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  1. 1. Bullshit - three billion people are plenty to make the goods and services; you don't need another 5 billion to start making goods and services for themselves that they want and need !!! The "economic growth" is a bullshit term by itself - brainwashing propaganda for guys like you. 2. Bullshit - the most important inventions were made when we were below 3 billion 3. Bullshit - there were no even plastics back then! There were no pipelines of this scale! There were no machines so large and not so many of them! 4. Bullshit - they might have had even more stupid forestry practices, but did not invade that much space and wipe out that much old forests. 5. Bullshit - when are you going to reach this prosperity when for all I know things have been going downhill for you in the past 30-40 years !!. More people, more greed, more need! A vicious circle of which there is no recovering. 6. Human poverty and war are the only mechanism to keep our population from exploding. Because of us not keeping our dicks in our pants or not stopping the senseless immigration! Do I need continue responding to your bullshit arguments!
  2. You were going to tell me how the extra fucking bodies are improving my life / bringing me prosperity and now you tell me where to go to escape from them ?? STFU, don't make a bigger moron of yourself (if at all possible)
  3. Look what Mr. Grand Master Bullshiter, since you will never say a thing (because you do not know what to say)and you never said anything previously either, I will tell you what those extra fucking bodies do to me. 1. They reduce my living space down to nothing! I lived in the center of the Canadian prosperity - Toronto, GTA, whatever you wanna call it. More people come there, you can't find a place to live; you can't buy as prices and rents go up; you can't live like a free person as you're surrounded by concrete. Now they figure, concrete and densely populated cities are heat trapping islands with temperatures a few degrees higher than neighboring areas. More people - your life is devalued and starts getting meaningless - you are a small replaceable wheel in a big capitalist machine. Your wages stay the same, your buying power goes down. Fuck that! So I fucked off! 2. But wherever you go, you can't escape the Capitalist globalist agenda of growing the population and making a small city become a midle size city and a few years later a large city. In the process before reaching the |prosperity described to you above under "1", you go through these stages: - traffic on your nice quiet road increased because of the new fucking bodies - more risks of accidents for you, more noise, more garbage lefts along the road by the idiots, trees start to disappear in favor of new clearings, yards, industrial parks - just so we have more noise, pollution, heat, carbon emissions, deforestation and on and on. - guys start encroaching on my fishing spots and mushroom patches leaving less fish and mushrooms for me a directly impacting my quality of life / happiness. - guys start buying the wilderness I enjoy, leaving me with less and less - wildlife are pushed back out or killed off - wildlife do not like increased noise and more fucking bodies - healthcare quality goes down - more patients for my doctor, as doctors do not seem to increase at the rate of the new fucking bodies - your property taxes go up - they tell you your house increased in value, which is bullshit,because in reality it depreciated each year and since you sold nothing you did not get anything out of it; just got poorer by paying more of your money to the fucking government. - your hiking trails start getting busy, and one day may get crowded. You've lost what you had because of the extra fucking bodies - they start shoving pipelines up my ass - in each and every river valley I go to, or railway lines, increasing the traffic and noise and limiting my access to the rivers and my enjoyment. They then start doubling highway lanes, to make roads wider and get traffic run faster - landfills grow in size and volume with the leachate and toxins going into the environment - air pollution increases , water pollution increase, soil erosion increases, average temperatures go up I don't need the extra new fucking bodies. Not any of them, for nothing!
  4. So you prefer to post one meaningless long post after another, instead of telling we what your suggestions were straight??? But then ,I am the"bad faith poster" ? At least I like that notion as it makes me laugh. Laughter is good for you.
  5. You can , but you can't! That's why you have not posted a single suggestion out of your "myriad". Just shut up at last.
  6. I asked you a simple question" "Show me how this improves MY LIFE ??? " You can't answer because there can be no meaningful answer. Just stop bullshitting me any further.
  7. I am not a boomer, you ******** ! I was let into this country under the pretext that I was replacing the same fucking boomers you are now lumping me up with. The rights and freedoms are lost in proportion to the new bodies brought into the country - more of them, less for you! Don't wanna hear from you again.
  8. I was talking about overpopulation. Solar panels, bicycles , wind power plants, all sound environmental concepts would work , BUT AFTER our population is under control. Imagine we had only 5,000 people on the whole planet. They could all fly airplanes each day and never do much damage to anything. But what happens when they are 500,000,000 ? Then what happens when they are 5,000,000,000 or 10,000,000,000 ? We put in place many of our regulations because of the state of overpopulation and overconsumption we are in. Game harvesting limits, fish harvesting limits, even restricting access to Provincial and National parks where supposedly we should be free to go. But we can't. Because the trail is good for 10-50 hikers a day and now it needs to handle 5,000 a day. And this is the main problem.
  9. No. I am past the point of listening to guys "explaining to me" I believe my eyes and my skin receptors and the experience I have had over many years. I can also "explain" it to them, and I am sure they would not listen either.
  10. It falls because we have reached the point of diminishing returns. Beat a horse too much, the speed will not increase, but go down to zero.
