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  1. It’s actually astonishing how completely and utterly lacking you are in self-awareness. I had to spit my coffee out from laughter.
  2. Superior in numbers. Inferior in almost literally everything else. The level of strategic, tactical and doctrinal incompetence Russia has exhibited in this conflict has rarely been matched in history. It's reminiscent of Gaddafi and his Soviet-made tanks getting fought off by Chad and their shitty pickup trucks. It'd be hard to think of an example of a more incompetently lead army squandering their numerical and technical advantage harder than Russia has in Ukraine. I wonder why they just sacked their army leadership this month...again!? That's reality for ya! πŸ˜†
  3. A few things to consider here: If CPP is only behind by 0.1% annually over 18 years after a (relatively) awful year last year, that means that it was ahead for the 17 years prior. Who was singing its praises prior to 2023? 2023/2024 could very well be the top of the current cycle. Measuring a diversified, managed portfolio against an overheated index at the top of the cycle will yield predictable results. Andrew Coyne is right that most managed funds don't keep up with the index after fees, but in this case he's offering a pretty poor take.
  4. Sure I have. Every war ends with a peace agreement. The terms and context of the agreement are what we disagree on. You figure that the West should abandon Ukraine and let Putin dictate terms - because you support him. 🀑
  5. Anyone with any common sense - don't worry about it. πŸ™„
  6. If you say so. Nobody thinks about you at all when they're not witnessing your latest self-defecation. πŸ™„
  7. Nobody believes you. Common sense (which you obviously lack) tells us that if everything you've said here has been supportive of Putin, and critical of his opponents, then you support Putin.
  8. What I think about it doesn't matter. The fact is that I wasn't part of this thread, hadn't posted in over a day, but you still felt compelled to bring me up in this nothing of a thread. πŸ™ƒ
  9. Even when we're not part of a thread, we're still living rent-free in the mind of our forum's biggest no-life. πŸ˜†
  10. Yeah. It's kind of sad. In the nearly two years he's became CPC leader, he's only managed a 4% improvement, and that's with literally the worst and least popular PM in Canadian history playing the heel for him. No, they really don't lol. The polls say Canadians don't trust him, with him scoring almost as low as Trudeau on credibility, and over half the country views him unfavorably. That's no surprise either, because he was one of the most highly disliked MPs in Harper's government even going back 15 years. It doesn't seem much has changed. Over Trudeau and Jagger? Sure. Anyone would beat those two buffoons on that. Nobody here is trying to argue that Trudeau is likely to win the next election, or even that he deserves to.
  11. There's no reality where you successfully convince anyone that after spending over two years promoting and parroting everything Putin says, while at the same time undermining all of his opponents, that you've not been supporting him. The former proves the latter. Your insistence otherwise accomplishes nothing, other than proving that you're either too dumb to understand, or too much of a sniveling cowardly to admit what you've been doing all this time. It's probably both.
  12. It shouldn't be a priority. Objectively speaking, it'd be hard to think of something that's less important. This is something that makes absolutely no difference in anyone's life, and something the majority of Canadians don't even care a little bit about. I'm the last person on this forum who'd stick up for the public service. As for the Governor of the BoC, he's focused on monetary policy and doesn't give two shits about whose face is on our bills, nor should he.
  13. If the government doesn't think it's a priority, and if the population doesn't think it's a priority, why on Earth are you complaining that he's not making it a priority?
  14. Popularity and confidence in Pierre is going up...kind of...sort of...barely? With the most unpopular Prime Minister ever and Canada at large completely souring on the government, you're impressed that Pierre's favorability ratings have nudged up a teeny weeny bit in the last year? The man is still as unpopular as ever, still deeply mistrusted, and still seen as the annoying, BS'ing shrill that he always was in the Harper government.
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