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  1. The one you mentioned was retarded, and the problem with it is obvious. My idea is for parents to pay attention to their kids, teach them right, and put porn blockers on their and their kids devices if they're convinced that Johnny seeing lady parts will him turn him bad. As Michael said earlier, you don't have to worry about this sort of thing anyways, do you?
  2. I don't think anybody suggested that the dumbest and furthest right of the electorate would vote Democrat. The Mad max crowd are mice nuts. The FREEDOM donkeys were also a minority. Right now as it stands, roughly 70% of Canadians would vote for Biden. 🫡
  3. What a GREAT IDEA. Let's force people to submit themselves to AI and facial recognition software...so they can watch their porn... Nothing bad could happen. 🙄
  4. He couldn't even get to page 2 of the thread before he busted out the Hitler comparison. Amazing. 🤣
  5. Wait...just telling someone they're crying or having a hissy fit online doesn't make it so? Imagine that. 🙄 If only you had any self-awareness....
  6. Wait, isn't that called the "Moonbox made me cry support group"? You have the self-awareness of a 10 year old. 🤣
  7. and does nothing for the vast majority. I'm not saying I disagree with it, but borrowing and spending with abandon is easy. Of course it's the Liberals, but overspending on frivolity and the worthless enlargement of our public sector bureaucracy (with zero improvements in service levels) has nothing to do with taxation.
  8. How big is the Mad Max crowd bud? Have you ever looked that up?
  9. Minority governments are better sometimes, and then sometimes they're not. The NDP spent the recent years enabling bad Liberal policy. "Bb-b-but dental plan" isn't much of a counterweight, because that's just extra emphasis on their biggest failing (spending).
  10. What's most likely to happen is that the NDP and the Libs will split, and the CPC will get their easy majority. Jaghmeet Singh is a cinderblock anchored to the NDP, and whatever accomplishments he figures he can brag about with pharma and dental, he's still a lousy public speaker, he's still wearing a turban, and he still spent the last number of years propping up the Liberal government.
  11. lol that's certainly a way to look at PP...don't think it makes much sense but you do you.
  12. Not with that leader at the helm. Would be like voting out dumb to get dumber.
  13. That's the system you admire? A theocratic Islamic monarchy where all of the wealth is concentrated in the hands of the princes? 🙄
  14. BUT we have a thriving public sector bureaucracy populated by minorities, at least. That's got to count for something, right? Stand with Ukraine Justin. Show them how you're meeting your diversity quotas. 😑
  15. Nothing proves that it's the other guy having a "hissy fit" (and that you're totally keeping your cool) like pounding a spastic wall of text that nobody's going to read, right?
  16. These types of posts are your default programming. "You're losing! Yes you are! You totally are!" and as we all know... 🤡🤡🤡
  17. Your post count never even gets mentioned until your default program kicks in, which happens to be as soon as anyone disagrees with your dumb takes. Then it's all about the aww muffins, and you frantically insisting that you're upsetting people who literally couldn't take you less seriously than they already do. I get it though. It's tough being exposed as an unemployed no-life with no friends, no family and no hobbies beyond shitting up an internet forum 16 hours a day. 🫡
  18. No, you're the goofy little muppet who's here posting 16 hours a day, and that has trouble getting past the first page of a thread (often his own) without a belligerent derailment targeting the first person who disagrees with you. 🤡
  19. No, that was not the question. The question was whether he thought that porn sites should be required to verify the age of users, to which he said yes. My answer to that question would have probably been something along the lines of, "I think it's up to parents to know what their children are doing online and to make sure they learn about healthy sexuality." That's his thing as well, don't you worry, but you're right. This isn't a big deal, and I don't think anyone is making much of anything about it beyond it being a goofy look worth a couple chuckles. The real dopes are the ones getting their knickers twisted and making it out to be a pro vs con child pornography debate...one of these clowns is here at least.
  20. There is when you just cannot resist projecting your emotional frailty on others (which is rarely past the first page of a thread 🤣). Every time you default back to your "aww muffin" routine and start insisting to people that you've caused emotional damage, or that they're broken, upset etc, a casual glance at your post count proves where that's coming from: An angry an emotionally immature little man, seething alone at his computer for 16 hours a day. 😑
  21. If it's topical or thoughtful, sure. When it's pages and pages of theatrical jackassing? Naw.
  22. No, I don't. I make fun of you, because you're even dumber than Trudeau. They are not the same thing, but like I said, the nature of your disability prevents you from understanding it.
  23. Probably not at all, despite Trudeau cutting UNRWA funding. That's the nature of centrism. Who are the Muslims going to vote for instead? Poilievre, who's even more anti-Gaza? I think we're already starting to see that, and will probably see more of it. The student VISA program has been greatly curtailed, and this will (hopefully) end up being an election issue. I don't know how realistic it is, but I don't really disagree with it. If we can do that, I think we should. I don't feel that we are responsible for rescuing peoples from messes of their own making. Case-by-case refugee reviews are a waste of time and taxpayer money, and there has to be a better way. Agreed.
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