  11. You know pretty well I can pull up similar charts to the one you have and back it up with scientific studies to prove what I want to prove, which again you will deny. You can believe whatever you like, and, as you can imagine, I do not care. Stating that there is no human caused climate change would mean all carbon emissions , deforestation, pollution, industrial and residential development, airplanes in the sky, wars and bombings happening regularly around the world, all have zero impact on climate and the environment.
  12. I wouldn't bother. In this environment of predominantly Grand Master Bullshitters, how can one blame me for that? 😂
  13. No. Burying your head in the sand and making those new babies and importing more people from countries making new babies, destroying what little is left of the healthy ecosystem will bring the end of all of us. So much so, there will be no Zeitgeist to call it "holocaust" or even a simple "extinction event". We will remain nothing more than a bad cosmic virus, destroying life on planet Earth and after that, millions year later maybe life will continue somewhere else, with forms of life a bit smarter and more advanced than us.
  14. 1. Bullshit 2. Bullshit 3. This has to be the same rabbit hole as trying to quantify how many people died of COVID alone. One thing is sure - not a single person died of human caused climate change before, because there was no such thing. 4. "people can't eat" ? Which people? You want to feed 3 billion and then 5 billion and then 10 billion, just so they can move to "bigger and better acts" I will call this BULLSHIT too 5. Where did I say I was going to murder them? I just did not want them born. There should have been international policies and agreements in place for that, but instead we had poorly camouflaged human farms and human trafficking with Canada among the lead traffickers. Since at least three of your points were BS, you probably qualify as a bullshiter, one of the many Grand Master Bullshiters we have on the board.
  15. I am convinced you know little of anything. Why are the heat waves coming in the summer? Is this really your question? The question you should be asking yourself is why do we have a 1/100 year event now happening every year, why those record breaking temperatures are now predictably broken every following year. Why do we have so much land burn like never before in places it never burned before? But if you had any, and I mean any sound logic, it is enough to take a look at Google earth and see how much of the land surface is not impacted by humans today. Now compare this footprint with what it was 100 years ago. Then compare the emissions then and now; then try to figure out how long it takes for these emissions to actually disappear instead of build up in the air or water.
  16. 1. Totally verifiable 2. Totally verifiable 3. What human suffering are you talking about????? Now I have to think about the human suffering of the unborn next 2 billion people, because if we do not prevent them from being born they might actually get born and start screaming for food and jobs! No matter what you do, human suffering now will be inevitable, unless you believe that those millions of people enduring the 40"C temps did not suffer, those who died in fires and floods were just accidental normal deaths and so on. I can already see how it will go. The changed climate will lead to low land productivity, food scarcity and wide spread hunger.
  17. Changed??? And who exactly measured that? Must have changed by quite a bit in the past 10 years to cause this dramatic change in our climate. If this is the case, the Earth may have no more than 10 years left to live. You ask ME to go suffer???? No, I will send all those rapidly multiplying rabbits with 4 kids and over to go suffer. Not my problem they chose to breed like that.
  18. "Prosperity" ????!!!!! Adding another 2-3 billion human bodies, putting them in trucks or airplanes while all of us keep gasping for air, burning in the heat or drowning in floods is your interpretation of prosperity???? !!!!! Show me how this improves MY LIFE ??? When I can tell you a million ways how it makes it worse!
  19. I see, asking of others to be responsible with their dicks is anti-human. Then so be it! I am anti-human, but also discriminatory and racist! 😁
  20. Don't know what proposal Eyeball is making, but this is what the situation looks like: We need to limit carbon emissions which means we must start producing less of everything and consuming less of everything - those plastic bags we don't need any more = tens of thousands of employees making them being out of work - those recreational vehicles we make, we don't need = tens of thousands of jobless employees - those trees we cut that we do not have to cut, to save our asses = hundreds of thousands of forestry workers, equipment manufacturers, transportation agencies and government departments shedding redundant employees - those mines we do not need any more = hundreds of thousands of jobless - those pipelines we do not need any more = hundreds of thousands of jobless .........you can think of further consequences in just about every sector What do we do with all those jobless people????? Oh, we don't need those either because they are a burden on our environment and we can't even breathe any more because of so many of them. But who put us in this messy situation? Who ever bothered to say as much as "Hey folks, keep your willies in your pants and don't use them that much, unless you want us all to go to hell and go there soon.|" ?? No. They never said that. Because to them it is the never ending expansion and "growth" that matters. They were all dumb as bricks or pretended to be for short term gain within their career spans. So there will be no solution. We are left to slowly bake or drown in the floods or die of starvation, or maybe in the next world war caused by climate change, greed of pure stupidity.
  21. What twits? Who is dead wrong? The constant fires all over the world and the record breaking temperatures each and every new year are some sort of a hoax ??? Why do you even bother posting? You may call the black white and believe it is.
  22. But we sure have the technology to put people into small vehicles and take away their huge trucks. I don't know what lie you are talking about? The world is on fire - all continents except Arctica and Antarctica. Maybe the Arctc water should start boiling before you believe there is human caused climate change??!!
  23. Your post is an example of how there can be no objectivity. You believe you are objective portraying the climate change stories as "false" while in reality you are being totally subjective, ignoring daily reports from all parts of the world that prove you wrong.
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