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  1. But then, this would allow us to see who is really democratic and who is only pretending to be.
  2. Thanks! I did just that. I am sure this guy needs to go to a mental institution. No doubt he's had a very rough childhood.
  3. Your post above refers to garbage posted by a spammer, which has been removed. You better change it, as it is now misleading - people will have no clue what you are talking about.
  4. They have all the right to be there, but the 2 Americans and one Canadian that were reported dead this week, did not.
  5. He's sick, right, but hours later, nobody has cleaned up after him. I asked that he be immediately banned.
  6. You see in the past they could go and shoot as many bison as they wanted - but no more, there are no large herds of bison left to shoot. They could go and catch fish without any limits. No more. There are no more countless fish left to catch. People could go everywhere. No more. You have all those fucking no-trespassing signs now. So when it comes to population and land ownership, there must be limits set , like there are limits on other finite resources. Capitalism must adjust to the reality of limits and boundaries or die.
  7. It is not smoking bullshit, because it has been accepted by governments in the past. People should not and cannot buy whatever they want. Your system created the conditions for slavery and inequality. This is why the gap between poor and rich is constantly growing, although, what the rich do not seem to know is, they are getting poorer too. Making 30% of Canadians rent, would usually mean they will have no substantial equity upon retirement. All of the equity that they could have built went to the landlord. Then people scream about increased number of homeless, affordable housing, rising rents. It is all due to your flawed ownership concept.
  8. I am lost! The poor in my neck of the woods live on the street. What farms you're talking about , I have zero clue and it does not matter as I am sure it would make zero common sense again. To wrap up your position: We need to continue to increase our population, because this will help invent the technology we need to save the environment. We need to prevent poverty - help all those 8 billion get into mansions or apartments at least, so they can "do more with less". But of course, they all need to be capitalists at heart, or it wouldn't work. Your historical record in the form of support from Nationalist and Zeitgeist on the past 4 forum pages are solid proof you are correct. You rightfully won this one. I have nothing more to say.
  9. We, who don't buy your bullshit are all extremists. Of course.
  10. 1. Huh ???? - Bullshit. You can shove a poor person in a small apartment on the 15th floor, but a rich one will ask for a mansion, you idiot ! Once they have the mansions they start filling them up with stuff - new damage to the environment! 2. Huh ??? - Bullshit. They take more to accumulate wealth so, then they do not use the wealth to take more........Wow! 3. What HISTORICAL RECORD ???? My historical record shows we had white rhinos and tigers and occapis and orcas and whales and lots of trees and lots of fish in those dark days when people were starving. But now we have developed countries. We have become rich and look what is left of the ecosystems - close to nothing. Bullshiter ! 4. Exactly what I post is backed by facts. Yours is a product of a sick mind poisoned by a sick society. You need to be a capitalist to save the environment - 😂 What a croc!
  11. There is zero logic in all of your argument - only bullshit , as I pointed out to you numerous times. Keep pulling people out of poverty so they can buy more and take over more of the habitat so they can "save" it ! What a bunch of dimwits you are.
  12. Give yourself a break, I can't take no more of this. Pull all those 8 billion out of poverty, give them all detached houses, a couple of recreational properties, a few hundred thousand dollars a year to fart carbon in the atmosphere on planes, boats, 4-wheelers, trucks, snowmobiles. Then add another 10 billion people to help humanity with the next technological inventions - you see they will come from exactly the newly added billions, because those first 8 billion people we had were all stupid and incapable of such achievements. And this is how we will finally save the environment as true capitalists; of course if we only managed to convert Russia, China, Cuba.....to abandon socialism. As usual you are full of it! Don't waste your time no more. You can't sell me the rotten, stinky goods you carry.
  13. Erin O'Toole was not the sharpest tool in the shed. The pre-election materials he sent me were ridiculous. He was a no go and was rightly kicked out, although no matter who conservatives come up with, I will not vote for them after Harper. Trudeau was a disaster with how he handled the vaccination mandates and the resulting protests. Left a very bad taste in my mouth, grossly infringing on my freedoms as a non-vaccinated person and continues to do so. He seems to manipulate the media too. The WE and Lavalin scandals did not help him much either. NDP - another no go for me , after Horgan , here in BC and Jagmeed Singh. Don't trust any of them. Greens are in disarray, weak as ever and unattractive - I like the name Green, but that is all that is green about them. So to your first question - we are left with no viable choice - a stack of bad apples to chose from. You might as well forget about voting and take care of your daily life and business as usual.
  14. Social engineering is in place and has been in place for a very long time under capitalism. The numbers of immigrants and where they come from is all predetermined. The ruling class is also predetermined. There are already all kinds of restrictions in place, that people find normal. There are hunting limits and fish retention limits and places you can go and you cannot go. But tell people there should be a limit to the real estate they can own, and they start screaming "socialism"! Not because its bad for them, but because they were made to believe this would be outrageous and bad. They would rather remain slaves to the system, than fight for equality.
  15. Because I am dressed up well and look sexy , of course ! I will be surfing with Trudeau next week near Toffino. I can't be wrong. Will send you pictures later.
  16. You combine the best features of all political orders and regulate population growth and private ownership. Anything else will not work.
  17. You don't issue classifications and go to extremes because this is when the biggest mistakes happen. Communism is not all bad just as capitalism is not all good. You see what works best and then , if you like you can call it with another name - the next "**ism"
  18. I pulled them out of mutual funds when COVID hit. Didn't want to lose it all; now they depreciate at a rate of 10-20% a year.
  19. Because you don't need it for yourself and are only using it as a tool to oppress others and deny them their retirement security. Our messed up government is at the bottom of it again. I still cannot swallow the fact they keep my RRSPs locked, generating zero interest income for me and depreciating in value with inflation, while I am paying interest to the same bank for my mortgage. A fucked up system working against us, not for us.
  20. Have a go at herbie. Maybe he will be easier prey, but I think you will be out of luck with him too.😅
  21. But they will not spend even the promised 2.3 billion because of a single idiotic senator with investments in the coal industry who vetoed the bill.
  22. Of course I am dignified and decent. I have the decency not to lie to people, not to make them believe in miracles and then let them suffer climate change and starvation, or go after their kids to murder them in a war!
  23. And lost $55,000? If you have a mortgage and owe money to the bank how do you walk away? I imagine if they had paid only 5-10% down, it may be indeed more beneficial to lose this money and pay the penalty, than lose more along the way. But if they had put 50% down they would be screwed.
  24. Two things: immigration and allowing people to own more than 2 properties / units.
  25. You've lost. Have some dignity and decency. And I am a male by the way.
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