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  1. Not even 5% as much as you, no-life. Why are you following me, by the way? 🀑
  2. If you have a reasonable question then don't bury it in a multi-paragraph wall of hyperbole. I already told you I stopped reading when you were telling us about how the climate alarmists want us all to go live in caves. πŸ™„ There are plenty of climate alarmists out there. There are also a lot of denialists, flat-earthers, conspiracy kooks etc. Gad Saad is smart enough to understand how effective hyperbole can be in riling up susceptible minds. He didn't write that piece to convince anyone of anything. It was nothing but a hot-take to reassure people like you of how you already feel. πŸ˜†
  3. More likely just another paid Russian troll/bot. When you see a brand new poster with a hot-take like this, chances are this is exactly what you're looking at. This sort of moronic race-baiting trash is worth no attention, and only the truly feeble-minded bite on it. See: 🀑
  4. and yet...here I am not running away. πŸ™ƒ Somewhere along the way to your 30th thread complaining about the muslims/blacks/woke/trannies/environmentalists, you painted a good picture of what informs and motivates your..."ideas". Reasonable, cool-headed people looking for intelligent discussion don't start threads with hysterical titles like, "Progressive diversity cult is killing the western world", or suggest that "climate alarmists" want to shut down all industry and make everyone live in caves. How oblivious can you be?
  5. Before Trump, emotional online venting was already thing, as were close-minded bigots and thinly-disguised racists. πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  6. The only thing that's pretend is the idea that Kiev wasn't their primary objective in the first place. This was a large-scale combined-arms offensive meant to knock out Ukrainian leadership and command and control, American-style. Russia's army is run by cronies and made up of peasant soldiers, however, so it was a humiliating failure in which they took enormous losses. You don't paradrop your most elite airborne divisions 100 km behind enemy lines for a feint.
  7. I'm no sure I'd call him salvageable. You don't have to be an addled conspiracy donkey or completely desocialized to be a lost cause. There are plenty of otherwise reasonable and intelligent people who lack the emotional maturity and self-awareness to accept challenges to their viewpoints. I don't think he's an anomaly. His attitudes are a dime a dozen.
  8. Of course you're not listening. You're way too busy working yourself up and posting goofy hyperbole to describe the outrage you feel over...other people's outrage. πŸ˜† The progressive diversity cult...hahaha. That's so perfectly encapsulates your downward spiral here. πŸ™„
  9. and this is why you're not worth any serious attention here. You can't (or won't) articulate a point without defaulting back to your lazy heuristics, slogans and hyperbole. I'm not even going to read the rest of that wall of text you pounded out, because I got the gist of it from your opening line. πŸ™ƒ
  10. Not even fair. Groot's not a run-of-the-mill conspiracy clown and likening him to them is the sort of black-and-white us vs them myopia that I'm talking about here. Some of the things he complains about are things I've argued against in the past and I would (at least to some extent) agree with him. It just seems to me like he's drowning in culture war hysterics and losing any sense of nuance or reason with it.
  11. What I always find tragic is how you don't see that you're part of the problem. Russia/China etc have nothing to exploit without over-emotional responses like you provide here: How can you complain about division, when you've fully bought-in to the us-vs-them mentality, pushing absurd hyperbole like the quote above? Whose mind do you think you're changing? Every time you toss out lazy slogans like "woke" or "climate alarmists" etc, you're advertising your emotionality and that you're not worth taking seriously. While you lament the decline of western values, many of the things you're railing against are quintessentially western values in he first place - things like humanism, secularism, the scientific method, equality and *gasp* progress. Any of the topics you brought up in your rant can reasonably discussed (and believe it or not we probably have a lot of common ground). Western values, however, are far more broad and nuanced than you would have us believe, and not merely confined to the ideas that you like. 😐
  12. Until you can grasp that "ree MSM fake news propaganda" isn't a substitute for actual reasoning, you'll continue to look like a ******. The Clintons? Why stop there? George Soros Klaus Schwab WEF CIA Satanic pedophile cults and alien mind vampires from Zeta Reticuli....oh and election was stolen! 🀣
  13. No it's not. It's just something that you've seen repeated over and over in the retardo-sphere and that's all it takes to convince someone as dumb as you about something you already want to believe. That's also why you think the US election was stolen - orange man repeats the lie enough times and the intellectually stunted just accept it. Ukraine doesn't trust a diplomatic solution with Russia that forces them to cede territory, because Vladimir Putin's word is worth less than used toilet paper. Any settlement, they reason, is nothing more than a pause for them to re-arm and regroup before their next bullshit excuse to invade.
  14. and you actually think that's an intelligent point that needed to be made? If Putin once in awhile says something like, "Russia is east of Poland," that somehow improves his credibility and excuses the endless list of frankly absurd lies he tells? You're talking about an ex-KGB colonel whose political opponents keep somehow accidentally falling off balconies, crashing their airplanes, or dying of freak military nerve-agent poisonings. This is the guy whose stories you're slurping, along with those of his allies in freaking Iran and North Korea. 🀣
  15. Based on what? Are you just saying random things again? Armenians are successful, but the Jews aren't? There are twice as many Jews in the world as Armenians. What's your criteria here? So much of your posting lately has seemed like clueless rambling.
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