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  1. And no more investment and fewer jobs. People won't invest in an unstable economic environment.
  2. It is the inevitable product of separation. History demonstrates that when a part of a nation tries to separate, it almost always leads to a terrible civil war. India, the United States (twice), Ethiopia, Algeria, Ireland, Nigeria, France, Korea, Viet Nam, Turkey, and Yemen come to mind. Only two that were without conflict come to mind,- Czechoslovakia and Sweden. Separation of a Canadian region is unlikely. The thought of the consequences should be enough to deter it. Why would any sane person, wish that on their children. Alberta has said the ASA affirms it's role in Canada. Premier Smith may be the Glenn Clark of Alberta, but she got that bit right. Premier Smith and former Premier Clark have a lot in common.
  3. That is how I interpreted the statement but I don't think he actually believes it anymore than I believe he actually thinks the 2020 election was stolen. It keeps him in the headlines, which is important for a run for POTUS. He has the advantage that even when he says something, shall we say, less than brilliant, his supporters will defend him.
  4. If I squint my eyes, I can see what Reason10 is getting at. He is interpreting it to mean what WestCanMan said. However, since the whole foundation of the statment is based on a claim of election fraud which is unsupported by tested evidence, that interpretation falls flat. Since the DNC did not steal the election, there is no threat from the Democrats against the Constitution. Neither is there any process for reversing the results of the vote by the Electoral College. But, good try there, Reason10 and WestCanMan.
  5. We already have better ways. The problem has been to get them built. The experience of covid shows that there are a few people out there who behave irrationally, such as, not just vaccine hesitancy, but masking as well. All it took was a few people with an irrational fear of nuclear power in the 1970's to set us back forty years. You are right. I need to be more optimistic. But we still face the problem of using up the resources that appear to be irreplaceable. In over 3000 years, we have not been able to come up with a replacement for steel. Nor have we come up with a replacement for oil as a lubricant. However, as a source of clean energy, we have two already. Uranium and thorium (although thorium needs a little tweaking) and hopefully we can get to fusion within a couple of centuries. the advantage of thorium is it is a lot more plentiful, doesn't melt down, is far more efficient leaving little waste, and has no military application. (That is why everyone switched from thorium research to uranium).
  6. It will if we allow the ambient temperature to rise fast enough. It would take only a few centuries.
  7. Because Minister Guilbeault knows what he is talking about. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. There has been life on the earth for 3.5 billion years. There have been modern humans for just 200,000 years, maybe 400,000 years if we include our Neanderthal brothers. Why did God chose homosapiens as a favoured species. According to the Bible, we are the most ill behaved creatures in the flock, often destroying portions of the rest of the flock and always abusing our fellow creatures. God has been constantly punishing us for our sins, even sacrificing the Christ in an effort to get us to behave. I'm sure God would prefer to give rabbits or squirrels dominion over this little planet. My neighbour, Joe, who's family has lived at my place in the Kootenays for centuries, certainly believes squirrels are God's highest creation. God created the earth as a gift to squirrels. The only reason we have, that homo sapiens are God's beneficiaries, is that an origin story created by some neolithic shepherds said so. As Homo sapiens, of course they decided they were God's favourite. Religion has been around for most, if not all, of Homo sapiens existance. Neanderthats believed in the afterlife. There are the graves at Shanidar that prove this. After all that time, all those religions, what makes us so special. We are all descended from a boney fish that was a survivor on one of the greatest mass extintions in the last 3.5 billion years. I'm sure the descendents of those boney fish believe dominion was theirs. From them descended cats, bats and old gnus. Since a surprising portion of the Book of Genises was written by a woman, maybe we should refer to God as She, however it diminishes the omnipotence of God to assign any human charactaristic to her. At the rate we are going, the greenhouse effect we are causing, will end human existance pretty soon, possibly in the next couple of thousand years. Much of the remaining time will be pretty grim. Compounding that tragedy is we will have taken most, if not all life with us. Life on earth managed for 3.1 billion years without us imposing our dominion.
  8. You are wrong. The greenhouse effect has been know about for decades. Nothing hurts an economy like a climate that evaporates all of the water and is to hot to rain. That is what you would have happen to the unborn future generations of humanity. Based on your religious devotion, you may not wish to float the notion of "cults." Not everyone understands the importance of religious faith.
  9. My reference to the usual result of separation was to several posts advocating separation in this thread, not to ASA. ASA affirms Alberta's comitment to remaining in Canada. I agree with you about Norway. Peter Lougheed had a similar idea but, like the ASA, subsequent governments used the fund as bait to voters. I also agree with your negative view of fish farms. They are an ill concieved attempt to avoid investing in restoration of real spawning grounds and science based fishery. I defer to your expertise on that front. Ja elska Norge.
