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  1. He isn't. But we don't know if he will be once in power. Even then, I just don't see how he could crap the bed like Trudeau. He might pee, but would have been wise enough to lay a plastic sheet first. If he is smart, he won't show his cards until late in the game. Force Trudeau to figure things out, and then show a better plan too late for Trudeau to counter with a better one.
  2. Hearing some on EVs, reminds me if the star in the gay rom com Bros deriding fans for the box office stinker he was in. He felt the movie was good enough. Felt homophobia played a part, felt every box was ticked, but didn't for a second consider that maybe the movie sucked. Just maybe, most heterosexual couples just won't feel a connection to gay dudes humping all movie so maybe appeal to them? Reminds me of Putin's: "good enough", describing the vaccine Russia came up with for covid. Know your market. Toyota's CEO made a correct bet. EVs are the future. Just not now.
  3. My ICE car can easily drive for close to 6-7 hours. I mean, why would I want to buy a car that will cost me more, drive for less distance, and not be as convenient to operate? It makes no sense. Many batteries won't last as long as my engine. I maintain it, and many can go for 300K kms, easily. There are decades of proof of this, no less. There is no proven EV with that level of reliability. Being designed to do it is different than years of proven performance. Most people don't think about the planet when buying a car. I certainly don't. I think of what I can afford, what I like, drives like I like it to, and that has a reputation and track record for being reliable and having a high resale value. Also high, are miles per gallon, which is huge to me. Last thing I want, is to have to plan when I drive. Even less, in managing the car. Fuel low. Pull into gas station anywhere. Fuel up within a minute. Sorry, but EVs have a very long way to go to properly compete with ICEs. Best to go with hybrids, until the EV technology fully catches up to where it makes sense. The anxieties are real, and this is coming from someone who has driven top of the line EVs. Am out in bumf**k nowhere in Mississippi, and I am s**t out of luck if I run out of juice. I have seen stalled EVs being towed by ICE tow trucks, but funnier to me, is getting in a crash, and the only loaners they have, are ICE cars. Go to many rental car places, and EVs just don't sell. You can't just open a McDonald's in Tokyo, and demand people to eat the same menu they do in NYC. One must listen to the market needs, or better yet, study them, to ensure what you bring to market, meets that demand. Virtue signaling your way to sales just won't work.
  4. Watching a Don Lemon interview is like watching a cat lick its a** hole clean. Why? There is little to no purpose to it. You'll be annoyed for even seeing it. You know they're doing what they're supposed to be doing, but why? I guarantee you even some of his fans wonder why they are wasting their lives, post interview.
  5. Poilievre is less of a problem, from my vantage point. I'd rather hire a dog for 4 more years, than vote for Trudeau. Or a group of angry chimpanzees.
  6. A lot of women seem lost as to what their purpose is. Men, as well. If having kids isn't for you, then this doesn't apply. Find your purpose, otherwise. But if I see a woman who doesn't know how to cook, I automatically assume she is useless. I can cook, bake, sew, fix my own car, do my own repairs, electrical work, etc etc etc. I have dated women who wanted a man making 6 figures or near it, or making enough to support her. So, he supports you, buys you a car, fixes it, and you think your p***y will be enough to keep him with you? Make yourself valuable. Breasts. Vagina. Not valuable. All women have them. What do you bring to the table? Job skills? Seriously?
  7. If you question, you're a climate denier. The woke hard left are at war with God. God doesn't even have pronouns, plus made a woman pregnant without penetration, nor consent.
  8. Are you kidding me? PP will be under a microscope. Trudeau gets softballs. PP will get lynched (figuratively) if he doesn't deliver. He will have to answer the bell should he make the issue worse. I think people are just so fatigued of Trudeau, they will give him the benefit of the doubt, but if he feels he will get a leash as long as Trudeau's, he's smoking the same stuff he is trying to get out of hospitals in BC.
