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  1. Wow! I thought I had a bad job, but I wouldn't want yours for sure!
  2. From what I know, abortion is possible only in the early stages. The line you are looking for is right there. Taking the life of anything that has been born will be murder and will attract legal liability. Your point regarding the mentally disabled people is fine, except I do not think they will be taking the life of people who can rationally communicate or who can demonstrate that they are still "in there". The rest do not even know they are alive, so they will not notice when they are not. Yes, people commit suicides, but need to be mobile to do so. When you can't get off your bed , you might find it a real challenge.
  3. Can't open your link because I am not going to be "allowing" stuff or "managing cookies" But it is clear this is one of your posts that make zero s e n c e !
  4. I think it is a different thing, but OK, if you want to call it all demand, I would prefer to call it "modified demand", while the real demand by people who really need a house to live in can be called "organic demand". The two should be handled separately.
  5. Not really that simple. If you have a home, or two, you may not need another one. Your demand should be zero. But if you have the money to buy another 10 homes and rent them out at high prices to those who need them, but cannot buy for one reason or another, you have found a way to screw them over with the help of your government, just for the sake of making money. You do not need the houses but you are a factor in increasing the price of those houses.
  6. You do not have to restrict them to speak in private. You only ask/force them to share all relevant info with the public in an open, timely, clear and transparent fashion. 😀
  7. You will never see this day! First you have a system based on greed and fostering and rewarding greed; then you have the individuals' culture, where many/most have not elevated themselves above the primitivism of the medieval ages. This is why laws need to be put in place to limit greed, population growth and gradually change the culture for the better.
  8. No, it wasn't about yelling; more about money making. He made a pile and hid some $150 mil once the court proceedings against him started. If you made $150 mil through your crime and the court orders you to pay $50 mil back, it doesn't seem like justice to me, more like taxation.
  9. 😂 You put your name out there for an MP candidate. I will vote for you, just so you stop your constant MP whining.
  10. OK, so if you infected another employee when you are double vaccinated, your WCB premium will not go up? And the infected employee would only sue an unvaccinated person , but say - "hey, you buddy infected me, but you were vaccinated so I am not going to sue you" ?? Never heard of WCB premiums going up as a result of Covid infections ! Never heard of one employee suing another over virus transmission. If this is how it worked, we may all file a class action against China! But what I find also very strange - why are we talking vaccines and mandates when we had a gozzilion threads dedicated to COVID, and this one was only trying to determine if the Pope was a liar or not.
  11. If there is no nationalism, why then do we need to have separate countries - borders, languages, etc. Do you think we need this just so we can exploit the poor nations and be able to hide the money in other nations serving as tax free havens ? There is no real reason for nationalism in a country to fail, except when it is sabotaged from the outside, or when there are traitors, instead of nationalists in key roles in the governmemnt.
  12. Care to elaborate where it was tried and failed and why?
  13. According to "my interpretation" of genocide, you can achieve genocide without physically killing a single person. The killing part is irrelevant.
  14. What is "my interpretation" ? There is only one interpretation and it was mentioned on page 1. Nobody is talking about "war/battle/skirmish/fight/insurrection/coup/overthrow" What we are talking about is wiping out a nation by destroying its culture and heritage.
  15. Please, let me know under what circumstances you would publicly declare you were a child molester, rapist and killer ????
  16. ..on your and Blakbird's part. hey, let's begin a new thread and call the Pope a liar, because we did not understand the meaning of "genocide". hey, let's continue to post and pretend our definition is the correct one and there is nothing more to it. Forget about the Pope, the government and millions of people who understand and accept what "genocide" is. They are "ignorant", because this is not what I think ! Eh?
  17. Also means to kill a people. Like explained on page one by other posters. Canada did have in place a program to assimilate or kill the indigenous people, so those in power could rule their lands and use take the resources for themselves, while keeping the survivors in check. I do not need to convince you or anyone, as long as our present government and the Pope are convinced. You would think they would not be admitting things that harm their institutions, unless what was said really happened.
  18. It was explained to you what it means, but you prefer to be as ignorant as Blackbird. Maybe the two of you studied together in whatever god forsaken school, where your teacher taught you nothing. The French and British definitely settled in lands that were previously occupied and used by First Nations. And this is why you have the Metis you mention. Not because the First Nations really got together with the settlers, but most likely because the settlers were mostly men when they arrived and needed women. I have no time to rebut all nonsense in your long post. Be grateful the First Nations are not Afghans, or we would have had a very tough time.
  19. Can you imagine all those apologies and the Pope coming here from the Vatican to also apologize, if there was nothing conclusive about the images??? I would say, lets leave it for what it is, and what it has been recognized to be.
  20. That was the same one, indeed. Your thread is a mistake by itself and should have been removed by the mods, for all I care.
  21. If there were no bones found those will not be called "graves"! There was also a count - what do you think they were counting, holes in the ground? Children usually do not "naturally die" unless you have helped them somehow.
  22. It makes no sense to you only. Poor language skills on your part. As pointed out to you genocide also refers to a deliberate attempt to wipe out a specific group of people . You can't come up here start a threat under "The Pope lies!" just because of your limited understanding of one word!
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