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  1. I knew he was Superman, but just because he can be in two places at once, doesn't mean he was ...this time.
  2. Are you saying oil reserves are infinite? Geo thermal is a possible contributor but can it produce the massive amount of energy we are going to need in the future. Nuclear, both uranium and thorium fueled reactors can supple all the power we need, provided there is enough lubricating oil to keep the generators running and enough coal and iron to make the steel to make the machinery. Eventually, they may perfect a viable system for fusion power. I worry about the problem of reducing greenhouse gases. It isn't just the challenge of getting the global population to start recucing carbon emissions. We have to hold the emissions down permanently. Considering the problems getting people to respond responsibly to Covid for just two years, I can imagine what is going to be the response when people learn their sacrifices will be needed for thousands of years. As soon as the temperature drops for a few years due to volcanic activity, some bozo is going to announce the crisis is over and we will be back to square one.
  3. I am going to spend July at my cabin in BC, gathering sticks and rocks. I want to get a head start in the World War 4 arms race.
  4. I'm not your enemy, the Communists are. To get to you, the NKVD or Shluzba would have to go through me. Sorry to say, I wouldn't be much protection for you. Maybe you would get lucky and the first couple of goons would trip over my body before the rest got to you. A surprisingly few members of the NKVD or the KGB were killed or injured while making an arrest. The ones that did get killed were executed by their own, for suspicion of treason or often just because they were assholes.
  5. Doug, if we has a soviet style communist government, you would be among the first to disappear, right after me. Don't think for a second your friends would be asking "has anybody seen Doug lately?" No, it would be "who's Doug?"
  6. In the Soviet Union, they didn't threaten you with death. They just killed you. And because Stalin worried that your friends and family would be upset with him for doin so, he would have them killed as well, and their friends and family as well for the same reason. Stalin would have people killed for walking too slowly in front of him. He had the first three rows in a theatre where he was speaking executed because somebody sneezed while he was speaking and nobody fessed up. That is tyranny. In the Soviet Union, we wouldn't know there had been a freedom convoy. If we did, we would not want to know. Knowledge in the USSR was a very dangerous thing. I am surprised that some of you profess to be interested in politics with so little knowledge of history.
  7. If we had a Soviet style justice system, every participant in the Freedom Convoy would be sleeping in the forest in the Gatineau hills under a metre of dirt. They would be accompanied by their friends and family and everyone they knew. As that young Iranian-Canadian fellow said, "Spend a week in Iran and then come back and tell me you have no freedom in this country."
  8. There has been a lot of criticism of the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States. The Harvard Radcliff Institute carried out an in-depth study of the BLM protests. https://www.radcliffe.harvard.edu/news-and-ideas/black-lives-matter-protesters-were-overwhelmingly-peaceful-our-research-finds They found that, out of 7503 events involving BLM, "Only 3.7% of the protests involved property damage or vandalism. Some portion of these involved neither police nor protesters, but people engaging in vandalism or looting alongside the protests. In short, our data suggest that 96.3% of events involved no property damage or police injuries, and in 97.7% of events, no injuries were reported among participants, bystanders or police."
  9. Prime Minister Trudeau is only 1/4 French and 3/4 Scottish.
  10. We haven't had BLM riots. We get to have Pride parades instead. They are a lot more fun.
  11. For someone so hung up on money, you would sell your birthrite awfully cheaply.
  12. Whoa, that's a bit harsh. It is only politics. Are the Vancouver Whitecaps borderline evil or the Edmonton Elks? Politics is our national sport, but the emphasis is on "sport." The rule remains, "It is not whether you win or lose that counts. It is how you play the game." No matter who sits in the PMO, the government operates as it should. Parliament is a pretty good reflection of the electorate. We must never take politics too seriously. If we do, we lose our democracy.
  13. She didn't organize the menu. Blame the Canadian Forces. It was their choice and she had no input in the matter. You are giving out the NDP repubilcan line. The GG represents the Crown. Happy Dominion Day.😇
  14. Climate change is the most dangerous issue we have faced in modern times. There was a cooling in Europe which caused the collapse of the western Roman Empire and led to the dark ages. That was minor to what we are facing. The response will need international co-operation beyond what we have ever seen Inflation is nothing. There was a time when I was working for a major bank and writing mortgages for 12 and 13%. When I was hired as a Peace Officer in 1982, we were in the final year of our contract and we got a 13% raise. Inflation today is pretty mild. This is the time to take advantage of higher interest rates. Start buying GIC's and max out your tax free savings accout contributions. You say that but in the same paragraph, you insult the Queen's representative. That is not the view a Conservative can have. That is a Whig or socialst view.
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