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  1. My brother bought an electric car last spring. Boy, is he laughing.
  2. Argus, I have the impression you are just concerned about transsexuals. Does this mean you are okay with cross dressers, drag Kings and drag queens? Is you concern confined to m2f or do you also have concerns with f2m? I agree with you that minors are too young to go through SRS or even begin transitioning, but I was under the impression you can't begin the process of evaluation until you reach the age of majority. The idea that the need to transition is taken lightly by the person is preposterous. Besides the beatings and ostracism, there is the loss of family connections, unless the parents and siblings are on board. While gender dysphoria has nothing to do with homosexuality, the results of coming out are usually brutal. However, the result of not coming out does result in suicide too often.
  3. There is no Federal Tory Party. Peter MacKay killed it. I was all set to vote for Mr. O'Toole in this past election until he promised to re-start the Northern Gateway pipeline. It is the wrong route. Trans Mountain is the better route because there is already a line there. I live in hope that Mr. O'Toole will give us our Tory Party back. I am a Poor Fellow Soldier of Clark, a Happy Warrior in the Great Tory Crusade.
  4. If Mr. O'Toole is given the opportunity the CPC will attract the Red Tories to return and we will once again be, in Senator Hugh Segal's words, the Happy Warriors in the Great Tory Crusade. We will get our party back and win the next election.
  5. Private broadcasters are marketed to the lowest common denominator. They do not provide programming aimed at the smaller market demographics. The CBC is owned by the Crown. The Crown provides services for all of us. You sound like a republican.
  6. Out of respect to the rules, I will just say your comment explains everything.
  7. Yzer, where else would we have access to programs like Quirks and Quarks, Coronation Street, Ideas and As It Happens.
  8. Remember what happened when Mulroney pre-empted Coronation Street to talk about Meech. The BBC and the CBC don't belong to you. They are Crown Corporations. You are talking like a republican New Democrat.
  9. Same thing. It is essentially based on the Mother Country's establishment of the BBC. It is the property of the Crown.
  10. Getting rid of the CBC would cost the CPC far more votes than it can afford.
  11. The Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission was created by R. B. Bennett in 1932. Rex turned it into a Crown Corporation in 1936 and renamed it the CBC. It is the republican nut jobs who want to get rid of it. Then there are the Conservative nut jobs like me who enjoy Quirks and Quarks, As it Happens, Coronation Street, Frankie Drake Power and Politics, At Issue, and in the past, the Friendly Giant, the Journal with Barbara Frum, and This Hour Has Seven Days that see it as a valuable service that provides something for everyone.
  12. The problem is, Conservative activists are not the same as the voting public. I was an activist from Diefenbaker to MacKay's stabbing the Conservative party in the back, killing it. There are a lot of conservative activists in the party that hold really untenable ideas. I know, I'm one of them. We see anti vaxxers, anti fluoride people, and then some really crazy ones like me. I've heard some say get rid of the CBC, which was created by the Conservative government. This country would not exist if Conservative PM Sir John A. MacDonald had not poured taxpayer money into building the railway. We are carrying an enormous debt load from the response to Covid. Does anyone doubt a Conservative government would have handled it differently? I sure hope not. No government can govern through an ideological sense. Ideology is the stupid idea that a single philosophy can answer all problems It is the enemy of pragmatism and it is the main issue that holds the CPC back.
  13. The resistance to nuclear power is an indictment of the educational system. You say we need a strong oil and gas industry but what about future generations. We can have all the uranium and thorium in the world but if you don't have oil to lubricate the generators and all the other machinery a technological civilization needs, you will be living back in the neolithic.
  14. The CPC has all the votes the right can provide. It isn't enough. Where else are you going to find votes if not from the centre- centre left. The campaign Mr. O'Toole ran to get the leadership was not the platform that can win an election. There are too many people in the CPC who place ideology over pragmatism. They are just like New Democrats. It is not the role of a politician to convince voters. Their job is to do what the voters want. I think the technical term for that is "democracy." The politician must adapt to the electorate. The election result shows that the electorate has not changed their views on the make up of Parliament.
  15. What do you propose to ensure future generation of Canadians will have oil and coal? You want heat? Push for the transition to nuclear power. Western Canada is the Saudi Arabia of uranium.
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