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  1. It was a stupid Austin jury who found that veteran guilty. He broke no law at all. Governor Abbott once again proves that Texas is smarter than any blue state.
  2. https://www.foxnews.com/us/texas-gov-abbott-issues-full-pardon-army-sergeant-who-killed-blm-protester Texas Gov. Abbott issues full pardon for Army sergeant who killed BLM protester Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Thursday issued a full pardon for a former U.S. Army sergeant convicted of murder in the shooting death of an armed protester during a 2020 Black Lives Matter march. The move by Abbott came minutes after a unanimous recommendation by the Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles that Daniel Perry be pardoned and have his firearms rights restored. Under Texas law, the governor cannot issue a pardon without a recommendation from the board, which the governor appoints. "The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles conducted an exhaustive review of U.S. Army Sergeant Daniel Perry’s personal history and the facts surrounding the July 2020 incident and recommended a Full Pardon and Restoration of Full Civil Rights of Citizenship," Abbott said in a statement. To start with the race issue (which all the goose stepping left wingers here immediately would go to), the shooter (on the left) was white. Apparently, the animal Perry shot in SELF DEFENSE was also white. The sergeant's defense attorneys argued Foster, who is White, did raise the rifle and that Perry had no choice but to shoot. So, during a protest of a bunch of Marxist funded ANIMALS, one of the protestors had an AR 15 (which liberals stupidly try to refer to as Assault Rifle 15) and pointed it at Perry. And Perry, being trained in the military, saw the threat and fired, killing that animal. An ignorant Austin jury somehow found Perry guilty, but apparently the Governor actually took time to read the state statutes, including the STAND YOUR GROUND LAWS and decided to pardon this hero. Here's a novel idea: Yeah, you may not have any education whatsoever, you might be dumber than a nail (which you'd have to be to join Burn Loot Murder (BLM), you DO have the right to be a racist !DIOT and protest with those animals for some RACIST cause. The First Amendment gives you that right. The Second Amendment gives you the right to carry a firearm. But if you point it at someone, that person has the right to shoot you and kill you in the state of Texas. Any questions?
  3. LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP violated no law. The only reason the Nazis are going after him is because most polls show him beating the shee it out of UNELECTED JOE, and this is the only way those goose steppers can stop it.
  4. LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP as well as private citizen Donald Trump violated no law whatsoever. It is not illegal to make liberals cry.
  5. No crime was committed. This trial is part of the Biden Reelection strategy. That pedophile cannot run on his record.
  6. https://www.clickorlando.com/news/florida/2023/07/15/report-florida-ranks-as-best-state-economy-in-the-us/ EPORT: Florida ranks as best state economy in the U.S. https://www.flgov.com/2024/03/11/floridas-economy-continues-to-outpace-the-nation-in-2024/ Florida ’s Economy Continues to Outpace the Nation in 2024 https://myq105.com/2023/08/02/florida-has-the-best-economy-in-america-heres-why/ Florida Has the Best Economy in America – Here’s Why https://floridajobs.org/news-center/DEO-Press/2023/10/23/florida-ranks-1-in-the-nation-for-entrepreneurship Florida Ranks #1 in the Nation for Entrepreneurship https://www.wjhg.com/2022/07/06/florida-surpasses-nation-economic-growth/ Florida surpasses nation in economic growth A lot of different and diverse sources pretty much say the same thing. There are some others that put Florida close to the top, over most blue states. One single chart? Any idi0t can make a chart. I prefer consulting more than one diverse source.
  7. Which is the student being "blocked"? I don't see anyone trying to get past the "chain." We didn't see any students being blocked with RACIST DEMOCRAT ALABAMA GOVERNOR WALLACE stood at the registration door of that college campus to prevent blacks from enrolling. Maybe you think the Jewish students should have Star Of David armbands, like your predecessors required of Jews, just before putting them in camps. Hitler, Democrat liberals Same ideology.Same tactics.
