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  1. No it did not. Its based on a lie. Why wage war on Iraq, and not North Korea who pose a greater threat to the US with far more dangerous of an arsenal? Sadam was more threatening? How? Like, literally. How? This had nothing to do with what they stated, or they would have waged far more wars. You go to war not to save others. You go to war to protect your interests. You don't spend billions or trillions to help others. War isn't charity. Its business. Big business. The US have no interests in NK. Iraq used to trade oil, as the world's 2nd greatest producer of it at the time, for USD. They were a member of OPEC. Iran soon followed. Both preferred to trade for Euro dollars, instead. Hussein was far more public about this, and wanted to very directly challenge and insult the US. He even started to trade with non US companies, further slapping the US. More countries following suit would have crippled the US economy. Like I said. You need to read between the lines. Tough talk on Iraq and soft talk on NK don't pass the sniff test. As if the US would publicly wage war to take control of Iraq and inserting a puppet regime, because the prior one had become too unpredictable for business. This doesn't get you approval. You must make a claim, and obtain approval first. WMD and Husseins scoffing at the accusations was perfect. Ratchet up the fear mongering, and war becomes the only option. Stop talking about North Korea threatening to nuke the US. Thats different! Tough talk here is reckless somehow. This country having a chance of such weapons, means a portion of it must be wiped from the earth. Yeah, okay. Just because you were smarter and more strategic in how you waged war, doesn't make it any better to proceed with such an invasion.
  2. I don't think taxing people like me will do a thing. I need a vehicle to work. An electric vehicle doesn't meet my needs, unless am willing to invest close to 100k in it (in terms of mileage, as I cover plenty). We invested in an EV for brand image and it turned out to be a dud. Mileage is garbage for our market, so we had to buy another gas vehicle for deliveries and us the EV for short distance runs. Any business would want a break from fuel costs. But to punish us, those who keep your society humming along. Emergency workers (find me a hospital with a fleet of EVs, fire departments, police), and the like, is absolutely ridiculous. You're just slapping your hardest working demographics, and giving the change to those you literally have increased the cost of living of, by upwards of 30 or more percent. Genius.
  3. Both wars were fought on false pretense. Russia portraying themselves as victims and even calling it a special military operation, to mask the true intent of the land grab. The US, albeit "legally" in Iraq, were also there under false pretense. WMD, per Bush. What they advertised the war for, turned out to be false. Removing Sadam from power was also mentioned, but certainly wouldn't justify the exorbitant death toll. There was no direct threat to the US without the WMD. In fact, once they took out Hussein, ISIS became more of a headache to them, than the stability Husseins iron fisted rule did. Based on your assessment you're for the war in Iraq, regardless of cost, both human and financial. That war was a catastrophic mistake, and the costs didn't justify it, with hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead, and thousands of US soldiers killed, many beheaded on live TV. Not sure what your criteria for brutal war is, but this certainly fit the bill. You're acting as if the US didn't commit numerous war crimes, themselves, such as murder and rape. Heck, even gang rape, at times even of children. The media stuffs this down, and brings a magnifying glass on Russia. We can agree to disagree, as I think both wars were preventable and should have never happened.
  4. Different, situation, sure. I see Ukraine like the above. I see the US invading Iraq as a police raid where one party is perceived as guilty, but opening fire and hitting innocent civilians, only to find no drugs in the house. Your hunch was correct, due to their record, but the raid was a mistake. The obtuse use of force and needless losses of life, were a mistake. Heck, still on point, now you have killed innocents, but also took out a gang leader, albeit with faulty evidence. You rejoice anyways, because he was horrible, but you then created a power vacuum in the streets that killed hundreds more. Streets are no safer, those who you stated you were protected are in fact in more danger, so the basis for the raid looks all the more sketchy. Legally, both are vastly different, but nonetheless the parallels can be drawn. You're saying Sadam had to die, because he had weapons and was a bad dude. Okay, so on point....why is Jong Un still breathing? You keep questioning my intelligence, but can't read between lines. This had nothing to do with weapons, just like the Ukraine war didn't start once tanks were parked at their border.
  5. The TQ portion of the LGB movement have highjacked the movement. How can you ask people to be specific, when gender ideology has essentially blurred the lines of what gender is to begin with. Nobody can tell you what a woman is anymore or how many genders that there are. Facts no longer matter. It literally contradicts what it is to be gay. A gay male, will be attracted to another gay male. Male genitalia. A gay male that enjoys eating p****, is not gay. He's bi. Nothing wrong with either, but to push this agenda on kids, is dangerous. Let them question their gender and sexuality as teens like everyone else. Pushing this onto kids has nothing to do with education.
  6. Division on participation and funding in a war, sounds like the Iraq war.
  7. So Colin Powell admitting to faulting intelligence is a lie? George W Bush stating in a speech that this was a direct threat to us, vs Sadam Husseins people, is a lie? Having nukes or illegal weapons justifies invasion? At all times? Why hasn't North Korea been invaded?
