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  1. Not sure what you mean,but it doesn't matter. Nobody is going to be influenced to change their view by what we say.
  2. How do you "promote sexuality?" Sexuality is part of being a living multi-cell animal. One is born either heterosexual, bi-sexual or homosexual. Like being left or right handed, you can't change it and "promotion" is futile.
  3. I believe I mentioned the accusations of abuse against the Legacy Christian Academy in Saskatoon and I failed to emphasize these are allegations untested in Court. My error.
  4. Why not? There will no doubt be mis-informed children and adults exposing them to homophobia. They need to be prepared to deal with that misinformation. We should not be giving the mis-informed a head start in implanting homophobia in our children. The use of the word "deviant" is often given a negative connotation. Schools are a place where we can teach our children that regardless of their orientation, the deserve to be respected and safe. We still have a long road to travel to end bigotry.
  5. Search Gay Pride Flag. I think that is what I was saying. It is not about having sex, it is about loving and respecting each other.
  6. We (meaning I) sometimes make assumptions of other people's life experiences. There are some of you (all of you) who are more than the words in a post. I re-read some of the early posts in this thread that cast a more nuanced perspective on their authors.
  7. I was my Department's liason officer with a local Pride group for twelve years. During that time, I got to know kids who had been disowned by their parents, one who was litterally kicked out of the house at the climax of a severe beating by his father, and two others who took their own lives. Gay- bashing is a reality in the Pride community. So, to the few of you who are under the mistaken impression that LGBT is an "ideology" or a choice, pause for a moment and ask yourself, do I want to CHOOSE to lose relationships with family and friends and get a beating just for going to school or walking down the street?
  8. Let's take a hypothetical family. We'll call them the Cleavers. You are the youngest of two children. Your name is Theodore. You have an older brother named Walter. Walter's friend is a kid called Eddie. You have four grand parents, four aunts and uncles and seven cousins. That is twenty people. Statistically, two of you are gay. It could be your brother, or that cute little cousin you have a crush on or it might be your mom. Because you have said things that could be interpreted as hostile to gays, who is going to tell you they are gay? If you find out it is your best friend, Bobbie, are you going to let that minor fact wreck your friendship? Or maybe it is your Dad. Would that cause you to become estranged? Who ever it is, they have been gay all their lives and that didn't stop them from loving you. Why should that part of them change how you feel about them? Or, it might be you. That flag they fly at your school is a symbol for all that hate is wrong. We have a school here in Saskatoon called the Legacy Christian Academy. Students are forced to grass out any student they suspect is gay. The accused is then paraded before the other students and staff and beaten with a wooden paddle to drive out "satan." That is what you should be outraged about, not some colourful flag that represents love and respect.
  9. Nationalist, you confuse love with sex. I fell in love with Jennifer when I was 5 years old. The Pride flag is not about sex. It is about respect and love. The purpose of flying it in schools is to let everyone know it is wrong to hate anyone and that whether you are left handed or black or gay or Roman Catholic, you deserve love and respect. There is no place for hate in schools or in life. The flag sends a message that bullying is wrong. "Christian" teachers who beat children are disgusting.
  10. I say the Pride flag should be flown at elementary schools. Children should know they are loved and respected. Anyone who believes an elementry school age child is not curious about sex is niave. My first love was with Jennifer. We were 5 years old. It was in kindergarten. Restricting who a person falls in love with is communism.
  11. A neurotic neolithic shepherd named Leviticus drew up a list of sins and the coresponding punishments. The uniform I wore for 25 years was, according to this fool, an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. I had to work on the sabbath, a capital offence according to Leviticus. I am told that that isn't considered a sin anymore. Well, why do some people select homosexuality as an abomination, but not the others? I started receiving sex education in grade 3. My teachers were other kids. A child's first sex education should come from responsible adults, not other children. Not all parents are equipped to teach sex education properly. Nobody chooses to be gay. The beatings from family, friends and teachers would discourage all but the most brave. We have a "Christian" school in Saskatoon that beat students with a club if they were suspected of being gay... and we are upset with a flag at school?
  12. Ten percent of the population are born gay. Nationalist points out that this is deviant. Ten percent of the population are born left handed. Are people who are left handed deviants as well? Should we allow 8 year old southpaws to be beaten up and told they are evil and going to hell? Should we allow teachers to attempt exorsism with beatings to force these deviant left handers to become right handed?
