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  1. General statement: If your argument is based on making assumptions and generalizations on people's emotional state, then it is flawed.
  2. Well this is actually an excellent point first of all. But I do have to point out a side question that I always have. Which is " are those scraping by involved in the Public sphere at all?"
  3. From the OP "[Alabama] ... will also stop public institutions from addressing “divisive concepts” relating to race, sex, or religion"
  4. I'm against censorship of ideas by the government. If you want to make a case that the government needs to censor ideas to keep merit alive, you're going down the road to the cultural revolution of China..
  5. I was going to laugh but I realized that you're talking about something that is quite from, ie. government getting comfortable with banning ideas. I'm a progressive conservative, and I recognize the problem with purity tests and the mob attitude from the new Chuds and Angry Identitarian groups. I'll move on now.
  6. 1. "Returning" 😂 2. I decline to answer this committee and invoke the fifth amendment...
  7. Heard this quote today: "Mother and Father are dear, but dearer still is Chairman Mao" And thought of this. Trump voters trust him more than their families, religious leaders: poll
  8. Agreed but I just want to put my hand up anytime anyone equates a public system with problems that are pervasive in healthcare. Thanks for the post.
  9. "It will also stop public institutions from addressing “divisive concepts” relating to race, sex, or religion. " So comforted that there will now be laws preventing concepts from being addressed... So that people don't get upset and all that. Conservatism at its finest right? Otherwise better known as the Nanny state for Chuds.
  10. Incorrect. The Private system south of us is known for high bureaucracy necessitated by private insurance, and delivered much worse results during the pandemic
  11. @Deluge I read the first and last points... US started the war... Gay Pride parades also to blame... Carry on without me. 🤔
  12. Okay, well you're still blaming people for being gullible. And as far as that goes, the characterization has to stick when they do something you agree with. This is an odd aspect of forum commentary that I had to come to terms with myself. If you say the people are stupid, then what happens when they do something you agree with? Are they still stupid? The fact is the masses act like masses. So If you denigrate them, I don't think you can reasonably use their reaction as evidence for anything you agree with. I try to live by that principle.
  13. Most Canadians approved of the federal government handling as of 2022, 61%. And most provincial governments got a passing grade also. There was a lot of vocal opposition to lockdowns and such, but the polling data showed a silent super majority was in favor of constraints. Trudeau himself fared about 50/50 in a post pandemic poll. I used the results I found and didn't go in afterwards to find out why those I disagree with were incorrect. https://www.biv.com/news/commentary/poll-gives-federal-covid-19-handling-public-opinion-booster-8267251 https://www.bnnbloomberg.ca/poll-finds-strong-support-for-covid-19-curfews-despite-doubts-about-effectiveness-1.1550561 https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/angus-reid-pandemic-poll-politics-1.6384927
  14. Complaints are coming out about a CBC producer and Israel coverage... https://breachmedia.ca/cbc-whitewashed-israels-crimes-gaza-firsthand/ Latest Canadaland covers a Producer who was posting content that made objectionable statements about Palestinians...
  15. I don't accept how you have framed the results here. You are just looking for reasons to discount lockdowns instead of looking at the overall result. Agreed
  16. The sky didn't fall but Sweden had a death rate far worse than Canada. That should be the metric we're following here.
  17. These things are well described in our legal system. There are lots of examples of the courts overruling the government, including the current Trudeau government. The notwithstanding clause is turning into a Bugaboo because government s are starting to use it more liberally. I don't support Trudeau unilaterally banning religions or making them pay taxes or what not for example.
  18. But temperature cycles are natural. You see? And unexplained spikes that correlate with spikes and record levels of CO2 need to be dismissed because otherwise our investment in taking unsupported potshots at at the elite will be lost.
  19. It makes people happy when they detect dishonest statements from institutions. It's a battle to control the narrative, and to wrestle it from the existing ruling class.
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