudeau supporter and I seriously don't get this. Us everyday folks are free to say whatever we want when a public figure passes (dare I bring up Nancy Reagan), but heads of state normally approach the issue with diplomacy and utter some nice things whether or not they hated the other person's politics. MSJ brought up Harper's statement about the Saudi and that's a good example... I don't judge Harper for saying nice things about a terrible person any more than I do Trudeau. They're prime minsters and they're doing their jobs. Obama was the king when it comes to diplomacy and Donald Trump has no idea what the word means. No wonder the right wingers are going nuts. They whole notion escapes them completely.
  12. Yep, this us right back to the point I made initially. When they say allahu akbar the unifying element is religion. When it's 'this is for you mom', it's in the name of nationalism or some other ideology. The underlying commonality is 'us' vs. 'them' and lots of crimes are committed in the name of nationalism (Iraq invasion being a very recent example). Human beings suck is the point I'm making and religion is just *one of* the symptoms of the suckiness.... but peel the layers and nationalism can be just as evil.
  13. How quaint. So you've never heard the word terrorist used to describe Palestinians, Afghan/Iraqi insurgents... ?
  14. Trump used people like you to get elected and you're one gullible sucker if you think he has the best interest of the every day people in mind; the only thing he's going to do is change the system to allow him to amass even more wealth for himself. He's going to pander to the religious right (against his own convictions) in order for the Republicans to allow him to do his pillaging. It's actually pretty funny to watch.
  15. You're expressing precisely why I think it's hogwash to refer to insurgents in Afghanistan and Iraq, and even Palestinians who blow themselves up as 'Islamic Terrorism'. The two are conflated deliberately to justify committing crimes against innocent civilians.
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