  13. On the other hand, historical accuracy, based on documentation, is more important than presentation. All of the evidence shows the holocaust is a fact.
  14. He was right about one thing: When a group attempts to install a parallel govenment, the legitament government must respond, whether it is because of the murder of a Minister of the Crown or the alleged attempted murder of a police officer.
  15. A few years after the October Crisis, someone buttonholed him at a function and pointed out that, were he not Prime Minister at the time, he would have been one of the people arrested. "Yah, but I wouldn't have bitched about it." He may have been a bit weak on economics but he had guts. FYI: Neither the War Measures Act nor the Emergencies Act are martial law.
  16. I think it is time for me to start re-evaluating my position in regard to Mr. Poillievre. I have always maintained he is a politician of integrity regardless of my perseption of what I see as his shortcomings. This is just politics and my barbs this evening were over the line. I should have followed the rule that personal attacks on anyone willing to make the sacrifices that come with public service deserves respect, regardless of party or platform. I wish Mr. Charest wins, but people smarter than me say I will be disappointed.
  17. But why remove it? The CBC is a public service, brought in by the Conservative government. Most democratic countries have a public broadcaster. You have the BBC, NRK in Norway, France Televisions and Radio France, PBS /NPR in the US, ARD in Germany, SR / SVT in Sweden, ABC in Australia, and NRZ in New Zealand among most other countries. Every public broadcaster receives government funding.
  18. No, they serve the people. They receive their funding from commercial sponsors for the TV network and the taxpayers for both the TV and radio. How is Quirks and Quarks serving the Liberals? Or Coronation Street, Ideas and the Nature of Things? The political shows such as Power and Politics and At Issue bring together a multi-partisan panel and their discussions are respectful to each other.
  19. Why didn't you call it the Emergencies Act? I'm not a mind reader. How is Prime Minister Trudeau a coward or a traitor? Mr. O'Toole would have been a much better Prime Minister, but Prime Minister Trudeau hasn't been that bad. He was able to build all party support to fend off the Americans attempt to kill NAFTA and again all party support and all Provincial support to respond to the Covid pandemic. All my lather aside, I don't believe Mr. Poillievre would have been able to get all party support against the US and his actions regarding the public health emergency were less than impressive. I get the feeling some of the supporters of the Ottawa occupation would have been in favour of former Prime Minister Trudeau sitting down and chatting with the FLQ. What do you do with bleeding hearts who don't like the look of Police Officers enforcing a court order with reasonable force? ... "go on and bleed, but it's more important to keep law and order in this society than to be worried about weak-kneed people who don't like the looks of"... police officers enforcing the order of the Court.
  20. No, the best shows on CBC are Quirks and Quarks, the National /At Issue, Coronation Street, The House, Power and Politics, the Nature of Things, Ideas, As It Happens, Under the Influence, and Sunday Magazine. CBC, a Conservative government creation by the way, provides programing unavailable anywhere else. You may not listen to "Writers and Company," but many others do. Remember what happened to Prime Minister Mulroney when he pre-empted 20 minutes of Coronation Street. The CBC is a public service. It is refreshing to listen to the radio without commercials. As for news, when half the country calls it right wing and the other half calls it left wing, it is hitting the mark. If Mr. Poillievre tries to kill the CBC because he doesn't like the things he percieves they are saying about him, that is censorship. The CBC belongs to us, We The People, not the government.
  21. Honour perhaps. Showing up for work. The least he could do is pay the fine with his own money. He is suddenly making Prime Minister Trudeau look almost ethical.
  22. I don't think Justin was even born when the War Measures Act was proclaimed. If you need an example of Pierre Trudeau's courage, look at the St. Jean Baptiste parade the night before the 1968 election. I never voted for the guy, (I had a tiny part in his defeat in 1979 😁) but he never struck me as the kind of person who hid behind his mom's couch. I just find it sad that the CPC would elect a Socialist Creditor as leader rather than a Conservative.
  23. He is an embarrassment to the CPC. Why is he so frightened to debate Mr. Charest? You clearly don't support him enough to donate money or you should be livid at his use of other peoples' money to pay for his cowardice. Is this how he will deal with the grits? He reminds me of that fight outside a bar. You always get the guy who stands there yelling at the other guy " You better watch it, dude." over and over. The dude calmly steps up to clock him and the loudmouth runs like a rabbit. Nice hair, though.
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