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  1. THESE bother you? But not 1. Climate Change...it is proceeding without us while Republicans dither uselessly on the price of defending our Country and our Allies as if that should be debated like the price of eggs in two city markets! But not 2. Both Russia and Mainland China are flooding our country with propaganda that is already causing great harm to our children and so much of the Country is so busy either kissing the Orange Bumps ring or defending Democracy it is wearing down our strength needlessly and very seriously. But not 3. Laying the real blame for higher prices..Trump causing Civil Chaos and Anarchy against our former great Defense Ally to the South..our southern continental neighbors the Mexicans and other South Americans and whipped them into anti American frenzy !?? None if this even appears to ruffle ONE GOP feather while you either on about things YOU caused?
  2. The protection the Secret Service performs for Presidents are those who conformed to the duties and traditions if the Office and who took the Oath of Office and in that Oath along with other articles required of any U. S. Presudent, swore to defend the U. S. Constitution, . Mr. Trump therefore is ineligible for Secret Service protection once he left office. In fact the U. S. Treasury should bill him for the services provided in Trumps presidency since he didn't actually hold the Office honorably nor actually conform to the Oath if Office stating in fact that he didn't swear to defend the U. S. Constitution at all which latter IS a requirement of the Office.
  3. But you think its okay for Trump to pass signals in his televised media speeches to those agents of mayhem he has emboldened to create and pass on total bull puck propaganda to "energize his base" in trumpspeak which in plain English are simply lies and the formation of future conspiracies and plots to intimidate witnesses and current and future juries, judges and their staffs and families and foment treason against the United States in order to weaken its stance against our enemies.
  4. Actually nobody does. That thin line itself belongs to neither country.
  5. By the way, you might, if you have sufficient clearance, look up some of what I wrote for the NATO Defense Intelligence Manual before you stumble further around sucking your thumb on challenging my background.
  6. My mother was deceased before you had your first doll. But, if she were here, she would throw her lifelong commitment to voting Republican in your face, the same as many of the current formerly staunch GOP electorate, so much so that even though she's no longer even on the ballot, Nikki Haley continues to garner enough former Trump voters to form a block that may easily unseat Trump from his expected win of even red states, Ms. Haley garnered 17% of that red block two days ago in Pennsylvania, and you will recall (if it wasn't past your bedtime) , that Ms. Haley dud not concede her votes to Trump.
  7. Actually that's the current Republican leaders tactics, or haven't you been listening to the Trial and Mr. Trump's attorney challenging David Pecker 's testimony?
  8. I dunno, you seen and heard the Courts results on Trump today yet? He's losing on all fronts, his attorneys who were promoting still the farce that he is still president were all indicted today on grand felonies in Arizona, the Supreme Court is not sounding like they will be backing the immunity claims Trump wants , and the PEW Research is out on who us still supporting this loser and he again has lost several (more) percentage points on whether or not they would vote for him. The PEW Research centers itself on both sides viewpoints...not just one side.
  9. I have never said I don't own guns. You mistake me for a pacifist, I am not. I believe I already in fact told you that I am a fairly good shot with a modern rifle which I knew well before my militarybservice, and as a hobby several antique guns as well from active membership in MT Man societies in which I fire both a .54 long rifle ( percussion cap ignition) and a .52 caliber flintlock cap and ball pistol used also in the Mountain Men pistol shoots, both are front loader types with black powder, the modern rifle uses a small hardened patch of propellant which ignites rapidly when a cartridge ( bullet) is hit by a hammer trigger. I have also shot a number of other weapons up to and including a WWII 6" naval gun, A front loading Civil War cannon, and a WII Sherman Firefly 76.2 km tank gun. Anything else you'd like to be wrong about today? Sometimes your density is so revealing.
  10. You will recall a out that time the GOP was already being less than cooperative on investigating anything related to border security unless they could take credit both for it failing or winning.
  11. Its so easy to 'blame it all in the Republicans' because it us the Republicans fault!
  12. Russia..did nit? Since when!!!! Russia has many b times expanded into other countries taking them.iver. the Russian Army is trying to do to Ukraine what they did to Eastonia, Latvia and Lithuania in 1940.
  13. Apparently your Google is an abridged one, 3 days ago NEWSWEEK published video of Columbia protesters Taking Actions against 'Zionists.'
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