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  1. My sources are hearing that Jeffrey Epstein situation may actually be a frame-up orchestrated by JUAN EPSTEIN, the Puerto-Rican Jew! Jewish Kabal and Puerto-Rican Kabal are both out to get President Trump! He is threat to their secret plans. -k
  2. Guys! Quit fooling around! This is serious topic! We are here for sharing deep information! If you can't handle Deep Information Pool, please stay in Shallow Information Pool! -k
  3. Fake Melania mystery from earlier may be example of Turkish face-swap technology in use! Prototype Fake Melania was quickly spotted by sharp-eyed patriotic Americans. More advanced version of face-swap technology may not be so easy to detect! Why would Turkey replace Melania with Fake Melania? What happened to real Melania during swap?? My sources tell me this could be project to build cyborg super-soldiers, similar to on Six Million Dollar Man TV program. Call him the Six Hundred Million Euro Man! Turkish cyborg super-soldier will be able to run very fast, jump over fences, and bend steel bars as well as other things. Project could work with Turkish 2400MHz microwave weapon, imagine a super soldier who can cook falafel with his bare hands. -k
  4. I bet every NHL team would do better if they just had drunk politicians roll up and start swearing at the management. Having angry idiots swearing at them makes everybody work better, no matter what field they're in. There's almost no problem that can't be solved if some loudmouth moron shows up and starts swearing about it. In fact I have heard many successful businesses are hiring random drunks to roam the hallways and start calling the employees losers, because it's a very good motivational technique. -k
  5. If Turkiye has discovered face swap technology it is very dangerous! Imagine Turkish face swap agents secretly replacing country leaders all over the world! Imagine Turkish face swap agent replacing President Trump! Turkiye super technology is too dangerous, need to ACT NOW to protect USA from 2400MHz electromagnetic cyber attacks and face swap technology! President Trump ACT NOW! -k
  6. I am hearing last years California wildfires were caused by electronic weapon attacks. Some say Israel but could be Turkiye 2400MHz electromagnetic cyber weapon! Why would Turkiye burn down California? To send message to President Trump??? -k
  7. President Trump teleprompter malfunction during Independence Day speech may have been caused by Turkish 2400MHz electromagnetic cyber attack. President Trump "airports" mistake may have also been due to Turkish cyber attack. We need to look into this more. Maybe Trudeau bizarre comments about plastic water bottles also caused by Turks? My sources say Russia is working on earthquake weapon. May be Russia/Turkiye collaboration project? Recent earthquakes off US west coast may be result of Russia/Turkiye earthquake weapon attack. President Trump needs to ACT NOW to protect USA from Russ/Turk aggression. -k
  8. If Turkiye gets their hands on 2400MHz technology, imagine how quickly they could cook falafel. We need to watch this very closely, it could completely change the balance of power in the Middle East. -k
  9. Instead of blaming gays and lesbians for declining birth rates, people should ask why heterosexual couples are having fewer kids. So many heterosexual couples are now having either one child or none at all. People are marrying later and having fewer kids. Responsible people are putting off marriage and kids until they can afford to take care of them, and in these days of high rent and often high student debt, it often means people are waiting until their careers are well established before they have kids. That can take to their late 20s or their 30s, while people used to have kids in their early 20s. (Irresponsible people, of course, are still having lots of kids without bothering to worry whether they can provide for them or not.) Heterosexuality is never going to become unpopular. Heterosexuality is doing extremely well. The vast majority of people prefer heterosexuality and have no interest in changing. Declining birth rates aren't a result of people "turning gay". -k
  10. Canada has large refineries in Southern Ontario and Quebec as well as Edmonton and New Brunswick. Ontario and Quebec are now getting most of the oil they refine from the prairies and the US, while New Brunswick is the only place where overseas oil is the major source. -k
  11. A machine that uses 2400MHz frequency to cause cellular vibrations? I think they call that machine a "microwave oven". -k
  12. Most angry drunk sports-fans settle for calling radio shows to yell about it. -k
  13. There was a mentally unstable idiot posting a continuous barrage of personal attacks at the forum owner, as well as posting porn and trolling. The forum owner just got tired of it. -k