  8. There’s no such thing as a CENTRIST abortion position to a woman who needs an abortion: She can obtain the abortion, or she can’t. That's true. And there is no CENTRIST position for a rapist, a serial murderer, a mugger. He/she can either kill, rape, mug or he/she can't. Here’s an idea: If we can break the abortion decision down to the STATE level, why not make it at the COUNTY level? Better yet… at the TOWN level. WAIT!! I’ve got it! Let’s make the abortion decision at the INDIVIDUAL level. That way, every single person can have their own personal abortion policy. I call it “Freedom and Liberty.” Right now, it's about as good as it is going to get, freedom wise. (And that includes freedom for ALL humans, not just those who have been born.) Again, the total ANTI ABORTION crowd would outlaw the procedure entirely. No abortions for ANY reason. The total PRO ABORTION crowd would require taxpayers to pay for ALL abortions, and they could occur at any time, including an hour after a live birth. The country is kinda split in the middle. The Trump solution is about as in the middle as it is going to get. So, if you don't want a child, don't make a child. Don't engage in the activity that makes babies, unless you have birth control. If you achieve conception, NO STATE will prevent you from ending the conception at that point. Even the state of Mississippi allows abortion exceptions for rape/incest and/or saving the life of the mother. If you are raped, report it to the police. Go to the hospital to get a rape kit, which will help the police to find the animal who did it. Then the doctor will likey give you a morning after pill which will either halt conception or prevent it. That's reasonable. And that's where most of America is right now.
  9. One thing Trump has that NO OTHER PRO LIFER can boast of. He appointed THREE of the justices who OVERTURNED ROE. In the Pro Life universe, that's a lifetime achievement. He gave America the three justices who helped OVERTURN ROE. That gives him more pro life street cred than ANYBODY.
  10. Look at the track record. Alleged "pro life" presidents like Reagan and Bush 43 had Republican congresses. (KInd of.) They could have written a LIFE bill that would have outlawed the very practice of abortion. Even as they had appointed Supreme Court justices who actually READ the constitution, the issue came up several times before the Court and was shot down. Right now, LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP owns the credit for getting that Nazi law Roe overturned. He appointed three CONSTITUTIONAL judges (Gorsuch, Barrett and Kavanaugh) and Roe is history. Trump has done something NO OTHER REPUBLICAN president could have imagined. Most of America wants the decision to go to the states. If most of America wanted abortion overturned at the federal level, there would have been veto proof Congresses and Republican presidents. If most of America wanted abortion on demand right up to birth (and even an hour afterwards) they would have voted for DemoNazi Congressional majorities and DemoNazi presidents. I'd say FINALLY the people have gotten what they want.
  11. You !diot. Trump was a DEMOCRAT back in 1999. He wasn't holding public office. He was contributing to Nazi candidates like Hitlary KKKlinton. He has more principles than ANY Democrat president in the history of America. I know. That isn't saying much. Kinda hard to link Nazis with the term 'principle.'
  12. That is a LIE. He has ALWAYS supported sending the decision back to the states. (And your UNELECTED COMMUNIST PEDOPHILE is the KING of pandering.) You NAZIS are the ones who claim overturning Roe was done by a TRUMP Supreme Court (which might have been true had Trump been president for the past 40 years.) He appointed THREE justices who had ACTUALLY read the Constitution and they voted with the majority to overturn Roe. Lack of principles? Out here in the land of REALITY (which you Nazis seem to be physically allergic to) LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP is a hero to the pro-life movement, by finally arranging for the overturning of that NAZI Supreme Court decision. Most of America agrees it should go to the states. Only extremist FASCISTS like you want a NAZI government to mandate their FINAL SOLUTION FOR BABIES. Sieg Heil.
  13. That is a LIE. LEGALLY ELECTED PRESIDENT TRUMP has ALWAYS favored sending the baby killing decision back to the states. Roe was BAD LAW. It should have been overturned. It was about as constitutional as Mein Kampf. And if the goose stepping FEMINAZIS on YOUR side of the aisle want baby killing so bad, they've had PLENTY of DemoNazi Congresses and PLENTY of DemoNazi presidents to write the bill and sign it into law. Why haven't they done that yet? Why haven't BABIES become an endangered species yet, Adolf?
  14. Trump would have to invest BILLIONS in a series of fertilizer plants to be able to come up with even HALF the bullsh!t the Unelected Joe campaign and the DemoNAZIS have been spewing for the last ten years.
  15. That time hasn't passed. The Unelected Pedophile is STILL flooding the dollar market with dollars.
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