  8. Irrelevant if the US stops its support. This is what Putin is betting on. It doesn't matter who you are attacked by. Its an invasion. Like Iraq by the US, or any other recent invasions. Just because governing bodies favor western countries who do it, doesn't make it any more right. Technically this could be stated about anyone bootlicking Trudeaus shoes. Hypocrisy doesn't mean one doing the same thing but claiming sainthood is in the right. A cop speeding without his siren or lights on, is no different than me doing it. The standard should be the same.
  9. Very easy to be optimistic after a year or two. 3 to 4, and it starts to sink in that this stalemate has us stuck into perpetuity as neither side will risk nuclear warfare by pushing too far. Now, if you still have strong Canadian support by then, with virtually no major Ukrainian breakthroughs in seized territories, I will personally apologize to you for not being worth of debate with you. If that tide turns, and stopping the war becomes the new in vogue attitude, I will laugh my way to the ballot box as I tick my conservative vote, and mutter to myself that I told you so. Putin is playing chess. He already knows the only way he gets any concessions at this point, is holding on as long as possible, and playing the long game until one of the parties blinks. Considering the US holds an election in 2024, and Canada the year after if nothing changes politically, he may be spot on with regards to that gamble. Again. I concede I may be wrong. We will find out.
  10. Based on false pretense. Just because you can blur the lines, don't make it any more or less illegal. OJ Simpson did get away with murder after all. There is no such thing as a gentle invasion. The word invasion in itself, implies force was used. Likely, it was brutal. Collateral damage is a package deal. To avoid being blinded by biases, and to assess all sides of a story.
  11. Point to where I said it did. They clearly have zero to do with one another. I was comparing governing principles. Clearly either war has their own unique parameters which began the respective conflicts. A country felt threatened, and thus felt justified to start an armed conflict against another, using heavy handed propaganda while pushing a lie to the public. The US and Iraq have vastly different lifestyles. The latter they also tried to push onto Iraqis. There are parallels. The fact you can't see it, is precisely the double standard Russia is calling out. Any Hitler like behavior is unnacceptable. From the west, or a communist foe. It shouldn't matter.
  12. Russia would not have allowed this, without an incredibly firm response, which would certainly have involved military conflict. Most do, there is no doubt about this. Thats not the issue. The issue is, most will not into perpetuity if there is no sign of ending or winning the conflict. Public support will wane over time, and it will be hard to sell the WW3 fear propaganda as to being more pressing than dialogue and compromise, after 2-3 years of this. Russia has already reached the point of no return in this conflict. They will rather nuclear conflict than globally losing any further face than they already have. What happens when the Hitler is the US? Iraq invasion justified because we wish to impose our way of life, even though the pretense for it was false?
  13. And these are the people you want putting gender ideology into schools. Yikes.
  14. I can understand the stereotype, though. Just like if I see a woman with a micro mini skirt, wearing no panties and no bra wearing a nearly see through top. I'll assume it will only take a drink or two, to get some in the back of my car with you. If she turns out to be a doctor or something of the sort, I'll be completely speechless. A stripper, I'll snicker under my breath. Now, this is slut shaming. Why you calling her a slut? I just thought she was easy. I dated a girl like this back in the day, and on our first date, she told me that she was a virgin. I didn't believe it. A few people I knew, knew of her, and so I asked for a "background check" on her. Turns out, she wasn't lying. She was a virgin. She only took pipe from the back, and had slept with damn near every guy I knew in the hood. She wanted to save her V for someone special. That's like getting a used car, with nothing but rust on it, but the front seats are immaculate, because they put seat covers on them. We all thin slice, and its part of being human. If you have any form of intelligence and good instincts, you'll thin slice the living daylights out of a situation that doesn't seem right. Why add to more things to divide and add to the judgment that you already likely receive? How is this negativity? He posted stats to support his claim. So, are you trying to say what he is saying is false, and that most minorities love being called racialized? I'm confused.
  15. I don't know. Maybe its just me. But my parents came here as lawful refugees, with nothing but the clothing on their backs. When you're that poor, you don't have time to feel sorry for yourself. They reminded me of this, constantly. "As a black male, you will need to work 5 times as hard as your white counterpart for the same level of respect. You will be inferior to their eyes.." I see it like that homeless person asking for money, and me handing them a toonie and telling them "God bless you", and getting stopped with them talking about: "Uh, I need 5 dollars". "This is all I have on me" I want to buy a snack. You sure you don't.. *my offer is rescinded, and I quickly walk away offering the change to another who clearly needed it more* I see that guy whenever I see entitlement behind victimhood. You want sympathy, check under S in the dictionary. Life is hard. Real victims have a way of having their situations make them incredibly humble. I come from extreme poverty. Its humbling. The level of social shame that you feel, you never forget it. Its the same upbringing that makes me dress down when headed to a developing country. As if I would wear my designer watches. I wear my Timex. I blend right in and am one of the people.
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