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  1. Again you show profound lack of understanding. The same way the Americans and us invaded quite a few independent democratic nations, which, unlike Ukraine, were not on our border and presented no direct risk to our regime. But you conveniently left out the NATO's expansion agenda, that caused the conflict. As for the turbine, you can't tell a German company in Canada or outside Canada what to do, especially when the German economy is threatened. And by the way, how are the sanctions working out for you? You like to pay the $2.20/liter gas and the extra 30% on groceries and now the raised bank interest rates while the Feds are trying to claw back the COVID benefits they paid you a year earlier, when you actually had more money in your pocket than today?? Don't answer. You will not make any sense anyways.
  2. You are overthinking it. My guess is the sick psycho sikh is looking for attention. He is not looking to overthrow the queen. He cannot quietly take his oath and give not much thought of it like most of us. Any religious person can make the same claim as that idiot.
  3. So what exactly happened to Rogers ? Why the outage?
  4. There you go. This Sikh is suing the province because he says the oath to the Queen goes against his religious beliefs. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/edmonton-law-student-sues-province-law-society-over-mandatory-oath-to-the-queen-1.6514316
  5. I agree completely. If they want an abortion they better go to Mexico, Cuba, South America or Russia. Darn Americans.
  6. Sounds fascinating and I have heard the concepts in one shape and form or another. "Mining" coins by asking a computer to solve puzzles? C'mon! The computer solves what we can solve, only much faster. Then who is supposed to generate those new tasks for the coins to be mined, the computer is not generating them by itself?? In all honesty, I think it is a lot of mumbo-jumbo with technical concepts thrown in to baffle our brains. The realities are much simpler. And This is What I Think --------------------------------------------------------------------- "Well, then," said the fox, "You're quite sure you want to go home? Go then, and so much the worse for you." "So much the worse for you." repeated the cat "Think well of it Pinocchio, for you are throwing away a fortune." "A fortune" repeated the cat "Between today and tomorrow your five gold pieces would have become two thousand." "Two thousand" repeated the cat "But how is it possible that they will become so many?" asked Pinocchio, his mouth open wide in astonishment "I'll explain it to you at once." said the fox "You must know that in the Land of Fools there is a sacred field called the Field of Miracles. In this field you dig a little hole and you put into it, we'll say one gold piece. You then cover up the hole with a little dirt, water it with two pails of water from the fountain, sprinkle it with two pinches of salt, and then, when night comes, you go quietly to bed. During the night the gold piece will grow and flower, and in the morning, when you get up and return to the field, what will you find? You'll find a beautiful tree laden with as many gold pieces as a fine car of corn has kernels in the month of July" "Suppose," said Pinocchio more and more bewildered, "that I buried my five gold pieces in that field. How many would I find the following morning?" "That is an exceedingly easy calculation," replied the fox " a calculation that you can make on the ends of your fingers. Figure that every gold piece gives you an increase of five hundred. Multiply five hundred by five, and the following morning you would find two thousand five hundred shiny new gold pieces in your pocket." "Oh! How delightful!" cried Pinocchio dancing for joy "As soon as I've collected those gold pieces I will keep two thousand for myself and make a present of the other five hundred to both of you." "A present to us?" cried the fox sounding much offended. "Don't be absurd!" "Don't be absurd!" repeated the cat "We don't work for our own gains." said the fox. "We work only to enrich the lives of others." "Others" repeated the cat "What good people" thought Pinocchio. And instantly forgetting his father, the new coat, the spelling book and all his good resolutions, he said to the fox and the cat, "Let's be off at once! I will go with you." ---------------------------------------------------------------------
  7. Nice. I watched a guy in one of those interviews in his nice shirt and tie, nicely trimmed beard and haircut , in his 50-s exuding confidence and saying Yes, it makes sense to borrow from the bank at 3% interest to buy a BitCoin that gives you 7% growth every year or more. Well, how does this look for him today? Borrow at 3% interest to buy something that dropped down 30% in one month , while inflation is in the range of 10-30% depending on what you buy. How much exactly is the loss? I think if he bought BitCoins with hi sown money, his loss is even bigger, if he borrowed, the bank takes the inflation hit, but he still need to come up with 33% more cash than what he has after his smart investment.
  8. Yep. it is left to everyone's own interpretation. If I had to choose between a gold backed crypto and gold, I would still go with gold. Any "stablecoin" is not stable by definition as one would rather have the physical asset than something backed by it. Just like someone pointed out above, you can win out of any scam provided you join early and are smart to pull out before things blow up.
