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  1. Westcanman , thanks for starting this thread, I’ve been on lots of forums and most people just don’t know the truth. I’ve been mentioning ivermectin to people but they still think it’s for horses, because of the strong campaign against anything but the vaccines. I had to show that its use on humans won a Nobel in 2015, and then the response was near shock. The MSM and our governments are going to pay for what they’ve done when the truth finally comes out.
  2. I was curious about this myself. Whatever the genesis, it’s become a major form of protest.
  3. So is it time to start stocking up on necessities before the hoarders go nuts?  

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    2. scribblet


      Considering the shortage of everything and empty shelves I'm seeing, it wouldn't hurt to buy a few extras...  especially TP of course.

    3. Cannucklehead


      Honestly I haven't noticed anything yet.  I head out once or twice a week mainly for produce but everything I need for day to day living has been available.  

    4. OftenWrong


      It's time to start hoarding... before the hoarders go nuts!


  4. For conservatives on this board:  Stop watching the news and stop posting or even reading on sites like this for a few months.  

    You will be amazed at how beneficial it is to remove something from your life that is so diametrically opposed to your beliefs.(watch what the jackals have to say to me below)  I'll see you next summer...Hold Fast.

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    2. Shady


      You can't debate hypocrites.  That's all Biden and Trudeau crotch-sniffers are.  Monumental hypocrites.

    3. Boges


      Says the guy that's first to throw out insults. LOL

      Such maturity. 

    4. Argus


      Buy bye! Hope you find the posts on 8chan less challenging.

  5. Everything you found out about Trump during the campaign came from people in the news organizations that hate him. Dialamah, you can listen and watch whatever makes you happy. But to all conservatives, I’d suggest really limiting your exposure to ANY news at all, for the next few months. You will be surprised at how removing something so divisive from your life lifts your spirits.
  6. Most of the people that don’t like Trump are programmed not to. You know, by programming. Steven Colbert and all of the late night programs. The news organizations also specialize in programming people to hate. Week after week, month after month, year after year. If you don’t think that has an effect on people, you are not thinking, you’re just hating. if you get frustrated every time you watch late night tv or the news, do yourself a favour and stop listening to those jackals.
  7. "Hold Fast".

    February 1, 2021

  8. Looks like Covid just got banned!  Wow, I didn't know Biden could do that, a great move that will no doubt see the China virus numbers vanish...what?  He didn't ban the China virus, he just banned the phrase, "China virus"?  

    Maybe the old guy is just getting confused...

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    2. betsy


      Banning phrases!  CENSORSHIP!   It's the right step in the  Communist direction!   Biden is on a roll!

    3. OftenWrong


      Exactly. These people are out of control, with their cancel culture and bannings.

    4. bcsapper


      There is a lot of it about...

  9. I can't tell what you're trying to say here. Perhaps try a little Hardner.
  10. Oh look, it's Argus again. He's like a buzzing little fly that lazily circles around looking for food. Shoo fly, or I'll get the fly swatter. To continue on what's happened to the left, because I had another thought which I was hoping explained the left's bizarre behaviour. I mean, it's obvious that some are gloating and such, and really, that's fine. Enjoy the win and all that. But what I'm hoping is that the lefties around here are merely trolling, trying to provoke conservatives, because winning isn't enough for them. Because the alternative is delusion and self deception. Is it really possible that people can become deluded by years of taking in false narratives, fibs and manipulation of activists at the MSM? I sure hope not, but either way it doesn't look good.
  11. I've been getting quite shocked at those on the left here in this little forum. They readily accept each new jaw dropping development or headline coming from the Biden Administration. Arresting reporters? No problem. Cancelling the deportation of known violent offenders? Check. Censoring any social media platform and cancelling Parlor? smiles and high fives all around. I am being completely serious with my next statement. It's like they've been all been brainwashed and can no longer think for themselves. That if a riot was started by BLM or Antifa, they'd join right in and immediately turn into rabid animals maiming innocents because the borg tells them to. They don't listen to the most stark and clear headed reasoning. What the hell happened to the left?
  12. Biden's administration has been firing thousands, allowing actual persecution of conservatives and reversing many common sense policies on immigration, covid and women's sports.  His cup of iniquity is getting full. 

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    2. sharkman


      There was no Reagan administration in 1973.  

    3. bcsapper


      True, I should have realised that.  Apparently the 1973 reference I read was with regard to to Roe V Wade. The Reagan reference was with regard to the "Mexico City Policy" which restricted funding for abortion services.


    4. Argus


      Fumigating the public service! Getting rid of all the Trump grifters he appointed.

  13. There was a big swing in weather in the 1920's and 30's. Awfully convenient of your source to cherry pick the numbers. Climate change is real, btw.
  14. I'm getting tired of wearing masks all the time.  Covid sucks.  Is there any hope on the horizon, or should I just start binge eating Ambrosia Salad by the pound?

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    2. BubberMiley


      How do you swipe left on this thing?

    3. sharkman


      Well good for you, Bubber,  the body is a temple. 

    4. OftenWrong


      Maybe there is no further left, to go.

  15. I don't think it's hate, Hardner, and for the most part I think the feelings are directed at the activist organization behind her that uses a child to hide behind.
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