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  1. Those non-covid patients can still fly, go to restaurants and do whatever they like, including go to the hospital. Nobody denied them anything. The unvaccinated are treated as second class citizens. Stop your never ending bullshit saga! What are you suggesting, that they are somehow guilty and vaccinated who jump around between countries bringing viruses home are innocent? STFU!
  2. Well, I already proved to all of you more than a month ago that CBC are the greatest bastards there ever lived.
  3. Of course it is. It is passed on to you in the form of you-must-eat-junk-food virus. They feed you the commercials, put you in a cubicle, give you no time to have a normal life and this is what you become - obese.
  4. This is happening because the vaccinated travelled too much around the world and brought new viruses back home. Blame it on them.
  5. I agree those are true "exsperts". With the possibility of everyone carrying the virus - vaccinated or not, and considering the vaccinated are considerably more and move way more freely, allowed to congregate in bigger numbers, the possibility of a vaccinated person infecting another person is way, way higher. I can , of course say that as a true expert. 😉
  6. No joke for me, as I can't fly or go to a restaurant. They are simply stupid and an abuse of power. We should be able to go after the government and receive compensation for what they've done to us.
  7. Ponzi schemes fail, when they can no longer recruit new players, the number of which usually grows exponentially. Since we have an overpopulated world and producing new human units seems to be of little issue, our ponzi scheme will fail when we run out of space or resources, or when we change climate to the point of conditions becoming unlivable. I am quite interested to see how this will play out, with the banking system failing in particular. Imagine the day, when your diamonds, platinum or gold become worthless, together with that Picaso picture. Just because people are in a survival mode and there is no food and no production, no clean water, no clean air.
  8. This is the government's logic - putting kids at a greater risk, only to supposedly reduce risk to 75+ year olds. You know why? My take is, the billionaires are for the most part in the latter group.
  9. Yep, this is the reason. Now they only have to figure out how to continue this growth after all resources have been depleted and the productivity of the land has been destroyed.
  10. 1. No, don't believe it will work either. You have conservation organizations taking donations to improve habitat. The problem is by the time they "improve" 10 square meters of habitat, you have 10,000 square meters of habitat destroyed. 2. Population is brainwashed, but maybe not to this extent. I have never seen a referendum on the immigration strategy. The numbers you have may well be total misinformation.
  11. Record high inflation in combination with record low interest does not work for the bank. Everyone who has any saved money is losing it.
  12. You mean 90% are pro-immigration and population increase and 10% are against? This makes absolutely no sense considering what immigration does to the general population - pressure on jobs, frozen wages, housing affordability let alone cultural background related reasons.
  13. 😃 What would the carbon tax do to you? Are you going to reduce your driving as a result of it, or you will try to earn more money to fix this new hole in your wallet? I imagine it will be the second thing, because if people were conscientious they will not need a carbon tax in order to change their habits. So you start working more to make more money, which coincidentally will increase the damage to our planet and raise the carbon emissions even higher. It is not the money that fixes things, it is the reduction on activities that would make a difference. But you should have known that, because the government could have simply increased your income tax, achieving the same result - reduced buying power for you and more money for them, going into the same general fund. But they like to make the distinction and create a brand new tax, calling it "carbon" tax, just so they can try to fool us that they are doing it with the environment in mind. Are we not seeing a pattern here? We had "forestry management" , "fisheries management", "natural resources management" - all kinds of ministries and departments and "science" and conferences on "sustainability". They have all been fixing things scientifically for now a couple of generations. And the fixing continues in exactly the same direction. One needs to be very naive to take political speech at face value.
  14. The only mistake you make is your assumption that the carbon tax is designed to fight climate change. It is not. It is dust in your eyes, like the COVID mask you wear which is supposed to protect you. By itself, it will not protect you. A carbon tax will be only successful when it stops the economy and people start dying in mass - something we could achieve by simply starting a war. No matter what price we pay, the damage done to the environment will always be greater. Why ? Because you need to destroy the environment to pay the tax.