  9. Look at the USDC stable coin Copied from CoinMarketCap today: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The live USD Coin price today is $1.00 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $5,659,502,273 USD. We update our USDC to USD price in real-time. USD Coin is up 0.00% in the last 24 hours. The current CoinMarketCap ranking is #4, with a live market cap of $55,807,811,255 USD. It has a circulating supply of 55,802,605,113 USDC coins and the max. supply is not available. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who wants to give his USD in exchange of USDC which only supposedly follows the USD in a 1-1 ratio but IS NOT USD! 55 billion of these scam coins in circulation and the max supply is "not available" ! hi-hi-hi , go and buy people. This must be something really good and cool.
  10. Yes , it is a BIG issue, as they do not grow back as you might expect. As for the metric, I agree completely. The imperial system is a testament of the Crown's insanity.
  11. This is no evidence that one can eat gold. The price of gold will go down to zero when you can no longer buy food with it. Imagine the situation where those Zimbabweans had lots of gold but nobody could offer hem any bread. What were they going to eat then? You are saying "stablecoins" backed by gold or other assets. Let's think for a moment over this concept. "Backed" must mean that one coin is backed by a certain amount of gold. Now if the value of this coin goes up, would you get more gold, corresponding to this new value? If it goes down, the "backing" must mean it cannot go below the value of gold it is backed by, am I right? If you tied your coin to gold, it will basically be a piece of gold - it may not depreciate much in value, but it will not appreciate much either. Like , if you left a golden bullion in your volt you do not expect to find two or three gold bullions next time you open the volt.
  12. 😂 Laughable and irrelevant as one can ever be. You can put your favorite plastic bag on your head and tie it up tight around your neck. It might fix your problem permanently.
  13. You don't understand and you don't understand again. You can't understand.
  14. And why are you reusing the plastic ones, when you can have a perfectly good metal set for a couple of bucks???? Don't answer the question; there can be no good logical reason.
  15. If we had only 1 billion people living on the planet and only so many taking advantage of fast food restaurants, chances are it was going to be just fine. Thinking about it, MacDonalds may stop giving you any utensils, why should we rely on those single use plastic or wooden forks??? Bring your own with you, or just eat like a pig. It will save the trees for sure
  16. I am very much interested and involved but I do not see myself being able to change anything. FN's definitely have more leverage and can hopefully do something, so I would support them. Even when their mediocrity and incompetence slow things down, it is still a better outcome than the predatory , out of control, well organized resource extraction and exploitation of the white man.
  17. You are trying to run on a tangent here. Immigration in Canada is not "just life"! It is THE BUSINESS! A Ponzi scheme designed to have more people contribute while fewer people- the elderly and those in need use. And since the elderly now live to 90 years and over, you have 25 years of taking without contributing, if those people just retire at 65 and do not work or cannot work any more. This active recruitment of immigrants, refugees, international students, enterpreneurs and what not has the ultimate goal of increasing development and resource extraction to generate government revenues. Land and climate get destroyed at a faster and faster rates. Governments are there to "manage" and "control" and ensure sustainability. As I said, our f-ing government has been ensuring just the opposite!
  18. You disapprove of receiving the invasive species treatment? I feel for you. In a sustainable environment you will have family houses that just get passed on from one generation to the next. Same family living on the same space. The land that my grand grand father had is still in our possession and has never been sold to anyone - for s profit or not. My ancestors end up in the same graves by the same village.
  19. You see, this is the only really good question you posted. And this one is not for me to answer but the f*ing Canadian government. Same guys that bring millions of people from overseas to continue their Ponzi scheme games without giving a rat's ass what the FN's want to do with their land and if they agree or disagree.
  20. I can tell you one thing - I would rather see the whole Smithers area off limits to non-natives and their businesses than have it all destroyed by them in front of my eyes. All activities you mentioned are aggressive activities with a big impact - hunting, fishing, forestry, taking over the land for "recreational cabins". Why would I care what Americans and Europeans come here to play and hunt animals and catch fish? They come because they have already soiled their diapers - their forests are gone and nothing lives in them and their polluted rivers. Stop the whining - you fished babine lake before , be happy with it. If you created contacts among the natives maybe you will be allowed back again.
  21. Oh my, the forum is full of industrious lunatics this morning.
  22. You are so confused and full of BS that it would serve us best to just ignore you.
  23. So, if things were the other way round - the ruble losing ground and the gasoline prices in Russia going up, that was going to be a sign of strength? They have resources, just like we do, but they are selling those at regulated prices to Russians and international prices to the rest of the world. Not like us. I think we imposed sanctions on ourselves.
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