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  1. We are a democracy. If people are upset by a minor tax on carbon, do you seriously expect them to make the sacrifices required for them to "DOOO somethin'?"
  2. The campaigns against free speech on campus are student driven and the problem is exacerbated by weak administrations who bend to the students. Students generally hold their profs and the administration in contempt. It was this way in the late 1920's when my father was at UBC, again in the mid 1960's when my brother was at UBC, in the early 1970's when I was at U-Vic and currently at the U of S. Students have controlled university campuses since the great student riots at Cambridge, Paris and Padua in the late Middle Ages. The smartest people on earth are second year students. It is funny that grad students know less and less as they proceed through their Masters programs and Phd. Finally, when they get to be tenured professors, they understand they know next to nothing. There are occasional exceptions like Professor Jordon Peterson who knows everything.
  3. The best solution is to move Israel to Oregon and give the Palestinians back their land. The United States supports Israel's right to exist and Oregon has a similar climate, so it would end the conflict. Nobody bothered to ask the Palestinians for their approval when the UN decided to give part of Palestine to the Israelis. I listened to an Israeli Cabinet Minister on the BBC's "Hard Talk." He actually believes the West Bank is part of Israel because it was part of Israel 2000 years ago. By that logic, the entire Mississippi watershed from the 49th parallel to the Gulf of Mexico belongs to Canada because it was part of Canada in the 18th century.
  4. Our political leaders dodge the question because there is no easy answer. There is a shortage of qualified people in the trades which has been building for years. And then there is a shortage of money.
  5. The Restoration period refers to the restoration of King Charles II after the brief period of the Cromwells. With the end of the Cromwells and the restoration of King Charles, there was a popular trend towards a more relaxed morality after the repression of the Puritains. It happened to coincide with the surge in science and mathematics. It was not a contributing factor. It was the result of many elements coming together. You make good points on the impact of the Reformation.
  6. The difference is that Americans take politics too seriously. In Canada, politics is a sport, and as a sport, it is not whether you win or lose, it is how you play the game. You play hard, but after the votes are counted, you shake hands and respect your opponent. I also believe that our politicians are better qualified and deserve respect, regardless of party label. It is no different from the Blue Jays vs the Yankees. If American politicians were more like Aaron Judge or Vladie Guerrero, they would have a more functional government.
  7. I respect your faith. I disagree, but we are all entitled to our own views. Take care.
  8. Baloney. Maybe you should sue your professors for lying to you. Europeans, South Asians and people from the Middle East are all caucasian. I won't accuse you of lying. You are mis-informed. Y'er out!
  9. Partition massacres and the periodic conflict between Hindus and Muslims and Sikhs.
  10. Islam is a religion, not a race. While many Muslims are of Africans decent, most are ethnically south Asian or Middle Eastern, therefore Caucasian. How many of the murders in Canada you refer to were not committed by caucasians? Terrorism is not confined to Muslims. Hindus, Bhuddists and Christians also engage in terrorism.
  11. Most of the terrorist attacks in Canada are committed by caucasians against caucasians. As for Islam, it is part of the same religious family as Jews, Roman Catholics, Dissenters and Christians. We all worship the same God. Every one of the major religions has a terrorist group claiming affinity with them. Each of these religions have their moments of violent conflict with each other, and are under the same illusion that God is on their side. There have likely been thousands of religous faiths before Islam, Judism and Christianity and they all believed the same basic principles and violated those principles whenever it suited them. We cannot point the finger at Islam and pretend our faith is any better. The same goes for racism.
  12. Most of the perpetrators and accused related to these events you describe are caucasian. They are primarily ethnically from the Middle East and South Asia. Ergo, white. FYI, there are no white people. We are all different shades of brown. Hold a blank sheet of paper beside your head and look in the mirror. You are brown. Until a few thousand years ago, Europeans were much darker in skin tone. You are attacking identifiable groups for the actions of individuals. That is the very definition of prejudice.
  13. What is wrong with that? Maybe Bishop Strickland should have been more concerned with the child abusers in the church. He sounds like he wants to return to the days of Bruno Giordano.
  14. Maybe I wasn't clear. All land in Canada is owned by the Crown. All land, even reserve land. And FYI, East Indians are caucasian, just like you. We are all different shades of brown. If you look in the mirror and you are white, I'm sorry for you. You are deceased.
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