  14. She walked up to Eugene Melnyk, the Ottawa Senators owner, at the Rolling Stones concert. She started swearing at him and calling him a loser, then stormed off. Bonus points for using "do you know who I am?" Is she a crack-head or something? https://www.narcity.com/news/ca/on/lisa-macleod-eugene-melnyk-confrontation-leads-to-a-letter-to-doug-ford-from-the-nhl-exec -k
  15. Huh? When has that ever happened? And this "Pocahontas" stuff is the most artificial, most manufactured, inane controversy I've ever heard of. The idea that she claimed minority status to get ahead is nonsense. She was the gold standard in corporate/bankruptcy law before anybody ever heard that she'd claimed to have native ancestry. I think the only people who think it's an issue are people who are already so deep in the Trump/Fox News sewer that the notion of them voting for Warren was never on the table in the first place. (Kind of like Bill O'Reilly announcing that Kamala Harris has lost his vote. Oh Really? You don't say!) -k
  16. A lot of people-- not just left-wing voters-- are starting to question the system. A couple of signs that this isn't just a left-wing thing anymore: -Tucker Carlson's recent monologue about how capitalism isn't working for working-class families anymore, and the flurry of debate it touched off among right-wing commentators at places like the National Review. -Ann Coulter endorsing Ocasio-Cortez's suggestion of a 70% top marginal tax bracket: "start with the Koch brothers and make it a WEALTH tax!" In 2016 large numbers of people jumped onto the Trump train as well as the Bernie Sanders bandwagon because they're fed up with the status quo. While some of the people who voted for Trump might well have been motivated by a fear of Mexicans or Muslims, many of them voted for Trump because they believed he was going to fight for the blue collar people-- those Rust Belt voters in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania that won him those states by a razor-thin margin voted for Trump because they thought he would listen to them while the establishment politicians in both parties aren't listening. I think that desire still exists and has only grown stronger. And that's why I think there's a strong appetite for the kind of policies that Elizabeth Warren has put at the center of her campaign. Breaking up monopolies, accountability for financial institutions, attacking tax avoidance, and this kind of thing: these are policies that people of all political stripes support. And that has been the focus of Warren's whole political career, starting from when she designed the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau for Obama before she was a Senator. I think an end to the rigged game in economics is one of the public's highest priorities right now, and Warren is the most credible person to campaign on that issue. -k
  17. Something else that has come up is that there was a group of religious kooks called "the Black Hebrew Israelites" in the area, who were spouting extremist ideology and basically trying to get everybody all riled up. Someone who watched an extended video of the whole thing said that the natives, including Philips, actually got between the groups and seemed to have actually defused a confrontation between the "Black Hebrew Israelites" and the crowd around them. -k
  18. I check in every once in a while. On the contrary! I'm quite delighted to see the red-hat people so triggered over this. Like typical schoolyard bullies, they love to dish it out but they can't take it. F--- their feelings! The US Civil Rights Act of 1964 prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, sex, and nation of origin, but doesn't prohibit discrimination against peoples' ideology. Communists, neo-Nazis, and Trumpists, for example, aren't protected groups. Suck it up, snowflakes! And of course SHS herself, and her dad, are well-known proponents of the idea that businesses should be free to discriminate against people they don't like, so her crying foul over this is hilarious hypocrisy. Perhaps this experience will give her some fresh perspective on that matter. The only one who broke the law here is SHS herself, who violated the Hatch Act by using government resources to pursue her grievance against a private citizen. An unpleasant woman being asked to leave a restaurant is a threat to democracy? Once again ... "womp womp" -k
  19. I thought Trump supporters favored the "Suck it up, Snowflake!" attitude to interacting with people they don't like. "F--k Your Feelings!" as the t-shirt says. They take great pride in hurting other peoples' feelings and "triggering the snowflakes". Why are they upset about this? I thought they applaud this kind of thing. Sarah's smarmy little Tweet about "respecting people, even when they disagree" is hilarious, considering the people she works with. For her to expect respect when the whole of the Trump regime insults and ridicules and attacks anybody and everybody they consider an enemy, is hilarious. Does she have no self-awareness at all? Sarah used to run a super-PAC whose core mission was fighting against rights for gay people. Which was also a main cause of her dad Mike's political career. For these two knuckleheads to cry "bigotry" about what happened to Sarah at the restaurant is richly ironic. And a while back there was the comedian who said mean things about Sarah at the correspondents dinner. How terrible! Trump supporters cheer on their hero as he insults and demeans everyone, yet someone says a few mean things about Sarah and they're crying about how mean and unfair it is. Boo-hoo! I find it impossible to feel sorry for Mrs Huckabee-Sanders. "F--- her feelings," as the saying goes. I think she should, as Trump supporters like to say, "suck it up, snowflake!" Or, as Melania's jacket said, "I don't really care, do U?" Or as Corey Lewandowski succinctly put it, "womp womp." -k
