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  1. Good analysis. I don't think it will happen, but the idea has real merit. The actual CPC base is the moderate conservatives and a growing number of returning Red Tories. American style republicans are becoming more of a drag than a propellant for the party. I am hoping Mr. O'Toole is a sign of a return of the Progressive Conservative party. My only reason for not supporting him this time was the Northern Gateway idea.
  2. I agree with what you say but the current situation is far better than between the wars. While our official Defence was based on Brown's Defence Scheme #1 from 1920 to 1930, we had nothing to back it up. Changing our Defence posture is going to be over-whelmed by the problem of climate change. Taxme is concerned with a mere 100 thousand immigrants. When global warming really begins, we will be taking in hundreds of millions of climate refugees coming from Brazil to Idaho. No military force will stop that.
  3. Yet, our seeking warmer relations with China was the result of a request by the US. Once we get out hostages home, we should order all Canadians out of both China and Russia. As long as they have access to hostages, they have us by the... The Royal Navy has offered to help Canada patrol the Arctic, but the Canadian government has not accepted yet. As a sister to the RCN, we should be jumping at the chance.
  4. Why do you single out China among all the countries that are running spy rings in Canada? Russia is a much greater threat and the US has far more influence and interferes more than any other foreign power. For the last 70 years, we have been subjected to a persistent drumbeat of republicanism. I'm not saying China is all rainbows and unicorns, but they are not the worst. That title goes to Russia.
  5. We certainly see things differently. BTW, how many Australian hostages are being held by China? Serious question.
  6. Good luck with that. Do you have any idea how many Political Officers there are on any major university campus? Removing Chinese agents is a futile endeavour. Then, what do you think the response would be?
  7. Der Krieg ist vorbei. The war is over. It appears that Madam Meng WanZhou will be released. If all goes well, the Canadians held hostage in China will be deported and relations with China can return to normal. It is naive to believe other nations don't try to influence elections to suit their own interests. In 1963, the CIA its rumoured to have assisted Mike Pearson to defeat Prime Minister Diefenbaker. Besides leaking information regarding the Conservative Governments's refusal to accept nuclear weapons in Canada. Pearson is alleged to have used classified information provided by the CIA in the 1963 campaign. Just as the CIA used Mafia proxies to attack, Castro, the Mafia also heavily contributed to the Liberals through such people as Lucien Rivard and George LaMay. China does it, Russia does it, the UK does it, the USA does it and, yes, Canada does it. Everybody does it. Fortunately, in most cases, nobody does it very well.
  8. Before we get too excited, keep in mind nobody reads this forum except us and nobody cares what we say.
  9. Uh, you just described William Lyon (Rex) MacKenzie King, the most successful Prime Minister in history. He served as Prime Minister longer than any Prime Minister in the history of the British Empire.
  10. Unfortunately, Mr. O'Toole lost some support for the same reason Mr. Sheer did. For Mr. Sheer, it was a question about women's choice and for Mr. O'Toole, it was the questions about gun control and vaccines. He should have been prepared for the question and given an unequivocal, clear decisive answer. It is better to alienate a few supporters with a clear answer they don't like than to alienate a lot of voters by not answering and appearing indecisive. It was the vaccine question that really dogged him. All he needed to say was "all our candidates are fully vaccinated because we don't tolerate stupid people in our caucus. We will use every legal tool at our disposal to vaccinate everyone in Canada." On the gun control question, it never should have been included in the policy book. "We support the ban in place." The one big complaint the average voter has regarding politicians is they are afraid to answer questions clearly.
  11. IMO, it is too soon for re-opening the economy. The supports like CERB should continue as long as the lockdown and the lockdown should continue until everyone is vaccinated. People on CERB are doing the right thing. It is the sh--heads who won't get vaccinated who are to blame.
  12. Then how much would you suggest was needed to get people to stay home without driving them into poverty, while at the same time, paying for the added burden on the healthcare system?
  13. If you don't like the choice, you always have the opportunity to put up someone you do like. Did you campaign in the last leadership races for someone you liked?
