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  1. 1. They sure don't teach "support" explicitly but implicitly... if the schools are talking about it it's part of life and therefore a reasonable opinion right ? They teach morality and civics, so inclusion is part of it. 2. No. 3. Right. 4. Is "pro life" the opposite of Pride ? I don't think your analogy applies. "Pro life" or "pro abortion" are positions on an issue. Governments don't celebrate anything in that area. Pride is a celebration, ostensibly of inclusion. The analogy doesn't quite fit in my books. Are there other public festivals that receive money that some find objectionable ? Lately I've been going back to Hallowe'en which is a nice one because hardscrabble Christians don't like it, nor do some Muslims or people who value 'equity' as I understand. What principles are used to determine if/how a celebration comes into a school, a classroom, the public square and whether or not it gets funded? It's the arena of politics and - chances are - if they are actually celebrating something then it's not that controversial. 5. I don't know how 'the state' takes part in a celebration. It seems like an abstract idea that we're trying to nail down. Maybe compare again to Hallowe'en or Oktoberfest ... I don't know. I do appreciate that we are entirely talking about this on a meta level. Convince me !
  2. I'm Roman Catholic. You are framing things in a way that I consider exclusionary and anti-Christian. You should go back and study the golden rule, then go outdoors and live it. I'm not judging you, but everything you do seems to be about diminishing people who aren't the same as you.. Really nothing more to say here, we have vast differences of what it means to be moral and Christian
  3. All non believers are immoral. 🤔 That's a fringe belief, and I was taught the opposite in religion class
  4. 1. I think it comes from this "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof..." in the modern context. 2. You can make the case for it but that ship sailed when the legal frameworks in the west were established. Instead, focus on non-sectarian morality that applies to all. 3. They lead but the people choose to follow or not.
  5. 1. Well in a sense state propaganda is exactly what they do. If the state is the embodiment of what the electorate wants for public policy, and the education establishment is the organization that executes education policy then ... yes ... state propaganda is what they're about. Of course there's a thorny bush to get through which is what happens when the rights of people to believe in their religious precepts conflicts with the state. No disagreement there. But to say we won't have any mention of homosexuality or pride because religious folks may be offended at the normalization of it all is too much. After all, we have to live with others who don't believe as we do all the time and that's an asset of our national framework for rights. Should they be saying that underage sex, that pre-marital sex, masturbation is the way someone should live ? Absolutely not. They should, and do, paint with a broad brush with the focus on health and the option to opt-out given to parents. And that approach should be applied to many other things that we're not discussing here... things that people on the other side of the political spectrum get upset about such as Hallowe'en, Remembrance Day. My two cents. 2. I don't see a problem with the government providing support for Pride as it's mostly supported as a secular celebration. If you want to articulate a principle that doesn't single out Pride and thereby removes government support for certain things you will probably snag some other things in your net such as cultural events and so on. 3. I know you don't but you need to also know that unless you can articulate a PRINCIPLE behind how government decides objectively what they will or will not fund then you are simultaneously saying you don't have issues with Pride while singling it out for removal from government funding so...
  6. He argued that protest law, which is ridiculous, and then switched over to the Internet harm bill which is a bit more valid. That maneuver is called the flip.
  7. I doubt that many declare tips anyway. According to this, revenue from tips is half of 1%, so it won't require big spending cuts. And I also don't think it's going to change a lot of people's minds. But it's definitely good politics for him to make this promise. https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&opi=89978449&url=https://missouriindependent.com/briefs/trump-floats-plan-to-end-taxes-on-tips-though-experts-raise-doubts/%23:~:text%3DTipped%20workers%20made%20an%20average,%247%20trillion%20in%20overall%20taxes.&ved=2ahUKEwin1tWLm9eGAxUVMjQIHRG2CYgQFnoECBMQBQ&usg=AOvVaw0l9pWMhWyrVNfxgP9FrSQU
  8. Well this is a much better example but you were arguing on a weak point before.
  9. Why or why not though ? I can think of a lot of reasons on both sides
  10. I think that was the nature of the Umar Zameer case that recently went through the courts.
  11. You are talking about measures that have been in place for decades and trying to make it a sign of pending authoritarian crackdown. It's ridiculous, and paranoid.
  12. No - I think the point stands that the person who started this publication is involved in this group and the group originates from China out of a health cult. They used to (probably still do) hand out leaflets on the street. They are indeed persecuted by China's government but two wrongs doesn't make a right. I maintain that if people feel it's ok to try to associate individual crimes with immigration without mooring it to statistics, trends or what not then it's more than ok to examine who is behind foreign influence in the media, the type of people they are, and who they're supporting.
  13. There's no basis for appeal if the law is written as I described. And changing that wouldn't fly politically.
  14. Which reminds me... why do they have RIB FEST at the same time as Burning Man ??
  15. 1. Ok, well birds of a feather... 2. Falun Gong, Falun Dafa...
  16. Indeed. Any pediatric body who is looking at this otherwise affirms gender identity and so their actions are often selectively reported to make it appear that they disagree with assisting transgender youth with leading a happy life.
  17. 1. "like Commie China" That's exaggerated. There are always limits on protestors here. I point it out to you and all you did was repeat your claim.
  18. 1. Well that's the thing. I already rejected advice from his ilk, which includes him, Rogan, Peterson, The View, Dr. Phil etc. 2. Whatever that means... it's a big thing in society in general I suppose. 3. You have no idea. Nothing turns me off dialoguing with a poster more than hyperbole such as comparing a country that murdered millions of its citizens in our lifetimes to "please keep a distance while protesting". It's just hard to take you seriously when you post like that. But have a good day.
  19. 1. They are opinions... Accuracy isn't relevant, unless you are saying it's accurate that he holds these opinions. 2. He would probably choke with laughter at that one.
  20. They complain and cry conspiracy no matter the outcome it seems.
  21. Certainly, if we start seeing fake medical professional groups popping up, that's a concern. But let's be clear, legitimate medical societies in Europe are asking questions about these procedures and looking at it carefully. Those same groups advocate for other aspects of gender identity validation as well. So pretty Clearly there are professionals out there who are doing some objective investigation.
  22. Well I do appreciate your perspective, you needn't have replied to me or quoted my post because it has nothing to do with mine. But while we're on the topic of your perspective, may I ask you a personal question? Are you more attracted to ladyboys perhaps due to your sexual anomaly?
  23. To post on this topic seriously you have to understand that the medical profession is trying to do what's best for its patients here. The last two posts seem to be outliers.
  24. I'm categorically declining all comments from his ilk.
  25. General dismissal. I treat him the same way he treats groups... Or countries I guess. It's a schtick. Our problem is we don't have actual intellectuals or human beings leading the conversation. It's a purity test on both sides: the tougher than you crowd vs the more sensitive than you crowd.
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