  20. Your article is a bunch of cherry-picking and correlation-causation fallacy intended to mislead the reader. Hype: Hysterical implication: 45% more kids are on drugs! 45% more kids are smoking pot at school!! Reality: It doesn't say that more kids are smoking pot, it says more kids are being caught with pot. Why would that be? Better enforcement. Research indicates that the rate of teenagers using marijuana in Colorado hasn't actually changed. Hype: Hysterical implication: twice as many people are driving around high! The roads are in chaos!! Fact: notice that he didn't make any comment about whether there are actually more fatal crashes in Colorado? That's because there aren't more fatal crashes in Colorado. The statistics show that the roads in Colorado are no more dangerous now than they were 5 years ago. Hype: Hysterical implication: People start smoking pot and they lose their homes and their jobs! Fact: as the guy himself points out, homeless potheads moved to Colorado for easier access to pot. What facts? The article he linked is awfully short on facts that support the conclusion Here's a report from the Cato Institute with links to lot of research and statistics-- Facts!! -- which pretty thoroughly refutes the notion that legalized marijuana is causing any sort of crisis in Colorado. https://www.cato.org/publications/policy-analysis/dose-reality-effect-state-marijuana-legalizations#full If you're interested in Facts!! then go read the Cato publication and let me know if you still believe Colorado is on the brink of some kind of Dope-fiend Apocalypse. -k
  21. What in the blue hell are you on about this time? What in the fizzityuck does Tesla have to do with Kevin Spacey or Leonardo or selfies? -k
  22. I don't think the people who run Dollar General are fools. It's clearly a very successful company. Their Canadian counterparts are also very successful. If you're suggesting that sometime soon the Rust Belt cities are going to be so full of well-off manufacturing jobs that dollar stores are going to go out of business, it looks like the Dollar General people are willing to bet that you're wrong. Of course Trump gave them a talking-to. Trump does a lot of talking. You think the trade deficit will disappear and the manufacturing jobs are going to come back because Trump went to Asia and shook his fist about the trade deficit? Here's a secret: manufacturing jobs have been returning to the US, for several years. But they're not the same jobs, and they're not in the same places. Many of them are in electronics assembly. The Rust Belt ironworks aren't going to return to what they used to be, ever. And the manufacturing jobs returning to the US aren't the high-paying manufacturing jobs of yesteryear either. These aren't well-paying full-time jobs with benefits where a guy can support his whole family with his wife staying home to raise the kids, the way people reminisce about. The new manufacturing jobs are low paying, low skill, often shift-work, often not full-time, usually with not much in the way of benefits. Most of them aren't earning much more than the people stocking the shelves at the Dollar General. The people landing these new manufacturing jobs are going to keep shopping at the Dollar General because it's the only way they can afford to keep off-brand Spork on the table. If these jobs can't be done cheaply in America, then they'll be done elsewhere. The era of paying low-skill employees middle-class wages is gone forever. That Rust Belt guy living on medical disability until his high-paying job operating the rivet machine at the factory waiting for his job to return is going to have to keep waiting, regardless of what President Trump said on the campaign trail or on his Asian tour. -k
  23. Why is it divisive? If nobody supports police brutality, why is anybody mad that players protest against police brutality? Yeah, but Trump said what Trump said. Maybe when they say "keep politics out of sports" people should direct that at him. -k
  24. But eating shawarma and watching da'wah videos won't educate him to feel more comfortable in his new surroundings. I think obviously we've just failed to welcome him to our culture, and eating delicious Alberta meat and watching a movie about ranchers will help him appreciate the wonders of western Canada. -k
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