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  1. Yes, so it does not really change definitely overall. You can live in the moment, which may be different from the one before or the one after, but eventually you will experience the same moment again.
  2. Nice song Dougie, reminding me of my youth, but pure utopia. Nothing ever changed.
  3. He should be in jail together with his sons, financial advisers and everyone else around him playing a role in his scams.
  4. Sorry, I don't care about Iran. They can do whatever they have to do and have been doing for thousands of years. You, with your 100 years as a country experience probably don't even have the right to look outside your border and condemn anyone. Look at Canada's internal issues. But on another note, I do not even give a rat's ass about all those issues they talk about in the news any more - war in Ukraine, Russia, inflation and standard of life, Covid, Trudeau and Poli-whatever, hurricane in the east. Don't care. I am living my own life. Tomorrow I will go fishing or mushroom picking and I give no rat's ass about anything else.
  5. OK. You can have her. I will not fight over her.
  6. Me neither, but I can't help thinking that if you can get her undressed and put her in the proper lingerie on the proper bed and in the proper position, something might come out of it.😀
  7. Are all politicians not LGBTQ by definition ???? They are ready to go to bed with anyone of any color, age or sexual preference, with horns on the head or without.
  8. I was talking about the "good" of taking kids away from their mothers; you continue to BS me now with the |protection of property under the constitution" You have nothing else to say, just stop posting.
  9. Don't know what you are talking about now. You want to weasel your way out somehow. The uncomfortable truth is those indigenous peoples were wiped out with all measures possible so the invaders can take possession of land and resources. Taking kids from their mothers against their mothers will cannot be good under any system and any ideological excuse. And the monarchy must have known about it.
  10. The "good" now commonly referred to as "genocide"?? You need to grow up!
  11. Not one person. I will not put all of the blame on the Queen or anyone else, but looking at it, they must have been complicit.
  12. Britain still has an elected premier, from a political party, in effect running the country. The monarchy is more or less decoration; artifacts from the museum.
  13. And the Canadian Government had no Governor General at the time , no ties to Buckingham and the Monarchy had zero idea what was going on in Canada, or Australia, or any other commonwealth country for that matter? Very hard to believe.
  14. Yeah, you can insult me, but I do not care about this either; as you can see I can insult myself no problem. The only way to get me is for you to provide some logical arguments, tell me why I should be sad, or what grand achievements the Queen accomplished. I heard the following mentions: - how many thousands of pieces of mail she handled (achievement??) - how many trips she made in her 70 years on the throne (achievement??) - how many countries she had visited (achievement??) -how she served 70 years while a typical police officer retired after only 20 years!!! This last comparison could make me laugh. You compare the years of service of officers who are risking their lives daily in armed confrontations with the dregs of our society with years of Royal Visits around the world - all smiles, best foods, best health care, best everything for you. Oh my! Another proof of how media manipulates us daily. But you listen to them. Keep your handkerchief handy to wipe those tears of sadness when they tell you to. Then roll up your sleeve to take the 10th booster shot when they ask.
  15. I am not going to argue as I know how that will go - ten useless pages added to this thread. Anyways, I was listening to the radio and everyone was saying "Sad day, sad day". Yeah, tell me it is a sad day, because otherwise I will not even notice. Do you feel sad? I don't. Not that I will cheer at anyone dying, but I had no direct contacts with the Queen, and for this reason she did not mean much to me. Ninety six years is a respectable age - God give that many years to all of us! As for her achievements, I listened....and listened....and....listened some more and could not really identify much. Maybe it is just the way my brain works, stupid me.
  16. Freedom is relative. Explain it to the residential school survivors how free they were. Or to the beggars on the streets.
  17. Agree. He could have said she took a dirt nap at least to show respect. I guess now I am relieved from my oath to the Queen of England. The "her heirs and successors" part was untenable from the start. How can one swear allegiance to potential pedophiles and God knows what, just because they all came from the same spawn?
  18. Of course not. I had a thread somewhere on here about a number of Canadian psychopaths with the observation that we can beat even the States in the per-capita generation of this type of genetic material. Because , if it is not genes, then it has to be a result of our messed up society or toxic food and lifestyles.
  19. Our intelligent auto-pilot system must have picked up on something and decided you will be a problematic new member.🤣 (just kidding)
  20. I can't waste time with politics. FYI It is "Okanagan"
  21. BS. Food supply has already been drastically reduced. Think about the ecosystems and the animals that lived before and are no longer there. They needed food too. They are gone because we used them for food, took their food and now caused the climate to damage the lands further, so food supply will go down further.
  22. The human population will outgrow the food supply and run out of other resources - this is basic maths. And yes, spending money on climate change is dumb. Much easier to have the incomes of people reduced so they cannot buy much and choke the economy, which will reduce its emissions.
  23. Where did it come from? They sold the land under our feet to the Chinese? That has to be it.
  24. How many deaths will getting a vaccine into a person prevent? Oh, so if there is the slightest change of death prevention let's roll up their skirts 😉 You will not be "preventing" in this case, you will be making brand new human beings. Don't know how this idea has escaped Trudeau yet.
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