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  1. Double dipper . . . . . LGBTQ2S Anti-Semite = $$$
  2. Breath deep ExcessiveFlatulence . . . . Lich and Barber's freedom may cause you anguish.
  3. There's many of us that are YNSDQJSUADTJ . . . (You're Nothing Special Drama Queen Just Shut Up And Do The Job) Where's our money? Oh yeah, it's our money to start with. Always the shill for Trudeau QueenBee? . . . . .
  4. Waiting for your beer money Queenie . . . . hey, the Canadian taxpayer will get this round.
  5. Did I miss your category? Let me know what it is, or what you prefer, and all future discourse will be addressed in your chosen sequence of capitol letters.
  6. 2SLGBTQlAWTF . . . . thinking 'they' (alphabet folks) might want to further distinguish themselves by eye color, preference in breakfast cereals, or perhaps choice of 2ply over 3ply toilet paper. Sky's the limit here folks!
  7. Sadly, in the mind's eye, it triggers thoughts of what ExFlyer must look/act like . . .
  8. Did you share your ice cream . . . ?😏🍨
  9. 1) Self reference? 2) Yes Hardner, most ignore you. No reminder needed.
  10. Guessing a large % of members here know how to spell 'obnoxious' as it applies to you.
  11. Wondering if ExFlyer has the depth of character and intelligence to read your post and recognize himself? His constant drivel becomes tedious . . . . . Thanks for posting!
  12. Again, your assumptions concerning 'real truckers' make you look foolish. Many truck/transportation folks are in management/maintenance positions. many don't hold Class1's . . . but are in the trucking industry. All over your head . . It's over and done . . . . it brought the worst behavior of a sitting PM for all the country to see. Justin Trudeau's cowardice in dealing with concerned tax-paying citizens, his enactment of the new-improved 'War Measures Act' . . . all on view. You must have been ecstatic.
  13. Were you there? How do you know this? Truck owners that took their cars to the convoy are no longer 'truckers'?
  14. Do you also post under the name(s) 'eyeball' or the equally obnoxious 'ExFlyer' . . . . ?
  15. ExcessiveFlatulence . . .once again.
  16. Justin Trudeau . . . viewed as a 'heavyweight' in Canadian politics, and around the world as a major player on the world stage . . . . ? Would that be why he's so loved by you and your ilk, and despised by the majority of voting Canadians? International perspective is that he's weak and foolish, hides behind The Emergency Act, and embraces the WEF for his sole benefit while the citizens of this country struggle with his imposed taxes, and a weakening dollar. You, little man, are what's wrong, so terribly wrong with Canada to-day.
  17. Are you a Communist or have Communist leanings? Is what is happening in Canada now with government into virtually every aspect of your life and dealings OK with you? Are you dependent on Federal/Provincial $$ handouts? Are you self-sufficient, able to look after yourself? The perception seems to be that you are happy being told what to do, what to think, and that everyone that voices a different slant/opinion is your enemy . . .
  18. 😃 Someone's lit their hair on fire . . . . hilarious.
  19. As the title of this thread suggests . . . . . Is there anyone in Canada now that's more despised by so many than Justin Trudeau?
  20. Wondering who's pushing Trudeau to be so involved with the UN, WEF, etc. ? It's obvious he's not a 'deep thinker'. Is he so vain and narcissistic to be able to to this self-promotion by himself? The whole federal Liberal platform has been about an entitled dolt . . . . . nothing whatsoever about the business of Canada. Who's the puppetmaster for the dolt?
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