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  1. Intelligent people believe the TRUTHS I post here. Uneducated cretins like you can't even PRONOUNCE half the terms I use. Fortunately, bottom feeders like you are a minority in the country, although your minority creeps certainly run up a huge food stamp bill.
  2. Finally, a couple of intelligent questions. WE don't need corporate lobbyists, as a nation. Corporate lobbyists do not exist as a service to the country. They exist as a way of deep pockets buying off politicians. Look at how rich that Nazi bitcch Pelosi has gotten, since the companies with business before the House have handed her enough insider trading deals for her to be a multi billionaire, even on a Speaker's salary. Private citizen Donald Trump paid off Hitlary KKKlinton with campaign donations to keep her off his back and away from his company. And because Congress won't enforce the laws against trying to buy off elected officials, corporate lobbyists are going to be with us forever. (Personally, I'd change the laws so that they would be more strictly enforced with harsher penalties, just to watch those lobbying firms have to shut down, and those lobbyists have to look for real jobs.) Entertained? That brings us to tax law. A business taking someone out to dinner, drinks, maybe a hooker if it's in Nevada, all those expenses come under the heading of "ENTERTAINMENT." Different set of standards than the average tax filer who is is taxed too much and cannot afford the accountants to help write off those expenses.
  3. I said the result of unsustainable free market capitalism. But for what it's worth communist economies are just as bad. It's that idi0tic word "sustainable" that leads me to believe you have no idea what you're talking about. That was one of Obama's favorite adjectives and he was likely the dumbest president in history. A river is unsustainable. Rain is unsustainable. The oceans are unsustainable. Capitalism is a force of nature, just like the nature elements that left wingers are stupid enough to think humans are able to somehow control. Capitalism is unsustainable because the concept doesn't apply. It's like suggesting a hound dog can learn to play the violin. Capitalism, (and for that matter, macro and microeconomics) are the modern science of human behavior. It's no accident that the most brilliant book on Economics of all time is titled "Human Action" by Ludwig Von Mises. https://mises.org/library/human-action-0 If the colleges included that text in their economics studies curriculum, they wouldn't be vomiting so many dumbasses like AOC, who don't know their asses from a hole in the ground.
  4. Well they KIND OF are - free market capitalism has created the highest standard of living (even for 'poor' people) and the greatest opportunity and best societies in history - of COURSE they're going to want to live somewhere like that. Actually, the WHOLE WORLD wants to in this free market capitalist place. Everyone wants the American model. And there is a line to get in. Those who wait in line are more then welcome to live here. The rest, those who try to break the line, are criminals and should be sent back to the shitholes that spewed them. Ever notice how idi0ts who don't know how to think will throw lies like "Climate Change" in your face when they are at a loss for anything intelligent to say?
  5. That's right, these are refugees fleeing economies and ecosystems that are no longer able to sustain growth. No they are not. They are CRIMINALS. These are refugees fleeing whatever. Not these animals. You were warned this would happen decades ago but sneered at attempts to slow economic growth to a more sustainable level. It was too green or woke to you people and you were frightened by the prospect You are DANGEROUSLY DELUSIONAL if you think somehow illegal aliens are the result of free market capitalism. You are also DANGEROUSLY STUPID and uneducated.
  6. This is why nobody with an actual education would ever vote Democrat.
  7. It'll be easy for him. Just an Executive Order reinstating the Stay In Mexico doctrine and most of those animals will stay in their home countries.
  8. And your welfare checks are paid for by my taxes, you more on. I have more brains than you and all the other left wing Hitler youth here combined. That ain't saying much because you all are a bunch of uneducated cretins.
  9. The only "rest of you" consists of equally ignorant kindergarten dropouts. You don't represent anyone with an education. You lose arguments because you don't have facts and you're too stupid and lazy to look for facts.
  10. The MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN folks ( who are a majority of America) pay for your welfare checks, you creep. We OWN the truth. We OWN logic. You're just another Nazi ignoramus with bat guano for brains.
  11. I'm just like every other mainstream conservative poster here, when I encounter an extremist Nazi bug like you, uneducated, overly emotional, and mostly full of schitt. To bring you up to Red State superior educational standards, IT'S CALLED THE FIRST FUGGING AMENDMENT, YOU FUGGING NAZI. Responding to a thread and disagreeing with you NAZIS is not defined as hijacking a thread. It's called PUTTING YOU GOOSE STEPPING CREEPS IN YOUR PLACE. You don't like disagreement? Losing arguments? Being humiliated for being such an idi0t? Go find DemocratUnderground or some other safe space FASCIST forum. This place, to its credit, is an equal opportunity political message board, that is open to ALL ideas, America or Democrat. Crawl back under your rock, TROLL.
  12. Actually, the one thing that hasn't changed about the DemoNazi party over the generations is its allegiance to radical leftist socialist fascist ideologies. Nothing has changed with this racist, radical anti-American group of assssholes. America became the laughingstock of the world with Pedophile Joe stole an election from legally reelected President Trump. That's when the rag head Muslims decided it was safe to crawl out from under their rocks and go after Jews. Seig Heil, DemoNazis.
  13. You're such a whiny little bittch when you lose an argument. The HATE you spew here on a daily basis would make Hitler look like the PEACE CORPS. Crawl back under your rock, goose stepper.
  14. https://www.foxnews.com/us/video-shows-train-mexico-filled-migrants-riding-top-heads-us-southern-border Video shows train in Mexico filled with migrants riding on top as it heads to US southern border A train seen in Mexico headed toward the U.S. border had what appeared to be hundreds of migrants riding on top as record numbers of people trying to enter the United States continues. The migrants were riding atop a BNSF Railway train in central Mexico as it departed from it departs Irapuato, Guanajuato, around 200 miles northwest of Mexico City. The train route goes from there to Torreon, Monterey and then Piedras Negras, a border city across from Eagle Pass, Texas. In response to a surge in migrants, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) said Monday that it will temporarily suspend and reduce vehicle processing at ports of entry in Texas and Arizona. In a statement from the CBP, the agency said beginning at 3 p.m. local time, vehicle processing operations at Eagle Pass International Bridge 1 in Eagle Pass will be temporarily suspended, and at 2 p.m. local time, vehicle processing will be reduced in Lukeville, Arizona. The actions are being taken to allow CBP to redirect personnel to assist the U.S. Border Patrol with taking migrants into custody. Points to ponder, for the educated and the left wing mor0ns. 1. This is NOT immigration. If you say it is, ALL your left wing benefits should be immediately cut off. You're too stupid for us to continue to support. 2. This NEVER occurred when we had a legally elected president. You remember TRUMP, the secure borders, the greatest economy of all time, world peace? 3. These animals are just going to be shipped to CaliFAGula, or Chicago, or New York City, where their governors and mayors will whine about needing more federal funding. 4. For those of you to attended blue states public schools, THIS is immigration. These are LEGAL immigrants. These folks waited in line. They will all get jobs and contribute to this country. And they should NOT have to wait in line behind THESE animals.
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