  15. Completely agree with you, as I am sure 90% of Canadian would agree too. So why are we welcoming new record numbers of immigrants and this doesn't seem to have an end in sight? (I know the answer; what I don't know is how we turn things around to stop the flow; let alone "lower the population")
  16. Are you insane? You can't ever know that in a system in which everything is changing ! Like in the example I gave you above, if that Joe Blower burned 100 litters of gas while causing no damage, it is one effect. If he burned the 100 litters to fall down trees that would have cleaned the resulting CO2 emissions and converted it into oxygen , the result would be different. And then, it is most likely not a linear equation. Once you reach the absorption capacity of the planet , things start happening much faster and new emissions have a greater impact per 1 ton of CO2.
  17. You mean what other measures to control us and oppress us will be possible? Imagine there is already that technology somewhere else in the universe and those who have it, don't like us. Why would one blame them. So they came up with a simple virus as a weapon against us, not to disclose their existence.
  18. An individual? I can tell you how much gasoline I burn weekly - it is about 35 liters with my personal vehicle, and another 40 liters with the company pickup. My family generates one 60 litter bag of plastic waste / week , one 20 litter bag of foam / week , one 40 liter bag of recyclable plastics, 7 glass bottles of wine, 24 beer cans I use about $250 worth of electricity per month in the winters (always wondered why they called it "hydro" here, which suggests water). Then you have the food items for the week, with the associated emissions to produce those and deliver them to market. But that's me only. You go to the next person and his consumption may be 10 times higher than mine because he only drives a pickup, has a snowmobile , a boat, just bought a new property and spent a few weeks of excavator work to "develop the land". He works in forestry and also burned 1,000 liters of diesel a week, but in addition he also destroyed a chunk of forests that would have cleaned some of his mess, if he did not wipe it out. Or you have the homeless bum, who does not have a vehicle and generates very little carbon emissions. Then you have a moron like Bezos fly into space, so he can look at the Earth from there, hide it under his thumb, to only then supposedly realize that it is vulnerable. But he will insist he needed to look at it from space because then the humanity can really take it seriously. Seriously? You can see what kinds of huge idiots we have in the cockpit and that is because we have a system in place designed to produce and reward the idiots. And that is the really sad part for the rest of us.
  19. Isn't income tax and every other tax a tax on existence ?? Gee.. Adapt? Like learn how to live in 50'C , how to swim in floods, how to fly in a tornado, how to breathe without oxygen, how to be alive without food or water. I suggest you go to the moon for a week with no supplies and learn to adapt there. When you come back you will be ready.
  20. You should have spotted the sarcasm in my previous post. Mass clean ups will actually choke the economy. And this is what I want. You can send everyone out there planting trees by hand. You can also pay them to walk to the sites, so they do not burn carbon fuels. You can also pay my dog, for barking, because this is a job too, and more paid jobs should be good for the GDP and the economy (according to Zeitgeist, at least). The simple principle is: if you take from nature more and more and sell more and more - this is good for the economy. If you take from nature less and less and sell less and less - this is bad for the economy. Needless to say, one cannot always take and continue to take in bigger chunks before the resource is depleted, sales go down to nothing, economy contracts, and those people on the outside of the curve fall off the train.
  21. Allow me to disagree. Why do you think the companies do not clean after themselves - oil and gas, mining, every industry ???? Because it affects their bottom line - wages paid with zero additional product and sales at the end. So who would then be paying for the clean ups? The government. It will pay with your tax money. Or it will pay with the proceeds from selling crown land that belonged to you too before the sale. You are saying "that's growth" I will tell you: that's a joke. Don't get me wrong, I wish more people felt like you, so we could start a mass cleanup of our lands to grow our economy at the same time.
  22. This is indeed the scary part, not the virus. I am not afraid of the virus as much as I am afraid of the idiotic restrictions meant to supposedly keep it under control. I am similarly not afraid of nature and climate, but I am terrified by the measures our governments take to further undermine those.
  23. Interesting how in this or any other forum, all posters are smarter, more knowledgeable, more ethical, more patriotic than Trudeau, or whoever else is in power. It is quite the phenomenon and pretty laughable.
  24. I imagine you are happy being milked like a cow and told where you can and can't go, while the places where you can go are getting fewer, smaller and compromised. But you can go to a business during regular hours, park in their lot while you are shopping or go to work and park in the company's yard while you are working, and of course use the highway to go from one place you spend money to the next, or one employer to the next. These are about all your rights and you are happy with it.
  25. ? It is happening already. Take the vaccination or die of starvation. So much for body ownership.
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