  10. The point is, we all (meaning the whole world) have to exceed the emissions targets. It is a global crisis and we have to take into account the countries unwilling to make the sacrifices needed. Why is destroying the country and putting us in danger of being swallowed up by the giant republic to the south, so importnt to to some people. We have fought off three invasions so far. We fought two world wars in defence of Canada. Is all that blood spilled by our ancestors just to be flushed without thought? Do these separatists give any thought to the violence they would be imposing on their fellow Canadians? Any war is tragic but a civil war is the worst. It is the most viscious conflict imaginable. The two for one special is better than you think. I used to charge $30 an hour for my lectures, back when $30 meant something. Of course, for obvious reasons, I never actually got paid for them. Cheers
  11. The people who advocate separation have not thought through the ramifications. It is naive beyond believe that there would not be forces opposing the destruction of the nation. Separation will lead to civil war. The only example of the contray is Czech Republic and Slovakia. I remember studying the actions of the OAS in Algeria and we are all familiar with the American civil war. Alberta is a land locked province. If she were to separate, no oil would move. No pipelines, no trains. What would be gained? The NDP will still be there. In seven years, out of the four western provinces, only Manitoba will be conservative. Moe will likely retire after the next election. The NDP will be in shortly after. Eby looks secure and it looks like Premier Smith is trying to rival Liz Truss for incompetence. How long will it take for Albertans to ever vote Tory again? It is sad that all she has had to do to get out of this, before stepping into this pit of quicksand, maybe ask some of the professionals in the civil service for their advice and follow it. These are the people who have experience. So, a plea to Albertans, some where in such a gifted province you must have another Peter Lougheed. Move fast to get him/her into the Premier's chair ASAP. If you have two, can you lend him to Saskatchewan?
  12. Politics doesn't actually change how a government operates. Politics are Canada's national sport. We are better at politics than any other country in the world. What the Japanese and Germans are to engineering and the Americans are to marketing, Canada is to politics. Don't get me wrong. I love it. But whether the Grits, the CPC (Social Credit) or the NDP forms a government has as little impact on Canada as who wins the Grey Cup. An MP is appointed to Cabinet. She meets with her Deputy Minister who advises her on how to implement policy. The DM points out the pitfalls and guides her through the process. When a Minister fails to heed the advice of the professional civil service, they tend to not have success. I remember Glenn Clark. I was in BC at a time when you opened the morning paper, not to see if the Premier did something stupid that morning, but what new crative stupidity he could come up with. I also lived in Saskatchewan when Roy Romanow was Premier. Here we have two New Democrats, one who could do nothing right and the other governing like a Tory. It is the competance of the Minister, not the party that makes all the difference. I never said "Alberta's energy resources have no future value." On the contrary, the petroleum and coal resources in Alberta and Saskatchewan will skyrocket in value in future, as other region's run out. Our technological civilization is built on three pillars. Coal, iron ore and oil. We managed without oil for 1800 years because the population of the earth was small and animal fat sufficed. Once we harnessed artificial energy (steam) oil was necessary to lubricate anything that moves. We ran out of whales. Think about how long you can run a turbine without lubricating oil. What do you make a tubine out of? What do you use to make rails? Everything we rely on to support our population relies on steel and lubricating oil. Without it, there is no transportation, no energy production, no food where you need it. The solution is to build nuclear and solar power plants around the world. Electrify the rail systems and maritime shipping to replace air travel. Most nations already do have good rail systems. Simultaneously, get thorium LIFTR reactors going. There is a lot more thorium than uranium.
  13. Why is Alberta's desire to squander their future generation's wealth more important than BC's need to preserve their future generation's heritage. BC, the US and eastern Canada will not allow more pipelines. If Trudeau had not forced the Trans Mountain pipeline on BC, the expansion would not be taking place. You are talking about breaking up the most beautiful nation in the world for something as irrelevent, stupid and silly as politics? Western Canada is the Saudi Arabia of uranium. We should be transitioning to nuclear power and saving our oil for when it is worth something, after the US, the Middle East and Russia, etc, run out. We have the technology to build reactors around the world, from Albania to Zambia, and the fuel to power them for a couple of centuries, by which time we will be replacing them with thorium and ...just maybe, fusion reactors. Canada will be a world leader in energy production that will dwarf the fossil fuel production. So quit your whining and start looking for practical solutions. The ASA is a silly little stunt that is a last Hail Mary for a failed premier to get some votes. It will solve nothing, because governments will continue to do what they have always done and that is to find the best solutions to a myriad of problems.
  14. What would lead you to come to that conclusion? 🤠
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