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  1. You mean physical force? No. But yes, people are forced to vaccinate.
  2. But then you also control one of the things they do not like and make it more terrible and unbearable in order to exercise power to push them toward the second choice. Yep, this matches the definition of "vile extremist" Mike provided.
  3. "Why Canadians re-elected a Liberal government?" And what difference does it make to any of you? You already knew our standard of life will be going down under a conservative or a liberal government. You already knew our environment will be in danger under a conservative or a liberal government. You could achieve the same things under both governments - start a business and hopefully your business is successful and . you become rich, or get a job with your income gradually converging to the minimum wage level. I see those "FU Trudeau" stickers on vehicles in town and wonder how dumb one should be to put one of those on; then let the public know he/she is exactly that dumb. Amazing.
  4. I see, so Trudeau will be a vile religious extremist because he is trying to control vaccinations - in other words what people can and cannot do with their bodies.
  5. To me, the best thing is not to be in the group with pre-existing conditions. If you happen to be in this group, vaccination may be a good strategy.
  6. Now I am sure you regret getting the jab so hastily and for no sound reason, but...too late. Let's hope it does no harm to you.
  7. The poster believes that in those cases COVID is only a contributing factor and not the main reason. The main reason would be the overall health condition of the person. One smokes heavily, gets into a marathon, collapses half-way to the finish line and dies of a heart attack. Was it the heart attack that killed him? The root cause of his death will be his smoking habits; not the marathon. If COVID killed totally healthy people with the same probability as unhealthy ones, then we may call it all COVID caused deaths. At least this would be my take on it.
  8. This leaves me in the hole! You are quite the Christian. Are you sure you are not Muslim?
  9. 😕 I can't understand what you're asking. Luckily, I am not the guy who is supposed to answer the question.
  10. So which one is it 1) - you will pull me out of the hole or 3) you will send me back to my hole ?? I know those firefighters , soldiers and policemen get good money and benefits and retire early, but your supportive forum members wanted to convince me those people were giving their lives for me. You think differently it seems. And, no, you did not get vaccinated for me. You did it for yourself, you selfish Mike. Keep your billions with you, they were going to be returned back to you after the transfer anyways.
  11. Hope that makes you feel safer. You will be living among those who pretend they are something else. Yet you did not provide a good answer to my question. Being a selfless person, what are you willing to sacrifice for me today? Other forum members mentioned the firefighters, policemen and soldiers giving their lives away for you (and for no other reason) Are you prepared to send me an e-transfer for the full balance of your bank account , which will prove how selfless you are, while leaving you with your life - to me the stranger? Maybe then you will know who I am!
  12. These are all things I do too, except I am not going to get vaccinated for you to satisfy your wishes. I paid my taxes; don't owe you or anyone else nothing. Stay out of the woods, this way chances of meeting me are very slim.
  13. Oh, we already know that. Freedom of speech is good for as long as it is not too uncomfortable and does not lead to possible changes in the status quo.
  14. He will now come here and tell us he is not afraid for himself but he is making the request for "the greater good" of all Canadians. Just watch.😉
  15. Exactly! Nobody would have even looked for the "better science" if people were not dying. Once they started dying , the "experts" immediately knew what their "better science" should look like.
  16. This is the society we live in. That is the ethic - greed. Those three members who are applauding you , all lost the argument and had nothing more to add to their non-sensical posts.😉 You, Mike, for example, what are you going to do for me and give me, putting me before your family and yourself? Surely nothing useful or good.
  17. More and better science and more time, of course ! So if one had the right gut feeling before the better science came around, they would have been saved. Right now you are the experimental mouse.
  18. Did I ever say vaccination and going to war are the same thing? What I am trying to say is that people do things usually from their own perspective and for the benefit of their own families and themselves BEFORE anyone else. And this is the normal way. Don't try to sell me your selflessness in a capitalist world of lies and exploitation. I ain't doing nothing for you if it does not suit me.
  19. Thanks. The families of the young Americans who died there will be thrilled to know that. You think those who did the dying knew why they were dying? Then don't be surprised some people don't want to sacrifice for the "greater good".
  20. OK. What about all those breast augmentations that eventually were linked to cancer? Were women not told those were safe? You think if they were told what was going to happen any of them were going to get the implants? The history must be full of similar cases and drug fiascos. What about the safe PCB that was sprayed all over the place? What about asbestos? Nice construction material. The fact is, your "experts" know little to nothing. You rely on them. I will rely on myself.
  21. Does it matter what he knew? We were all fed the narrative the weapons were there and Osama Bin Laden is likely there too. Just like in our present day and age. You have experts who will tell you people cannot be vaccinated during an ongoing pandemic. Others who will tell you the vaccine is not that efficient against the Delta strain. When the government told you that inflation is 3.5% or whatever , did you believe them? When they told you the new pipeline is good for you, did you believe them? When they told you the new carbon tax will help fight climate change did you believe them? When they put the First Nation kids in residential schools to make them civilized citizens did you believe them? How far down this line do I need to go?
  22. Didn't Bush go into Iraq to find Osama and the weapons of mass destruction based on expert opinions and information? My gut feeling then told me, neither of those two were there. It has been happening with great regularity ever since, no matter the government.
  23. I don't. I don't go by what the experts will tell me in this case. Just my gut feeling.
  24. I am skeptical about the efficiency of the vaccine thus I think I am only stuck with the risks. Then I must be in much better shape than Trump, Silvie Trudeau, or Boris Johnson. If they can pull it off, I must be able to do that too. Then other members in my family who are in fact at risk with compromised immune systems and who received personal vaccination invitations from the provincial health authority categorically refused to do it. With all this in mind I see no point. Now with pressure on us from our government building, I am inclined to resist. But, I voted Liberal - for the guys who want to vaccinate 100% of people not Conservative, for those who were going to be making exceptions. Only reason - I think Liberals are less harmful to our environment and wildlife.
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