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  1. Antarctica? Exactly - the place where nearly nobody goes. Wearing a jacket is not the same as having potentially life threatening substances injected into you. Just stop on this nonsense and you are good.
  2. Where is there a requirement to have an appendix removed? I am sure this would be some very weird job - one out of a thousand Bartenders, same thing, they may want to sleep with their waitress candidates as a condition of employment, but this would be the odd sleezy place people can avoid. But they cannot avoid a government mandate covering all public service employees, nurses, truckers, police (they did not mandate police, the bigots, as they were afraid of the consequences), and then making it impossible for you to fly, just so they force you, even if your job is in the private sector. Bastards!
  3. Most are not. Not enough doctors , nurses and the whole process is so slow and inefficient that the idea must be indeed to reduce our population.
  4. Gee,stop this nonsense. Maybe the boss of your daughter tells her, hey you just need to roll up your skirt a bit further up to keep your job and so on.... You can't mandate people to take anything they don't want.
  5. You now sound like a broken record, stuck on the same section: they are not pro-environment they are anti-human they are not pro-environment they are anti-human they are not pro-environment they are anti-human they are not pro-environment they are anti-human they are not pro-environment they are anti-human
  6. Since you used the term first, this retort is not very appropriate. I am also curious to know what you meant by the "old stock" PS. I saw your explanation above. I do not think this is what Harper, who coined the term meant, but nice to know what your personal interpretation is.
  7. Is this why they bring 500,000 immigrants into the country every year? Your suggestions make no sense.
  8. I'm still unsure what kind of pipe he was laying. I doubt he was an oil and gas worker.
  9. Now you are against democracy in exchange for what? a dictatorship? You see , nature had it all going well from the start - no stupid political systems, no courthouses, no laws and regulations, no ownership agreements no other despotic limitations. You walk and provide for yourself - find friends, avoid enemies for as along as you can. No harm done on the ecosystem - all biologically clean and degradable. No need for long pointless discussions with someone called Yzermandius over an internet platform, wasting energy and electricity- all just burdening the planet for no good reason.
  10. What is"evil" ?? I am saying I support a democratic process. I did not say I want to become a ruler of Canada so I can unilaterally start to decrease its population with all means possible.
  11. I agree, it did not turn out to be very humorous, just factual. You get monkey pox from a monkey.
  12. What are you talking about again??? Did I ever say that I will be killing someone???? D'er Government will be authorizing the killing as usual. I say "yes". You say "no" - our votes will cancel one another.
  13. I am not killing no baby ! The mother to be and the doctor will do it, because the first wants it and the second is paid for the procedure. Take your issues about morality with those two. I simply say, if they are OK doing it, I am perfectly fine with them doing it. I would encourage them too!
  14. Naah, you may get the Monkey pox from Trump. Randy can only make you laugh.
  15. I imagine so, if the best is him landing in a Guantanamo cell.
  16. 1. We can either draw the line at the first 3-4 months of pregnancy, or until the day the baby is born. I honestly don't care. And yes - my body, my choice. If the father has objections, obviously he did a poor job with his gal for her to want an abortion - he should have used a condom. 2. Yep, Exactly God! Imagine letting those people out in the wild or out in the industrial jungle on the street. They will be dead by the grace of God within a day or two. That was God's will and we can't do much about it. Keeping every human form of life alive, regardless of its stage or retardation does not help humanity in any way, only makes those who are sane and who could enjoy life suffer ! 3. Don't know how this ties up to what I wrote in response to you. Again, I do not think every item that breaths needs preserving, especially when you consider how our sick society is propping those wrecks of human beings to be still breathing at the expense of perfectly health animals losing their lives, with their whole population in a threat of extinction and our environment and climate in shambles.
  17. Wow! I thought I had a bad job, but I wouldn't want yours for sure!
  18. From what I know, abortion is possible only in the early stages. The line you are looking for is right there. Taking the life of anything that has been born will be murder and will attract legal liability. Your point regarding the mentally disabled people is fine, except I do not think they will be taking the life of people who can rationally communicate or who can demonstrate that they are still "in there". The rest do not even know they are alive, so they will not notice when they are not. Yes, people commit suicides, but need to be mobile to do so. When you can't get off your bed , you might find it a real challenge.
  19. Can't open your link because I am not going to be "allowing" stuff or "managing cookies" But it is clear this is one of your posts that make zero s e n c e !
  20. I think it is a different thing, but OK, if you want to call it all demand, I would prefer to call it "modified demand", while the real demand by people who really need a house to live in can be called "organic demand". The two should be handled separately.
  21. Not really that simple. If you have a home, or two, you may not need another one. Your demand should be zero. But if you have the money to buy another 10 homes and rent them out at high prices to those who need them, but cannot buy for one reason or another, you have found a way to screw them over with the help of your government, just for the sake of making money. You do not need the houses but you are a factor in increasing the price of those houses.
  22. You do not have to restrict them to speak in private. You only ask/force them to share all relevant info with the public in an open, timely, clear and transparent fashion. 😀
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