  9. Things like this, among many others. Go to a country like Bangladesh or Indonesia to name just a couple, and you will find some rivers so polluted, they cannot sustain life. These are dumping into the ocean. I have been around the world, and seen ocean fronts so polluted, you just can't see how such pollution could be reversed. This is just one resource, but of course one of the most critical ones. How are you going to question the IQ of someone questioning being taxed more for global warming or climate change?
  10. I think he's just going to throw far less money at the problem. You can't eradicate homelessness. You certainly shouldn't throw millions at it, and have it increase, either. I expect PP to be far more fiscally responsible, all while not exasperating the homelessness issue. I don't expect him to fix this, and anyone who does isn't being realistic. People voting for that guy, want things back at a level where it's there, but out of sight enough that they don't have to deal with it or feel guilty about it. Kind of like cities making it harder to sleep on beaches due to designs that make it impossible, anywhere in tourism hot spots.
  11. Of course, but you wouldn't really want to be making such a woman your wife. If all she brings to the table is vagina, she literally has a highly limited shelf life. Vagina becomes loose, wrinkly, and goes from something you chased after, to something you just stick something into, reluctantly. An orifice. Breasts are no different. D cups that are perky, will get men almost willing to die for them, if you're beautiful. Hit 50, and they're literally something you can flip over your shoulders, to wash underneath, National Geographic style. There is just no man, chasing after something like that. A man with money could literally look like that dwarf from Austin Powers, and be shoulder deep in women. Literally O_o
  12. The message is clear. Our natural resources are fading and climate change is real. However, I don't see the connection between this, and questioning how ones leadership chooses to ratchet up the financial pressure on millions of Canadians, vs help alleviate the financial strains that they are facing first. Questioning the intellect of someone questioning something that doesn't compute, is you accepting what you're told at face value. We already have a carbon tax. We clearly have accepted it. For Trudeau to prioritize increasing it, vs alleviating the financial pressures Canadians face, won't be forgotten by many. Its a small increase, but is rather symbolic of his tenure. Virtue signaling, over spending, and refusing to listen to his own constituents. For him to trivialize how small of an increase that it equates to, while conveniently ignoring the domino effect that it causes, is the epitome of his leadership. Incompetent. I think its more seeing that Trudeau's policies have exacerbated many issues such as housing costs, and the price of food which are priorities for Canadians. I think any proud adult earning a living, are going to want to go back to a time where this was possible without outside assistance. Its a little easier to care about the planet, when you can put food on your table. When you're stretched thin, that's all you're going to care about (making ends meet).
  13. I think you're giving him too much credit here. He's a pure and classic narssissist. He's quite easy to read, and based on his track record, picks people of a similar cloth to his. I paid attention to Trump, back when he was a businessman. He is as advertised. There is no hiding this. He openly opined about the Iraq war being wasteful, in that they should have taken the oil and ran. He wears who he is on his sleeve. He has greasy used car salesman written all over him. The world is run by a lot of people like him. Many world leaders don't respect American politicians. Whether they think Trump is brainless and the worst president, is irrelevant. Even Kim Jung Un backtracked on his usual tough talk, agreeing to meet with Trump who was just as much of an a-hole, if not more. I don't know. It just felt like Trump's screwing was more gentle. Lubricated. His opponent's screwing is after giving you a few pills and playing Barry Manilow, so you bending over doesn't feel as bad.
  14. Poilievre is in for a rude awakening, if he feels he will cake walk his way to a general election win, should he battle with Trudeau. So many youth are buying his alarmist message. Some of which will be of legal voting age by 2025, including some in my own family. Some of my nieces and nephews feel they won't have a long life ahead of them, if something isn't done. Cue in the savior Trudeau, to save the day. You're underestimating how many low IQ Canadians or gullible ones, that would vote for Trudeau simply because he's doing something. Trudeau knows his market, and while a gamble, I wouldn't be surprised for him to take that bet to the polls next year. Poilievre should be humble. Canadians will not care for your message if it doesn't resonate with them.
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