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  1. oh my! In relation to this event, Trump just stated he would go before the U.S. Congress to ask for a declaration of war against ISIS! #drumBeatingBlowhard .
  2. logical fail.... any such claimed attacks you use to deflect from the U.S. illegal invasion of the sovereign state of Iraq, were not on the scale of today's terrorism as directly coordinated or peripherally influenced by the vacuum-filling Al Qaeda/ISIS/etc.. Apparently, "regime change" has consequences - yes? .
  3. Conservative Senator leaving Conservative caucus to become independent Senator... elected Senator Doug Black from Alberta has chosen to follow the 'Trudeau way'! Go figure, hey!

  4. per your source reference: "known to the police for assault with a weapon, domestic violence, threats and robbery but had no previous convictions for terrorism." --- "He was known to the police for violence, and using weapons, but had no direct links with terrorism" --- "he had no known links with terrorism and was not under surveillance" --- "loner, recently estranged from wife, depressed"... this is so confusing in that Archie offered up a guarantee! .
  5. - Francois Hollande (France) - 5' 7" - Nicolas Sarkozy (France) - 5' 5" - Silvio Berlusconi (Italy) - 5' 5" - Dmitry Medvedev (Russia) - 5' 4" - Vladimir Putin (Russia) - 5' 7" - Tony Abbott (Australia) - 5' 9" - Shinzo Abe (Japan) - 5' 10" - Yasuo Fukuda (Japan) - 5' 6" - Xi Liping (China) - 5' 9" - Jacob Zuma (South Africa) - 5' 6" - King Abdullah (Saudi Arabia) - 5' 10" - Kim Yong-il (North Korea) - 5' 3" - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (Iran) - 5' 2" in keeping with the seriousness of this thread, the man-bun for the man-baby... doing whatever it takes to get elected! .
  6. other than perpetually playing out your agenda here, why take such offense to a simple drawing of attention to the like significance in relation to national holidays of celebration. Yes, Bastille Day in France carries the same relative weight/significance as if it occurred in the U.S. on July 4th, Independence Day. .
  7. oh pleeeese! Your "proper written English", wasn't. But hey, how telling of you to pick up the mega-talking point from right-wing media about the "74 questions" directed at the U.S. Attorney General. Those questions were answered - just because the Republicans didn't care for the answer being provided... . After reviewing some of the actual testimony it's abundantly clear just what Republicans were trying to do; meanwhile Democrats weren't playing along and actually took the opportunity in speaking directly to the U.S. Attorney General to question her in regards to actual ongoing and pertinent matters of the day within the U.S.. .
  8. oh my! Is there no spiritualism without gawd/god/God? .
  9. at the solemn Dallas memorial service... GWBush - off his meds?

    1. Smallc


      No...that's the way he always was.

    2. Smallc


      I don't think he's planning to endorse trump.

  10. a cursory review of the thread shows me at least 4 other MLW members are speaking directly in regards Canada... and not in relation to anything I've said. More pointedly, you yourself have done the same: as a gentle reminder to you, the following is a sample of just some of your posts showing your own emphasis on Canada. Apparently, you have a double-standard here - yes? Apparently, when given a direct challenge you're now wildly deflecting and claiming "thread derail"! . .
  11. if you, as you say, "knew"... that Clinton released her tax returns, why did you mention it, implying she hadn't? Where's your raised concern/issue with Trump refusing to release his tax returns? as for those deleted emails, correct me if I'm wrong, but she didn't personally delete them and, more pointedly, they were recovered by the FBI and were included in the FBI investigation - yes... or no? .
  12. no - it's Trump that refuses to release his tax returns! An extract from the, "Statement from Hillary Clinton on the Release of Her Federal Tax Returns": .
  13. what about hands - can someone with man-baby hands win/be a leader... of the "free world"?
  14. with such a weak, weak contingent of announced candidates... surely the coronation of Peter (putting the Progressive back in Conservative) MacKay awaits! .
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