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  1. The same mechanisms are in place here in Canada. Once small businesses fail, people will fill the vacuum and who will that be? Well, Trudeau already has programs in place for gov't funding and it prioritizes everyone over white males.
  2. So, a black immigrant runs down and kills a white gender fluid BLM protester...and twitter is full of people blaming Trump?  

    1. scribblet


      Even Elizabeth May ....   before the guy's identity was known, it was a 'white supremacist' doncha know.  Kinda destroys their narrative.

    2. Shady


      Progressives are fucked up.

    3. OftenWrong


      They need to be vilified for doing it, whenever they do.

  3. If I said it's natural that girls should cook, clean and have babies and boys should play with trucks and become loggers or fishermen, I'd be chastised and schooled about social constructs. If I said society has a role in homosexuality or transgenderism, I'd be chastised for not recognizing that these things are natural. BTW - If sex and gender are two different things, why do transgenders always want to change their sex?
  4. No, BLM has been a shield...that's all they ever were for the marxist group.
  5. Washington, Jefferson, Grant, and now I see Ghandi and even Stevie Ray Vaughn have been vandalized. This isn't about slavery or BLM anymore, It's about remaking the USA into something else. P.S - The statue of Valdimir Lenin in Seattle hasn't been touched
    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      WTF, the left just keeps getting crazier by the minute. No police, no courts....

  6. Fair enough, all I'm saying is that authoritarianism is worse in Canada. We don't riot or protest because we've lost our will to do so. We have universal healthcare, and quite honestly, that's all we care about. We can have our freedoms taken and be taxed until July, but Canadians are all OK with this because we have healthcare. We're actually quite arrogant about it too.
  7. Here's an interesting video, Don't know why but It didn't get much media play though.
  8. Bull, the action taken against those cops was as quick as possible. Unless there's smoking gun, an investigation has to be done. The president had given the case to the FBI and DOJ immediately. Besides, it's been 4 nights since the arrest. You have to be a fool to think any of this destruction and looting is about George Floyd.
  9. It didn't. The murder was monday, everyone...I mean everyone including Trump denounced it and called it an unnecessary killing immediately. He was officially arrested - as expected on Friday. That was 4 nights ago, before the major looting and before Antifa injected themselves.
  10. The four cops were all immediatly fired, the one white cop is up on murder charges and the other 3 will be facing charges soon enough (as the police chief basically said). So, isn't that progress?
  11. The four cops involved in the Floyd killing were white, asian, hispanic and black - go figure.
  12. I actually believe that it's not about racism so much as it's about the douche bag or skid quotient. I think what happened to Floyd could easily happen to a white guy if he was perceived as a skid. As an anecdote, I worked in finance for a number of years and you constantly have people lying to you and evading their debts. Pretty soon you start to look at most people as deadbeats and begin to prejudge them for eg. A 20 YO minimum wage worker is more likely to pay back their loan than a 30 YO cabbie (that's a fact) etc etc. So yes, the stereotyping is there, but arrived at from facts. A cop sees skids every day, and regardless of skin colour, he'll perceive you as either a skid or not a skid. P.S - None of this means that racism is not real, or that the cop that killed that guy wasn't racist, just simply that you don't have to be black to become the victim of police brutality.
  13. Are we comparing white vs. black or male to female?
  14. The cop that eventually killed the guy was white, but none of the other 3 cops were white.
  15. I guarantee that for many of these rioters, the main idea was "I'm gonna gets me a new TV and a phat pair of kicks". As I watched the looting of a liquor store I was truly disgusted seeing these guys make off with cases of Bud Light....I mean really, don't these guys know the value of a good scotch?
  16. I think they should riot, they should loot and they should burn their own community and businesses to the ground.
  17. Here's my thoughts on democracy and Canada; It was during the election of about 2000, and it was Chretien Vs. Stockwell Day. Day was pushing for referendums on several issues and claiming that the Canadian people wanted more say in the democratic process. Chretien went on National TV and stated that Canadians didn't want that, that they wanted a leader to make their decisions for them, he spoke in such condescending terms toward us that it was shocking. I expected an outrage...or least a backlash against Chretien. The media interviewed several people and the overwhelming sentiment was that Day was out of line for forcing people to go out and vote on independent issues and that Chretien was right...people interviewed all sided with Chretien and said "no, we elect a leader to make our decisions for us" end of story. Chretien won the election. At the time, I was more of an independent voter and didn't really care that we were again a Liberal gov't, but i was absolutely disgusted that Canadians were so weak minded and lazy that they would willingly leave every decision to one person. I know it's anecdotal, but this taught me a lot about Canadians. Democracy requires effort, effort to think and effort to act. Canadians have given away their democracy because it was simply the easier route. Twenty years on and we don't even question censorship, forced speech, surveillance, removal of firearms or any other dictatorial measures put in place by Trudeau.
  18. Bull! It was obvious where the virus came from. It was obvious right from the beginning that the virus wasn't as bad as predicted. It was obvious who the victims were going to be. I hate this retrospective "well, who could've seen that coming" when many of us did. You always know the truth of a situation by how it's being sold. Second wave! Bull! When it wasn't as bad as expected, they bumped the numbers, when it was found that many people had it and never knew it, we were told that it could strike again, now it's the second wave we should fear. Mark my words, there will be no second wave...but that wont stop the fearmongering. BTW - how long will we be on high alert waiting for the second wave - a month, 6 months, a year...whatever gives Trudeau enough time to take everything from us? Wake the fuck up Canada.
  19. He had all of us self isolate, while allowing plane loads of people from China and migrants cross our border without hesitation. He allowed Walmart, Home Depot and Superstore etc. to stay open, while he shut down mom and pop small businesses. Not to mention giving away money and PPE when Canadians needed that stuff. WTF don't you understand?
  20. I get what you're saying, don't necessarily agree, but I see your point - however, none of his original points referred to safety. That said, freedom is the freedom to succeed or fail based on your own choices. Freedom is not having the gov't regulate everything you say and do in the interest of safety. There are places I don't go when in the USA, and there are places in Canada that I don't feel safe either - I simply avoid those places and then feel safe in either country.
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