  14. Try centuries. The first illegal immigrants came in 1607.😄
  15. I hear a lot of people whining that this election was unnecessary. That is incorrect. We all heard a lot of voters who were unhappy with Prime Minister Trudeau. By calling this election, we had the opportunity to replace him. This was their big chance. If you didn't like the government, you wanted this election.
  16. Lack of an effective climate change policy, deficits with nothing to show for it. Trudeau's climate action was no better.
  17. Without the massive spending to support people and businesses during the pandemic, we would be in an economic wasteland. China did not "unleash" covid 19, it was where the virus first infected humans. China didn't have much say in the matter. People seem to forget Prime Minister Harper inherited a healthy surplus from the Liberals and took us into massive deficit with nothing to show for it.
  18. No argument. My point is when you present force as a deterrent, you better be prepared to use it. We have a wonderful neighbour but we can't expect them to back us up every time.Our allies have their own interests to manage. But, we could sink a Russian submarine. It just isn't a great idea.
  19. The flaw in relying on allies is sometimes they don't share our objectives. We face off with Russia in our territorial waters. We discover a Russian submarine in the Arctic. After several warnings, the sub refuses to leave and the RCAF sinks it. The confrontation between Canada and Russia escalates. But, since the US doesn't recognize Canada's sovereignty in the Arctic, they sit back and watch, just as they did in the Great War and the Second World War. We need to be able to stand on our own, especially since the last few years, the US has become unreliable. In the case of invasion, as has been pointed out, the only country that can logistically invade Canada, the most likely course is to absorb the invasion and then bleed them white. The US has a dismal record when it comes to invading countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Viet Nam. I know this will not happen in the foreseeable future, but it only takes one knuckle dragging moron in the Whitehouse to change everything. If it did, happen, I am a disciple of the Keyser Soze school of resistance.
  20. No, Saskatchewan made up a large number of zombies. It was Saskatchewan zombies that mutinied in Terrace BC in 1944.
  21. I have campaigned to change that for fifty years without any change. I am out of ideas. My complaining about it won't accomplish anything. As you say, we are looking at 10 - 15 years to build, but that is after the years it will take to change the minds of voters. You have to convince people to be willing to pay a lot more taxes and young people to participate. Once you have an effective military, you have to maintain it year after year while it sits idle, sucking treasure from the economy. We are not like Israel where the threat is constant and motivating.
  22. Argus, you and I are in agreement but we are not in step with the majority of Canadians. Between the wars, we had less than 5000 all ranks in the regular force and the militia was not viable. An artillery unit "fired the gun" once a year. My Strategic Studies prof was in a militia infantry unit. His unit had a "liberated" grenade that was disarmed and they would practice throwing it. It was much better when I was in the reserves (a Highlander Regiment) in the 1970's. I was Regimental Quartermaster on the occasion of our 75th anniversary. I was able to kit out the CO, and the Adjutant in complete uniforms. We paraded infant of guests including the LG, and officers from the US Army. It was embarrassing. What made it worse was later in the week, I saw a clip of Idi Amin, Field Marshal and President for Life of Uganda, reviewing his Ugandan Highland Regiment, all fully kitted out with every thing we needed, the only difference being they were armed with AK-47's instead of our FN's. If the military is unable to act independently without allied support, it is not capable of fulfilling it's mandate. Half a force is a token force and a waste of money. To achieve what you and the others on this forum want, we need to be able to have air superiority over china and the western Pacific and sufficient navel forces to sink the Chinese navy. Any land engagement with the Chinese army is out of the question. Using the Swiss model, we should be able to field a sizeable force in 72 hours. Do you believe Canadians are any more agreeable to conscription now than in 1942? Do you believe taxpayers are prepared to pay for the hundreds of warships and thousands of tanks and Thousands of combat aircraft required? Do you believe Canadians would agree to arm the Canadian Forces with nuclear weapons? The reason we have only a token force is because governing politicians are very good at reading the public mood. The Conservatives defence policy is the same as the Liberals. I even questioned Stockwell Day on the matter and his response was just as pathetic. How many men between the ages of 16 and 60 do you know would be willing to serve full time for five years and be called up for two months per year until they are 60. Switzerland, in the 1980's and 90's could field the largest military force in Europe. I believe Canada should have a defence policy with teeth but I am realistic enough to see I am part of a microscopic minority.
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